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Episode 24: Mark Valley (Boston Legal, Human Target) talks acting & his army career

An episode of I'm a Rescue

By Tom Clark & Steph Clark
Comedians and married couple Tom and Stephanie Clark have fun and lively conversations with people from all walks of life about what they've overcome in their lives to get where they are today. Because when it all comes down to it...we're all rescues.
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Comedians and married couple Tom and Stephanie Clark have fun and lively conversations with people from all walks of life about what they've overcome in their lives to get where they are today. Because when it all comes down to it...we're all rescues.

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Episode 25: Ari Stidham (star of CBS's Scorpion) talks his early success in acting & how he got there
You may know Ari Stidham from his role on CBS's Scorpion, but it all started when he was a kid growing up in the Westlake area (just outside of LA.)  After struggling in school early on, he went the independent study route, finishing school at 16.  He worked with the improv group, ComedySportz and through that landed his first role on ABC Family's "Huge."  This is a great listen as Ari goes through his audition for the role on CBS's  Scorpion to the sudden fame that went with it and the disappointment after it's cancellation.   He also talks his current projects and he has a cool poster of Danny Devito in his house.
December 3, 2019
Episode 24: Mark Valley (Boston Legal, Human Target) talks acting & his army career
You may know Mark Valley from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, Boston Legal and Human Target, but he's also a U.S. Army Veteran.  He talks about his career in the army. His first acting gig opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins and teaching him to throw a football (true story.) He also talks about his latest project Zburg. A web-series shot entirely in his hometown of Ogdensburg, NY with a cast made up of local actors.  We also get into his role in Zero Dark Thirty and that sinking feeling when you know you're going to be cut out of a movie.  There's no BS with Mark and he's a completely open book on this podcast. 
November 19, 2019
Episode 23: Nicole Blaine talks booking shows, shooting films & her comedy career
Steph sits down with Nicole Blaine to talk about how she has helped connect comedians with industry thru the various programs she runs at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica.  She also talks shooting her own independent film with her husband and her own comedy career.  
November 5, 2019
Episode 22: Business of Stand up Comedy - Steph and Tom talk booking independent venues
On this episode Tom and Steph talk about how Steph has built up her business (www.funnygirlevents.com). We discuss how to approach venues, what makes a successful venue and how to get paid.  This is more of an inside look at the stand up comedy business and we cover questions our fellow comedians had and cover the things we wish we would've known when we started doing this. 
October 22, 2019
Episode 21: Chris Flail talks starting out in comedy & building a scene in Bakersfield
Chris Flail tells his tale of traveling from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma to California and how he eventually discovered his love of comedy.  One of Chris's first gigs was working with Tom at a casino in Delano, CA and Chris's story of that is a definite must listen. They also discuss how Chris has built one of the most successful rooms in Central California and how he's helping comedians there build their stage time. 
October 8, 2019
Episode 20: Camilla Cleese on her famous Dad & her own comedy career
Growing up the son or daughter of a celebrity isn't easy especially when that celebrity is comedy royalty. Such is the case with Camilla Cleese and her dad, John Cleese, of Monty Python fame.  Camilla opens up on this one talking about sitting in on her Dad's writing sessions during "A Fish Called Wanda", being a talented equestrian, her struggle with substance abuse, and how she's blazing her own trail in comedy.  
September 24, 2019
Episode 19: Dennis Blair talks his career & opening for Rodney Dangerfield & George Carlin
Imagine being only two years into comedy and Rodney Dangerfield asking you to come up with a movie idea for him. That's what happened for Dennis Blair and how he ended up helping to write the movie "Easy Money."  Dennis and I worked together in Reno and we talk about his long illustrious career in comedy. From opening for Rodney to opening for George Carlin, Dennis has worked with some of the best and he shares all of these experiences.  Great insight from someone who's not just an opening act, but a really talented comedian/writer/musician.  Click his name to go to his website: DENNIS BLAIR
September 10, 2019
Episode 18: Vito Gesualdi talks how he built his YouTube following
Vito Gesualdi is a comedian, actor, and writer who has built a YouTube following of over 160,000 thru his funny and sometimes controversial videos. His most famous/controversial being handing out Pepsi at an ANTIFA/Alt Right rally in Berkeley.  You can watch it HERE!  We talk about his growing up in Amherst, Massachusetts, how he comes up with his ideas, and how he built up his YouTube following. 
