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By Goddess Cami
A new podcast brought to you by Goddess Cami aka The Intentional Goddess to discuss all of the Goddess Tings, like Femininity, healing, relationships, friendships, fears, emotional growth, business, career, transformation and so much more.
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Episode #14: Intentional Inclusivity on the Actually, She Can Podcast
This week's episode is technically a  replay. Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to join the  Actually, She Can Podcast hosted by Heather Cullen Martinez and Mel  Clark. The ladies invited me to have a candid and open conversation  about everything happening within the current Black Lives Matter  movement, and how it is impacting women entrepreneurs. We also talked  about ways that non-POC women can be more than allies during this time,  and what it means to be intentionally inclusive. The conversation was so good, and touched on so many different things,  that I really wanted to bring it to the iGoddess Community as well. The Actually, She Can podcast all about  supporting women entrepreneurs (and side-hustlers)  who are ready to  quiet the negative self talk, discover their fierce passions, &  create the abundant life they crave. It is available on all podcasting  platforms, and you can check these two powerhouse ladies out HERE
June 19, 2020
Soul Snack #1
Greetings Beautiful people of the Interwebs! I am back today with what I am now calling a Soul Snack episode for you all. This past Sunday (6-5-2020), I hosted a Soul-full Sunday, and some beautiful and important messages came up, that i just had to share with the collective. In this Soul Snack, you will hear about recalling your power (as a woman), my new "Racism is Systemic like Dairy" analogy, and about holding space for others during this highly charged time combating racial injustice and inequality.  This is a short one, so I hope you enjoy and get a little snack for your soul today. --- If you would like to join us for Soul-full Sunday, you can RSVP here: To learn more about me, head over to: OR follow me on Social Media:
June 11, 2020
Episode #13 - Do What Makes You Feel Good
Greetings beautiful people of the interwebs! The podcast hiatus has been unintentionally long, and for that I apologize. Today though, I am back with an episode AND a guest! This week I was joined by the beautiful spirit Iris Phoenix to talk about emotional and mental wellness and as the title says, doing what feels good. Now, as a disclaimer, this episode was recorded in April 2020, so almost 2 months ago, but as COVID-19 is still a thing, AND we are currently experiencing social unrest here in the US, emotional and mental wellness is very much so still applicable and a necessary topic of discussion.  Together we laughed, shared, and learned during our conversation. I hope you enjoy! Camille ---- A message from Iris: Iris Phoenix here founder of Apollo’s Oasis and creator of the #Emojivibe and creative visionary of @thoughtsofareflector.  I’d like to formally introduce myself Game of thrones style (yes..Dm  me, let’s talk about it!) so...titles, titles! I am Iris Phoenix, Emoji  oracle, Spiritual advisor, healer, reflector, 2/4 profile, hermit  opportunist, lover of rats, breaker of generational curses, Aquarius sun  moon, Leo rising, secret Assassin, dog mom, that friend that’ll invite  you out to eat and pays for your meal, goofball, ASL major, onesie  lover, clairaudient , and spreader of magic, light and gratitude, and I  assist people all over the world by bringing insight and clarity into  their lives, supporting them as they step up to the plate and live their  human experience to their best potential. What  sets me apart from other advisors you may find is I provide a service  offering my gifts dailyish for free right here on Instagram. Anyone is  welcome to participate. New comers are always welcome and encouraged to  come join the tribe. Here we talk tarot, manifestation, angel numbers,  synchronicity, alignment, name it! --- To learn more about The Intentional Goddess and all of the services I offer, head over to today OR follow me on Instagram
June 4, 2020
Episode #12: Keep Calm & Quarantine.
Welcome Back Beautiful People!  Right now we are in the 3rd week of social distancing due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, and I thought it was about time for us to have a conversation about it with the goddesses. This week, I am joined by my friend Heather Cullen of Sweat & Soul Nutrition and we talk about how we're dealing with the stay-at-home orders, planning our "quarantine glow-ups," everything going virtual, and we even touch on a short-lived Instagram "strip club." Heather is a transformation coach + business mentor.  She lives life with enthusiasm & certainty. Her mission is to remind you who YOU really are. You can catch her on the gram at @iamheathercullen and you can find her girl gang at @sweatandsoultribe or Watch out for her podcast launching soon: Actually, she can. To share your thoughts, or ask a question, shoot me an email at: To learn more about working with me, Camille Telicia, head over to my website:
April 2, 2020
Episode #11 - I'll return right after this Grief break..
After a short hiatus, we are back! This week's episode is a conversation about the grief experience. From dealing with the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant to the anniversary of my mom's passing, February hit me (and many others) a little harder than expected. In this episode, I talk about how I grieve, and also share some reflections on how people chose to grieve about Kobe Bryant. Did you notice my NEW theme music?? It was created by the talented Mitch Moses of 3 Peace Inc. - his website is currently under construction, but be on the look out for some dope things coming from him in the near future. 
