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Episode 40 - Cloud Personalization - Is your cloud personalized for your business?

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The IBM Cloud podcast, coming to you every show with information about new capabilities and releases on IBM Cloud. Hosted by Ian Lynch & Steve Choquette from the IBM Cloud team.
Episode 45 - ESPN Fantasy Insights with Watson
Aaron Baughman joins us on the show to talk about how ESPN and IBM have teamed up to bring a new level of insight to fantasy football team owners. Watson has analyzed millions of documents and thousands of fantasy websites to help you calculate risk and reward, offset bias, and incorporate more information into your decision making. 
February 6, 2019
Episode 44 - Don't give up control to gain insights
Tanmay Sinha from IBM joins us on the show to talk about the cloud can bring various benefits like avoiding the costs and complexities of owning and maintaining an on-premises IT infrastructure. However, many companies remain worried about securing it and their data, according to research from Gemalto and the Ponemon Institute: 54% of global organizations said payment information was at risk when stored in the cloud, and 49% said customer data was. 62% of enterprise IT leaders say on-premises security is better than cloud. This episode will discuss how an enterprise can reap the benefits of cloud without having to move their data from where it currently lives, all while ensuring it’s secure and private
December 7, 2018
Episode 43 - Data and Analytics in the IBM Cloud Garage
Sree Ratnasinghe and Tony Efremenko from the IBM Cloud Garage join us on the show to talk about how partnering with IBM Cloud Garage can help with grow an idea into production. We even share 'the secret sauce' to success as we discuss methods and practices on working with application through data and analytic
November 30, 2018
Episode 42 - Unlock the value of your data and accelerate your journey to AI
In this episode, Nico Frantzen from Perficient joins us on the show to discuss the best practices to build a cloud environment where your structured and unstructured data, whether it resides on a public, private, or third party cloud, is ready to accelerate the business transformation and innovation that comes from embracing artificial intelligence
November 9, 2018
Episode 41 - Cloud Foundry Enterprise Edition (CFEE)
Cloud Foundry is an open source, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) on IBM Cloud that enables you to deploy and scale apps without and managing servers. With the launch of IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment, IBM is bringing isolated Cloud Foundry environments on top of Kubernetes clusters, targeting enterprise developers in regulated industries. In this episode, Carl Swanson from IBM Cloud joins us on the show to discuss why IBM made this move, and which industries could benefit from this change.
October 19, 2018
Episode 40 - Cloud Personalization - Is your cloud personalized for your business?
Statistics indicate that the average enterprise has 5 or more clouds, often from multiple vendors. There is no single vendor or one size fits all solution that will satisfy every business. How do you know that your cloud strategy is the best for your organization? In today's episode, learn the key items to consider when designing your cloud strategy. You want a cloud that is personalized to meet the business needs of your enterprise. Marvin Goodman from IBM joins us on the show to talk about Cloud Personalization
October 12, 2018
Episode 39 - SAP on IBM Cloud
Bradley Knapps joins us once again on the show to give an update on running SAP workloads on IBM Cloud, current innovation trends, and whats involved in moving a SAP workloads to the cloud.
August 31, 2018
Episode 38 - The technology behind Wimbledon
David Provan from IBM's iX Events team joins us on the show to talk about how IBM has been the Official Technology Partner of Wimbledon since 1990, the Facebook AI powered chatbot to answer visitors questions and the complexities behind the scenes.
August 24, 2018
Episode 37 - I Can't Do Anything; My App is Down!
James Moore from IBM joins us on the show to discusses the reactive and proactive companies can take to both respond faster to application outages, and prevent them from occurring in the first place.
August 17, 2018
Episode 36 - Multi Clouds, what's in your enterprise?
Kevin Myers from IBM Cloud joins us on the show to talk about cloud native and hybrid apps. We discuss the use of multi cloud environments and the challenges of building an application for an enterprise today.
August 10, 2018
Episode 35 - Your Red Hat can also be Blue
Tony Flath, a cybersecurity specialist out of Edmonton, Canada & Val Bercovici, founder and CEO of PencilData, join us on the show to talk about the recent announcement between IBM and Red Hat.
