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Living Authentically

Living Authentically

By Alina McGilloway
Tune in to my honest expressions so that you may be motivated and inspired to liberate your potential and authentic self to make life happen for you instead of just letting it happen to you through honest self evaluation.
Find out more about my experience as a Certified Master BodyMind Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Licensed Esthetician at
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4- Be Proactive and Preventative When Possible

Living Authentically

4- Be Proactive and Preventative When Possible

Living Authentically

Coming Home
For peaceful energy, sure to relax and passify, sit back and listen to this final song, part of my first 'Sound of Soul' healing session which will feel like coming home for the first time in a long time. *To fully express the depth of emotions, listen to my other heart song: "Soothing Oceans of Grief"
May 29, 2020
Soothing Oceans of Grief
*Grieve it out and heal along with me while listening to the most intimate part of my Heart song from my first 'Sound of Soul' healing session. *For continued healing, be sure to listen to my other heart song: "Coming Home".
May 29, 2020
11- Sound of Soul: A Healing Technology
*Discover how this musical device, Sound of Soul, amplifies your Heart voice so that you can truly listen and become present to unlock and activate the deeper levels of the type of healing that yields continuous benefits in this collaborative discussion with founder of True Wellness Center, Nurse Practitioner, LMT, and Medical Intuitive Biological Investigator Kelly Kennedy.  *Listen to my heart songs here: *To learn about additional holistic services you would receive including F.L.O.W. Presso, checkout the upcoming podcast episode " True Wellness Center: A European Biological Clinic *Click here to find the links to connect with Kelly:
May 29, 2020
Collaborative Support: Family Edition
*Daniel- Hear the expressions from my brother Daniel as he navigates achieving the milestone of graduating from HighSchool as part of Class of 2020 while also starting his new journey in Health & Fitness through the lens of opportunity.  *Evie (starting at 20:18)- Relate to my cousin Evie, a hard-working, proud mom of 3, grandma of 4 (including brand new twins), who combats anxiety, and finds deeper ways to connect with her loved ones during trying life situations.  *Candido (starting at 1:02:12)- Experience the "DeLeon" vibe during this discussion with my cousin Candido: a devoted man, determined to protect and serve others. Tune in to hear how to unleash the truth that has always existed within, how to catapult through the traumas we face in the REAL LIFE experiences from death & loss & PTSD to the mundane routines, to being revived thru finding oneself and connecting to your family root being present in the present moment.
May 27, 2020
10- Amplify your Conscious Intuitive Voice
*If you are a Holistic Practitioner, click here for your FREEBIE:   *For all Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, & Holistic Practitioners looking for the perfect Coaching Certification Program(NCBMT approved), click here: *What does your body's voice sound like? What does it want to express and say to you?  Take those deep dives of momentary vulnerability to give voice to your intuitive gut knowing and to all of your Core Values in this Collaborative session with Founder of BodyMind Coaching and Creator of the BodyMind Method Laura Wieck from Columbus, Ohio.   *Honor your intuition and trust your gut by further identifying that deeper inner knowing so that you may dismiss all of those other voices being projected upon you in our upcoming Bonus Collab: "Recognize your Authentic Voice" coming soon!   *For the Bios and links to all collaborators in the special series of support, visit *YouTube Channel: Illumify TV
May 20, 2020
9- Playing the Harp Strings of your Heart Song
*Tune in to hear the authentic, faith inspired expressions of "wonder seeker", Tina Ngataierua, from Christchurch, New Zealand, who truly loves to explore the "appreciation for the joy and the lessons with spontaneous surrender in the seasons of life" as she supports her community as someone who puts her faith and love and concern for neighbor into action.  *Join us for this Collaborative Support Session as our discussion includes organic horticulture and permaculture to aspirations of being a Therapeutic Musician expressing faith through spontaneous melodies inspired from the land and being out in nature.  *You can enjoy Tina's spontaneous Harp melodies, including her 'First Heart Song Expression' as well as a Special upcoming Bonus Mini Collaboration Session on "Embracing your Child Heart", including her original piece "Playful Inner Child" on my YouTube Channel: Illumify TV **For the Bios and links to all collaborators in the special series of support, visit
May 19, 2020
8- Become the Conductor of your Body's Orchestra
*Take a moment to listen inward, exploring the body's orchestra within and consider how receiving Sound Therapy can fine-tune your internal "orchestra", opening the way to truly healing those ongoing aches, pains, dis-ease and help to reset, reconnect, and bring your body's healing system into harmony with Vibrational Sound Healer Inderpreet Kaur.    *You can find out more about how to receive a personalized sound healing and praanayam from Inderpreet found in the link to her Bio below *For the Bios and links to all collaborators in the special series of support, visit *YouTube Channel: Illumify TV
May 17, 2020
7- Collaborative Support: Core
