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IDK Sports Podcast

IDK Sports Podcast

By IDK Sports Pod
Just a guy with an opinion about sports... but what do I know? Weekly show discussing sports and pop culture. A member of the Let's Be Real Media family.
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2 Weeks Notice - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 21
Savage discusses 3 things he wants to see from the Memphis Grizzlies by the end of February. Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod Music by: @DeeGoatSB
February 15, 2021
A (Lack of) Defense of the Brooklyn Nets - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 20
Savage makes a case against the Brooklyn Nets because of their defense and reviews the NFL Conference Championship games.   Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod  Music by: @DeeGoatSB   Skip Ahead:  Brooklyn Nets: 1:46 Nets Voicemails: 11:12 Nets Tweets: 15:31 NFL Playoffs: 18:50 What I'm Watching: 28:49
January 25, 2021
NFL Divisional Round - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 19
Savage discusses the NFL Divisional Round matchups as well as talks basketball with Sheedy of the Let's Be Real and Starting 5 Podcast.   Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod  Music by: @DeeGoatSB   Skip Ahead:  NFL Divisional Games: 3:02 NBA Talk: 17:17 What I'm Watching: 37:09
January 18, 2021
The Cleveland Show - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 18
Savage celebrates the Browns victory over the Steelers with his first ever guest. Also discussing other NFL playoff games, NBA news and the CFP (P5P) Championship game. Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod
January 11, 2021
2020 Won - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 17
Savage discusses the NFL Playoffs matchups and NBA observations. Also talk about his COVID 19 positive test as well as being a future Girl Dad. Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod
January 4, 2021
The Naughty or Nice List - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 16
Savage recaps the NFL Pick'em Games, rants about the CFP (or P5P as he calls it), previews the NBA season and finishes up with his Naughty or Nice List in the world of sports. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod
December 21, 2020
Why Do You Hate Baker Mayfield? - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 15
Savage just wants to know why you guys hate Baker Mayfield. Aside from that, we get into the NFL Pick'em games, Kyrie Irving freezing out the media, and the James Harden trade situation. Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod
December 15, 2020
The Hurts Business - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 14
Savage discusses the NFL Pick'em games, Westbrook for John Wall trade, previews the Steelers-WFT game and the Eagles actually played Jalen Hurts! Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod
December 7, 2020
Knocked The F*** Out! - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 13
Savage discusses the Memphis Tigers, Saturday's boxing matches (including Nate Robinson's knockout), NFL Pick'em games, news around the world of sports and Vocab With Savage. Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod
November 30, 2020
The State of the NFC East - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 12
Savage discusses the pick'em games, comes to terms with the Philadelphia Eagles, makes his pick to win the NFC East and goes through recent NBA transactions. Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod
November 23, 2020
NBA Draft Review - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 11
Savage discusses notable draft picks and teams from the 2020 NBA Draft, goes in depth with the Memphis Grizzlies two picks (Desmond Bane and Xavier Tillman Sr.), and gives quick thoughts on the recent NBA trades. Follow on Twitter: @IDKSportsPod
November 19, 2020
200 Total Listens - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 10
Savage celebrates the 10th episode of the IDK Sports Pod, 200 total listens, and going above .500 in the NFL Pick'em Games. Discussing the NBA December 22nd start time and the three NFL Pick'Em Games (Bills-Seahawks, Dolphins-Cardinals, and Bears-Titans). Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
November 9, 2020
(Not) Sticking to Sports - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 9
Savage discusses Tuesday Presidential Election forthcoming results, recaps another poor week in the NFL pick'em games, and provides an NBA rendition of "Vocab with Savage." Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
November 2, 2020
Steelers Tighten Titans - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 8
Savage recaps the Steelers vs Titans game with guest appearances from Sharkey and Trevor from the Let's Be Real Sports Podcast, discusses news throughout the world of sports and provides a fool proof plan to fix the Dallas Cowboys. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
October 26, 2020
Love Black Women - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 7
Savage recaps his 3 NFL Games from the weekend, brings back "Vocab with Savage," and discusses Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe's comments about the perception of women in the WNBA and the USWNT. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
October 19, 2020
Job is Finished - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 6
Savage recaps the Lakers 17th NBA Championship and advocated for Dak Prescott to get paid. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
October 12, 2020
The NFC East is TRASH - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 5
Savage expresses his frustration with the Eagles and NFC East (featuring Sharkey and Trevor of the Let's Be Real Podcast). Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
October 5, 2020
Lakers in 5... Maybe 4 - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 4
Savage discusses why the NBA Finals are already over, compares players in the Finals to wing flavors, and makes his WNBA Finals pick. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
October 1, 2020
Job's Not Finished - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 3
Savage explains why the job is not finished for the Lakers, recaps Miami vs. Boston series, and discussed the NFL games from this past weekend. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
September 28, 2020
Ty Herro Academia - IDK Sports Pod Ep. 2
Savage recaps games 3 and 4 of both NBA Conference Finals series. Also, what are they feeding Tyler Herro? Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
September 25, 2020
Who Guarding AD!? - IDK Sports Ep. 1
The first official episode of the IDK Sports Podcast! Savage discusses notable NFL games from this past Sunday, the NBA Playoffs, gives a vocabulary lesson and more! Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @IDKSportsPod
September 21, 2020
IDK Sports Pod Trailer
Just a guy with an opinion about sports... but what do I know? 🤷🏾‍♂️
September 16, 2020