March 12, 2020
Episode 10: That one time I dated an a**hole - Dating like a Goddess Pt. 2
The Dating Conversation continues with Part 2 this week. Our guest Khadija Ali is still with us, and in this half of the conversation we get even more real and open about dating horror stories and the lessons we learned. -----------------------------------------------  To connect with Khadija Ali:  Instagram: @theevelynrosecollection  Hope for Widows:   ----------------------------------------------- To share your thoughts, or to ask a question, send an email to: SUBJ: PODCAST Please don't forget to Subscribe, Rate, & Review this show! To join the iGoddess Community, head to To learn more about The Intentional Goddess, head to
February 13, 2020
Episode # 9: Dating Like a Goddess... or something like that - Pt 1
Welcome back for Episode #9 of The #iGoddessTings Podcast!  This week, we kickoff the month-long celebration of February, the Love Month, with pt. 1 of our 2-part dating episode. In today's episode I'm joined again by my friend Khadija Ali to discuss all of the dating tings. Listen in as we share our take on dating now vs. then, favorite & least favorite dates, and some of the things we look for in a man.  This is a fun one! ----------------------------------------------- To connect with Khadija Ali: Instagram: @theevelynrosecollection Hope for Widows: ----------------------------------------------- To share your thoughts, or to ask a question, send an email to: SUBJ: PODCAST Please don't forget to Subscribe, Rate, & Review this show! To join the iGoddess Community, head to To learn more about The Intentional Goddess, head to
February 6, 2020
Episode #8: The Art of the Self-Sabotage
In today's Episode, Goddess Cami talks about all things self-sabotage. What it looks like in general, her own personal struggles with it, as well as tips and tricks on how to stop sabotaging your goals.  To share your thoughts, or to ask a question, send an email to: SUBJ: PODCAST Please don't forget to Subscribe, Rate, & Review this show! To join the iGoddess Community, head to To learn more about The Intentional Goddess, head to
January 23, 2020
Episode 7: Permission to be still - [stop judging yourself sis]
Happy 2020 beautiful people!  In our first episode of the DECADE, Goddess Cami talks about her experience 'being still' during the 2019 holiday season, and being OK with it, as well as some of the revelations that came from taking that time 'off.' To share your thoughts, or to ask a question, send an email to: SUBJ: PODCAST Please don't forget to Subscribe, Rate, & Review this show! To join the iGoddess Community, head to To learn more about The Intentional Goddess, head to
January 9, 2020
Episode 6: We are FRa-mi-ly!!
Joined by guests Jasmine Leyva and Khadija Ali, Goddess Cami discusses the concept of "Framily" aka friends who are like family.  Listen in as we discuss the rules and qualifications of friendship, popular TV friend groups like Sex & the City and Golden Girls, and share our own stories of friends who became framily.  To connect with Jasmine Leyva: Instagram: @jasmine_c_leyva  OR @theinvisiblevegan Invisible Vegan Film: ----------------------------------------------- To connect with Khadija Ali: Instagram: @theevelynrosecollection Hope for Widows:  ----------------------------------------------- This episode is brought to you by: goodbye, Hello! women's celebration. To learn more and register go to To connect with Goddess Cami: Instagram: @theintentionalgoddess Website: Email:
December 12, 2019
Episode #5 - Gratitude for Yourself (#CamilleOverChai replay)
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!! Welcome back for another episode of the #iGoddessTings Podcast. Today's episode is sort of a rebroadcast of an old episode of my former podcast, #CamilleOverChai, in which I am joined by my good friend, Life Coach Tasha Champion. During today's episodewe talk all about Gratitude for Yourself aka Self Love is the Best Love. We define self love, share our personal self-love practices, and also just laugh... A LOT! Important Links of Note: Tasha's website:   Letters to cancer: My Kit page aka Shop my Chai's: Visit my website and take advantage of Black Friday deals: Share. Like. Subscribe. Review.
November 28, 2019
Episode #4 - Popularity & Visibility in business & life
Greetings beautiful people of the internet. We're back with Episode #4 of The #iGoddessTings Podcast. This week we are diving into the topic of social Visibility and Popularity and how it affects our businesses and our lives. I am joined by my little sister, Cereena aka Sway the Photographer, as she helps me discuss Summer Walker's social anxiety, social media behavior, and Instagram likes impending removal. Listen in now! You can find Cereena on the interwebs at: @swaylophotos on IG and Twitter You can find me, Goddess Cami, on the interwebs at: @theintentionalgoddess on IG @camilletelicia on Twitter & IG @The Intentional Goddess on Facebook.
November 14, 2019
Episode #3 - Accountability! Accountabilty! Accountability!
Welcome back to the #iGoddessTings Podcast! This week we are talking all about accountability, and I am joined by my very first guest, Business Empowerment Coach, Kimberley Wiggins. We are discussing accountability from a personal perspective all the way to a global perspective. It's a great conversation, that fair warning, goes a bit political as we discuss the contrasts of those willing and unwilling to be held accountable. Here's a little more info about Kim: A former Corporate Manager and the ultimate “Purpose Passionista”, Kimberley Wiggins is a champion for working women who want to live their best, most important life as defined by them by helping them shift from employee to entrepreneur.  She helps her clients to take the “Leap to Freedom”.  Kimberley is an empowerment business coach whose greatest passion is helping women to uncover their purpose, embrace their passions and create strategic opportunities for their lives so that they can spend more time with their families.  She is the owner of Inspired Women Amazing Lives and is living in Mableton, GA where she is a Mother, Grandmother, and Fitness & Self-Love Advocate.  She hosts the Inspired Women Amazing Lives podcast where she interviews inspiring women who are living amazing lives. You can find her at and on Facebook at
October 31, 2019
Episode 2 - Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine Energy
In this episode, we are diving into iGoddess Principle #5 which has to do with honoring both your masculine & feminine energy. The new segments of the show are also introduced in this episode.  To stay in touch with Goddess Cami you can find her: Website: Instagram: @theintentionalgoddess Facebook: The Intentional Goddess Email: the To enroll in Create.Manifest.Grow. head to - use code 'tingz' at checkout 
October 17, 2019
Episode 1 - Allow me to iNtroduce myself
Welcome to Episode 1 of #iGoddessTings! In this episode I, Camille Telicia aka Goddess Cami, am introducing myself and my business to the podcast world. I share a little bit about my own personal story, and my journey to creating and becoming The Intentional Goddess.  To learn more about me: You can check out my website at  You can connect with me on Social Media as @theintentionalgoddess on IG and FB - I am @camilletelicia on Twitter
October 3, 2019