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Life in Darkness | The Good Life | SoSiShow

Life in Darkness | The Good Life | SoSiShow

A daily podcast in which I’m documenting my life.

The approach: This is what I want to let my descendants know. English and German.


Ein täglicher Podcast, in dem ich mein Leben dokumentiere. Der Ansatz: Das will ich meinen Nachfahren hinterlassen. Auf Englisch und auf Deutsch.

Memento mori.
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The Queen’s Gambit (2020) 20201202
Berlin Germany 01.39am 2020-12-03 slept a bit longer which was ok and important for me, then doctor and pharmacy including a walk and listening to a training on time “hacking” which was cool. Then a 2-hour writing session for 4 podcast episodes and a 3-hour catch-up call with a friend where I learned about the Queen’s Gambit, a coaching call on getting clients via email and ending the day with Ozzy Man Reviews and Fringe. Memento mori
December 3, 2020
Affiliate Marketing 101 20201201
Berlin Germany 02.15am 2020-12-02 Slept until 2.15pm to get my 8 hours of sleep, then admin work like invoice and email replies, doing groceries, and attending a Ben Settle and Troy Broussard Zoom call on affiliate marketing which was insightful. I finished the day with watching Fringe which was cool too! Memento mori
December 2, 2020
Falling Down (1993) 20201201
Berlin Germany 05.48am 2020-12-01 A series of social time with friends from Iran, Venezuela, and the US. And also some work for the client who decided on Monday to stop working with me. A bummer, for sure, but it’s part of the game of being self-employed. You get “fired” every day or every week or so. Then I also dedicated time to my email readers and sent out an email to them telling about the loss although there was a 10k goal that I would have liked to reach for the client. Anyway. Good night. Memento mori
December 1, 2020
Countdown to 10k in 30 days fundraising 20201126
Berlin Germany 02.26am 2020-11-27 Slept in to give my body what it deserves (rest and recovery), then initially thought that I could be working while staying in bed but it turned out not to be so practical when you I have to deal with too many windows/browser tabs open at the same time. However, I still procrastinated work successfully by spending my first active 30 minutes with teaching the Arabic lady Aya German which was fun. The client work to prepare for the 10k fundraising campaign starting in December, then some email checking and sending an email to my list, as well as working out (stress release exercises, gentle full-body workout and intense leg workout), then dinner, some relaxing and TV and now I’m hearing documenting my last official business day of this week. It’s going to be a busy weekend. Take good care of you. Memento mori
November 27, 2020
R.I.P. Diego Armando Maradona 20201125
Berlin Germany 01.59am 2020-11-26 A good night sleep followed by a morning walk with meditation, then vocal warmup and pitch training, breakfast, some communication with a client, and then writing + voice-recording + editing and uploading 4 new podcast episodes (that were due this week anyway) and then my Arabic session with a public video on YouTube and then chilling at the end of the day while eating dinner. Memento mori
November 27, 2020
Arabic learning now public 20201124
Berlin Germany 02.29am 2020-11-25 Up at 8.15am, followed by groceries, breakfast, then client work until noon, pimping my profile and my products/projects, then at the end of the day running 5.5km to my studio where I did vocal Stevie Mackey warmup, pitch trainer, and mimicked an Arabic song from a Moroccan artist which I uploaded as a video on YouTube, and then I ran back to the house (another 5.5km), chilled, filled the log, prepared the next day, and recorded this episode you’re listening to right now. Memento mori
November 25, 2020
leg workout still in my bones // sudoku family time 20201123
Berlin Germany 23.41 2020-11-23 The weekend was good - I finished the 30-day singing course with Stevie Mackey, slept a good bunch, played soccer, spent some time in the studio and found a cool new app called Way of Life to track my habits. Monday was productive AF - for my one client and we are currently preparing our crowdfunding campaign for December. Lots of work but also super fun! Memento mori
November 23, 2020
back to audio only 20201119
Berlin, Germany 07.38am 2020-11-20 After my experiment on Monday to add video to this audio log / podcast and its failure, I realized I want to do audio only and keep it simple. So I’m back at audio only but still 4 new episodes a week (Mon-Thu). The purpose to simply document for my descendants of this planet since I do believe they will hear it or parts of it in the future. I’m fascinated by the idea that a recording is time-traveling into the future. But apart from that, I have plans to create ads (writing and voiceover for now, but later also with visuals and animations like Kurzgesagt videos, and even live-action video ads if it works out). So, there will be time for video but just not on this publication of mine. Enjoy your weekend! Memento mori
November 20, 2020
just wanna play soccer, sing, and act 20201116
S05E01 Berlin, Germany 01:01am 2020-11-17. (German portion from 05:11 to 07:29) I returned from my one-week sabbatical with lots of rest under my belt and new ideas. Including my new 4-part daily commitment which includes practicing Arabic, hand-lettering, singing, writing+voicing ads.
