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3 Things Podcast

3 Things Podcast

By Jason & Kristina Batalden
3 Things is a podcast about 3 things; drinks, books (music, movies, art), & stories. Jason & Kristina will be having conversations with friends about how these 3 things have inspired and encouraged them on their journey of faith.
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Episode #1- Brad Huntsman
Bradford Huntsman, a small town Wyoming boy, has a unique faith journey that led to his "Nature Church", smoked drinks, and music, music, music-- his own form of catharsis.  Brad shares his assigned read from work, Big Potential but his takeaway is one for us all:  "You can't be a superstar unless you are in a galaxy of stars".   Well, it is nice to be around this star named Brad. Check out a few of Brad's original song:
January 11, 2021
Welcome to 3 Things Podcast
3 Things Podcast is about drinks, books, & stories of faith.  Jason & Kristina will be asking their guests to share 3 things and we will all be inspired.
January 5, 2021