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By Roz
Hey, I'm Roz, a public speaker, campaigner, and broadcaster. I am bringing you inSIGHT. Human interest stories on overcoming adversity build bridges and apply rule no6; don't take yourself too seriously. Connect with me on

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Royal Racism
I wish the Palace would have been quick to launch an investigation into racism as they were to launch one into allegations of bullying by Megan Markle. But the lack of action is no surprise coming from a symbol of institutional racism. Connect with me on twitter and linkedin
March 28, 2021
Menopause: What Every Woman [Everybody] Needs to Know
My special guest is Pastor Yvonne Brooks. Pastor Brooks encountered something for which she was ill-prepared and ill-informed, and that something was the "change of life" or menopause. As she sought information from other women to understand what she was going through, she discovered most women were as unprepared as she was for this life transition.  I think that Menopause is something that everybody needs to know about. Pastor Yvonne Brooks is the author of Menopause: What Every Woman Needs to Know and the founder of Women of Purpose. We discuss the meaning, the changes and the helpful hints to make this life alternating experience less painful, shameful and mysterious. The book Menopause: What Every Woman Needs to Know available on this link Connect with me on twitter LinkedIn & imjussayin #women #relationships #menopause #health #society & culture #news & politics #women’s health
March 14, 2021
Breastfeeding Social Media Social Control
Insight looks at the power social media platforms especially Facebook wields.  They are not simply neutral platforms allowing all to express their views. Instead, they are dictating and shaping societies. inSIGHT considers why we must be concerned. connect with me on twitter and linkedin
February 28, 2021
Me and Mr Jones
We’re tackling a tough topic some might find taxing, My guest and I have wanted to share this story for the longest. It has a musical history. Shirley Murdock sang about it in the 1986 classic, Kelly Price covered it at a gospel fest, to a social media storm. While Murdock and Price “Lay” TLC creep-ed. Me & Mr Jones. Yes, my guest has had an extramarital affair. She cheated on her partner and feminist principles? A woman who decided to have an affair. The who and the where are all made clear, as we discuss the why. To protect her and all parties, this sensitive issue has been voiced over by a third party. inSIGHT asks why cheat?
February 14, 2021
Why Black Peoples Are Covid Vaccine Reluctant
Why are Black Peoples are reluctant to take the covid vaccine? inSIGHT considers the horrific history of unauthorised experiments on Black bodies and the destruction of trust. connect with me on twitter
January 31, 2021
Censoring Trump and Ahead On inSIGHT
As inSIGHT looks forward to the year ahead, we ask the question, have the celebrations greeting Donald Trump's silencing been premature, and open more significant issues. Connect with me on twitterand imjussayin
January 17, 2021
The Joy of Fostering
My special guests spread a modern miracle, the one thing that is guaranteed to make life better for all. Meet Mr and Mrs Love; actually, they are Mandy and Colin Baptiste. They open their home to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Many of whom are already victims of neglect and abuse and often carry the scars – psychological and sometimes physical – of their past—children placed into the foster care system as a last resort. Insight asks with children of their own why foster? What are the costs and the joy of fostering? Connection with me on twitter
January 3, 2021
Why Jesus? with Rev Canon Dr Rachel
In the 21st century, the last place you may want to be is in church. It doesn’t reflect 21st Century life. But you might revisit that after hearing from my guest the Rev Canon Dr Rachel Mann, who certainly had a profound effect upon me. Warm, witty, wise and winning Rev Canon Rachel Mann is a theologian, trans and all heart despite all the trials throw at the Rev. Why Jesus? Join us and see. connect with me on twitter 
December 13, 2020
Meet Pam A Carer At Great Cost
My special guest is Pam, the salt of the earth; in other words, a carer. Some headlines would have us believe that carers are anything but caring. If we valued care and we ought to, then it must be a dream job with ideal conditions, especially as care services, have been privatised to improve value and quality. This is the inSIGHT on being a carer who profits and who pays? connect with me on twitter @imjussayin2
November 29, 2020
Meet Shane Snow Mr Upper Class Privilege