November 17, 2020
Ending a relationship + US Election 20201106
Berlin Germany 08.31am 2020-11-06 It’s only one update this week. Because my sleeping pattern is fucked up - I had gone to bed too late, and then I also had too many thoughts plus a decision to end a work relationship and then me following the US election which made me lose sleep, eat like crap, and overall not do well. Somehow this election affected me stronger than I would have thought - maybe it’s also related to the singing that I continued to do as part of the Stevie Mackey course. The singing required to be emotional and maybe me being emotional made me feel the severity of this election even more. Not sure. I’ll be in my 7th sabbatical next week. That means 7 days of being offline and unavailable to the world - on purpose. It’s usually a great time though I do still sometimes struggle with the distance from business and obligations and such. I’ll manage it. Have a great weekend! Memento mori
November 6, 2020
Tribute to Andrew Huang - Lake Louise 20201029
Berlin Germany 03.03am 2020-10-30 Day 2 of helping out a fellow creator with email copywriting, then dinner and a few hours of Stevie Mackey’s singing course - I mimicked Andrew Huang’s Lake Louise. Enjoy your weekend! Memento mori
October 30, 2020
Singing Coldplay - Magic (soulfully) 20201028
Berlin Germany 03.17am 2020-10-29 Up at noontime, walk, kebab for breakfast, then 6 hours client work for a 3-day sprint project; then 3 hour nap with relaxing Tycho music, followed by dinner and listening to Champions League - Dortmund won 2:0 against Zenit - and from 11pm to 2am time in the studio to practice my singing through Stevie Mackey’s course and I finished the day with a nice early morning walk home. Memento mori
October 29, 2020
Sunset Boulevard (1950) 20201027
Berlin Germany 06.53am 2020-10-28 (I fell asleep after having recorded this episode; that’s why it’s online only now - I was pretty tired) The Tuesday started relatively late due to a long Monday. I did follow up with many people, then did day 9 of the Stevie Mackey singing course in my voiceover studio and hung out there for a while also listening to Champions League (Gladbach vs. Real Madrid) and finished the day by finishing to watch the classic film Sunset Boulevard (1950). Memento mori
October 28, 2020
Eight days of singing - crazy! 20201027
Berlin Germany 03.44am 2020-10-27 The past 8 days were all about singing. Business almost became a side attraction. All of my free time I dedicated to practicing singing through the Stevie Mackey course end the peer group of mine. That was cool and encouraging! Monday was about business again (email copywriting for my Monday client) as well as saying bye bye to my prospective Tuesday client - he didn’t give his OK to the cooperation contract. So, I’ll move on and dedicate my time to people who want to work with me. Later on Monday I spent most of my time giving feedback to my fellow singing students. Memento mori
October 27, 2020
I sang Moroccan (blame Stevie Mackey) 20201022
Berlin Germany 12.31pm 2020-10-23 Today happens to be my birthday. Well that was 37 years ago but anyway. I spent Thursday sleeping a bit longer because the singing session on Wednesday was exhausting (and enriching at the same time), then to the doctor and pharmacy real quick, some messaging back and forth, and then the end of the day doing day 4 of the Stevie Mackey singing class which happens to be fantastic! :) Memento mori
October 23, 2020
High notes are my enemy (day 3 of Stevie Mackey singing course) 20201021
Berlin Germany 04.17am 2020-10-22 The morning, noontime and early afternoon was dedicated to requesting a new passport in person and walking plus running as a substitute for not traveling at the moment. The. I spent lots of hours trying to mimic 6 singers and 3 of their songs respectively which kept me really busy abs exhausted me. It was part of the Stevie Mackey course and it was a great exercise. Now I know that singing high(er) is definitely not something I can do well. Memento mori
October 22, 2020
Contract made + Day 2 of Stevie Mackey 20201020
Berlin, Germany 03.00am 2020-10-21 A good morning walk including mediation after that, then 6 hours writing a cooperation client for a prospective client of mine, a bio break, and then 6 hours engaging with the Stevie Mackey singing class students and practicing some of my favorite artist’s songs so that I can partially record them tomorrow. Memento mori.
