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By Evy & Jas
Podcast about Asian-diaspora stories (and beyond) told by Evy and Jas. Each episode we discuss the latest pop-culture moments and current events through our lens. Find more at
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On Abortion, Bodily Autonomy and the Fight
Roe v. Wade, the decision that legalized abortion nationwide in the U.S. has just been overturned — the latest move that has just rid millions of people the ability to get an abortion ban. We discuss the continued attacks on bodily autonomy that will hurt the most vulnerable, how this move will ripple throughout the world, and why speaking up isn’t just about IG story re-shares and posts, but a marathon when it comes to fighting for human rights. How to Donate to an Abortion Fund 
June 30, 2022
Why AAPI month can be exhausting
While June marks the end of AAPI month, we discuss the exhaustion and pressure to create content, connect with brands and do the most during a time that still sees anti-Asian hate crimes rise around the globe. Instead, we discuss how we took AAPI month as a time to be restful and grateful to ourselves — starting new jobs, travelling and learning more about ourselves without needing to post it everywhere for the sake of the month. AAPI is everyday, every month, and all year long.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
June 09, 2022
New Jobs, New Roles and New Perspectives
This is the rebirth episode. For Jas and Evy, the start of spring is bringing a lot of new changes — new jobs, new roles but also new perspectives. In this episode we look into the cultural values of work and why we’ve chosen to define it our own way; to also work on learning about ourselves outside careers. By investing more in ourselves than the companies we work for, it also gives us time to come closer to our cultural roots. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_ 
April 29, 2022
Pachinko and Our Roots
We have a lot of thoughts about Pachinko, a new show based on the New York Times award winning novel by Min Jin Lee that chronicles the life of a Korean immigrant family in three generations, under Japanese colonialism. The series touches on generational trauma — something we both feel to this day; in anger, resentment and fear. From treasuring a bowl of rice to understanding our roots and histories more with our colonial past, this story is pushing us to explore our own histories. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_ 
April 07, 2022
Atlanta, anti-Asian Hate and Turning Red
TW: heavy episode detailing violence It’s been a year since 8 were killed in the targeted hate crime against Asian women working in Atlanta’s massage parlours. Yet, it’s hard to even commemorate or catch a break with the continued attacks and fatalities — with Asian women and femmes lining up around the block for free pepper spray and personal alarms in NYC alone. We talk about the impact it has, the constant anxiety and fear, and heartbreak in our communities. Also on why more storytelling and representation, like “Turning Red” give us agency and power in times like these. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @immadein_
March 20, 2022
Korean Squad Goals at the SAG Awards + Netflix K-drama Line Up
On the pod today, we discuss the coverage on Ukraine, and how it’s possible to stand in solidarity with while also understanding that racial discrimination is impacting Black and Asian refugees. We also touch on some new learnings to the year, including why it’s important for people to raise each other up in the culture amid continual attacks directed at Asian American women. As always, we’ll be discussing the new shows we’re watching (Twenty Five Twenty One, and Thirty Nine on Netflix) and also why Squid Game’s SAG award moment touches our hearts! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
March 04, 2022
How Our Beloved Summer on Netflix stole our hearts
Starting Year of the Tiger strong, we get into our resolutions and what we’re excited about — including this continued food exchange Evy has with her new Chinese auntie neighbour. This episode is also dedicated to our new fave Netflix K-drama, “Our Beloved Summer” and why it resonates so much with our upbringing on love and relationships. made in is also proud to support the LUNAR NEW YEAR GIVEBACK, a community collective fundraiser to provide the vulnerable and those facing homelessness with winter survival gear, through @sanctuarytoronto. New year, more empathy and more collective health!  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @immadein_
February 11, 2022
Year of the Tiger Energy
To start off the new year, we're going in on talking about productivity - and how so many of our immigrant families measure it as success and career goals - it can also push you to forget about your own time and self growth. This episode we talk about the uncomfortability of taking time to relax, tips on how ew've been able to try and find time to enjoy ourselves and how working can't be our only personality.  Also, what we're excited about for the Lunar New Year (basically a 2022 do-ver), new shows we're watching and of course snack time. This week is salted egg potato chips from Aunties Supply.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
January 27, 2022
Singles Inferno Recap
You already know we had to start the new year with some heat — So 2022, we’re coming at you with some #singlesinferno takes. From Ji-a being a “bootleg Jennie” (#Blinks) to Yea-Won being who deserves better, we get into Netflix Korea's new dating show. Who was your fave? What are your theories?  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
January 13, 2022
LIVE @ ISO Radio - Is Ariana Grande our new Kpop sister?
