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I Have A Theory

I Have A Theory

By Jo Blakely
Exploring intersections between physics, metaphysics, religion, society, consciousness and being.
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Maxwell's Demon and Data Wars
 James Clerk Maxwell, one of the greatest scientists in history had a thought experiment in order to show how the 2nd law of thermodynamics - one of the supposed immutable laws, could be violated. He imagined that a demon separated the fast moving molecules from the slow moving ones causing one side to heat up from the motion and the other side to cool down. This reduction in possibilities and the heating up of particles from a cooler state goes completely against the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The requirement for this concept however was that the demon had to have full knowledge of the system and all the molecules in it in order to determine which were fast and which were slow and where they would be located at any given time. This idea was considered at the time nonetheless impossible because no one could know all the information. But big data and our lack of data privacy and laws have changed that and I have a theory that Facebook, Cambridge Analytica (and others which surely will follow in their place) have 'cracked' this and have weaponized it against us, and will continue to do so until we do something about it.   More information and supporting documents and video can be found at  Thank you for listening. 
August 07, 2019
Mass, Cancer and other Gatherings
I have a theory that all disease, whether of the body or of society, is all about too much hoarded information that isn’t shared through the system or too much information has become untrustworthy so the system becomes incapable of processing the data it receives.  Unchecked greed and cancer are the same thing expressed different ways. And breakdowns in trust and auto-immune diseases are the equivalent of the data processing issues due to unreliable information or the rejection and oppression of information.  How we gather and what our masses look like and the information that they impart to each other is important and I think this is revealed in the story of the Nephilim and the rise of what I am calling the Patriarchy Protection racket.   
April 26, 2019