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By Betty Dannewitz
All kinds of development topics for all kinds of learning professionals.
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67 Interactive Instructional Comics with Kevin Thorn and Dan Hirt
Listen in as Kevin Thorn shares his journey from rebel to soldier to illustrator. Dan Hirt joins in the conversation as we discuss the value of interactive instructional comics and how they can be effectively utilized in the L&D industry.
July 21, 2021
66 What's Your Formula? with Brian Washburn
Listen in as Brian Washburn talks all about his new book - What's Your Formula? Combine Learning Elements for Impactful Training.  We talk about 51 elements of awesome learning experiences and how you can best utilize them to engage and educate your learners.
June 30, 2021
65 xAPI and xAPI Cohorts with Jessica Jackson and Megan Torrance
Listen in as I chat with Jessica Jackson and Megan Torrance of Torrance Learning about xAPI and the recent success of their 12th FREE xAPI cohort! This was admittedly my very first real conversation about xAPI and I learned so much!  
June 23, 2021
64 Using your L&D Superpowers for GOOD! with Jeni Johnson
Listen in as I chat with Jeni Johnson about how she uses her L&D superpowers for good and not evil! She also talks about her move from K-12 and what you need to know!  
June 16, 2021
63 Big Risks Payoff in Big Rewards with Tim Waxenfelter
Listen in as I chat with Tim Waxenfelter about how big risks pay off in big rewards! Tim shares his story about how he left his corporate job to start a business with Brian Washburn and never looked back!
June 9, 2021
62 Leadership Development in a Deck of Cards with Britney Cole and Lisa Wocken
Listen in as I chat with Britney Cole and Lisa Wocken Ph.D. about leadership development in a deck of cards! Learn about Bolster Leadership and how you can use them for personal and team development. Learn more at 
June 2, 2021
61 ATD's 2020 One to Watch Award with Shermaine Perry-Knights
Listen in as I chat with Shermaine Perry-Knights about how she won the ATD 2020 One to Watch award! Shermaine is the VP of Chapter Programs, Professional Development & CPTD/APTD for ATD Atlanta AND a published children's book author! Hear how Shermaine believes that her books can help the L&D community!  
May 26, 2021
60 TransformABLE and Immersive Learning
Listen in as I chat with Angie Tuglus about her NEW book - TransformABLE!  This not-your-boring-business-book is all about how to make business transformation happen!  AND we talk immersive learning and L&D's role in business transformation.
May 12, 2021
59 How to GROW your L&D Skills with Carolyn Kiel
Listen in as I chat with Carolyn Kiel about how to grow your L&D skills. Carolyn tells her story of how she made the leap to L&D and offers some great practical advice on how YOU can grow your skills in learning and development!
April 14, 2021
58 Escape Games and Learning with Rachel Arpin
Listen in as I chat with Rachel Arpin about using escape rooms in learning - IRL, elearning and maybe even AR! Rachel did her dissertation on this topic and shares her amazing enthusiasm and expertise. We also talk about past episodes with guests like Matt Pierce and Blake Lewin. If you love escape games, you need to stop what you are doing and listen now!
March 31, 2021
57 How She Got that Awesome Job! with Amy Petricek
Listen in as I chat with Amy Petricek about how she went from K-12 to a freelance instructional designer to a corporate instructional designer! Amy shares the steps she took and some amazing insights that you need to hear!  
March 24, 2021
56 Change Management and L&D with Judd Hoekstra
Listen in as I chat with Judd Hoekstra about change management and L&D. We have a very important role in change management - do you know what that role is? Tune in and find out!
March 17, 2021
55 Transitioning into L&D - the Interview Edition with Josh Maleeff
Listen in as I chat with Josh Maleeff about his move to Corporate L&D and his hot tips about how to nail the interview. If you are currently hiring for your L&D team, Josh has some ideas for you too!
March 10, 2021
54 Daring to leap from K-12 to Corporate L&D with Colette Boynton
Listen in as I chat with Colette Boynton about her daring leap from K-12 to Corporate L&D and the lessons she has learned along the way.  If you are currently making this move or even just thinking about it - get ready to take notes! Oh! and we talk accessibility too!
