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Uncovering The New Entertainment Stars Of Tomorrow
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Award-Winning Actress Jennifer Copping joins the cast of NBC’s Monday night TV series Debris

I'm Here With

I'M HERE WITH is so happy for Jen Fraser and her recent happiness and her love story we have been following on Facebook since March 2021. . We chat with Jen a long time college and admirer, we first learned of her new relationship and how it has changed her and how proud she is to share about her partner and new engagement! They promise to share their rings when they are finished being created just for them buy each other! . JEN - Happy Pride, I’m proud of our love and our life together, and oh so happy to see  where we go from here. I’m proud that I’ve found someone who has  encouraged me to become unapologetically myself for the first time in my  life!  . It's me and Tyler McNab! Rocking the A Teacher Promo. At least our feet and hands got screen time hahaha. . APRIL - Laughing  together is absolutely the most healing thing you can have in a  relationship. A few weeks ago we went for a walk to our happy place,  this beautiful spot by the river where we can go and watch the sunset  and just started snapping pictures. We caught a moment where the two of  us just burst out laughing together and the result was a photo that  captures our entire relationship. Silly, in love, hopeful and grateful. The smile I have is all thanks to this girl. She has brought out a happiness inside of me I didn’t know existed. And my heart, is open. . MARCH - When  you know they’re the one. You know! I think I know you guys, and the  support from my friends has been wonderful, it means so much to me! Collette Alyse.
June 15, 2021
Uncovering The New Entertainment Stars of Tomorrow behind the scenes of the shoot for the Dreamers Spread by Katherine Calnan. . AHMED ABOSAFI IS I'M HERE WITH'S NEXT MALE CALGARY COVER STAR. . @theredseed Founder in Calgary, Ahmed Abosafi sat down with @imherewithmag and was photographed by @katherinecalnanphotography for the Dreamers Series spread! . We have known Ahmed for over 18 years!  . We  went to Beaverbrook High School with him in grade 10! He was exactly the same back then as he is now! He is a trouper and kind to everyone!  We wanted to see how he was doing and invited him to share his story of being an entrepreneur and a passionate fitness trainer before, he put  his mind to a product he wanted to eat and put out to stores all over Canada and online!  . He shares about his journey of trial and error, making mistakes, and never giving up on your dreams!
June 11, 2021
Shares how his show with 94 Productions that's family supported means everything to him and his passions in his life. . Q & A . What was your dream as a child to achieve in your life? Was always to become a teacher and broadcaster and live to talk to people. I want to be two different carriers. . Tell us the story of when you first took steps to start your dreams and career. How did it happen? 94 Productions Started back in 2014 from a school project. The mission was to bring everyone together through video. Originally wanted to provide video for his idol Darcy (Grandfather). After the first taste of success and winning the Ponoka Stampede with Kurt Bensmiller in 2014 (Official Video Taper for Kurt Bensmiller). After that Success, Christian has worked for the best in the business. From Kelly Sutherland to Jason Glass, Jordie and Chad Fike. Just to name a few clients in the Chuckwagon business. Also been the official videotape for the Glencross Charity Roughstock Event 2016. Now the official Video Taper for the HJHL Red Deer Vipers. Being parts of winning collaborations in all events he has covered. . How has COVID affect your business and career? It affects in both and good ways. . Share an encouraging quote from you to the fans about achieving your dreams. Start now, start with fear, start with pain, start with doubt, start with Hands shaking, start with voice trembling, start and don’t stop, start where you are, with,what you have, just start.