# 1- 'Connecting to your Core Essence'- Learn how to be present as a parent, how to access the infinite wisdom that exists within to teach Core Life Skills at home with Certified Master BodyMind Coach, Childbirth Mentor, Doula, and Licensed Massage Therapist Michelle Beaulieu Amari.   *You can find Michelle's Bio and link to join her private Facebook group of support for the Homeschooling parent by clicking here. *Stay tuned for bonus audio on 'Amplifying your Vitality and Your Powerhouse Words' to be released soon!* #2- (42:25min) 'Stand Tall within your Light' with Empowerment Master BodyMind Coach, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher Fidel Forde coming soon! *You can find Fidel's Bio and links to receive his empowering support as you find your spark by clicking here. *Stay tuned for bonus audio on 'Receiving thru the Lens of Gratitude' to be released soon!* For Bonuses & Featured support go to my Youtube Channel: llumify TV  and
April 13, 2020
6- Collaborative Support: Holistic Wellness
#1- Boosting Your Immune System with Herbs with Herbalist, BodyMind Coach, and Massage Therapist Lauren Piro.   * Special bonus links can be found in Lauren's Bio by clicking HERE.  *Stay tuned for a Bonus clip on being supportive with  "Homeopathic Remedies"  as an option #2- (42:35 min) 'Detox and Sanitize Your Mind' with Lymphedema Therapist, BodyMind Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist Yuritzi Govea *Find Yuritzi's Bio and links to connect with her as well as to watch the VIDEO to this collaboration to follow Yuritzi's BodyMind Flow, click HERE *Stay tuned for a Bonus clip on the Influencing Power of Thoughts AND a FULL Bonus Episode with Yuritzi on "The Daily New Norm and Honoring Your Full Intelligence" coming soon! *For Bonuses & Featured support go to my YouTube Channel: Illumify TV &
April 8, 2020
5- Collaborative Support: Body & Mind
#1- Build your Business, 'One Embodied Step' at a Time with Certified Master BodyMind Coach and Consultant Carly Clark Zimmer    * Special bonus links can be found in Carly's Bio by clicking HERE  * Stay tuned for a bonus audio clip with tips on developing the "Tech Mindset" to keep you aligned with achieving your goals to be released soon!*   #2-(33:45)Yoga 'Stretch and Flow' with Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Dance Instructor Lisset Soza  *Find more Flows with Lisset in her Bio by clicking HERE * Stay tuned for a bonus audio clip with Lisset on 'Finding your Breath' in the silence to be released soon!*  #3- (1hr 4min) Connection to Self: 'The Runner's Mindset' with BodyMind Coach, Massage Therapist, Running Coach Mark Shimmin   * Special bonus links can be found in Mark's Bio by clicking HERE   * Stay tuned for an additional Full Bonus Episode with Mark on How BMC enhances Body Awareness, Form, Lifestyle, Consistent Repitition and Transitioning in/out of Training for the Achilles to be released soon!*   #4- (1hr 31 min) Unwind with Myofascial Release with Certified Massage Therapist and BodyMind Coach Debby Levering   *Find more demos with Debby in her Bio by clicking HERE #5- (2hr 21min) Thrive as Your Independent Fierce Self with  BodyMind Master Coach, PhD, Massage Therapist, and Educator Shana Hartman * Special bonus links can be found in Shana's Bio by clicking HERE   * Stay tuned for an additional Bonus clips with Shana on Being Independent and how to Reflect and Reconnect to be released soon!*   #6- (2hr 48min) Guided Meditation to Heart Presence with Inspirational Writer, Meditation Guide and BodyMind Coach Bobbie Jo  * Special bonus links to more meditations can be found in Bobbie Jo's Bio by clicking HERE   * Stay tuned for an additional Bonus Episode on "Finding Your Sacred Space" to get Calm Centered and Clear as you find your inner peace to be released soon! *For Bonuses & Featured support go to my YouTube Channel: Illumify TV &
April 7, 2020
4- Be Proactive and Preventative When Possible
Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Create the environment you wish to be a part of.  Be proactive and preventative rather than reactive and responsive.  Book a Signature Experience to receive the exact support you wish to receive on your journey to self-discovery and enlightenment.
March 15, 2020
3- Spaciousness Within: Let it Go to Let it Grow
"It's not about the physical space that I’m in. It's about the physical space within." "Let it go, sit back, and watch it grow." Let yourself grow by just letting it go, for when you do so, it will become a stepping stone on your path to expansion and abundance rather than that huge boulder that has only been blocking you along your way. If you are ready to let go of the exhausted way you have been doing things, to allow things to finally grow and pivot for you, book your first Empowering Experience with me, bring a loved one and experience self-care together! Learn more about Empowering Experiences here:
February 25, 2020
2- Communication: 1. Logic of the Heart 2. Mental Flexibility 3. Taking Core Actions
1- LOGIC of the HEART: What message is your heart trying to communicate to you? What message is your heart sending to others? 2- MENTAL FLEXIBILITY: Your unique brain is the most complex organ in the body with a lot of control over who you are and can overcome limitations if you learn to explore it along with your heart's messages and take core action.  3- TAKING CORE ACTIONS: Power of your emotions. Power of your thoughts.  Think with you brain. Feel with your heart. Act from you core. *Schedule your FREE Illumify Session today to get started!  Subscribe to my podcast to learn more about the all-inclusive intelligence that exists within and how you can align your Core Values with this wisdom, that you may experience deeper joy in life. 
February 9, 2020
1- Being Seen
"Expose yourself to your deepest fear"... Embrace the truth and ... "The truth will set you free." What is currently holding you back? What do you need to receive to be freed and to move forward?
February 2, 2020
February 2, 2020
February 2, 2020