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Idiots and a DM

Idiots and a DM

By Brian Whiting
A D&D podcast that shows how an uncanny set of individuals can join up and beat the tyranny of a DM that knows the games in and outs. A group of a small batch of idiots that can find a way to make it funny and also interesting with a bunch of dice and roleplay. A bit of story telling, a sprinkle of jokes, and a bunch of them going on adventures to see what lies around the next dungeon corner. Join us in our adventure and see where it takes us.
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Dragon Plungers Arc 1 Ep. 1 - The Sessions Beginning
This is the first episode of Arc 1 of the Dragon Plungers saga. This is session zero for the introductory episode of the series and showcasing the backstory of the campaign and the start of the Dragon Plungers adventure. This series will be brought to you play-by-play via the artistic mind of Josh, aka Rurk, our DM for this arc and campaign. This will feature the characters of Sakis played by Brian, Atreus played by David, and Grawth played by Tray. So come along with them as they journey across the open world and get into the mayhem and also eventually see Rurk snap from the players. Episode edited by Brian Music by various artists: Tabletop Audio Syrinscape
August 28, 2021
Bloopers Pt. 1 - Intro
Here is a blooper from our Episode 3 - Out of the Dungeon and into the Campaign We were working on the intro for the episode and was trying to do it in one take and this funny moment happen. Thanks in part by our awesome DM Rurk.
November 16, 2020
The Idiots and a DM Trailer
The trailer episode of Idiots and a DM. A story being made by a group of players new to the game that are making their own path to being great - one way or another. DM handled by Rurk and with a cast of 5 players - one played before and 4 brand new to the game. The cast includes: Dungeon Master, your Dungeon Pop - Rurk The Vengeful Paladin (Paladin/Warlock) Sakis - Brian The Beast Master (Ranger/Warlock) Pyria - LaTashia The Blood Assassin (Blood Hunter/Rouge) Crorkiox - Tray The Brute (Barbarian/Fighter) Pa-gog Tukor - Zach The Lycan (Blood Hunter/Wizard) Bloodfiend - Dayron Small human being in the background doing noises - Brian and LaTashia daughter Payton
October 18, 2020