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The Identity Crisis

The Identity Crisis

By Dimitri Pieries
On the show, I discuss some of my personal struggles that kept me in conflict. I mainly share the concepts that helped me discover my true Identity. But also discuss life lessons and insights gained from my work as a Life Coach.

The guests on the show range from psychologists, apologists, digital analysts, cultural researchers, fitness experts, scientists, spiritual leaders, theologians, and more. Join us as they unpack concepts that can help us thrive in life!

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4. Role Confusion & Identity
What exactly is an Identity Crisis? It might be slightly different from what you've seen in the movies. Dimitri breaks down what the term means, its origins, and what it feels like. He also shares tips on how we can navigate out of such a crisis. He includes a few challenging examples from his childhood. For more details checkout
July 26, 2022
3. Bonus: Analyzing Worldviews Part 2
This is a bonus episode, continuing our discussion on Worldviews with Charles Joseph. Here we go deeper into assessing Truth Claims, making meaning of Pain & Suffering, and understanding how these challenge our own identity. For more details on the topic click below to download the Episode Guide PDF.
July 05, 2022
2. Analyzing Worldviews Ft Charles Joseph
On this episode our guest is Charles Joseph. He was a clinical lead at CMC Hospital Vellore, India. He has a Masters in Psychology and Theology. Currently he operates as a cultural apologetics researcher. Check out the intriguing discussion as he breaks down the concept of Worldviews, how it impacts our identity and effects our relationships. For more details download the episode note at
June 16, 2022
Introduction: What's this all about?
Here's a little bit about me and where I come from. You'll also get a better idea of tone and style of the show, and why I decided to share my thoughts via podcast.  For more information shared on each episode click here to Download the Episode Notes 
May 24, 2022
1. The Segregated Self
On this first episode i discuss how i used to struggle with duality. I returned back to my home country of Sri Lanka after a 10-year hiatus in Los Angeles California. My time away had changed me. My identity was in crisis. My values were not matching my social life. Others may call this living in hypocrisy. The title refers to a concept that helped me. For More Details Click Here to download the Episode Note #twnaf #theworldneedsafather #vergenceoriginal
May 07, 2022