June 11, 2021
Rowan Jang MiTribe Producer Honors The Late Bruce Blain
"Being interviewed later today by "I'm Here With Magazine" discussing the life and legacy of Bruce Blain, sharing some of my own story, and talking about why it's so important for emerging artists to receive mentorship and support.  I encourage everyone to check out the amazing work they're doing spotlighting Canadian content creators!" . "I've refrained from sharing my thoughts and experience with this over the past few days as I was struggling to find the right words. But I've come to realize that there can be no "right words" in situations like this, so here goes. . Our industry has lost a titan. A brilliant actor, writer, mentor and friend to many, myself included. I first met Bruce Blain over three years ago at one of Jeffery Lando's famous Oscar night parties. He immediately struck me as a larger than life personality who was never afraid to speak his mind. I respected that...and the fact that he kicked my ass at Oscar bingo. . Over the next few years I ran into him frequently at film industry  events and would see his face pop up randomly on TV shows shot in town. He was clearly a consummate professional who had been making his living  in acting since before I was even in high school. It was only in the  last few months of his life that I had the privilege of truly getting to  know him. Three months ago, he came in to audition for a short film I was casting for director Matthew Leigh. . As a matter of fact, I had not intended to bring him in for this  project. He had found the breakdown online and FB messaged me, basically  talking me into giving him an audition. I knew he was far too old to play the part he wanted but for some reason, I brought him in. If just about anyone else had asked me for an audition in that way, I would've  found it unprofessional and irritating, but with him I wasn't bothered  at all. He was just that friendly and persuasive a guy. . As it turned out, bringing him in payed off as he was cast in a  different role in that film. But auditioning in MiTribe Manor ended up paying off in another way, as I was to learn about his brilliant  initiative Real Reel Productions and the work he was doing with Ambrose Gardener to help launch the careers of new and young actors. In a profession so defined by competition, to find someone who really wants to see other actors succeed and more than that, makes it their MISSION to help them succeed, is a truly rare thing. It spoke to his generosity,  kindness and his believe that young actors should have every possible opportunity to get their foot in the door. His reputation as an acting instructor was already well established at this point through his  "Auditioning 101" class. A close friend once told me that his class was the type of class he had needed all along without even realizing it. . My own company's mission is to provide a platform for emerging artists  to share their work. Offering MiTribe Manor as the filming location for  Real Reel Productions seemed to be a natural fit. Sadly we only got the  chance to do two shoots here together before his passing. . ust over a week ago Ambrose messaged me saying he and others in the  industry hadn't heard from Bruce in a while and were growing concerned. I offered to drive down to his apartment and check up on him. By an odd  coincidence the building he lived in was right next door to the east van  housing coop that I grew up in. I spent about an hour outside his  apartment trying to buzz in. more on Rowans facebook. Rest in peace my friend. - Rowan Jang . . Photo by Corey Chadwick Malone.
June 5, 2021
Jason K. Roy is known for his work on Queen of the Andes
Jason K. Roy is known for his work on Queen of the Andes (2020), The Man Who Loved Flowers (2015) and Délivrance (2010).  Canadian actor who's appeared in multiple film, television, commercial, radio and theater roles. Fluently bilingual in both English and French.  . @jkractor Jason K. Roy a une intéressante feuille de route dans l’univers cinématographique. Cependant, l’année 2020 à pu assister à la naissance du poète qui sommeillait en lui, alors qu’il a lancé récemment son premier recueil : « Bullet for the archers ». . Jason K. Roy a une intéressante feuille de route dans l’univers cinématographique. Cependant, l’année 2020 à pu assister à la naissance du poète qui sommeillait en lui, alors qu’il a lancé récemment son premier recueil : « Bullet for the archers ».   . Se décrivant comme une personne ambitieuse et optimiste de nature, l’artiste originaire du Madawaska ne s’est pas laissé abattre par le fait que plusieurs de ces projets de film, dont un sur la scène internationale, ont été repoussés en raison de la pandémie.   . Il en a plutôt profité pour explorer le monde de la poésie.   . « La poésie, c’est spécifique comme audience. Comme artiste, je l’ai fait pour moi-même, pour le partager avec le public ensuite.  . »   Dans ce recueil, Jason K. Roy, le poète, explore les observations qu’il a faites de son entourage au cours des dernières années.   « Pour le mettre le plus simplement possible, mon recueil est le reflet de mon temps passé à prendre une pause pour observer mon entourage. C’est aussi banal qu’une réflexion par rapport à une photo que j’ai prise outre-mer. C’était une photo d’un vieillard sur un banc de parc. » . . « Moi, je ne voyais pas la personne en tant que telle, mais tout ce qui l’entoure. C’est du style : “c’est qui ce monsieur? À quoi il pense? Pourquoi il est là?” Mon idée est de prendre le temps d'observer, entre les lignes, la signification des choses normales qui nous entoure. ». . M. Roy raconte qu’il s’est aussi inspiré de ses voyages.   « J’ai travaillé notamment dans le nord de l’Afrique et ça m’a donné une ouverture d’esprit que je n’avais pas nécessairement quand j'habitais au Nouveau-Brunswick. »  Même si ce premier recueil a été écrit en anglais, Jason K. Roy n’écarte pas la possibilité de réaliser du matériel en français également. . Ce dernier se penche d’ailleurs sur l'écriture d’une deuxième livre. Il souhaite explorer différentes avenues.   « La chose qui est certaine, c’est que je vais écrire un deuxième recueil. Pour le reste, je n’ai rien de concret, mais j’ai plusieurs notes collées un peu partout. Je songe à collaborer avec des musiciens afin d’en faire un livre audio. J’aimerais peut-être aussi composer un album avec ça. Ma flamme est bien allumée, alors on verra bien comment ça va se développer.  ». . Même si les tournages de film se sont faits plus rares au cours des derniers mois, un film dans lequel Jason K. Roy a joué a été présenté lors d’un festival international de film à Halifax. Il s’agit du long-métrage « Queen of the Andes ».   « C’est un projet dont je suis fier. Même s’il n’a pas été tourné cette année, il y a quand même quelque chose qui voit le jour en 2020 côté film. ». . « Ç’a été un plaisir de faire ça et la réalisatrice est une personne passionnée et ambitieuse dans sa direction. »  Même s’il a été moins visible à l’écran cette année, M, Roy estime tout de même qu’il a connu une séquence riche en projets, surtout depuis deux ans. . Actualités / Culturel 1 octobre 2020 - Jason K. Roy, l’acteur... et le poète.