October 21, 2020
Stevie Mackey singing class 20201019
Berlin, Germany 00.13am 2020-10-20 The weekend was good: with 2nd session of waacking (won’t be continuing it), watching The Counselor, listening to music and sketching a design for a potential VO website of mine, also lots of sleep and then Monday dedicated to my pro bono client for 8 hours, catching up with a filmmaker friend, and then day 1 of the Stevie Mackey singing class and my peer group of 20 people. Nice end exciting! Memento mori
October 19, 2020
Not quite done // FB absence 20201015
Berlin Germany 23.57 2020-10-15 Short night sleep to submit the delivery on time; received feedback with requests for corrections, then reader service, email inbox cleaning, an afternoon nap to catch up with my short night sleep and ending the day with watching things about the US election 2020. enjoy your weekend. Memento mori
October 15, 2020
Offer accepted (he did!) // The Walk (2015) 20201014
Berlin Germany 00.58am 2020-10-15 From bed to desk - that’s what happened this morning; I worked more on the SEO text for 8.5hrs and I’ll review it in the morning before submitting it. Then a good Zoom call with a friend from Barcelona, decent dinner, watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Walk (2015) and received the OK from a prospect regarding my offer. Memento mori
October 14, 2020
Worked all day // slightly sick-ish 20201013
Berlin Germany 00.38am 2020-10-14 Got up lazily and had to force myself to get out of bed and then spent 9.5h working on that text. Should be done tomorrow. Then bro showed up, quick chat and snack (kebab + cheeseburger), then watched UEFA Nations League - Germany v Switzerland 3:3 *omg* then felt cold / sick-ish so took a bath and finished the day this way. Memento mori. Condition/mood is: Feeling serious.