GOODBYE 2021 (and to Ariana Grande who be looking like our latest k-pop sister). We go in on the singer who went from self-tanner to skin whitening cream — and the #blackfishing and #asianfishing mess. Also in our final episode of the year, we talk about our fave moments, personal growth and realizations — from learning to be more open and willing to change perspectives. As we all fight on to make it past this pandemic, we hope you also have time for self-care and reflections. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
December 14, 2021
LIVE @ ISO Radio - Justice for Kim Seon Ho from Hometown Cha Cha Cha
LIVE @ ISO Radio in November. We're talking about the importance of taking time off, the piping tea around Hometown Cha Cha Cha's lead actor Kim Seon Ho and the hard work at Korean Dispatch. Our snack of the month is Taro flavoured Lay's, courtesy of T&T Kensington.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_ 
November 30, 2021
Career vs Dream with Paul Chin
From working full time as a designer at a company to abandoning all that to follow his dream, Toronto producer, DJ and artist Paul Chin (@ohyeahpaulchin) took the major leap — and landed. With a recent grant from the Canadian Art Council to fully produce his upcoming album, we talk about careers. Also with immigrant parents — for Paul, Jamaican-Chinese — the challenges in sharing that dream. Like yes, doctors and lawyers, but where does creativity fold it?  Follow us on Instagram + Twitter @immadein_  Follow Paul Chin on Instagram + Twitter @ohyeahpaulchin
October 27, 2021
LIVE @ ISO Radio - Squid Game
If you’re not watching Squid Game, where you at? In honour of what’s become Netflix’s top show across the globe, we got on to talk about our favourite theories from the show (please say the cop brother is still alive), our favourite characters and why the popularity into k-drama/k-film helps humanize and give more insight into cultures beyond to scope of Hollywood. Also, our snack of the episode: dried squid.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_ 
October 19, 2021
Welcome to Korea Week with Korean Culture Centre
Why does representation matter? It’s opening a door into understanding culture, stories and humanity across the world. This episode, we’re talking about #KoreaWeek. In partnership with Korean Cultural Centre (@kcccanada) and Canada’s Embassy of the Republic of Korea we’re super excited to share what they’ve done to share Korean culture with the diaspora and beyond, starting with the craze of K-dramas and Korean cinema. Joined by Korean Cultural Centre Director Sungeun Lee and program coordinator Shine Jang, we talk about everything from the impact of Squid Game, Minari and Parasite to how the Korean diaspora is working to share and retain their culture and history in Canada. Join in on the Korea Week's events like the Ottawa Korean Film Festival, where you can watch "Cities of Korea" running until Oct 13th. More information, visit  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
October 06, 2021
LIVE @ ISO Radio - Food and Identity for Trans Racial Adoptees, Toxic Kdrama Themes and more
September episode of made in live at ISO Radio. Evy + Jas talk about why voting matters, food and identity for trans racial adoptees, toxic k-drama themes and more! Listen live every first Wednesday of the month at  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_ 
September 23, 2021
LIVE @ ISO Radio - Tokyo 2020, Favourite TV Shows, K-Drama Scandal and more
So excited to share this our first live radio show with ya’ll from our monthly spot at Spent the hour breaking down everything from Naomi Osaka’s courage to bring mental health to the forefront, our favourite tv shows, k-drama scandals and other current events that are on top of mind. listen live to our next on Wednesday, Sept. 1st at 5 p.m. ET on!  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
August 17, 2021
Audrey Nuna's Journey to Creative Freedom and Identity
Damn right, we got Audrey Nuna (@audreynuna) on this week. Discovered by roc nation at 16, the now 22-year-old artist is now signed to a major record label, and is here to share her journey with us. Yes, that includes giving a power point presentation to her parents, dropping out of university to focus on music and learning to love her Korean-American roots while not boxing herself into stereotypes. Absolutely stoked humbled to share this platform with her.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_ 
July 28, 2021
Asian Fishing and the Creepy Case of Oli London
