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ID Confidential

ID Confidential

By Timothy M. Stafford, PhD
This is a podcast about everything instructional design and being an instructional designer. Hosted by Timothy Stafford, Ph.D., Director of Instructional Design and Online Instruction and the Program Manager of the MS in ID&T program at St. Thomas University.
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S1E2: Instructional design quadrants of success
Being an instructional designer is more than just creating content or having conversations with an SME. The expectations for an instructional designer are wide in scope and deep in knowledge. Join Dr. Tm Stafford from St. Thomas University as he fleshes out the job and the expectations of being an instructional designer into 4 specific categories (quadrants) of success. This is sure to be a valuable conversation that will help put into perspective the job description of an instructional designer and also established a foundation for what we discuss in the future on this podcast. Let us know what you think! We would love tohear from you! Show notes: [Infographic] Quadrants of success for instructional designers
September 06, 2021
S1E1: Foundations for instructional design praxis
What are the most important principles that fuel and empowers great instructional design and implementation? This week Dr. Tim Stafford from St. Thomas University talks about 6 components of the Instructional design process that serve as the foundation for creating great instruction at any level and for any industry. Be a part of the kick-off of this great podcast where we will talk about everything Instructional design and interview some rockstar instructional designers and learn their secrets of bringing value to the learning process through 5-star instructional design. Don't miss this, and look for more episodes to come! Show Notes: [Infographic] Instructional design definitive in praxis
August 23, 2021
Introduction to the ID Confidential Podcast
The world of Instructional Design is exploding! Many have been a part of it for some time and many more are just getting started. this podcast is dedicated to hearing from those who are out there doing the work of instructional design in all areas of education, training, and development. Hosted by Dr. Tim Stafford, from St. Thomas University, he highlights to inner workings of the work of instructional design, human performance, and training & development and seeks to have real conversations with the folks from all walks of life who are making incredible contributions to this rapidly evolving field. 
August 09, 2021