July 9, 2018
Episode 34 - A New Era of Data Responsibility
Ritika Gunner, VP of Watson Data & AI, joins us on the show to talk about how data needs to be used responsibly, beyond complience and how data is now the key to competitive advantage. Responsibility also means being transparent about data practices, so Ritika explains how IBM Cloud protects your data and privacy, where others fall short
June 15, 2018
Episode 33 - Building Secure Containerized Apps
Chris Rosen from IBM Cloud joins us once again on the show to talk about how to Skip the Anxiety Attack When Building Secure Containerized Apps. We talk about the enhancements to IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, now with all the bells and whistles
June 8, 2018
Episode 32 - GDPR, turning Regulations into Insights
Richard Hogg from IBM's GDPR team joins us on the show to explain GDPR, it's importance and why it is never too late to act. We explore what it means to have your data inside, or outside, the EU and ways how this can be beneficial for businesses and consumers apart ensuring compliance. When May 25th has passes, should you simply forget about GDPR?
May 18, 2018
Episode 31 - At the core of Virtual & Augmented Reality
What do gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality have to do with cloud infrastructures? In this episode, Sarah Fiihr-Ramirez and Michelle Do show how IBM Cloud provides the high performance infrastructure needed to power worldwide gaming and provide the immersive reality experiences that are becoming a key aspect of those games
May 11, 2018
Episode 30 - Identity On The Edge
Milan Patel from IBM joins us on the show and explains the world of sovereign identity and blockchain before explaining how IBM is creating secure, blockchain-enabled self-sovereign identity for everyone on the internet.
April 27, 2018
Episode 29 - Turbocharge your iOS app with Watson
In this episode, listen to Sridhar Sudarsan and Devin Conley discuss why this is a big deal - how field technicians for every industry can use their iPhone or iPad to perform visual inspections of everything from beverage machines to airplane blades, elevator parts, assembly line output, and more.
April 23, 2018
Episode 28 - Is My Laptop Obsolete?
Brett King returns to the show to discuss how 5G and dynamic mobile apps will yet again change the game, perhaps making your laptop obsolete
April 13, 2018
Episode 27 - Intelligent Apps Of The Future
Adam Orentlicher from IBM returns to the show to talk about how modern applications infused with artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the game. Hear how IBM Watson AI is a boundary-pushing technology and a collaborative effort designed to amplify human intelligence
April 6, 2018
Episode 26 - Putting Your Drone In The Cloud
Ian Lynch, host of the show and offering manager at IBM, talks about the shift in consumer drones towards business solutions and how they can run on the cloud.
February 12, 2018
Episode 25 - Solutions On IBM Cloud
Twana Daniel, Developer Advocate @ IBM Cloud joins us on the show to talk about what's hot in the developer world before telling us about some of the easy to follow technical tutorial, using real world example for building solutions on the cloud. Twana's blog:
January 30, 2018
Episode 24 - 2017 In Review with IBM Cloud
Raj Balasubramanian, Technologist and Offering manager at IBM Cloud joins us on the show to talks about the big ticket items, trends in technology and a glance towards the future
January 19, 2018
Episode 23 - Jumpstart with the IBM Cloud Garage
Allen Sayles for IBM Cloud Garage joins us on the show to explain, why we all need a Garage in our lives...or app. IBM Cloud Garage, in locations around the world have Architectures, practices, and toolchains to jump-start your cloud and DevOps transformation.
December 15, 2017
Episode 22 - Putting your Data to work with Analytics
Deb Jensen for IBM Cloud joins us to talk about how IBM Data & Analytics enables organizations to engage with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas
December 11, 2017
Episode 21 - A choice of storage and new ways to move it
Ryan Hawkins from IBM Cloud joins us to talk about storage choices and how new ways of moving big storage workloads with the Mass Data Migration Service. To find out more head to:
December 2, 2017
Episode 20 - Third Party Services - An Ecosystem
Rocio Guerrero for IBM Cloud joins us to talk about third part services on IBM Cloud and how this expanding ecosystems around IBM Cloud is continuously evolving
November 21, 2017
Episode 19 - Blockchain On IBM
Matt Lucas for IBM joins us on the show to talks about how IBM Blockchain empowers businesses to digitize your transaction workflow through a highly secured, shared and replicated ledger.
November 13, 2017
Episode 18 - Cognitive Fintech Solutions
On today's show, we will hear from Riyaz Nakhooda, offering manager for IBM Cloud for Financial Services. Riyaz will share how this solution is the fastest way for institutions and Financial Technology companies to bring new, innovative, regulatory compliant applications to market that meet the unique needs and challenges of the Financial Services industry
November 7, 2017
Episode 17 - SAP Workloads on IBM
Bradley Knapp for IBM joins us on the show to talks about how IBM Bluemix bare metal servers give you cost-effective, global scalability for your SAP workloads for HANA and NetWeaver hardware
October 15, 2017
Episode 16 - Mobile goes beyond a phone
Brett King from the IBM joins us on the show to talk about how IBM Mobile solutions combine an industry-leading mobile portfolio with cloud, analytics, and cognitive technologies to drive digital innovation
October 2, 2017
Episode 15 - Cognitive Goes Horizontal
Adam Orentlicher from IBM joins us on the show to chat about Cognitive capability on IBM Cloud and how it is enabling a new partnership between people and computers in a new era of computing.
