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Job and the Bicameral Mind

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By Jo Blakely
Exploring intersections between physics, metaphysics, religion, society, consciousness and being.
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Maxwell's Demon and Data Wars
 James Clerk Maxwell, one of the 3 greatest scientists in history had a thought experiment in order to show how the 2nd law of thermodynamics - one of the supposed immutable laws, could be violated. He imagined that a demon separated the fast moving molecules from the slow moving ones causing one side to heat up from the motion and the other side to cool down. This reduction in possibilities and the heating up of particles from a cooler state goes completely against the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The requirement for this concept however was that the demon had to have full knowledge of the system and all the molecules in it in order to determine which were fast and which were slow and where they would be located at any given time. This idea was considered at the time nonetheless impossible because no one could know all the information. But big data and our lack of data privacy and laws have changed that and I have a theory that Cambridge Analytica (and others which surely will follow in their place) have 'cracked' this and have weaponized it against us, and will continue to do so until we do something about it.   More information and supporting documents and video can be found at ihaveatheorypodcast.com  Thank you for listening. 
August 7, 2019
Enneagrams, Chariots and 7th Heaven
 A lot of people (practically everyone who has heard of the Enneagram), has heard of the wrong, corrupted version that has turned a method to develop our consciousness and self-awareness and connection to God into something about personality types, where people 'find their number' and something that is truly useless and not worth anyone's time. The true enneagram that was taught by P.D. Ouspensky in his books The Fourth Way and In Search of the Miraculous is very different, has tremendous value, and is constructed based on the 'law of sevens' which is the cyclical mathematical marvel of 7ths and it's decimal .142857142857....and it's repeating cyclical pattern as mapped out on a circle. But mostly, it is about a way to examine the mind and become in harmony with the universe through the practice that they called The Work. It is a practice of mindfulness that is a blend of Sufi Muraqaba Meditation,  Jewish Merkaba mysticism, Buddism, Hinduism and his own spin on things . It was especially created for the western mind and lifestyle. The idea being that one didn't have to become an ascetic, monk or fakir in order to become enlightened or reach the highest heaven - in fact - that was probably a hinderance as it tended to disconnect from reality. It is about a Fourth Way, a kind of 'mind hacking' that enables us to fast-track our development of awareness and consciousness.  For more information and additional resources, please visit ihaveatheorypodcast.com  Podcast artwork is by Jo Blakely. 
July 14, 2019
Job and the Bicameral Mind
When we talk of hearing voices, we think of crazy people in the western world. It has been shamed and pathologized. Even though many revere those who have heard voices and the words they bring. Julian Jayne's believed that the split in the brain, the bicameralism, was a relatively recent occurrence in our development, and that prior to this separation in the brain one side turned to the other in crisis to ask what to do and instead of our regular inner voice, heard it as the voice of the God or similar. Although there is a lot of his theory that has merit, he didn't understand the way each side perceives and their role in our beingness. I have a theory that the right side of the brain is our 'link' and connection to the One and that the shaming of it is a way to create and maintain false and dangerous hierarchies and prevent people from hearing God for themselves.  This episode....I will also help you learn how to hear better for yourself with something that you already experience all the time.  Thank you for listening!
June 3, 2019
Electrons, Holograms and The Tower of Babel
 In the bible, in Genesis it says that mankind tried to reach the heavens with brick and mortar and the building of a tall tower but God didn’t want that for us so God confused all the languages. I have a theory that this story is to be looked at not in terms of punishment, but in terms of how to build a structure in ways that actually reach heaven. To not aim to reach to the sky with tall buildings or rockets and think that is reaching heaven, but by coming together to create a greater whole. Much like the image of the Black Hole which was created by taking several points of view over time and processing it into one image, a hologram and the The Holographic Universe Theory has similar qualities that express this idea.  And the One Electron Theory can help give us insight into the nature of electrons and the part they play in the atomic structure of things.   Both show us a path to  a structure that is integral and leads to a true heavenly dimension.   "Look then how lofty and how huge in breadth The eternal Might, which, broken and dispersed Over such countless mirrors, yet remains Whole in itself and one, as at the first.”  Dante, Divine Comedy, Paradise Canto XX More content and information can be found on our facebook page (@ihaveatheorypodcast) and you can support the podcast by purchasing from cohereandthere.com I have created beautiful art that goes with this episode and framed prints are available for sale.  Thank you for listening. Comments and Questions may be left as a voice message at anchor.fm/ihaveatheory and I may use them in the show and will try to answer them. 
May 21, 2019
Mass, Cancer and other Gatherings
I have a theory that all disease, whether of the body or of society, is all about too much hoarded information that isn’t shared through the system or too much information has become untrustworthy so the system becomes incapable of processing the data it receives.  Unchecked greed and cancer are the same thing expressed different ways. And breakdowns in trust and auto-immune diseases are the equivalent of the data processing issues due to unreliable information or the rejection and oppression of information.  How we gather and what our masses look like and the information that they impart to each other is important and I think this is revealed in the story of the Nephilim and the rise of what I am calling the Patriarchy Protection racket.   
April 26, 2019
Genesis and Evolution
We are highly evolved feelers and gatherers and distributors of information. I have a theory that Genesis is about our transition from just sensing (feeling) the world outside without a sense of identity to the establishment of our sense of independent self. When we became self-aware. Suddenly now we were with our own unique data and trying to communicate it with each other. This episode explores this and what it meant for our evolution and what it means for our future. Thanks for listening. I hope you like the show. If so, please leave a 5 star review and help spread the word. 
April 6, 2019
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