October 13, 2020
Gotti (2018) // New SEO job/gig 20201012
Berlin, Germany 01.13am 2020-10-13 The weekend from Friday on was about working on the storyboard for our short-film, then waacking on Saturday, watching Gotti (2018) on Sunday, and going back to business on Monday with a new SEO text to write for a client of mine. Memento mori
October 12, 2020
Marathon Man (1976) 20201008
Berlin Germany 22.31 2020-10-08 The day was filled with financial stuff, some emails, some other communication, the preparation for a commissioned piece to be started on Monday, and at the end of the day watching Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman. Memento mori
October 8, 2020
killed my ego today 20201006
Berlin, Germany 04.53am 2020-10-07 More job applications, CV update, theater group conflict solved in a 5-hour meeting. Memento mori
October 7, 2020
when EGO is in the way 20201006
Berlin Germany 00.56am 2020-10-06 The dominant topic of the last three days was the behavior of a “top dog” (Platzhirsch) who is the main writer in our film project. He refuses to let someone touch the words of his screenplay especially when these words will be created based on questions that answered the conflicts of the story, and the needs, wants and beliefs of the characters. It’s not possible for me to be working with this person anymore. I will let him go. Memento mori
October 5, 2020
Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020) 20201001
Berlin Germany 04.40am 2020-10-02 Long long sleep (11 hrs), then cleaning my inbox with a couple of interruptions, and at the end of the day watched the film Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020); see you next week. Memento mori
October 2, 2020
restful day 20200930
Berlin Germany 01.36am 2020-10-01 Short night sleep, 8am morning call didn’t happen, continued sleeping, had relaxed breakfast, took a healing bath (felt slightly sick-ish), talked with dad, had a run, talked with an acquaintance from Portugal, watched Supercup (Bayern v Dortmund 3:2 *dang), check social media, relaxed, and did my usual midnight home workout routine. Memento mori
September 30, 2020
trump vs biden (TV) 20200929
Berlin Germany 04:19am 2020-09-30 Got up at noontime after a long workday on Monday, then finished work that was left from Monday, cleaned my inbox incl. reader service and replied to a prospective client of mine. I finished the day watching parts of the Trump vs Biden TV duel. Memento mori
September 30, 2020
thank you, horrible 20200928
Berlin Germany 03:32am 2020-09-29 The 6th sabbatical for this year is over. It was planned to be a week of rest and recovering it turned out to be not relaxing at all. I made myself available when one of my rules when in sabbatical is to be unavailable. Then, also some heated discussions in the theater group. After I had kicked out one participant because of being uncooperative, another one left because of the insulting behavior of another person that is still part of our theater group. It’s like soap opera. If the project wasn’t so important to me, I would laugh out loud. On Monday (yesterday), after my sabbatical, I worked for my pro bono client - longer than I had planned but I really wanted to deliver something valuable and I believe I did. Still, the conversation in the theater group is still in my bones, it affected me negatively. Memento mori
September 29, 2020
good email feedback and 6 new subscribers 20200917
Berlin Germany 02:32am 2020-09-18 Good nice morning with a voiceover training, then sending these video emails I mentioned before, another voiceover training (related to email marketing), a run outside, then dinner and watching Man on the Moon (1999) with Jim Carrey and sent an offer to a client. That was season 3! See you after my sabbatical. Memento mori
September 18, 2020
great copywriting training 20200917
Berlin Germany 01:35am 2020-09-17 great (late) morning with another barefoot talk and meditation via headspace through my AirPods with beautiful sunshine and blue sky; then groceries, uploading welcome videos to my email list subscribers and doing a copywriting training on a blueprint for the copywriting process (awesome!); I also learned about the film Man On The Moon (1999) - want to watch it soon. Memento mori
September 16, 2020
i wnt to tll you somthng 20200915
Berlin Germany 01:56am 2020-09-16 in the morning with two calls until noontime, then a nap, a barefoot walk, some food, and the rest of the day organizing, cleaning my inbox, some chatting and chillin. Memento mori
September 15, 2020
Homeless 20200914
Berlin Germany 00:01am 2020-09-15 Application for funding on Friday, research for homelessness script on Saturday, bday gathering on Sunday and loooong calls with clients and 30 degrees Celsius again with lots of sun :) Memento mori