September 11, 2017
Episode 14 - DevOps on the Cloud
Rob Cuddy for IBM Cloud joins us on the show to talk about DevOps. How agile can exist beyond the application or workload, where development and delivery are in harmony, ways of managing the entire lifecycle and how DevOps has become main stream in today's world of tomorrow's technology
September 4, 2017
Episode 13 - VMware Solutions On IBM Cloud
Brent Scotten joins us on the show to talk about the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions portfolio and the exciting things we have lined up for VMworld US and Europe
August 28, 2017
Episode 12 - Evolving Cloud Infrastructure
Michael Fork and Milan Patel from IBM Cloud join us to chat about how cloud infrastructure - core compute, storage, and networking - is evolving to drive value for general and vertical use cases.
August 21, 2017
Episode 11 - Apprenda - connect .NET workloads to Bluemix
Gilly Dekel (IBM)and Jesse Kliza (Apprenda) join us to discuss Apprenda, a partner who provides a mechanism for .Net applications running on Azure to take advantage of Bluemix services. Update: Apprenda has closed as a company
August 14, 2017
Episode 10 - The connected world of IoT
Dave Lock for the IBM Watson IoT team joins us on the show to talk about the connected world of IoT. The world is quickly becoming connected and Dave explains what is driving trends, how the world is reacting and what IBM are doing in this space.
July 25, 2017
Episode 9 - IBM Cloud Private
Robin Hernandez from IBM Cloud joins us to chat about how IBM Cloud private is an on premises platform for managing containerized applications that is based on the container orchestrator Kubernetes.
July 10, 2017
Episode 8 - Container Registry & Vulnerability Advisor
Chris Rosen joins us to talk how by leveraging IBM Bluemix Container Registry, you can also take advantage of the capabilities provided by Vulnerability Advisor
July 4, 2017
Episode 7 - Watson Conversation
Karen Verelley joins us on the show to discuss Watson Conversation. Karens talks about how to build chatbots that understand natural language and deploy them on messaging platforms and websites, on any device:
July 1, 2017
Episode 6 - Demos, Meetups & Hackathons
Twana Daniel joins us to talk about meetups, hackatons and life as a Developer Advocate at IBM Cloud Platform. He talks about the cool demos his team build and share that can be found at their GitHub repo here:
June 28, 2017
Episode 5 - Standard Accounts & Lite Plans
Janhavi Das shares details behind the new Standard Accounts and Lite Plans being incrementally rolled out to Cloud Platform users worldwide. To learn more, just head to IBM Cloud Platform
June 26, 2017
Episode 4 - Cloud Object Storage Regional Service
On June 5, IBM announced the availability of Regional Service for IBM Cloud Object Storage. Customers now have the choice to store and access their data within a single region composed of multiple IBM Cloud data centers for business continuity and high availability, with low cost and low latency. Riz Amanuddin joins us today about all of the details.
June 23, 2017
Episode 3 - Watson Developer Platform
Brian L. White Eagle from IBM talks about enabling the Watson Developer Experience from IBM Cloud Platform. Brian discusses how the team is enabling developers to build with Watson Platform services (e.g. Personality Insights, Watson Discovery, etc.) as well as how the team will evolve that experience to include other IBM higher value services.
June 12, 2017
Episode 2- Next Generation Containers
Chris Rosen from IBM talks about the next generation container service from IBM Cloud Platform. Single-tenant Kubernetes clusters strengthens the offering by providing native container orchestration and IBM provided capabilities
June 9, 2017
Episode 1 - What Is Bluemix
Adam Gunther joins the show to explain how the IBM cloud platform is not just about creating new apps or migrating existing ones, on-prem or off-prem implementations, or offering IaaS and PaaS cloud services. It's designed to bring all of these aspects together to help you solve your real, complex business problems in the cloud
June 7, 2017
Introduction - IBM Cloud Platform Cast
This episode introduces the IBM Cloud Platform Cast
June 5, 2017
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