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3 Things Podcast

3 Things Podcast

By Jason & Kristina Batalden
3 Things is a podcast about 3 things; drinks, books (music, movies, art), & stories. Jason & Kristina will be having conversations with friends about how these 3 things have inspired and encouraged them on their journey of faith.
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Episode #22- Book Nerd Challenge
In this episode, Jason and Kristina discuss the Extreme Book Nerd Challenge, goals for the Lenten season, Kristina's death bench theory, and lament a possible oversharing on the last episode with their children.  
January 24, 2022
Episode #21- The Children
You might say this was a pursuit in gaining four more listeners because this podcast features our four kids!   The four Batalden children, Justin, Jordan, Gaby, and Gunnar sit with us and tell some tales.  Tall tales, short tales, tales with no meaning, and definitely some embellished tales (they are the best ones!) are shared around the table in our first episode of 2022!  Enjoy! (warning: they are LOUD).
January 10, 2022
A Christmas Carol- Stave 4 & 5
Redemption for Scrooge!  Don't we all wish for an opportunity to be better?  This is the end of The Christmas Carol as told and talked about by Jason and Kristina.  Merry Christmas!
December 22, 2021
A Christmas Carol- Stave 3
Ghost of Christmas Present read by Jason.  Listen afterwards for our silly commentary on food, clothes, and eating your words.
December 15, 2021
A Christmas Carol- Stave 2
Stave 2: Ghost of Christmas Past.  This week, Jason reads Stave 2 and Kristina joins in for a discussion- maybe even a little disagreement here and there (sometimes, things can get chippy during the Christmas season).  So, we all have to wonder, what made Scrooge into the grumpy old curmudgeon?  Stave 2 offers insight, take a listen!
December 08, 2021
A Christmas Carol- Stave 1
Merry Advent Season! We love A Christmas Carol so much, we decided to bring it to your ears.  Listen while you walk the dog, listen while you wrap presents, listen while you trim the tree, listen during your drives to work.  Each Wednesday you will find a new Stave to listen to and then the last week before Christmas, we will drop the last two Staves.  What is a Stave you ask?  Listen afterwards to Jason and Kristina discuss some important little presents that Dickens offers in his writing (Poor Law, St. Dunsten, movie adaptations...), and as always...there is a social justice (CST) piece- yes, Dickens cared about the poor. #AChristmascarol #Adventseason
December 01, 2021
Episode #20- Fr. Hugh Feiss
I must say that when I first met this episode's guest, I was enamored.  He is a monk, a medieval era scholar, a writer, and a social justice warrior.  How many more cool things could he be?  I will forgive him his Oregon roots because he is the kindest most compassionate man I know.  It is Father Hugh Feiss... truly the epitome of Friar Tuck of Robin Hood fame!  Interviewing him in the morning from his fabulous library at the Monastery of the Ascension in Jerome, Idaho, I learned even more tidbits of his life that are so interesting!  Too many facts to list are just going to have to grab some tea, sit down and give a listen.
November 21, 2021
Episode # 19- Joe Saye
Joe Saye is a renaissance man. The military? Check. The law? Check. The environment? Check. Margaritas to die for? Check. A READER? CHECK!  Recently retired, Joe is eager to become a saint; "a good one", and so he brings to the 3Things table the book Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis. However he does drop the facts he is a Stephen King fan (maybe even more so than several of the Bataldens) and a Bishop Barron groupie- interesting for a convert, right?  His margarita recipe is a family secret... let's see if he will share.  Welcome, Joe!
November 10, 2021
1 Thing- All Saints
All Souls and All Saints... we Catholics have some obligations.  If you weren't entirely sure about these days, Deacon Jason explains what our church believes.  
November 01, 2021
Episode #18- Scotty Brian
According to Jason, this episode finds our own Idaho Indiana Jones in our basement!  Scott Brian, born and raised Idaho boy, is not only an archaeologist but a paranormal investigator as well.  This last October episode finds the conversation darting from his latest read, Ghost Hunters by Deborah Bloom to his stories of archaeology, and his ultimate hunt for the answer to the question, "What is a ghost?".  His LDS faith coupled with his education have guided his participation with SEI Paranormal Organization and his most recent journey into the world of podcasting through his podcast "Ghostology".  Yes, it is possible to have a strong Christian faith, to stay away from Ouija boards, and to love haunted houses.  Check it out!