June 5, 2021
Nikki Rae Hallow is a Canadian Actress, Comedian, Voice Actor, Writer, Improviser and Instructor
Nikki Rae Hallow (Nikki Hulowski) is a Canadian actress, comedian, voice actor, writer, improviser, instructor and stunt person. She is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Bachelor in Fine Arts Acting program, graduating with both Distinction and on the Dean’s List. Since graduating, Nikki has worked full-time as an actress and comedian on both film and the stage, and is a member and co-founder of Marv n’ Berry, a Canadian sketch comedy troupe that has seen international  success.  . Nikki is also a core cast member of the Lodestar Theatre company (, is a cast member and improviser with  Rapid Fire Theatre ( and has worked with the likes  of Kevin MacDonald from Kids in the Hall, the cast of Whose Line is It Anyway?, Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City Alumni. Nikki grew up in the town of Athabasca in Northern Alberta, Canada on a farm with her parents and three older brothers. On the odd occasion, she can be seen working in Northern Alberta as a Machinist.    . She is a certified Intermediate Actor Combatant with Fight Directors  Canada. Select Film Credits Include: Range Roads (North Country Cinema),  Heartland (CBC), And The Oscar Goes To... (Allen Media), Extremity (Dark Elegy), Caution: May Contain Nuts (Mosaic).     . Select Stage Credits Include: Richard III; The Birthday Party; After  Miss Julie (Lodestar Theatre), Julius Caesar (Malachite Theatre), A Beautiful View (Stonemarrow Theatre), Pompeii: LA; Hot Mess (Cardiac Theatre).    . Alberta Representation Roxanne Ellison – Dagaz Talent. .  . E: . Photography by Peak and Pebble
June 5, 2021
CALGARY CELEBRITIES GO VIRAL ON THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW ON CTV IN MAY. . SUPPORTING EACH OTHER IS BETTER SAYS CALGARY CELEBRITIES KAREN MALCOLM-PYE AND BJ SANDERS. . I'M HERE WITH wanted to share with their audience the story of Karen and BJ's friendship. They share how much fun they had supporting each other before and after the taping of The Marilyn Denis Show, Which aired on CTV May 13th 2021. . Karen Malcolm-Pye is a Freelance Makeup Artist and Beauty Specialist. . Karen has been working in the television and beauty industry for over 15 years. Starting her career in Calgary, Karen is a national makeup artist in demand for many musicians, actors, television personalities, photographers, and as a Makeup Expert for THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW. Karen’s magnetic and approachable personality, along with her true love  for her work, makes her a sought after makeup artist on any set. Her work can be seen nationally in commercials, print advertising campaigns  and national TV broadcasts such as The Juno Awards and the Canadian Country Music Awards. She has worked on many high profile campaigns for clients that include Samsung, Coca-Cola, Dove, Land Rover, Sport Chek, Honda, Toyota and many more. . Some of the celebrity clients Karen has worked with are The Oprah Winfrey for her Western Canadian Tour, Kim Cattrall, Lisa Kudrow, Nickelback, Nathan Lane, Shawn Mendes, Will Arnett, Debbie Travis, Carrie Coon, Christine Baranski, Mark Messier, Connor McDavid, Anson Mount & Common. . For more information on Karen Malcolm-Pye, visit Follow Karen on Twitter @karenemalcolm. Courtesy of CTV. . BJ SANDERS WAS A SPECIAL GUEST FAN OF THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW CHOSEN FOR KAREN MALCOLM-PYE'S SEGMENT FOR THE CREAM MAKEUP TREND. . BJ Sanders is a Calgary female Entrepreneur, Personal Manger to the one and only W. Brett Wilson, Hillberg & Berk's Client Care and more. She is moving into the Real Estate industry and is currently in the process of finishing her Residential course and exam! BJ's blog about her journey, click here . "I WOKE UP EARLY IN B.C., AND SAW THE CREAM MAKEUP TREND SEGMENT ON FACEBOOK. THEN I NOTICED THESE TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN HAD BEEN ALL CALGARY WAS POSTING ABOUT THAT DAY. THESE TWO ACCOMPLISHED FRIENDS MADE THEIR POSTS GO VIRAL AND WERE TRENDING. I WAS VERY PROUD TO SEE THEM SUCCEED AND MAKE AN ENGAGING SEGMENT TOGETHER FOR THE FAMOUS MARILYN DENIS SHOW," I'M HERE WITH MAG.
