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The Illuminati Social Club

The Illuminati Social Club

By AlienCG
Welcome to The Illuminati Social Club, the podcast that talks about conspiracy theories, religion, UFOs, and science. We are not associated with the Illuminati, so don't ask.
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Episode 42: Atlantis

The Illuminati Social Club

Episode 42: Atlantis
This time around, Doc Pinko joins me to discuss the not-actually-lost-continent of Atlantis. We discuss the Platonic origins and the origin of the belief that Atlantis was actually a real place (Spoiler: It wasn't real). Steve Cloutier on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter TurtleStache Cast—Episode 110: Plato Wouldn’t Like It Debunking Atlantis—Lady Of The Library Location Hypotheses Of Atlantis
August 10, 2022
Episode 41: Project UFO
DocPinko joins me once again to talk about season one of the not-so-hit TV show, Project UFO. We talk about the show itself, the stars, the guests, and the material that the episodes were based on. Project UFO Episode 1 with Commercials Project UFO Series Steve Cloutier on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter
June 30, 2022
Cleveland History: Ten Cent Beer Night
On June 4, 1974, the Cleveland Indians hosted the Texas Rangers at  Cleveland Stadium in a rematch from the previous week. With Cleveland  media fanning the flames all week long, and a ten cent beer promotion  the night of the first game of the series, something was bound to  happen...and it did. Paul Jackson's article, "The Night Beer And Violence Bubbled Over In Cleveland"
April 25, 2022
Cleveland History: The Burning River (R)
In this episode, I talk about the most popular question I've been  asked about Cleveland. I explain the reasons why the river caught fire  and the far-reaching results of the last fire.
April 18, 2022
Cleveland History: The Mistake On The Lake (R)
This is a repost of a previously published episode. Welcome to a new series here in the Club. This series is just me, talking about the history, the stories, and the oddities that make Cleveland what it is. It's a series that's a long time coming and the project itself has gone through several incarnations before I finally decided on this. The episodes won't be terribly long, maybe 20 minutes at the most, but I hope to tell you the listener why you should give Cleveland another chance.
April 11, 2022
Episode 40: Truckin' Across Canada
Squidpod returns to talk about the Canadian Freedom Convoy and Jason joins us to talk about Ukraine. Squid Vicious on Twitter Jason on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter
February 25, 2022
Episode 39: Toxic Positivity
Jason, Stephanie, and Oliver join me this week to have a talk about toxic positivity. It's a pretty casual conversation, but informative. Jason on Twitter Heavy D on Twitter Oliver Rockside on Twitter Jasen on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter
December 08, 2021
Episode 38: Deep State UFOs
Jasen and Steve discuss how the Deep State conspiracy theorists use the UFO "cover-up" to forward their agenda. This episode is a bit darker than our previous discussions. Steve Cloutier on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter
November 26, 2021
Episode 37: Border Signs
The title is a little misleading, but Oliver Rockside joins me to have a discussion about the differences between the US and Canada when it comes to publicly held religious belief. Oliver on Twitter Jasen on Twitter AlienCG's Bible Study on Twitter
November 20, 2021
Episode 36: The Voltron Of Crazy
This time around, Squid Vicious (as he's known on Twitter) joins me to discuss the nutty, one letter political cult that arose a few short years ago. Squid Vicious on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter
November 05, 2021
Episode 35: The Halloween Franchise
The Club is finally back, and Candice Lepage joins me to discuss the new Halloween movie, Halloween Kills as well as the rest of the franchise. We even bring up those other movies directed by the music guy. Candice Lepage on Twitter Jasen on Twitter
October 24, 2021
Episode 34: Purity Culture
Originally Posted 6/16/2021 This time around on the podcast, Jason from Armpit joins me to  discuss the topic of Purity Culture. This is a religion-based ideology  that promotes abstinence-only sex education and the denial of one's  normal urges. Jason's Blog AlienCG on Twitter AlienCG's Bible Study on Twitter
August 15, 2021
ISC Classic 33:UFO Coverup? Live!
Jasen and Steve discuss a real treat of a video that aired somewhere on  TV in 1988. Hosted by Mike Farrell, this show tries and fails to prove  that UFOs are aliens and they have visited us. Steve Cloutier on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter UFO Coverup? Live! on YouTube
August 13, 2021
ISC Classic 32: Revival Of Evil
Welcome to a very special episode where we discuss a video pointed  out to us by Rodney Anonymous of The Dead Milkmen. We discuss a video  from the early 80's regarding the Satanic Panic. Episode 32: Revival Of Evil Rodney Anonymous Oliver Rockside DocPinko Illuminati Social Club Revival of Evil on YouTube
August 11, 2021
ISC Classic 31: UFO Hoaxes
This time around, DocPinko Steve Cloutier joins me to discuss famous  UFO hoaxes. These are not mistaken sightings, but bona fide UFO stories  meant to fool people into believing. Steve Cloutier on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter
August 09, 2021
ISC Classic 30: A UFO Primer
In this episode, Steve Cloutier joins me to start a discussion about  the phenomena of UFOs and their place in our culture. This is sort of  an overview, but we will eventually be back to discuss more on this  topic. Steve Cloutier on Twitter
August 06, 2021
ISC Classic 29: Pillows and Regret
On this episode, Oliver Rockside joins me to talk about a controversial figure in the American politics. Oliver Rockside on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter
August 04, 2021
ISC Classic 28: AlienCG Exposed
I used to be somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. I believed primarily in  the alien coverup from the 1940s and believed that we were put on this  planet until we could rejoin the rest of the alien community peaceably.  Heavy D joined me as we also discuss woo and the conversation goes a bit  off the rails for a little while.
August 02, 2021
ISC Classic 27: So You Wanna Build A Bunker?
Penelope joins me to discuss a group of people known as Sovereign Citizens. Their ideas and tactics are bananapants, but they can get violent and insane.  Click here for the Penelope's slideshow
July 30, 2021
ISC Classic 26: Listening to Experts
In this episode, Dr. Steve Cloutier joins me to discuss why people tend  to listen more to celebrities than to people who are experts in fields  being discussed. We also meander off-topic as is custom on this podcast. Steve Cloutier on Twitter
July 27, 2021
ISC Classic 25: Holy Love Ministries
Stephanie joins me for a discussion about a church in our neck of the  woods called Holy Love Ministries. It is here that you can apparently  see visions of the Virgin Mary and possibly even Jesus. There's good  stuff about this church and not-so-good stuff and we try to maintain a  neutral position. We can also say that this isn't a cult. Stephanie on Twitter
July 25, 2021