September 14, 2020 20200910
Berlin Germany 04:06am 2020-09-11 Started the day with a morning walk and mediation, then important financial stuff for few hours, followed by 3 webinars on marketing, an evening nap, bio breaks, and the recording of 33 personal videos to existing email subscribers. I finished the day with watching SNL - Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are so cool together! Memento mori
September 11, 2020
Adrift (2018) 20200909
Berlin Germany 02:47am 2020-09-10 I got up at 11am, took a voiceover webinar on voiceover sound studio, worked on (my ecommerce email marketing strategy service for creative online shops), translated the client questionnaire to German, interlinked all important pages, updated my Twitter and LinkedIn profile, then communicated with some folks, attended another voiceover-related webinar on “dynamic digital audio” in the realm of programmatic advertising, and wrapped up the day by watching Adrift (2018) which got under my skin! Memento mori
September 10, 2020
Cancelled call led to an epiphany 20200908
Berlin Germany 03:03am 2020-09-09 I slept long today to recover more, prepared for a 4-hour call that got cancelled which led to a revelation in terms of my marketing as a copywriter/email marketer. Super cool! Then the rest of the time I worked on getting up and running (in its first version). I’ll develop it further over time. Memento mori
September 9, 2020
I didn’t play it safe 20200907
Berlin Germany 23:03 2020-09-07 After a weekend with a long walk with a Finnish friend and a day-long recovery the day after, I struggled to get into gears on Monday but managed with some delay. A positive email reply where I didn’t play it safe led to a meeting that I’ll have in 2 weeks and it could become a good source of income and a great collaboration. We’ll see. I’m tired now and happy to go to bed since my body is still yearning rest. Memento mori
September 7, 2020 as a Google Docs alternative // Copywriting Examples is back 20200903
Berlin Germany 03:42 2020-09-04 I cleaned my inbox, sent another application and then worked on Copywriting Examples (I know have a visual direction and new/better logo); I also partly watched the Nations League games but the 1:1 of Germany against Spain was not like a high-class game. See you next Monday! Memento Mori
September 4, 2020
Super weird rabbit hole 20200902
Berlin Germany 08:03am 2020-09-03 After a good morning walk and an email sharing an idea for a community I spent sooo many hours trying to find a font. It’s crazy!!
September 3, 2020
MySecondEar startup // Akna Márquez on multi-sensory design 20200901
Berlin, Germany 02:51am 2020-09-02 Follow-up and Client Acquisition Day including calls with potential clients and watching trainings on building an agency, website performance, and multi-sensory design.
September 2, 2020
Scott Jehl // website performance // Dutch catchup 20200831
Berlin Germany 01:26am 2020-09-01 The weekend was in the name of my Protecting African Lions (PAL) story, the Harmon Brothers course of writing ads that sell, and then on Monday I had my usually pro bono nonprofit day where I worked on tips for creating social media content (and videos) and website performance report for that nonprofit; I finished the day with a great 4-hour call with a Dutch buddy of mine and some SNL watching on YouTube
August 31, 2020
Fan of Descript (great ad!); Finished Producer Training 20200828
Berlin Germany 01:15am 2020-08-28 I finished the the seanwes Producer Training in a long 10+ hours work day, and I’m proud of myself because this means I don’t bring that kind of work into my long weekend (Fri-Sun); But we will see if I’ll stick to the Summer Hours long weekend even in September or whether I’ll enter the “Winter Hours” with a regular Monday to Friday workweek and only 2 days of weekend. Enjoy your weekend! Memento mori
August 27, 2020
seanwes Training, Science of Sound Training, Copy Critique Training 20200826
Berlin Germany 02:46am 2020-08-27 Lazy morning but then productive hours with a Producer Training by seanwes media, voiceover training on the science of sound via Gravy For The Brain, a copywriting critique training and how to use it for business purposes, and then a nap, some emails that I had postponed for a while, and some YouTubing.
August 27, 2020
Donkeys in Mauritania 20200825
Berlin Germany 01:40am 2020-08-26 meditation in the morning during my walk outside followed by about 9h of writing an SEO article about bicycle sports news in combination with an extreme cyclist and the association RespekTiere in Salzburg, Austria; and then a virtual theater group, tidying up my room and cleaning the dishes. That was my day! Happy about it.