May 25, 2021
Jewelle Zehr The Canadian Star of BLUFF Who Inspired Us To Want to Be In the Film Industry
Jewelle Zehr The Canadian Star of BLUFF Who Inspired Us To Want to Be In the Film Industry, back in 2011 in Calgary, Alberta. . Jewelle Zehr Trauma Recovery Coach | Heal your Heart, Heal your Life | Let’s Rebuild your Life after Trauma. . Jewelle decided, in 2010, to continue her journey with a one on one film making apprenticeship, which ultimately helped birth the new series, Poker Girls, which was nominated for best TV Pilot at the Banff World  Media Festival 2011. . Jewelle is an award winning actress, film and television producer, published author of both fiction and non, and has always been aware of her purpose to bring light and heightened awareness to the world through the power of story. Jewelle’s world changed dramatically in the summer of 2015, the trauma causing her to require emergency surgery later that year,  after which she nearly died in post op. At this point, Jewelle’s focus  evolved to include her own story of recovery to inspire others in their journeys to wholeness. To further enable this process, she received her life coach certification and continues her studies in order to provide  support to the journeys of others. . She has written numerous articles on PTSD and Wholeness for magazines and books, alongside her recovery support blog at . Jewelle provides daily life and mindset coaching in her facebook group, The Art of  On ward, to further inspire and motivate members to live the life  they would love. . PHOTOGRAPHY BY EXPERIMENTAL EXPERIENCE· . .
May 24, 2021
Award-Winning Actress Jennifer Copping joins the cast of NBC’s Monday night TV series Debris
Award-Winning Actress Jennifer Copping joins the cast of NBC’s Monday night TV series Debris as Julia Maddox wife to Craig Maddox played by Norbert Leo Butz. . Actress Jennifer Copping is a multiple nominee and winner of awards for her work as an actress for over 30 years. When Creator J. H. Wyman was looking for the actress to play the wife of Craig Maddox, played by Tony Award winner Norbert Leo Butz (Bloodline, Mercy Street), Jennifer’s background in theatre played a major part in his casting her on NBC’s TV series Debris. Jennifer plays Julia Maddox who is deeply troubled, as Julia always wants to do what is best for her son, but finds it difficult to balance with her own happiness. Her husband Craig Maddox is in charge of the secretive Debris retrieval division, ORBITAL, and is also Bryan Beneventi’s (Jonathan Tucker) handler. Watch for Jennifer's next episodes airing April 26 and May 24. . Debris is an American science fiction television series on NBC produced by Frequency Films and Legendary Television in association with Universal Television and created, written, and executive produced by J. H. Wyman. When wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft scatters across the Western Hemisphere, it soon becomes apparent the pieces are messing with the laws of physics, changing lives in ways we can’t comprehend.  . Two agents Jonathan Tucker (Kingdom) and Riann Steele (The Magicians)  from different continents, and different mindsets, are tasked to work together to recover the debris, whose mysteries humankind is not quite ready for. Debris airs on NBC Monday nights at 10:00 pm EST/PST. . Outside of Debris one of Jennifer’s career highlights was her *Best Actress Leo Award as Jade in the feature film Becoming Redwood written and directed by her husband Jesse James Miller. Other film and TV credits include The CW’s Riverdale, Fargo, Bates Motel, Continuum, Once Upon A Mattress, Slither; Supernatural, When Calls The Heart, Mother Of All Lies, Van Helsing, Travellers, and the feature film Rabbit currently airing on Superchannel. . Well known for her years of theatre as a director and actress, some of her select credits include The Arts Club: Reflections On Crooked Walking (Debut 1987); The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, The Day Before Christmas, Godspell, White Christmas, Funny Girl, and the upcoming production of Kinky Boots. Other select theatre Anything Goes (TUTS), Anne Of Green Gables (Charlottetown Festival), Les Miserables (Mirvish), Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Drabinsky), Tommy(Mirvish), Jersey Boys (Dancap), Indian Arm (Rumble), Detroit & Body Awareness (Mitch & Murray), City Of Angels (PIT Collective) to name a few. . Her  proudest accomplishments are her 22-year marriage to filmmaker Jesse James Miller and being a mother to their two beautiful boys. Jennifer and her family reside in Vancouver. . Lesley Diana |  . Credit: Kristine Cofsky from The Portrait Sessions
May 20, 2021