March 8, 2021
53 Confessions of a First Time Conference Speaker with Bryan Smith
Listen in as I chat with Bryan Smith about his very first conference speaking experience - at DevLearn 2020!  Bryan shares insights from how he got interested in speaking til the aftermath of his wildly successful session.  If you have been thinking about speaking at a conference - check this out for that extra push that you need!
February 17, 2021
52 AR/VR in Learning for Behavior Change with Julie Dirksen
Listen in as I chat with Julie Dirksen about AR/VR in Learning for Behavior Change. Julie shares about her research with fellow colleagues on how we can affect behavior change through AR and VR in learning. She shares awesome insights and great use case information - and of course, I light up like a Christmas tree because its AR and VR!  
February 12, 2021
51 Workforce Development in Virtual Reality with Lucie Hammond
Listen in as I chat with Lucie Hammond about workforce development in virtual reality. While technical skills can be taught through VR, there is a whole other VR frontier for soft skills or interpersonal skills training. Lucie talks about how her company, BeingVR, is all about those soft, human, interpersonal development skills - specifically focused on empathy and overcoming bias. 
February 3, 2021
50 How a BRAND new employee implemented AR Learning Solutions with Mariah Manuel-Berry
Listen as I chat with Mariah Manuel-Berry about how she influenced her new organization to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) into their new hire learning solutions - in the FIRST month of employment!  
January 25, 2021
49 Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging and the role of L&D with Katie Ryan Fotiadis and Marta Miranda-Straub
Listen in to this amazing conversation with two powerhouse ladies all about diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging.  Katie Ryan and Marta bring amazing perspectives and first-hand knowledge about the current fight against racial injustice.  We also cover what is our role as L&D professionals in the midst of this unrest.  Tell a friend to listen to this one! 
January 14, 2021
48 Networking and Namedropping with Cara North
Networking is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are gonna get!  Listen in to my hilarious conversation with Cara North as we talk about networking and namedropping.  Cara shares her experiences and offers great insight into the power of networking and when and where it is ok to drop a name.  We also drop ALOT of names like Jeff Batt, Dan Hirt, Mike Peacock, Mike Taylor, Bianca Bauman, Destery Hildenbrand and more!  
January 7, 2021
47 Ten Tips for Boosting Creativity with Jonathan Hill
Listen in as Jonathan Hill shares his 10 tips to BOOST creativity!  Jonathan is an AMAZING elearning designer and recently completed 52 weeks of Articulate's Elearning Heroes Challenges - in a row!  We also talk about Wallace & Grommet, putting the fun back into FUNctional, and oh that accent!!!!  Check out the 10 tips for Boosting Creativity blog at
December 19, 2020
46 A Day in the Life of a Learning Leader with Alissa Weiher
Listen in as I chat with Alissa Weiher about a day in the life of a learning leader.  We cover lots of other topics too like our 20-year relationship, general nostalgia, Bill & Ted, 90210, Fred Savage, the Princess Bride - oh, and Alissa gives some AMAZING advice for those with their eye on the Director role!  
December 9, 2020
45 Scoping a Project and Recovering Perfectionists with Alex Ryan
Listen in as I chat with Alex Ryan about how to scope a project.  We also dive into the perfectionist trap, timeboxing, dealing with SMEs, "don't be that guy", and "it's not our job".  
December 2, 2020
44 Why you should do NEW things in your career with Egle Vinauskaite
Listen in as I chat with Egle Vinauskaite about why you should try NEW things in your career.  We chronicle her amazing career changes and the awesome projects she has gotten to be a part of through the years.  We also hit on topics like hard and soft skills training in Virtual Reality, lessons learned about neuroscience, writing as an ID or LXD, corporate vs. startups and the time she worked with Facebook.   Click here for a sneak peek of this episode!
November 25, 2020
43 The Role of L&D in Employee Engagement with Nick Fennell
Listen in as I chat with Nick Fennell about the role of L&D in employee engagement!  Great conversation about what our job is when it comes to engagement, where we learn about it and what to do right now to start making a difference at your organization.  
November 18, 2020
42 Making the Leap from Higher Education to Corporate L&D with Alan Natachu
Listen in as I chat with Alan Natachu about his BIG LEAP from higher education into corporate L&D!  Hear all about what he misses about higher education, loves about corporate L&D, and his best advice to those who are looking to make a similar leap!