August 25, 2020
Estonian Velly Joonas got me HOOKED! 20200824
Berlin Germany 00:27am 2020-08-25 The Estonian musician Velly Joonas had me under her spell this last weekend when I was obsessively learning to read and pronounce her text of Stopp, seisku aeg. Super good fun! Then on Monday was the usually pro-bono work day for the nonprofit and cleaning the email inbox. Memento mori :)
August 24, 2020
Analysis online, Shift from Marketing to Creating 20200820
Berlin Germany 0254am 20200821 productive day with a finished copywriting analysis, some social media and email back and forth and I started watching Blue Velvet (1986), and I decided I want spend more time on creating new things rather than just marketing what exists
August 21, 2020
New copywriting analysis begun 20200819
Berlin Germany 0033am 20200820 a good day with a morning walk, some finishing touches on and the /references sub-page; then the new copywriting analysis that I started and Bayern who defeated Lyon 3:0 in Lisboa
August 19, 2020
seanwes media training // client logos 20200818
Berlin Germany 01:49am 2020-08-19 Stayed longer in bed, then morning walk, went through the seanwes media Writer/Editor training, some organizational work for my theater group, then UCL game Leipzig vs PSG 0:3 while adding client logos to my website, and at the end of the day cleaned dishes while listening to a CRE podcast episode about bats (the animals)
August 18, 2020
Ed Wood (1994) 20200817
Berlin Germany 00:59am 2020-08-18 The weekend started late (on Saturday afternoon) but it was refreshing and exciting like a good time-off. Monday was about cleaning the inbox, orga work for my pro bono client and finishing Ed Wood (1994).
August 17, 2020
Mac mini so slow when video-editing // Ed Wood (1994) 20200813
Berlin Germany 01:54am 2020-08-14 I’ve been indulging into creating high production value for my newest copywriting analysis, so I dedicated a good amount of time to Sketch and Premiere Pro. Not finished yet but hopefully tomorrow. Apart from that, I ate good food today and ran outside and did my usually light workout. Was nice! At the end of the day I started watching Ed Wood with Johnny Deep, a black-white movie from 1994.
August 13, 2020
Morning hours are productive // Fantasy Island (2020) 20200812
Berlin Germany 04:14am 2020-08-13 With the first 3 hours spent with breakfast and helping my grandma I had no more valuable morning hours for my business stuff, that and the little sleep shaped my day; I got something done but not everything I wanted, and I finished the day watching Fantasy Island (2020)
August 13, 2020
Theater rehearsal open-air // Into The Forest (2015) 20200812
Berlin Germany 01:32am 2020-08-12 the long Monday workday took a toll and made me sleep longer than initially planned, I then delivered a commissioned text, cleaned my inbox (still work in progress), and we had a reunion of our theater group for a public rehearsal; I finished the day with a kebab and a cheeseburger while watching Into The Forest (2015)
August 11, 2020
back from 5th one-week sabbatical 10200810
Berlin, Germany 23:31 2020-08-10 My return from sabbatical 5/7 of this year. Got into a workout routine, learned music theory, practiced signing, read a book about JavaScript (not finished yet), spent more time in the sun :)
August 10, 2020
Analysis published, SEO commission work 20200730
Berlin Germany 00:59am 2020-07-31 A full work day where I published my copywriting analysis, sent some emails, and worked on an SEO commission piece with 2.500+ words to rewrite (full day activity)
July 30, 2020
New copywriting analysis // Marriage Story (2019) 20200729
Berlin, Germany 01:22am 2020-07-30 Woke up with no alarm, worked on the next copywriting analysis (to be published tomorrow), ate too little today but I’m still fine and finished the day watching Marriage Story with Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson
July 29, 2020
Andrew Huang music theory, Dua Lipa & First We Feast 20200729
Berlin, Germany @ 04:47am 2020-07-29 Slept in, sent 10 new applications, worked a bit on the new commission project, cleaned the inbox, and then YouTube videos - A LOT!