Actor Don McLeod takes on the role of Charles Vallow on DOOMSDAY MOM PREMIERES SATURDAY, JUNE 26 on LIFETIME at 8/7c. . Presented to you by THE PROMOTION PEOPLE'S TOP TALENT & I'M HERE WITH'S DREAMERS SERIES. . A true story trail of mystery is revealed spanning five states and numerous questionable deaths . After talking with Don for the collaboration between I'm Here With and The Promotion People's Top Talent for the Dreams series, we learned how kind and supportive Don is. He talks about his famous friends and shares about his organic experience with Graham Wardle of Heartland and Jess Hutch who are all dreamers and support each other in their careers! Graham and Don one day got together and made a song that aired on Heartland in a scene in a truck with Graham! He shares that story and more in the podcast! . Doomsday Mom is based on the true story of Lori Vallow, who gained national attention when her children, JJ and Tylee Vallow were reported missing from their Idaho home in the fall of 2019. As investigators learned of Lori and her new husband Chad Daybell’s involvement in a doomsday-prepper group, a trail of mystery was revealed spanning five states and numerous questionable deaths, before the bodies of JJ and Tylee were found in the backyard of Chad’s home in June 2020. Actor Don McLeod takes on the role of Charles Vallow the ex-husband of Lori Vallow and father of their children JJ and Tylee. Stephen Tolkin wrote the script and Bradley Walsh directed the film being distributed by Sony Pictures Television. Doomsday Mom starring Lauren Lee Smith and Marc Blucas will premiere on Lifetime at 8:00 pm est/pst on June 26, 2021. . Don plays Charles Vallow, who died following a shooting in Chandler in July 2019. At the time, Chandler Police officials say Vallow was at the home to pick up his son, and later engaged in an argument with his ex-wife Lori Vallow and her husband. Vallow's brother-in-law Alex Cox intervened on his sister's behalf and got involved in a physical fight where Cox shot Charles Vallow. Lori Vallow and her current husband Chad Daybell, are charged for a string of mysterious deaths among their relatives. . Don’s other acting credits include Project Blue Book, Frequency, Stake Out, and Travelers. In addition to acting, Don co-wrote/created, produced and plays one of the lead characters in a series proof of concept with fellow actor and business partner Jesse Hutch in development entitled “Fox and Hunter”. . Don has been involved in the music industry as a singer, writer, producer, and coach for over 25 years. He is currently recording a new Country album co-produced with Jim Riley of the Rascal Flatts. . It was a natural transition when Don took up acting, writing and creating in the film industry 11 years ago. He has trained with many established acting coaches as well as stunt fighters, MMA, police, and men in Special Forces. Don says, “My life is a series of crazy stories. It’s only by the grace of God that I’m alive today.” . IMDB DON MCLEOD . Courtesy of Lesley Diana |
May 19, 2021
Houston Stevenson reprises his starring role as Bruce in the third instalment of the sequel thriller film “A Predator Returns” slated to debut on  Lifetime Saturday, May 22, 2021. . Houston also stars as Brandon in the Pulse Pounding Horror Feature Film “Fear Pharm” now available on demand. . Houston Stevenson is starring in Lifetime’s sequel in the thriller film “A  Predator Returns.” alongside Matthew Crawley, Leigha Sinnot, Hannah Jane  McMurray, and Chris Jehnert. Directed by Colin Theys “A Predator  Returns” is set on the beaches of the fictitious Hunter’s Cove when a late-night boating trip for high schooler Courtney (Leigha Sinnott) leads to an unexpected encounter with a shark and a charming mysterious savior when her normal life is turned upside down. “A Predator Returns” screenplay is written by John Doolan and will premiere Saturday, May 22nd only on Lifetime. . Houston plays Bruce a charming, observant young politician’s son who hides a  violent, obsessive past under a false name. He is laying low in a  lighthouse on an island, resisting exposing himself to the temptations that have led him astray in the past. However, when Courtney and her  friends come to visit, he rediscovers his obsessive tendencies. He wants to complete his family and feeds the sharks around the island, which he  considers to be his brothers and sisters. . Houston can also be seen in a leading role in the pulse-pounding horror feature film “Fear Pharm” as Brandon, your typical all-American Jock, an easy-going guy, who’s all about his buddies and high school football. “Fear Pharm” is an American horror feature film about four teenagers that enter a maze, which is home to a deranged family. If 4 high school seniors make it through a ‘human maze’ in under 2 hours – they’ll win the “Cash Grand  Prize”… it seems simple enough… but only if you can escape the deranged family of dermatologists who’ve been harvesting the DNA of young teens for their special pharmaceutical cream. “Fear Pharm” also stars Emily Sweet (Desert Shadows; Castle Freak; Cry Havoc), Aimee Stolte (Battle Star Wars; Verotika; Megalodon), and John Littlefield and is available on DVD, Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video and FandangoNOW. . IMDB . Headshot photo credit: Jenna Berman. Courtesy of Lesley Diana |
May 19, 2021
Thomas Nicholson Canadian/Danish Actor is Heading into a Career Highlight Summer with Recurring Roles in The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem.