October 25, 2021
Episode #17- Cait Stewart
Our guest this week is a book-loving 'self-identified' witch, Cait Stewart.  Cait's faith story began in a school library, quietly meandered through addiction, and finally came out of the broomcloset to help her help herself reach a beautiful sobriety.  Cait sips on her Irish Breakfast Tea, to talk about recovery, her fave book The 13th Tale by Diane Sutterfield and of course, fill the Catholics in on what it means to practice her form of modern-paganism.  And just when you thought the words Catholic and modern-paganism hadn't been heard together before, listen to Cait tell you her ancestor's rosary story.  You got that right, Cait carries her rosary and wears a St. Bridget's Cross.  Mystery abounds in this special October edition of 3 Things... odd things indeed.
October 11, 2021
1 Thing- Headless Horsemen?
It's time for a bit of spookiness!  What's so intriguing about a headless body on a horse?  How about a headless saint carrying his head while he prays?  This month's 1Thing explores cephalophores.  Check it out!
October 04, 2021
Episode #16- Samantha Mashburn
Introducing... Samantha Mashburn, a friend, a funny lady, and a pro-podcaster!  Samantha joins us with her Whiteclaw in hand, instead of her usual salty dog.  She shares her soul-searching journey that includes the age-old question: what is success?  Well, if it is up to me, Samantha is success.  Her current read is No Stone Left Unturned by Steve Jackson which is a perfect accompaniment to her fave podcast, "My Favorite Murder".  Are you picking up what I am throwing down?  This girl has amazing interests...stories...but in the end her journey to her true authentic self is one we all need to take.   And by the way,  her podcast is all about collecting.  Collecting ANYTHING!  It is titled, "The Mothball Prophecies" and if you enjoy estate sales, thrift stores, and old things... you need to listen to her cast.
September 27, 2021
Episode #15- Denell Broncho
September brings our beautiful Idaho Fall weather and our newest guest: Denell Broncho! Denell is an adventurer, a reader, and a member of the Shoshone-Bannock tribe. She drinks NY Seltzers, and shares her latest read, Sold as Slave by Olaudah Equiano with a positive attitude that is truly infectious. Denell has chosen paths least traveled and most often travels alone with the prayer of: “Thank you for my life”. She finds comfort with herself and revels in the beauty of nature- one thing we all take a bit for granted living in Idaho. Take a listen and be prepared for inspiration.
September 13, 2021
1 Thing- Labor Day Isn't Just the End of Summer
Aaah, Labor Day. A Monday off work to rest, relax, and … reflect on how we got a day off in the first place.
September 06, 2021
August- The Month of Mourning
Kristina and I want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting 3 Things Podcast.  We are having tremendous fun and are especially thankful for our guests.  We have had plenty of great drink, expanded our reading list, and have been inspired by stories of faith and courage. This month we are taking a break... because, you know, August is the month of mourning.  Please catch up on past episodes and keep your ears warm for in September we will be once again sharing drinks, books, and stories with wonderful people.
August 03, 2021
Episode #14- Jeff Landers
Around the rock the rugged rascal ran...yep, that's Jeff Landers and his favorite tongue twister!  This episode finds Jeff in our basement with his VooDoo Ranger IPA from New Belgium Brewing and Tim Tebow's This is the Day in his hands (he also listens to the Ed Mylett Show for inspiration). His journey?  Well, a small portion has to do with the family business:  Davinia Water--- a water bottled in glass right here in Idaho Falls- you should check it out!.  Jeff left Idaho Falls Local News 8 as a sportscaster in 2018 to pursue other dreams, but he is getting back into sports while wearing the black and white stripes (not of a convict).  Jeff is a bit of a hometown hero in these parts, but he is so much more interesting in person.  We hope you enjoy his story as much as we do!
July 26, 2021
Episode #13- Geri Elizondo
This week's guest is our youngest: Geri Elizondo, a pilgrim on a journey.  Geri brings a Rubaeus tart raspberry ale in one hand and a My Place Among Men by Kris Millgate in the other.  Sure, Geri pre-funcs with Moscow mules and has a long list of her fave podcasts to share, but her journey story starts with an epiphany in Shelley, Idaho and takes a circuitous route on some pilgrimages.  Check out this sassy Russet!