November 11, 2020
41 Serenity and Stress Management (yes, please!) with Paul Sevcik
Listen in as I chat with Paul Sevcik about serenity and stress management!  Learn about what serenity is, what stress management is and how they connect. We ALL need serenity - LIKE NOW! Get some practical advice on how to find your serenity here!
November 4, 2020
40 Breaking out of the elearning Compliance Delivery Mode with Alex Salas
Listen in as I chat with Alex Salas about breaking out of the elearning compliance deliver mode!  We discuss the Click Next mentality and how to deliver compliance in a new and innovative way.  
October 28, 2020
39 Visual Design, Reducing Cognitive Load and Pinterest with Bianca Woods
Listen in as I chat with Bianca Woods again (I KNOW!) about the use of visual design to reduce cognitive load.  We also have a great time talking about our graphic design experiences, Pinterest, ifyouaskbetty on Tik Tok, and fish cannons (wait what?).  
October 21, 2020
38 Streaking! and "that time I ran a marathon" with Jeff and Jami Downs
Listen in as I chat with Jeff and Jami Downs about STREAKING😲!  (Not THAT kinda streaking!)  I mean the book Streaking: The Simple Practice of Conscious, Consistent Actions That Create Life-Changing Results.  We also revisit my running days, and "that time I ran a marathon".  If this episode doesn't get you motivated to go out and get streaking - nothing will!   Find the book here: 
October 14, 2020
37 Behind the Scenes at Learnapalooza Virtual 2020 with Darren Nerland and Erin Peterschick
Wondering how they pulled off the amazing Learnapalooza 2020 Virtual conference?!? I found out ALL THE SECRETS!!  Listen in as I chat with Darren Nerland and Erin Peterschick to learn about how Learnapalooza all began and what they had to do to PIVOT in 2020.  
October 7, 2020
36 The Industrial Learning Lifecycle and other assorted topics with Ken Hubbell
Listen in as I chat with Ken Hubbell about the industrial learning lifecycle, talent support tools, pedagogy, andragogy, and more!  Ken talks about why we should not be afraid of intelligent augmentation, how innovation is a team sport, and learn all about the jar of opportunities.  
September 30, 2020
35 Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Turning Your Creativity into a Business with Lee LeFever
Listen in as I chat with Lee LeFever about intellectual property, copyright, and turning your creativity into a business!  Lee brings insight through the origin story of Common Craft, and how he built it to fit his lifestyle. Get a FREE chapter of Lee LeFever's book - Big Enough: Building a Business that Scales with Your Lifestyle  - at  
September 23, 2020
34 Critical L&D Expert Qualities needed for Business Transformation with Angie Tuglus
Listen in as I chat with author Angie Tuglus about the critical qualities needed for business transformation.  Angie is an expert in large scale business transformation and has deep knowledge, understanding, and high respect for the learning and development folks that are part of the changes.    
September 20, 2020
33 Measuring Learner Attention, Metacognition and Engagement! with Adam Hall
Listen in as I chat with Adam Hall of Nervanix about his innovative and amazing new way to measure learner attention and engagement!  This technology will BLOW YOUR MIND🤯!  This quick listen will have you telling all your friends about this cool measurement technique!!  For more information check out  
September 13, 2020
32 Influence, Improv and the X Files with Joel Silverstone
Listen in as I chat with Joel Silverstone about  Influence, Improv and the X files!  We talk about influence vs manipulation, positive vs negative influence, acting techniques, an encounter with a celebrity and we do some improv!!
September 2, 2020
31 Mentoring in L&D with Debbie Richards
Listen in as I chat with Debbie Richards about Mentoring in L&D!  We chat about why mentoring is so important, what to look for in a mentor and PEZ dispensers (why not🤷🏼‍♀️)!!
August 26, 2020
30 Making work FUN! with Jesse Harris
Listen in as I chat with Jesse Harris about making work FUN! Jesse shares great insight on Sir Richard Branson, adding whimsy to your learning solutions and we even talk about Office Space!   
August 19, 2020
29 Video Strategies in L&D with Josh Cavalier
Listen in as I chat with Josh Cavalier about Video Strategies in L&D! Josh shares amazing insight and experiences about the effective use of video in learning solutions - and why you should just hit record RIGHT NOW!
August 12, 2020
28 Everyone Needs a Coach with Mike Simmons
Listen in as I chat with Mike Simmons about why everyone needs a coach! Mike shares great insight on how to be a good coach and what NOT to do as a coach!