My special guest is Shane Snow, a white upper-middle-class man. It is a life of privilege, wealth, opportunity, and authority. At the same time, his class is denigrated as snowflakes. Or demeaned as those 'loose liberals' for their progressive views. It's the group Martin Luther King saw as the barrier to racial equality. Are they Malignant or Magnificent? Shane belongs to a set who has it all. Right? Discover with me an upper-middle-class reality. Connect with me on Twitter society & culture, BLM, Liberalism, news & politics,
November 15, 2020
inSIGHT Meet Naome A Survivor Triumphing Over Trauma
My special guest is Naome, aka the blogger Tracing Trauma. And that is what we are going to be discussing how the trauma of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) impacts on daily life. It's an experience that leaves a mark biologically, emotionally and mentally. It also wounds the spirit. So we look at the powerful impulses that govern our responses to overwhelming life events. Sadly, victim-survivors frequently pass on their stress to their partners and children. Yet, Naome offers a hopeful vision. One of triumph over trauma. Listen as we talk and explore the horror that is all too prevalent in today's society. connect with me on twitter @imjussayin2
November 1, 2020
inSIGHT Meet Keith Angry Black Man, Single Parent & More
My special guest is Keith Odeje, a man of many categories, Black Man, Single Father, Special Needs parent and Angry Black Man. We explore and the look at the trope of the Angry Black Man, is it right? How does a single father cope with raising a daughter and one who has special needs? And we get a Brother on the quickfire round, but this interview looks set to end on a challenge. Connect with me on twitter #blacklivesmatter #blackempowerment #singleparenting #disabilityawareness
October 18, 2020
inSIGHT The Battle Against Poaching & Extinction with Special Guest Ranger Chris
My special guest is Chris. Now I know that we are familiar with stories of the Forest Ranger, the Power Ranger and even the Texas Ranger.  But stories of the Game Ranger. Men and women who truly put their lives on the line in protection of our wildlife. Poaching is the fourth most lucrative illegal industry. So, the Game Rangers face danger. To tell us the score, my hero for sure, is Chris. Former Game Ranger responsible for the territorial and biological integrity of conservation areas in various African countries. Connect with me on twitter
October 4, 2020
Black Lives Matter ~ White Perspectives 4 The Fear of Equality
Black Lives Matter ~ White Perspectives 4 The Fear of Equality. My special guest is Stuart Manley, intrepid entrepreneur and travelling white English man. We will be discussing Black Lives Matter, white fragility and the impact of race on romantic relationships. And we debate how white supremacy may be used by Institutions to misdirect on issues as important as child sexual abuse and immigration. Calm, cool and collected Stuart and I will be exploring the tough questions on race relations in the 21 century. Connect with me on
September 20, 2020
inSIGHT Black Women Talking With Judge Sharman Monroe
Black Women Talking: the reality not the stereotype. My guest special guest is Sharman Monroe, former Chief Judge, from Washington DC. Retired Judge Moore will be talking to me about her journey to becoming a judge, the law and the Afro~ American experience and do Black Lives Matter in the USA? And of course rule no 6, not taking ourselves too seriously. Black women talking is something that is rare in the British media. Black women have a voice, but we are made invisible. Insight's: Black Women Talking changes that. Connect with me on twitter
September 6, 2020
Black Lives Matter ~ White Perspectives 3 Race White Peoples’ Battle
My special guest is Jane activist, educator, advocator, and all-round good egg We are talking, Black Lives Matter, white people raising black children, white supremacy & white fragility, Honest open illuminating…White people talking race part 3 with The Banging Book review Connect with me on Twitter
August 24, 2020
Black Lives Matter ~ White Perspectives 2 Feminism
My special guests are two feminists with me as the sole black person, talking Black Lives Matter, race relations, white supremacy and white fragility, It going to be an interesting and frank ride…White people talking race part II and sweet sounds including our laughter. Part 1 - White Supremacy? 00.00 Part 1A - White Feminism 7:13 Alison Hinds - Roll It Gal 16:34 Part 2 - Opening Up Feminism 19:51 Part 2B - Embracing Black Sisters? 31:23 Alice Merton - No Roots 40:34 Part 3 - Black Lives Matter 43:47 Bishop Bullwinkle - Hell To Da Naw,Naw,Naw With Da Bicycle 53:32
August 9, 2020
Black Lives Matter White Perspectives Part 1
Black Lives Matter ~ White Perspectives Check in to an open and frank discussion with a panel of white sisters and brothers of mixed ages talking about white supremacy, historical and modern-day race relations. Eye-opening, stimulating and music to boot. Fact Check and References in the show include London is 60% white ( Fran’s work with The Richards Trauma Process John Brown (abolitionist) Nat Turner's Rebellion James Reeb Minister Bret Weinstein Lecturer
July 29, 2020