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I Doubt It

I Doubt It

By David Ruybalid, Zach Zienka
A Place Where Skepticism and Faith Can Intersect
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What Jesus Cared Most About (with Zach Zienka)

I Doubt It

What Jesus Cared Most About (with Zach Zienka)

I Doubt It

Wrestling with Doubt, Walking Away From Faith, and the Church (Joshua Harris, Marty Sampson, John Cooper of Skillet, and more)
Over the past few weeks, a few prominent Christian leaders have made announcements that they are losing their faith or have lost it. John Cooper from the band "Skillet" posted his thoughts and they went viral. What can we make of all of this? What does this mean for the church? What do we do when someone close to us is struggling with faith, losing their faith, or has lost their faith? Zach's Blog: David's Blog: Other links: Ted Talk of Joshua Harris Apologizing: Books: You Lost Me: Sticky Faith: Faith and Doubt Deconstruction, Faith, Doubt
August 16, 2019
Lauren Daigle, Kings Kaleidoscope, God's Not Dead, Lecrae, etc. Is it a Christian Band? A Conversation About Christian vs. Secular Catagories
When talking about music, have you ever had someone ask, "Is it a Christian or secular band"? Does God really want us to create these categories where Christians have their own celebrities and goods and services?  Has anyone ever asked you, "how is your spiritual life"? What if our view of segmenting life and the things that we can enjoy into "Christian" and "secular" categories has actually done us a disservice?  David's Blog: www.IDoubtIt.Online Zach's Blog:
July 22, 2019
The book of Isaiah | Zach has a New Blog Series
Happy 4th of July! Sodom, Peace, Prophets, etc. All of these and more mentioned in at blog series by Zach Zienka. In this episode, we talk about Zach's new blog series on Isaiah and the themes that we see in this book of the Bible. Read Zach's series here: Check out "Wage Peace" T-shirts here:
July 04, 2019
David Has A Free Book Out! "The Wrath of God and the Death of Jesus"
Have you ever struggled thinking that God is angry with you?  What do we mean when we say, "The wrath of God was satisfied in Jesus"? This is a conversation that you won't want to miss! These topics and more are discussed in this episode as Zach and David talk about David's new FREE book, "The Wrath of God and the Death of Jesus". Download the Book for FREE here: David's Blog: Zach's Blog: Related searches: Penal Substitutionary Atonement, N.T. Wright, the gospel, Scot Mcknight, Joshua Ryan Butler, Rob Bell, Hell, Afterlife, C.S. Lewis 
May 03, 2019
What is a Prophet & How do we Read Them?
What is a prophet? How do we read the prophets of the Old Testament? How can studying prophecy help us navigate life & faith here & now? We will tackle these questions & more in this episode!!! David Ruybalid's Blog: Zach Zienka's Blog:
January 17, 2019
Virtual Church? (Judah Smith's Message, Church for a Digital Age, & More)
Virtual Churches? Virtual Baptisms? What are the positive ways that we can use technology for ministry? Are there lines that we need not to cross, when it comes to technology and ministry? What are some possible negative repercussions for the misuse of technology for ministry? Can you have a virtual reality church or even a church campus on your smart phone? We tackle these questions and more on this episode. Video Mentioned in Episode: "Church is a Building" - Mickey Klink David Ruybalid's Blog: Zach Zienka's Blog:
November 23, 2018
The Bible Project & What Does It Mean To Be Human? (Mini Episode)
(Recorded September 26, 2018) We are excited about this Episode. The Bible Project published "What Does It Mean To Be Human?" by our very own Zachariah Zienka. We talk a little bit about the content in the post, but want to invite you to read it. Here is the blog post from Zach: Read more posts from Zach Zienka at: Read more posts from David Ruybalid at: Check out the incredible resources of The Bible Project at:
September 27, 2018
God & Country?
-What does it mean and what does it look like to be a citizen of the kingdom of God, while being a citizen of America? -What does it mean to find our identity as God's people? -How are God's people to respond when the values of our nation don't line up with God's values? -How have worldly values crossed with religious values in unhealthy ways? Find out more: David Ruybalid's Blog: Zach Zienka's Blog:
September 17, 2018
End of the World & We Feel Fine-Part 2 (With Zach Zienka)
What is the rapture? What is Revelation all about? What is the tribulation? What about the blood bath of the battle of Armageddon? How is God going to go about the end times? Find out more at: Zach’s Rapture Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 We want to thank Reawaken Hymns for sharing "This Is My Father's World". “I’ll Fly Away” by Ransomed Bluegrass Surprised By Hope - Book By NT Wright
June 28, 2018
End of the World & We Feel Fine-Part 1 (With Zach Zienka)
What is our future hope? Is heaven really the final destination for believers? How does a view of the end times effect how we live now? What is God's vision for how our world as we know it ends? Find out more at: Zach Zienka's Blog: We want to thank Reawaken Hymns for sharing "This Is My Father's World". Find out more at:
June 21, 2018
What We Can Care Most About (With Zach Zienka)
What is the purpose that God created us for? What does it mean to be created in God's image? What does this mean for us here and now? Join the conversation at David Ruybalid's blog Zach Zienka's Blog
June 14, 2018
What Jesus Cared Most About (with Zach Zienka)
What did Jesus care about? What did He teach? What is the gospel? Join the conversation at David Ruybalid's blog Zach Zienka's Blog
June 01, 2018
The Bible (with Zach Zienka)
What is the Bible? How was it written? What about the violence? Is the Old Testament for us today? Join the conversation at Other relevant posts: "Jesus and the Bible are not the same thing" - By David Ruybalid "The Beautiful Humanness of the Bible" - By Zach Zienka
May 24, 2018
Jesus is Not a Lion (with Zach Zienka)
How do we interpret Revelation 5? What is the Lion of Judah? What does the Bible have to say about the lion and the lamb? Check out more conversations like these at: Zach Zienka's Blog:
March 10, 2018
Religion vs. Relationship
"It's not a religion... It's a relationship!" Have you ever heard that before? Is that true? What if God isn't against religion? find out more at: Clips used:
March 04, 2018