July 12, 2021
1 Thing- Elizabeth Ann Seton
 When Americans celebrate the 4th of July, they think of freedoms-  all sorts of freedoms.  I was curious about the Catholics that helped bring those new ideas of freedom to this new country.  What I found was St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, or Mother Seton, our earliest American saint!
July 05, 2021
Episode #12- Angela Hayes
Settle in my friends, you are about to hear a very edge-of-your-seat story straight from the source: our friend Angela Hayes.  Angela is a multi-talented Idaho business woman with an amazing faith story to share.  She has her mason jar drink and her most recent book, Scrum by J. Sutherland in her hands while she wows us with a story to remember.  If you've read Life of Pi, you will remember the narrator's words:  "This is a story to make you believe in God".  Yes, we do already, but this story just makes our belief even sweeter.  
June 28, 2021
Episode #11- Kevin Odette
We are SO excited to introduce to you our wonderfully talented friend, Kevin Odette.  We met Kevin through the ARTI in Idaho Falls and we are very lucky that we did.  Kevin brings a growler full of IBC Bavarian Hefeweizen AND a book to share-- Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli.  Kevin's journey story includes Moody Bible Institute, ministry in Idaho Falls, and now photography (God makes it but Kevin captures the moment).  His story is truly touching and was led by how he "looked to help people see how valuable they are".  If only everyone looked through those lenses.  Inspired yet?  You might well be after listening.  If you are curious about his art, check out,  you can see what God makes and Kevin captures.
June 14, 2021
1 Thing- Building a Bridge
It's Pride month!  This 1 Thing is a discussion about Fr. James Martin SJ and his book Building a Bridge.  This book strives to build a bridge between the LGBT community and the Catholic church.
June 07, 2021
Episode #10- Pastor Steve Colaw
Evangelical Christian and Heavy metal music lover?  Yes, his name is Steve Colaw, our latest guest!  If you want to dish on 80s metal music and two men's memories of their college days at Bartlesville Wesleyan College, you need to take a listen to this episode.  Steve Colaw, pastor at Gateway Church in St. Peters, Missouri is an old friend of Jason's.  Steve is honing a fine palate for coffee and a love for podcasts on history and theology ("The Bible Project"), of course. But his passion: music.  Steve's journey includes a special conversation on a lawnmower and years wading through the legalistic muck found in many Christian churches, but he has finally found a sweet spot.  Take a listen!
May 24, 2021
Episode #9- Maria Alvarez
If you don’t know Maria Alvarez, you are missing out! We just met her and are excited to call her our new friend (she might be a bit more wary of us, but we will wear her down). Maria is an Idahoan, a Mexican, loves her culture, and just started a new business, Conectate. Drinking a refreshing Big Wave beer, Maria shares her journey to Puerto Rico and becoming a changed woman. She also reminds us all that we are never alone on a journey…God is always with us and by the way, don’t let fear hold you back- wise words from Maria.
May 10, 2021
1 Thing- Fr DeSmet
Kristina and Jason share about their hometown Buffalo, Wyoming, and a missionary named Father DeSmet, the OG Blackrobe!
May 03, 2021
Episode #8- Tish Thornton
If you thought the job of liturgist might be boring, think again!  This week's episode brings us Tish Thornton- a Boise Liturgist- which, after talking with Tish, becomes Kristina's dream job.  She brings her 3 Things to the table: A Vesper (she offers the recipe), books from her Covid Book Club, and the human being that started her on her faith journey.  And just so you know, this episode brings us 'deep thoughts' from Tish like:  What does it mean to be appropriately vulnerable and when was Jesus appropriately vulnerable- hmmm.  Bring your waders my friends, it gets deep.
April 26, 2021
Episode #7- Lisa Armstrong
With her frothy hot chocolate soup, Lisa shares her wonderfully faith-filled journey into the adoption world.  Lisa is a life-long learner and admits she is in the middle of a book titled, Cultural Responsive Teaching, but she enjoys listening to many podcasts- one is  Lisa also talks about her LDS mission to Germany and reminds us that we can all be better in our religion- it doesn't matter what religion it is.  This episode truly has some magic to it- give it a listen!