Canadian/Danish actor Thomas Nicholson is heading into a career highlight summer with recurring roles in The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem. . Actor Thomas Nicholson has booked dream roles on two popular TV series airing in 2021. On season six of The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, he plays a younger version of a real-life legendary musician who helps the lead cast as they embark on a new quest in the upcoming season. His first episode airs on May 2nd, 2021. . Thomas also appears in a recurring role on Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem, when its new season airs this summer. While we can’t say much about his roles without spoilers, each of them is pivotal to the two TV series this season. . You may recognize Thomas from his work on multiple television shows, notably a recurring role on the hit Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor. In the series’ final twist, his character is revealed to be an older version of lead Miles Wingrave (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth’s character). . He has also had roles in Netflix’s Virgin River, in AMC’s The Terror, Fox’s The X-Files, Bobby Singer’s son on The CW’s Supernatural, The History Channel’s Project Blue Book, and The 100. Thomas has also played leading roles in feature films, including Jake in Project: Eugenics and Luke in Writing Kim. . Taking on the role as Remy Johnson on USA Network’s Damnation was a particular highpoint for Thomas. He is also very proud to be playing the male lead in an upcoming Harold Greenberg short film called The Day We Left, based on the true story of a young Muslim couple that managed to escape Bosnia in the early days of The Bosnian War. . An ardent supporter of independent film, Thomas co-produced and stars in the award-winning short films Fatal Rhapsody and Dog Bite written by his partner, Gemma Holdway. Fatal Rhapsody has won the Audience Choice Award at Harrogate Film Festival (UK) and Award of Commendation at Canada Shorts Film Festival. Dog Bite received the Award of Excellence at Canada Shorts Film Festival and Best Actress to Jennifer Spence at Yes! Let’s Make a Movie Film Festival as well as nominations for Best Drama at Harrogate Film Festival and Best Overall Sound at the Leo Awards. In the Crazy8s film competition, Thomas has a lead role in the film Itsy Bitsy Spider that will be screening at the Wicked Queer film festival in Boston and the Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival in Victoria, BC this spring. . Thomas Nicholson’s head shot photo credit: Ashley Ross . Lesley Diana |
May 19, 2021
LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW WITH CREATORS Frank Spotnitz & Steve Thompson. The creative team is on their Canadian press tour for Leordaro, and they were amazing to interview. Both are such movers and shakers in the TV and Film industry! Hear what @imherewithmag thinks about their newest series on Telus Presents and Amazon Prime. Also learn more about these two world travelling award wining creators. . The series is created by Frank Spotnitz (The Man in the High Castle, Medici) and Steve Thompson (Sherlock) and directed by Dan Percival (The Man in the High Castle) and Alexis Sweet (Don Matteo). . LEONARDO Starring Aidan Turner, Matilda De Angelis,and Freddie Highmore. . A compelling look at one of the most restlessly brilliant men of all time, Leonardo gets inside the mind of the genius, showing the drama behind his art, and exploring a tantalizing mystery left unexplained by biographers – the nature of his relationship with the model Caterina da Cremona. Caterina’s apparent murder – and the painting’s disappearance – make for a mystery full of twists and turns that takes us through the key years  of Leonardo’s artistic life, leading to a thrilling climax nearly as ingenious as one of Leonardo’s own creations. . Caterina’s apparent murder – and the painting’s disappearance – make for a mystery full of twists and turns that takes us through the key years  of Leonardo’s artistic life, leading to a thrilling climax nearly as  ingenious as one of Leonardo’s own creations. . CAST Aidan Turner (Poldark, The Hobbit franchise) Matilda De Angelis (The Undoing) Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor) James D’Arcy (Agent Carter, Broadchurch) Giancarlo Giannini (Casino Royale, Seven Beauties). . Sony Pictures Entertainment Courtesy of TARO PR
May 13, 2021
