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I Don't Do Sci-Fi

I Don't Do Sci-Fi

By I Don't Do Sci-Fi

Dani has never really liked science fiction. All that silly spacerockets and pewpewgun Star Warsy stuff just doesn't interest her.
But on "I Don't Do Sci-Fi", we're going to try and change all that!

In each episode, fellow presenters Rebecca and John will subject Dani to a different classic science fiction film or TV show. Most of them made before she was born! Aided by a selection of fan guests, they'll hope to convince her of just how awesome science fiction can be. But will they succeed in their mission?

Join us and find out on a space odyssey full of close encounters of the nerd kind!
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Season 1, Episode 1: Star Cops - It Won't Be Easy
Season 1, Episode 1: Star Cops - It Won't Be Easy
Dani will proudly tell you that she's never seen Star Wars... or Star Trek for that matter!  But! Thanks to this very first episode of I Don't Do Sci-Fi, we can at least now say Dani has seen STAR COPS - the 1987 BBC2 science fiction series that bombed in the ratings, got only 1 season and almost everyone forgot existed!  Join John and Rebecca as they hope to convince Dani (and perhaps you the listener too) that Star Cops is one of the great overlooked sci-fi gems! Also joining the review panel for this episode is writer and podcaster Gareth Preston, fan of Star Cops and a veritable fountain of knowledge on classic British science fiction.  So, listen now and find out what Dani thought of Star Cops. Was she over the Moon, or was she left yelling "Screen off!"? "I Don't Do Sci-Fi" is the new monthly podcast project by the team who from 2021-2022 produced "Tripodscast" an in-depth exploration of the acclaimed Tripods trilogy by John Christopher.  Welcome back to any of you who have followed us here from Tripodscast and we hope you'll enjoy this new journey with us! It's going to be quite an adventure! We're still finding our feet with this new podcast so please contact us with any feedback or suggestions. We'd love to hear what you think! Credits: Hosts: Dani Wray, Rebecca Wray, John Isles All music composed and performed by Steve Johnson All artwork and logos by Kevin Hiley Directed and edited by Kevin Hiley Produced by Kevin Hiley and Rebecca Wray Hear Gareth Preston's podcast Very British Futures. Twitter: @FuturesVery and Very British Futures – The Podcast. Contact details: E-mail: Twitter: @idontdoscifi Facebook: I Don't Do Sci-fi  Instagram: idontdoscifi
January 07, 2023