April 12, 2021
1 Thing- St Dymphna & Downtown Seattle
Jason & Kristina talk about their trip to Tacoma and Seattle, the homeless, and how St. Dymphna inspired a community in Belgium to care for the homeless for centuries.
April 05, 2021
Episode #6- Christine Smith
This episode brings us missionary extraordinaire and friend, Columban Missionary Christine Smith all the way from Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts- via Zoom.  Christine shares her stories of being the new person in town and in church (she has lived in Chicago, Taiwan, Massachusetts, Idaho, Maryland, and AFRICA) and the human need to belong and we learn about the Missionary Mindset and how we can apply it to our faith. Christine's book is the 30 Minute Mediterranean Cookbook, but her real 'book' of choice is nature: hiking, kayaking, and incredibly faithful journaling.  This podcast will definitely give you some things to think about for a good long while.
March 22, 2021
Episode #5- Dermot McCaughan
Holy St. Patrick- we have an Irishman in the house! This episode features YOUR new friend and our old friend, Dermot McCaughan and his lovely accent. Normally partaking in a beer or whiskey to ‘lubricate the conversation’, Dermot is currently drinking tea- IRISH TEA because it is lent- he’s that good. A bibliophile, Dermot is all about reading and enjoys Murakami, but is loving podcasts- he has a few to share. But his journey story is a long circuitous road of prayer, coincidences, suffering, and survival. If you know anyone that has survived (not his choice of words) testicular cancer, you should listen to this interview. This one is a long one but well worth the listen. Cheers!
March 08, 2021
1 Thing- Two Artists, One Long Dark Journey to Art
In this episode, the long dark journey of the soul is undergone by not just one Saint John of the Cross, but by the surrealist Salvador Dali.  And just in case you are surprised by these two names in one breath, take a listen to  "Also Spake Zarathustra" by Strauss make three more connections.  Enjoy!
March 01, 2021
Episode #4- Felicia Wright
Bring your Bota box and meet our next guest Felicia Wright!  Her journey has led her through many church doors but has set her firmly to believe her faith is simply in humanity.  We discuss the challenges of fitting in- yes, even as adults, and her love of audiobooks, most recently one titled WEIRD by Olga Khazen.  This girl is an avid reader so send those titles in through the comments and we'll keep Felicia busy.
February 22, 2021
1Thing (1.5-aBonusBonus):St. Valentine- A Personal Story
BONUS! This little ditty is in honor of St. V and my husband.
February 14, 2021
Episode #3- Jenni Bradford
So, SO excited to introduce a great lady and tight friend, Jenni Bradford- yep, a second Bradford to the podcast.  Drinking tasty Harney & Sons cinnamon tea, Jenni discusses how the 'practicing' part of her Catholic faith can be a "struggle and a journey".  We talk about Covid, annulments, and traffic in Boise, ID.  Quote of the day:  "Do the next right thing and stand still".
February 08, 2021
1 Thing- The Legendary St. Christopher
This 1 Thing is the legendary, somewhat true, curious story of a dog headed saint and the almost burnt book that holds his story.
February 01, 2021
Episode #2- Lyle & Mary Roybal
We would love to introduce Brewmeister Lyle and his lovely Frau Mary Roybal to The 3 Things podcast. This week our couple talks about their large family, their origin story (they met near a keg), reading Krakauer, and the inspiration they find in the new streaming show, “The Chosen”. Over small tasters of Lyle’s Sierra Madre Pale Ale (filled multiple times), we strike up conversations about the Latin Mass, moving parishes, and making mistakes as parents.
January 25, 2021
Episode #1- Brad Huntsman
Bradford Huntsman, a small town Wyoming boy, has a unique faith journey that led to his "Nature Church", smoked drinks, and music, music, music-- his own form of catharsis.  Brad shares his assigned read from work, Big Potential but his takeaway is one for us all:  "You can't be a superstar unless you are in a galaxy of stars".   Well, it is nice to be around this star named Brad. Check out a few of Brad's original song:
January 11, 2021
Welcome to 3 Things Podcast
3 Things Podcast is about drinks, books, & stories of faith.  Jason & Kristina will be asking their guests to share 3 things and we will all be inspired.
January 05, 2021