CATHERINE LAROSE IS A CREATIVE PRODUCER WHO IS A COMMUNITY BUILDER CANADIAN  CREATIVE DIRECTOR CATHERINE LAROSE IS A COMMUNITY BUILDER WHO HAS INFLUENCED US, AND THE FASHION INDUSTRY FROM CALGARY TO CHINA! HER NEW POSITION AT CBC BEING A MARKETING SPECIALIST HAS BEEN A GREAT  EXPERIENCE FOR HER AND SHE LOVES SUPPORTING HER COMMUNITY NOW IN  EDMONTON, WHERE SHE WAS ORIGINALLY FROM! WE TALK ABOUT BEING A WOMAN IN THE PROFESSIONAL CREATIVE IN ALBERTA, AND NEVER GIVING UP ON YOUR DREAMS. . CATHERINE SHARES BUILD A GOOD TEAM THAT YOU CAN TRUST! . Catherine Larose is a Creative Producer and Marketing Specialist residing in Edmonton, Alberta. Her artwork has been featured in exhibitions throughout Canada, as well as China, France, Ireland, Italy, Rome and the United States. Catherine has produced large scale fashion shows and public events in Canada, China, Ireland, and the USA. Her passion for fusing art and science has even led her to specialize in designing wearable-technology garments and producing high end wearable tech performances and STEAM focused fashion shows. . Catherine has a long history of supporting and working in the arts community through not-for-profits and charities including Future Oceans Canada, Natural Talent Alliance, the School of Alberta Ballet, the Cecchetti Society of Canada, the Canadian Space Society.  Prior to moving to Edmonton in 2018, she was the Editor-In-Chief for Calgary Bride directing photo shoots and producing editorial content for Alberta’s most widely distributed bridal magazines, “Luxe”, “Calgary Bridal Guide”, and “Confetti.” . In 2016, Catherine co-founded Natural Talent Alliance, an organization focused on supporting the talent and entertainment industry including models, dancers, musicians, actors, fashion designers, professional photographers and media artists. In 2019 Catherine and her business partners co-founded Future Oceans Canada, an artist led movement in support of ocean conservation.  Catherine currently works full time as a Marketing Specialist for Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enabling women to build successful businesses. . READ CATHERINE'S ARTICLE
May 13, 2021
EDMONTON IRISH ARTIST ALAN D. SHARES HIS INSIGHT OF BEING A MUSICIAN DURING COVID-19 TIME. . The Reckless Consensus Our cover of the Auld Triangle dropped on Wednesday the 17th of March. Be sure to check out the page for the big reveal.  . Raw Talks Podcasts are designed for the artist in mind, both  established and rising. Its goal is to continuously add pieces to the  ever increasing  puzzle, as to what it takes to make it, by speaking  with industry  professionals.  . FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK AND SPOTIFY. . .  ALAN - Have you ever wondered what would motivate a fashion designer to make art from ocean debris? Here we have an interview with Fashion Designer Dianne Gibson and Alan Donnelly, host of the Raw Talks Podcast.  .  CLICK HERE: You can listen to the podcast on Spotify by searching - “Raw Talks Podcast with Alan Donnelly”!  . Raw Talks Podcasts are designed for the artist in mind, both established and  rising. Its goal is to continuously add pieces to the ever increasing puzzle, as to what it takes to make it, by speaking with industry  professionals. ALAN - Have you ever wondered what would motivate a fashion designer to make art from ocean debris?  . Here we have an interview with Fashion Designer Dianne Gibson and Alan Donnelly, host of the Raw Talks Podcast.  CLICK HERE:
May 13, 2021
Jeni is an international known clairvoyant, an esoteric spiritual teacher, counsellor, past life akashic reader, intuitive life coach & medium. She has been called a "profound healer". Jeni also holds  her Level 1 degree in Pranic Healing. Jeni hosts & produces her own TV show in Calgary at Shaw TV called "Soul Work"; live weekly on the Shaw TV Access Network Channel 10. Jeni books guests who are spiritually based on all levels and interviews them, then takes calls from the viewers to answer their questions weather its a question on a reading or a question on spirituality etc. Her work & reputation has given her  the opportunity to be apart of other radio & TV shows such as "Wolf  Spirit Radio" from Las Vegas Nevada & a TV show called "Conscious Evolution Media" on the Spiritual Evolution Channel from Denver Colorado. She is currently working with other media projects soon to be announced. . Jeni knew from the age of 4 that she was a different person. She started  having spiritual experiences & encounters with other spiritual  beings & started to see & hear things that others could not see. She kept everything to herself for many years. Then when she was 14 years of age, her abilities started to increase and she was not sure what was happening. She ran into her neighbour at the time who is a spiritual teacher and reader and he explained to her what was happening and things started to make more sense. This is when Jeni started her  metaphysical studies on spirituality on all spiritual based subjects. Her first book was Esoteric Healing, Light Of the Soul & A Treatise Of White Magic by Alice Bailey & Master DK Djwhal Khul. Ever since then she has been to many seminars, workshops, had one-on-one sessions with worldwide known Gurus in order to come to terms with things. She's learned more of who she truly is and why she is here. . Jeni's spiritual work comes from the Holy Spirit & Christ  Consciousness. Her readings & esoteric teachings provide you with clarity on all issues in your life, including past life karmic issues that need to be resolved in order for you to move forward. If you do not resolve issues, they will follow you and you will not ever clear it.   . Jeni reads into your soul's level of consciousness to help guide you in all areas in your life weather, its relationships, business, health, family, etc. . .