July 29, 2020
Shia LaBeouf + The Farewell (2019) 20200727
Berlin, Germany @ 00:23am 2020-07-28 A film weekend with Honey Boy, The Peanut Butter Falcon, John Wicked Chapter 3, and on Monday... The Farewell (2019)
July 27, 2020
No ad // Heavy discussion // Midsommar (2019) 20200723
Berlin, Germany 03:59am 2020-07-24 Started the day with a bath, didn’t manage to write an (but at least I found good raw material), then organized my room (paper, sheets), a visit at the doctor for a prescription including a 10km with great sunshine and weather, then heavy discussion with my father which sucked, then cleaned inbox and went offline to take time off from emails and social media until Monday. At the end of the day I watched Midsommar (2019), pretty long and maybe I didn’t really get it or I was too tired - wouldn’t recommend it. I ended my day with cleaning the dishes.
July 24, 2020
Alfonso // Uncut Gems (2019) 20200722
Berlin, Germany 00:59am 2020-07-23 Another disciplined day because I stuck to my plan of writing and publishing a new copywriting analysis. Then chilling, Spotify music, a bit of drawing/tracing and dinner while watching Uncut Gems (2019) with a great Adam Sandler. Intense film.
July 22, 2020
Retire Early // Film Riot 20200721
Berlin, Germany 00:42am 2020-07-22 Tuesday is the new client-acquisition day (and not the theater group day anymore). I applied for 10 projects and did 4 calls/follows incl. emails. And I learned about Film Riot on YouTube. Plus, my mum will be on sick leave for a year and then probably retire. We’ll see.
July 21, 2020
Bday days wrap-up // Get Out (2017) // Childish Gambino - Redbone 20200720
Berlin, Germany 00:23am 2020-07-21 A good weekend with the end of my mum’s birthday days. Then chilling out on the rest of the weekend. There wasn’t much me-time this weekend. So I’m looking forward to having more of that next weekend. On Monday, I started a new 9a-5p routine for pro bono client work and it worked great. And I finished the day watching Get Out (2017).
July 20, 2020
Lazy in Bed doing Business // Mum Birthday Marathon Day 2 20200716
Berlin, Germany @ 03:07am 2020-07-17 lots of pondering in bed and making biz related notes on the phone while in bed and I only got out of it because of our birthday dinner by the sea with the 5 of us - and man did I get drunk from just a bit of chocolate+rum and liqueur+lemon-cheesecake-ice-cream
July 17, 2020
Mum’s 60th Birthday 20200715
Berlin, Germany @ 05:15am 2020-07-16 Sleeping in until noontime, bday lunch with mum and dad, money discussion with dad, present to my mum, change of plans for my day job applications, and pivot to humanism as a way to differentiate myself as a marketer
July 16, 2020
Now a HEY customer 20200714
Berlin, Germany @ 04:51am 2020-07-15 late start of the day, relaxing bath, groceries (fridge was empty), cleaning inbox, local soccer game, 12 job applications, ended with watching Being John Malkovich
July 15, 2020
0000026 4-day work week in summer 20200713
Berlin, Germany @ 03:47am 2020-07-14 Day started with a 2-hour Jitsi call, then 12 day job applications, some family interaction, and finished the day with watching Nolan’s Memento (2000). It was the first day of my first 32-hour work week during summertime (until Aug 31).
July 14, 2020
Want to travel 20200710
Berlin, Germany @ 04:15am 2020-07-11 The test task for that one position took most of my time today, then helping my grandma, doing 10 more day job applications and cooking dinner and finishing the day with watching Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal
July 11, 2020
Synechdoche, New York (2008) 20200709
Berlin, Germany 02:31am 2020-07-10 productive day, yes, but als reflective especially after having watched Synechdoche, New York (2008) written by Charlie Kaufman, and I’ve been out the house too little and moved not enough - all not healthy
July 10, 2020
Facebook’s new design, India calling 20200708
Berlin, Germany @ 00:46am 2020-07-09 Groceries, vacuum cleaning. call with a community friend from India, 11 more day job applications, a revision of a text I wrote as a freelance writer (test project), eating real food for dinner and listening to Fleetwood Mac, ending the day with Curb Your Enthusiasm
July 8, 2020
Barely outside, no workout, little food, weird 20200707-20200706
Berlin, Germany @ 03:01am 2020-07-08, I forgot to record on Monday, so now I’m summing up the weekend and Monday too
July 8, 2020
UX Portfolio // great 20200703
Berlin, Germany @ 01:54am (2020-07-04) 14 job/project applications, a new UX portfolio, tried out Joyride (dating), some social media stuff, and loved how (a platform for IT projects) has been helping me pimp my profile. Ended the day with Curb Your Enthusiasm and the excitement to have the weekend off.
