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ICON P-Rep Weekly Meetings

ICON P-Rep Weekly Meetings

By ICON P-Rep Meetings
Every week, ICON P-Reps (public representatives) gather to discuss the latest developments and issues in the ICON ecosystem. We encourage all ICONists to subscribe to this podcast.
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ICON P-Rep Weekly Meeting #1
Date: 2020-02-15 11:00 PM UTC Attendees: Blockmove, Catalyst, Everstake, ICON BOOM, ICONation, Parrot9, POS Bakerz, RHIZOME, UBIK Capital Meeting Main Topics Top request from the community is a list of contributions of the P-Rep teams visible on the voting screen. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be there. Inactive nodes collecting rewards. Dynamic node registration fee. ICONex Mobile Wallet Fee Issue. telegram channel list additions/updates Meeting Sub-Topics Ledger Support for Staking from Mobile App Ongoing issues with Ledger. Trezor wallet support completion. User request for an auto-restake function. Post-Meeting Notes P-Rep Contributions on the Voting Screen The overall consensus is that the voting process needs to be improved. The current voting interface does not include a feature that educates voters on the various teams. Initially, this was not too big of an issue. Recently, the number of P-Rep teams have risen to 100+, so there needs to be a overhaul of the voting UI. Some ideas that were presented in the meeting... Add some kind of notifaction and other "helper texts" that walk new voters through some basic facts about the ICON network (e.g. voters will receive the same rewards regardless of what P-Rep they vote for). Add additional registration variable to point to a list of contributions on the ICON tracker. Allowing P-Reps to specify the niche they are in (e.g. business dev, marketing, development, etc.) and making those niches visible on the voting interface. If any ICONist is interested in voting for a business development P-Rep, then they can click on the business development niche and select a team. Anything we can do will be an improvement over the current interface which does not provide any context to the voting process. Parrot9 mentioned they are working with ICON Foundation to improve UX. Let's keep discuss this and push for a UI improvement to address the voting flow. Next Steps: Discuss below, and involve ICON Foundation in the conversation. Discussion: Inactive Nodes Collecting Rewards Teams had a mixed opinion on this topic. Some ideas that were presented in the meeting... For the most part Sub P-Rep nodes function as citizen nodes at this time. The ICON network is not under heavy usage at the moment, so a large number of citizen nodes provides unnecessary buffer to relay requests to P-Rep nodes. Many teams are not technical, and forcing teams to run a node will take away their time/effort, which can be used to work on what they're good at (e.g. marketing, bizdev, etc.) The debate is between practicality and philosophy. Some believe that running a node is a core requirement to be a P-Rep (philosophical), some believe that running a node is a soft requirement that can be fulfilled if the team can do so without wasting time/effort (practical). Many Sub P-Rep nodes are operated by OAKNODE. Depending on your views, this is a layer of centralization as without OAKNODE, these teams may not have the technical expertise or interest in securing a node. Blockmove suggested a more practical solution like onboarding more active Sub P-Rep nodes rather than taking a governance-level action. Next Steps: Discuss below, and put together a governanc
February 16, 2020