August 5, 2020
27 Instructional Story Design with Rance Greene
Listen in as I chat with Rance Greene about Instructional Story Design! Rance shares his amazingly simple way to create and weave story into every learning solution - even compliance!
July 29, 2020
26 Top Five Evolutions of Learning with Keith Keating
Listen in as I chat with Keith Keating about his list of the top 5 (out of 15) evolutions of learning !  If you have ever heard Keith speak, you know this will be a great listen!  
July 22, 2020
25 Automated, Individualized, Just-in-Time Learning with Alex Colcernian
Listen in as I chat with Alex Colcernian about automated, individualized just-in-time learning!  We talk about the value of drip learning, sustainment, boosts - whatever word you use to describe it!  AND a really great product called Q-Know that makes it so EASY!!
July 15, 2020
24 Power of Saying No, High Demand Virtual Training & Boundaries (blek!) with Kassy LaBorie
Listen in as I chat with Kassy LaBorie about the power of saying no, how to get to the yes, the quick change to high demand virtual training and boundaries (not a fan - blek!).  
July 8, 2020
23 Take the Time, Step Away and PLAY with Karl Kapp
SPECIAL EPISODE!!  This July 4th holiday weekend, you may be stepping away to play - what better time to listen to a great conversation about the power of play!     Karl Kapp offers amazing insights on why we should play and how to get started - PLUS he talks about his upcoming virtual conference Step Away, Innovate and Play --->
July 3, 2020
22 Great Conversations, Making an Impact & Fangirling Brian with Brian Washburn
Listen in as I chat with Brian Washburn about how why you should always take the conversation, the impact a single conversation can have on your career, and what spawned this whole conversation to begin with - how I met Brian!  
July 1, 2020
21 Innovation in L&D, Preparing Your Culture & Actual Steps to be Innovative with Bill Thallemer Ph.D
Listen in as I chat with Bill Thallemer Ph.D about how to use innovation to change the impact your learning team has on your organization.  Bill shares his years of knowledge and experience, great stories and an actual process to innovation.  
June 24, 2020
20 Two dudes, the Power of Fandom, & How to Harness Fandom in L&D with Destery Hildenbrand and Michael Sheyashe
Listen in as I chat with Destery Hildenbrand and Michael Sheyashe about the power of fandom.  After we fully define fandom and talk about our faves like Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, The Taco Bell dog, and many more,  we help you see how to harness that power in your learning solutions!   This is the conversation I waited half a year to have!  YOU.  WILL.  LOVE.  IT.  
June 17, 2020
19 Dungeons and Dragons,  L and D & ALL the accents with Matt Pierce and Dan Hirt
Listen in as I chat with Matt Pierce and Dan Hirt about Dungeons and Dragons and how playing D&D impacts the work Matt does. Awesome insights on how to use games to influence your work, create communities of belonging and foster massive creativity.  Plus Matt busts out some amazing accents that you will ONLY HEAR HERE!  
June 10, 2020
18 L&D to LOB, Your Authentic Self & Open Human Space at Work with Matt Ash
Listen in as I chat with Matt Ash about his journey from L&D back into the Business, bringing your authentic self to work, and how he is working hard to create an open, human space at work.  
June 3, 2020
17 Social Learning, Principles vs Models and People Who Don't Respond to Texts with Mark Britz
Listen in as I chat with Mark Britz about social learning, 70-20-10, and principles vs, models.  If you have been scratching your head about what is social learning - answers await!  Plus I get on my soapbox about people who don't respond to text messages. #sorrynotsorry 
May 27, 2020
16 Future of workplace learning, analytics not data, and more AR with Johnny Hamilton
Listen in as I chat with Johnny Hamilton about the future of workplace learning, how we need to ditch data and talk analytics, and more fun chatter about AR!
May 20, 2020
15 Coaching Skills, Teenagers and Snow Skiing with Louise Sportelli
Listen in as I chat with Louise Sportelli about coaching skills for emerging leaders, applying those skills to teenagers and why it is unlikely I will ever attempt snow skiing again!
