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iAS Live Music Review

iAS Live Music Review

By Icreeupree LLC
Artists now have the opportunity to share their music with people around the world. Music enthusiasts this is where your critique and crate digging happens. Yep and we also get into Treacherous Topics...
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Q Media Nation gives Independent Artists The Business

iAS Live Music Review

Q Media Nation gives Independent Artists The Business

iAS Live Music Review

Yanni K, Hitta Castro & Jessica Dalby visit the iAS Studio..... When Real Life Happens too Artists, can they still do music?
From a life altering car crash to a manslaughter charge, iAS is talking about REAL Life with two Independent Artists who, despite tragedy, found their way back to their love for music. Yanni K & Hitta Castro visit the iAS Studios to introduce themselves to you. They were both in NYC celebrating their new billboard in Times Square and stopped by to chop it up with our hosts Double V and Sheik. Jessica Dalby of joins us live and gives us her business savvy insight to artist management. Check it out and listen close, this was really a shocking eye opening interview. Watch this podcast: Watch the Uncut IG iAS Music Review Live Watch the Uncut Facebook Music Review Live Follow our links below to get live updates and alerts. Submit your music today Instagram Live Facebook Live Music featured from Artists: Yanni K - He Makes Me Feel Hitta Castro - Body Calling  The Strange One - Chocolate City  Empress Ali - No Drip Cleveland Dame - Living Dreams Los Trapp - Shawty Open Toofless - Jordan 95 Insomniac Studios - From The Heart Flower Kool ft. Various Artists - Frosted Cereal Recky Dasha - Hard Times DiJoun - How I Cook Up Moe Betta - It's Ok RMX Mz. Quanny ft. Xcyclone - Bruk it Off Various Artists - Get the Formula VViked - I'm Back Kiah NYC - Draw The Line Nemesis Queen & Jay Brown - UK House Mix Atem Chris - Happy People Exceptional Quality Music - Give Me Heaven Jennifer B - Dancing in the Dark Emme - Move Me
April 05, 2021
Marc Shyst in-studio with iAS Music
Marc Shyst; Entertainer, Actor & Author gives you the inside insight. Tune in and take note. Join Wiked, Ladybugg and our iAS Spotlighters' as they find out about Marc Shyst and his endeavors. He gives up & coming artists great advice and tips.  Visit:  Song Featured:  Discreet by Marc Shyst  ( Listen to the full version on our website)   Hit us up and find out how you can appear live with iAS.   Artists Submit your music today   iAS Live Music Review Website Subscribe to watch uncut, previous shows and much more ...   Subscribe to get our Live Alerts Instagram @iasmusic   Facebook @IndependentArtistSpotlight  Youtube @iasmusic   Get Immediate Play and get ahead of the Line on the Next Live Show
March 24, 2021
Artists Don''t Promote Themselves, Why?
We're talking to Joli Harris founder of Icreeupree llc. She has over 20 years in the business of music and is taking the time to drop need to know tools for artists of all backgrounds and professions.  This shows topic is Artists Don't Promote. Leave your comments, join the conversation and make sure you follow the iAS Music Team on Youtube @iasmusic and of course their website at
April 24, 2020
Artists Are Not Loyal! That's why they get Jerked.
 We're talking to Joli Harris, founder of, about artists and their loyalty. If you're a music artist, take note. Are you loyal? Do you have a plan? Do you stick to it? Do you have a budget? Listen now. Your Co-Host Double V is Live with Joli Harris and they're breaking it down. We know the truth is hard to digest, but where else will you get the Real Deal?  iAS Live Music Review check us out on our home page at
April 19, 2020
The Buggg is OUT Social Media, The Feds, Taylor Swift, Diddy & Magic Johnson
Lady Buggg is in her mode! We're talking about it All!!! This ain't No TEA!! This is coffee to wake yo asses up!!  Leave us a message and follow up with your thoughts and comments.  Watch us on Youtube at iASMusic and  check us out at
January 12, 2020
Fame, Fortune or Fantasy
Big H & Big Jeff step through to iAS Live Music Review. This is a conversation to be heard by those who are willing to hear the truth. Otherwise, the rest can, try to fake it till you make it. Good luck See this episode on Youtube at iASMusic or check us out at
January 11, 2020
The Buggg is OUT Is Rhyming Off Beat Ok
Lady Buggg lets it Out! and breaks down "Time Signature".  Either you on the beat or off the beat.  Join Lady Buggg and the iAS Team as they chop it up. What do you all think? Leave us a message and follow up with comments.  See this episode on Youtube at iASMusic or check us out at Independent Artist Music featured in this Segment  Mizz Tiffany - Go Hard
December 22, 2019
Can Co-Workers be Friends Say Something w iAS
We all have something to say about something; some more than others. In this Say Something Segment, iAS Hosts Engineer-A & Double V ask  "Should Co-workers be friends?" Listen in then leave us Your opinion. 
October 26, 2019
Q Media Nation gives Independent Artists The Business
Sister Falana Breaks Down Money & Music.  We kept it short so pay attention. Independent Artists are her business so take notes. We also have a special guest who flew in from London to the states to Expand his Brand "Lemzi from London" Independent Artist Music Ft. In this Episode  Miz Tiffany "Go Hard"  Lemzi "Across The Pond" Watch this episode on our Youtube or Icreeupree site.
October 14, 2019