July 3, 2020
Go Make Memories 20200702
Berlin, Germany @ 04:13am (2020-07-03) A shouting woman in the morning that woke me up, more day job applications, an IT job platform called where I pimped my profile after a call with one of the platform’s guys, then Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Dann Petty’s video STOP WORKING SO DANG MUCH (go make memories) - needed and wanted to hear that!
July 3, 2020
De Correspondent // Junior Copywriter? 20200701
Berlin, Germany @ 06:46am (2020-07-02) A phone interview in the morning, job application for Dutch De Correspondent, Aral’s Creative Mornings Istanbul video, and Basecamp’s way of working remotely and not more than 40 hours a week
July 2, 2020 20200630
Berlin, Germany @ 02:24am (2020-07-01) Woke up from the DHL postman, wrote a joke about the postman and try to build a habit out of joke-writing, 10 more day job applications, longing for NYC & LA, ending the day with Curb Your Enthusiasm
July 1, 2020
payever 20200629
Berlin, Germany @05:55am (2020-06-30) A long test-task for payever, more day job applications, ice cream and Curb Your Enthusiasm as a reward at the end of the day
June 30, 2020
Fourteen Hours 20200626
Berlin, Germany @ 05:11am (2020-06-27) When you spend 14 hours on one day-job related application form...
June 27, 2020
Croatian Keys 20200625
Berlin, Germany @ 03:28am (2020-06-26) Morning bath, keys from Carl, day job applications in my studio, Twitter interactions, sunbathing, cleaning dishes, getting into a routine (feels good)
June 26, 2020
$5/hr + 20200624
Berlin, Germany at 03:34am (2020-06-25) Wrote these 10 day job applications with one job posting offering 5 dollars an hour *omg*, did finances (finally), and analyzed the copywriting of
June 25, 2020
BLOCKED Disabled Paralyzed 20200623
Berlin, Germany @ 04:06am (2020-06-24) Unclear which path to take
June 24, 2020
After sabbatical 4/7 20200622
Berlin, Germany @ 03:33am The day after my 4th sabbatical 2020
June 23, 2020
Erling Haaland 20200612
Berlin, Germany 00:05am (Jun 13) finished the week strongly and entering my one-week sabbatical this weekend
June 12, 2020
Amandine 20200611
Berlin, Germany 03:28 (Jun 12) This French-Canadian lady Amandine Herta got me under her spell
June 12, 2020
Nude Skin 20200610
Berlin, Germany 05:28am (Jun 11) Weird sleeping rhythm and a new idea to get attention on me and my copywriting
June 11, 2020
10 applications 20200609
Berlin, Germany 00:47am (Jun 10) Calm, happy, good
June 9, 2020
Happy Laughter 20200608
Berlin, Germany 01:55am (June 9th) Spent a good weekend with cool voiceover recordings and fun people
June 8, 2020
Seventy-Two Applications 20200605
Berlin, Germany 00:03 (Jun 6) Feeling better, had sent 11 applications for day jobs or client jobs and talk with dad
June 5, 2020
Fifty-Two Books 20200604
Berlin, Germany 04:09 (June 5th) Still not super clear in my head but getting there
June 5, 2020
Forty-Two 20200603
Berlin, Germany 01:37 Wanting to leave the Western world behind to go on a life adventure
June 3, 2020
BrückenBauen - Doubts 20200602
Berlin, Germany 02:51 (Jun 3) Tired
June 3, 2020
George 20200601
Berlin, Germany 23:18 contemplative
June 1, 2020