May 12, 2021
Sacred Realms with Dr. Salest Mele
Dr. Saleste Mele, Actor/Writer/Healer/Welcome to Sacred Realms. "Do you ever hear the whisper of the natural kingdoms? The call to come smell a flower or to touch a tree anchoring to Mother Earth? The spirit realm works with us in mysterious ways." Saleste Mele.  . We exist to assist clients throughout the world to gain clarity, move through blockages, delve deeper and tap into your potential with sound healing, plant medicine, esoteric teachings, spiritual coaching and  sacred ceremony.  . Health & Wellness Website · Alternative & Holistic Health Service · Product/Service.  . We exist to assist clients throughout the world to gain clarity, move through blockages, go deeper and tap into your potential with sound healing, plant medicine and sacred ceremony.  .  We are open to collaborating with companies or individuals that have a minimum of 10 people interested in experiencing a Sound Healing Session. Please contact us for details.  .  Click to view weekly class schedule  .  .
May 11, 2021
What is Sunvalley News. . Sunvalley News is an online news channel serving rural and  Indigenous  communities in the Okanagan-Shuswap, Thompson Nicola and Cariboo, including Lillooet Districts. . Breakfast Online is a morning newscast hosted by Dana Foster,  providing viewers  with weather, roads, sports, and community (events, birthdays, engagements, funeral, weddings) announcements. As well as rural and  indigenous news in education, technology, business, economic development, and agriculture. Breakfast online is also featuring  healthy, beauty,  lifestyle and entertainment segments. . The Sunvalley News Youth program serves the community with a free youth  program for Indigenous and Rural youth. Youth ages 12-24 that are interested in digital media, online broadcasting, social media, video creation, and photography learn editing, story development, internet  safety, and how to use the camera, audio, and lighting equipment youth. . Sunvalley News feature online news content about people in, economy, tourism & history, Indigenous & local cultures, music & arts, sports & health, current events & information, that directly affect people in rural and Indigenous communities. . Dana Foster is a Digital Host/Journalist living in Cache Creek, British  Columbia. Dana has been working as a Host/News Reporter in Radio and Television since 2004 and has worked for Jim Pattison, Bell Media, Shaw  TV, and APTN National News. . Dana made the transition from traditional media into digital media in 2012 by starting a You Tube channel for her talk show, Independent Chick. In 2016 she launched an independent multi-media channel for unrepresented women in Canada called The Women’s Online Network and went on to assist  more organizations to launch their own online publications. Recently Dana has launched a  Online News Channel called Sunvalley News for Indigenous and Rural communities in the Thompson Nicola Region. . Dana is passionate about advocating for Indigenous Women’s issues, Disability rights, and Mental Health awareness. . LINKS
May 11, 2021
I'M HERE WITH got to interview the hilarious and supportive Okanagan Film Commissioner Jon Summerland. He shares how he was an aspiring actor turned Film Commissioner and loving every minute of it. Jon jokes that who wouldn't want tot film in the Okanagan, its beautiful and sexy! JON SUMMERLAND IS MAKING THE OKANAGAN FILM INDUSTRY SEXY
May 9, 2021
David LeReaney has been acting, directing, coaching dialects and  teaching for a living since 1979, appearing in or directing over 250  professional plays and 60 film and TV productions. He has a busy career in film and TV, appearing in more than 60 productions. David  is a coach and teacher of dialects and accents through his company, Dial/Act Inc. having taught at almost every college and university in Alberta. He has coached Eva Marie Saint, Brenda Fricker,  Jacqueline Bisset, Rachel Ward, Billy Bob Thornton, Demi Moore, Liam Hemsworth, Aidan Quinn, Jessica Pare, Cynthia Nixon, Matthew Modine,  Kerri Russel, Skeet Ulrich, Joely Richardson, Greta Scacchi, Clair Forlani and many more. 😌 Jill Maria is a big fan is David and they chat about being artists in Alberta and how we has made a big name for himself with dialect coaching and worked with many of the top stars and ACTRA. Photo by Lorne Coultman
May 9, 2021
MARK CRITCH ON THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES Governor-General auditions skit is on CBC tonight at 9 PM. He acts as Eugene Levy, Neil Young, Rick Mercer,  and an appearance by Wayne and Garth. . From Prime Ministers and Premiers to movie stars and celebrities, Mark Critch proves that everyone has a funny side. 22 Minutes anchor and roving reporter, Mark is one of the hardest working comedians in show business, winning multiple awards for both writing and performance. Hitting the road every week, Mark brings the powerful and famous down to earth and into your living room. In addition to 14 years starring on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Mark has appeared in CBC's Winnipeg Comedy Festival and is the host of CBC's Halifax Comedy Festival and has written for and appeared in CBC's world-renowned Just for Laughs series. . Mark's role in the highly-acclaimed feature film The Grand Seduction, garnered him the Best Actor Award at the 2013 Atlantic Film Festival. Mark's involvement in many film and television shows, includes acting in Newfoundland's own Republic of Doyle and co-writing a special for The Muppets. . SON OF A CRITCH - BOOK PHOTO BY @coreyisenor FOLLOW - Taped on February 23rd, 2021
February 24, 2021