May 13, 2020
14 Compassion, Self-Care, and COVID-19 with Nate Regier, Ph.D.
Listen in as I chat with Nate Regier, Ph.D. from Next Element about compassion at work and compassionate self-care and we spend lots of time talking about how to practice this during this COVID-19 pandemic.  This one is so GREAT and so TIMELY and it WILL change your perspective and move your forward in your journey!
May 6, 2020
13 Virtual Reality, Video Games & Powerful Learning with Blake Lewin
Listen in as I chat with Blake Lewin from TalentQuest about Virtual Reality, Video Games and how they can be used to create powerful learning experiences.
April 29, 2020
12 ASK BETTY: How do we shift the corporate mindset towards more skill specific L&D job roles? with Andy Lockwood
SPECIAL ASK BETTY edition podcast!  Listen in as I chat with Andy Lockwood about how to shift the corporate mindset towards more skill specific L&D job roles.  We also talk about Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey, Vince Vaughn and horror novels.  Great conversation that just might change your mind - but will for sure make you laugh!  
April 23, 2020
11 Changing the Narrative, Compelling Characters & The Hunger Games with Lee Ehlers
Listen in as I chat with Lee Ehlers about how his story, changing the narrative and how that can apply to learning professionals, compelling characters and all our thoughts (ok mine mostly) about the Hunger Games.  
April 22, 2020
10 Disney's Tangled, Visual Design, and with Bianca Woods
Listen in as I chat with Bianca Woods about how animation and comics influence her work, Disney's Tangled, Visual Design and a new service called  😂
April 15, 2020
09 Special UNCUT edition about Grit with Elissa Teal and Dan Hirt
Special UNCUT edition of the ifyouaskbetty podcast!!  This episode is a little different.  Be prepared for a raw and mostly uncut conversation about grit with Elissa Teal, Dan Hirt and myself.  The three of us got on a zoom call and talked all about the book GRIT:  The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.  The conversation was great - so we wanted to share it with you!
April 14, 2020
08 Leap of a Salesman,  La La Land & Human Centered Design with Jeff Lowndes
Listen as I chat with Jeff Lowndes about his leap from L&D Vendor to L&D Professional, Life as a Los Angeles L&D, and Human Centered Design!  
April 8, 2020
07 Freelance Freedom, Corporate BS and other dirty words with Tim Slade
Listen as I chat with Tim Slade about his journey from corporate BS to freelance freedom and a special message from Tim to YOU!
April 1, 2020
06 Augmented Reality, Slot Machines and Poker Chips with Mike Peacock
Listen as I chat with Mike Peacock about how he integrated Augmented Reality (AR) into his learning solutions AND direct to the customer.  
March 25, 2020
05 Voiceover, Karaoke Songs and Sudden Robotic Syndrome with Josh Risser
Listen as I chat with Josh Risser about Voiceovers, Karaoke Songs and SRS:  Sudden Robotic Syndrome!  PLUS - we totally quote a FRIENDS episode.
March 18, 2020
04 Passion meets Work, Karma and One BIG Crazy Idea with John Hinchliffe
Listen in as I chat with John Hinchliffe about the intersection of Passion and Work, Karma, and his BIG crazy idea!  You will get a chance to win something AWESOME too - but you gotta listen to find out how!  Tune in and check it out!  And let us know what you think!
March 11, 2020
03 The Future of Work, Leadership Skillzz  &  Dream Teams with Britney Cole and Ann Rollins
Listen in as I chat with Britney Cole and Ann Rollins about the Future of Work, Leadership Skills and Dream Teams.  If you don't leave this one inspired - you might be dead inside....  Tune in and check it out!  And let us know what you think! 
March 4, 2020
02 Brand, Catch Phrases, and Tony the Tiger with Dan Hirt
Welcome back to the ifyouaskbetty podcast!  Listen in as Dan Hirt and I discuss Personal Brand and how to execute it well. We even trail off into talking about catch phrases, living with intention and Tony the Tiger.   Tune in and check it out!  And let us know what you think!
February 26, 2020
01 Candor, Love Languages and Saving the World with Myra Roldan
Welcome to the VERY FIRST episode of the ifyouaskbetty podcast - and we started with the VERY BEST!   Listen in as Myra Roldan and I discuss what it means to use Candor correctly and effectively.  We even trail off into describing our love languages, I deliver a quote from Spiderman and Myra shares the message she wants to spread to the world.  Tune in and check it out!  
February 16, 2020