August 27, 2019
Episode 17: Marc Price AKA Skippy from Family Ties
Joining us on this episode is Marc Price AKA Skippy from Family Ties. We talk growing up with a comedian Dad (Borscht Belt comedian Al Bernie) and all the comedy lessons he learned from him. His early days on stage and the lesson Jay Leno taught him.  How he got the role on Family Ties and what he learned from Michael J. Fox both on and off set.   We also talk about what he's up to now:  Doing stand up around the country and the great work he's doing with the Michael J Fox Foundation.  Check out teamfox.org to get more info and search "Skippy loves Fox" Steph wasn't able to join us on this episode.
August 13, 2019
Episode 16: Bernadette Pauly talks "Tough Crowd" with Colin Quinn & growing up in Boston
Bernadette Pauley is a comedian, actress, and host, who has appeared on "Tough Crowd", Live at Gotham and Red Eye.  She talks growing up in Boston...well Revere and starting out in comedy in NYC, which included a stint working at a strip club selling cigars.  A lot of great insight on this one about what women have to deal with in the comedy scene and overcoming those obstacles.  
July 30, 2019
Episode 15: Mary Gallagher talks appearing on “Friends” & her journey to Late Night
Mary Gallagher is a very talented actress, writer, comedian and also from Tom's hometown of Milwaukee. Tom and Steph talk with Mary about growing up in Wisconsin. Moving to LA and the nerve wracking audition for "Friends."  We also talk about her stand up comedy and how she went from bombing opening for Pauly Shore in the early 90s to appearing on Stephen Colbert in 2018. Mary will also be appearing on the upcoming Netflix prank show called "Prank Encounters" with "Stranger Things" actor Gaten Matarazzo.  This was a really inspiring podcast. Check it out!
July 16, 2019
Episode 14: Kyle Kinane talks being a bad roommate to Tom and Chicago Comedy
Tom and Steph talk with Kyle about his start in comedy and his rise to fame as a stand up on both Comedy Central and Netflix.  We also discuss his arrival to  LA in the early 2000s and living with Tom for 2 weeks and apparently, unbeknownst to Tom, being a terrible roommate.  We talk about the comedians of Chicago past and future.  I may have also mentioned that Dan Harmon once kicked me at a party.  A lot of fun catching up with Kyle, one of the best comedians out there! Check him out!
June 25, 2019
Episode 13: Sharon Houston talks her career as a stand up, working on Punk'd, booking reality shows & creating her own TV show
Sharon Houston has had a very long successful career. We talk about her voiceover work on Daria, the manager she and Tom shared (he said she had "no neck"), working on Punk'd, booking reality shows like America's Got Talent and various court shows, including an episode with Tom on Divorce Court. We also talk about the current court show she created and how she's helping other people work on their creative ideas.  Check out her website HERE
June 11, 2019
Episode 12: Art Clark (Tom's Dad) World War 2 Veteran, talks life in the army & gives life advice
For this episode we actually got questions from you the listener to ask my Dad (Art Clark.) The questions ranged from his experiences in WW2 to what's his favorite cut of meat.  My Dad was a great sport throughout all this and I think you'll really enjoy what he has to say. At 93 years old I think he has a great perspective on life and shares a bit of that advice with you.
May 28, 2019
Episode 11: Jeff Johnson - comedian discusses stand up comedy, leaving the Mormon religion, & recently finding out who his real dad was
Jeff Johnson is a very funny comedian, who I first met at JR's Comedy Club in Valencia, CA. It was actually the back room of a Marie Callendar's and Jeff was the host. Jeff developed his act there and is now traveling across the country doing stand up. He recently finished in the top 5 in The World Series of Comedy. Jeff talks about the struggle to get better as a stand up, starting his own production company, leaving the Mormon religion and finding out who his real dad was.  Jeff was very open about everything and the story of his finding his dad and actually going to meet him is a must listen. 
May 14, 2019
Episode 10: Dennis Gubbins - actor/writer/comedian "Talking in Venice with Dennis"
Dennis Gubbins is an actor/writer/comedian.  He has appeared in over 100 commercials and we discuss every single one of them...just kidding, but we do discuss how he got the gig "handing a puppy over a bush. "  We also discuss the acting and auditioning process in general. Then we get deep and discuss his work on "Enjoy It" with Brody Stevens and the fun and challenges of working with Brody.  ENJOY IT!
April 30, 2019
Episode 9: Steven Slater the Jet Blue Flight Attendant who quit via emergency exit
On this episode of the I'm A Rescue Podcast Steph and I interview Steven Slater.  Steven achieved international fame after becoming fed up with one too many rude customers while serving as a flight attendant on Jet Blue Airlines. We learn the real story about what happened and all the trouble that came with that fame.  His struggle with drugs and alcohol, the TV offers, losing his mother, and his house.  But we also learn how he's battling back.  Really great, inspiring episode from a very resilient guy. 
April 16, 2019
Episode 8 - Kimia Behpoornia from NBC's Abby's & Unicorn Store
This week we interview Kimia Behpoornia. Kimia is one of the stars of the ensemble comedy Abby's on NBC and will soon be appearing in Brie Larson's Unicorn Store (Netflix on April 5th).  We talk to Kimia about her high school years building robots and doing improv, how she lost her manager because she gave her too much information, and losing one of her first big roles and how she handled it.  Kimia is definitely someone you're going to be hearing big things about...so why not learn how it all started. 
April 2, 2019
Episode 7 - All About Steven Brody Stevens: We discuss his recent passing and what he meant to the comedy scene.
In this episode Tom and Steph talk all things Brody Stevens.  Brody passed away last month and really left a hole in our comedy world.  He was such a fixture on the comedy scene here in LA as well as on social media.  Tom talks about first meeting and competing against Brody in stand up way back in 2000 and their encounters over the years. Steph talks about her and a friend going to see Brody in front of an audience of six people and the impression he left. The club, Steph and I were performing at when we heard the news about Brody, was the same club Brody would be performing at the next week. This episode was tough, but I'm glad we did it because I think it's important more people know about Brody. Also, check out his half hour special on Comedy Central - available on YouTube.   Brody is gone, but will never be forgotten. Always remember PUSH! BELIEVE! and ENJOY IT!
March 19, 2019
Episode 6: Solid Gold - Andy Gold joins us to talk comedy & his battle with heroin addiction
Comedian Andy Gold joins Steph and Tom.  Tom and Andy discuss their Dry Bar Comedy Specials and Andy's unique way of dealing with the haters--it's pretty brilliant.  Then we go deep discussing Andy overcoming his heroin addiction and going on tour with the Addicts of Comedy and doing his own independent tour.
March 5, 2019
Episode 5: Lauren Pritchard discusses MadTV, Disney, and Rats
Lauren Pritchard is a very talented comedian/actress/improvisor. She talks about her journey from Orlando  to Hollywood. Preparing for her Mad TV audition while also battling rats in her apartment. We've known Lauren a long time and watching her rise as a performer is truly an inspiration. This is definitely an episode worth checking out for any aspiring comedian or actor.
February 26, 2019
Episode 4: Carol Phillips-Steph’s mom & raising Steph after her husband passed
Steph's mom, Carol, joins Tom and Steph on the podcast. She talks her fear of elevators, Steph's ban from most shoe stores in Southern California (except Nordstrom's) and the death of her husband and their, at times, tumultuous relationship! Somebody cries in this one.
February 19, 2019
Episode 3: Who's Your Daddy? with Matthew Gossin
Matthew talks working on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno & growing up without a dad and his long journey in finding out who his dad really was...a very famous Hollywood celebrity (ya have to listen to find out.) He goes into the details of how he was finally able to speak to him and get some answers.  This is a juicy one!
February 12, 2019
Episode 2: Tom & Steph interview Diane Franklin (Bill & Ted's, Better Off Dead)
On this episode Tom and Steph get to interview 80s legend Diane Franklin. You may know Diane as the princess from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, the French exchange student from Better Off Dead, or The Last American Virgin, among many others.  Currently she stars in The Amityville Murders: The Haunting on Long Island, which comes out this weekend in many markets. Enjoy our journey thru the 80s and be excellent to each other....San Dimas High School Football rules!!!!
February 5, 2019
Episode 1: Tom interviews Steph
In our very first episode Tom interviews his wife, Steph, about overcoming the loss of her dad at age 10 and how they're both too lazy to change Steph's last name to Clark. Also we talk stand up comedy, quitting booze, the patriarchy/matriarchy, high school, and rescue dogs!
January 28, 2019
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