What does creepy, problematic cultural appropriation look like and why is it harmful for the community? This week we look at the case of Oli London, a white blogger (??) whose undergone more than a dozen surgeries to emulate BTS’s Jimin and more recently, told his fans that he identifies as “korean.”  But taking “asian aesthetic” features and parts of our culture without understanding the complexities and generational trauma in identity erases our voices and beings and keeps our identity at a shallow level. We also dive into asian fishing, and how problematic appropriation can also come from racialized communities. (cough, cough, JAY PARK)  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
July 08, 2021
In Conversation with Alex Abad-Santos on Corporate Pride Celebrations
From rainbow t-shirts at target to banks touting their #PrideMonth ads, it’s getting a little cringe. We talk all things pop culture and performative allyship/branding with Vox Senior Culture Writer Alex Abad-Santos who has used his platform as a writer and social media maven to poke fun at the hollow attempts of inclusivity. Also lots more on Asian parental expectations, breaking out of boxes and speaking up. Follow Alex on Twitter @alex_abads and us @immadein_
June 25, 2021
Asian LGBTQ+ Health and Community
Highlighting the power in community and work of the people, this week we speak with Asian Community AIDS Services Dany Ko (siya/伊, they/them) about the charitable, non-profit, community-based organization based in Toronto that dedicates time to improve the sexual health of East and South East Asians. They aim to provide a safer space and programs for the Asian LGTBQ+ community to explore identity, receive safe sex education and learn more about allyship. You can head to @acastoronto to learn more about the programs or give a listen for drop-in sessions for both LGBTQ+ people and allies this June. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @immadein_
June 21, 2021
Asian LGBTQ+ Identity and Pride with Matt Brooks
Stepping out of a predominantly white, heteronormative community as a gay, mixed-race filipino man in Oregon, Matt Brooks often felt he had to hide who he was to fit in. But after leaving high school, he knew he wasn’t being authentic to himself. He moved to LA and found is chosen family — ones who led him to also find his calling working as a digital creator and social media voice proudly learning about his identity on the way.  The journey has led him to work on campaigns for grindr, E!, Youth to the People, making them a more inclusive space. Now he’s finding his footing back in advocacy, pushing for change with Folx Health, an organization working to provide health to queer and trans people. In this episode, we get into the unlearning, shame to freeness of learning to survive and thrive as who we are.  Resources shared by Matt in this episode include: Changing the Game on Hulu, Raquel Willis, Chase Strangio and Fran Tirado. Follow Matt on Instagram at @mattebrooks and us at @immadein_
June 10, 2021
Representation, Resources & Reflections from API Month
#AsianHeritageMonth has come to a close but momentum shouldn’t. here’s our lil hAPPI hour reflection on our own accomplishments this month — recognizing the need to reflect and build energy from learning, refuel and get back to sharing more stories that highlight inequities and provoke change! from working with brands like Ugg and Greenhouse Juice to pass the baton on to other asian creators with human rights in mind to compiling a list of unlearning resources, we hope MADE IN continues to be a part of your daily rotation. Tbh, every month is a time to celebrate asian accomplishments and advocate for change.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @immadein_
June 01, 2021
Representation and Film with Reel Asian Film Festival
Almost 40 years after the murder of Vincent Chin — a Chinese-American in the budding auto-industry in Detroit, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a rise in hate-motivated attacks against Asian people across North America. “Who killed Vincent Chin” is a 1987 documentary that Reel Asian Film Festival will be screening (for free) May 26 and 27 to bring up uncomfortable realities, a history of Asian activism as #API month comes to a close. We spoke with Aram Collier, the head of programming at Reel Asian to discuss the role of representation and storytelling in film that share Asian disaporic stories. Also info on what Reel Asian does for budding storytellers. Follow @reelasian for more information. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
May 25, 2021
Beauty, Motherhood and Korean Identity with Grace Lee
Grace Lee (@graceleebeauty) knows a thing or two about micro-aggressions working in the beauty industry. As Maybelline New York's lead Canadian artist, she’s seen it all in an industry with questionable casting and beauty standards. from being told models should look “more Asian” to a lack of diverse models and facing imposter syndrome, Grace tells us why after many years she needs to use her platform to speak out against inequities.  A mother of two, raising kids who also have faced their fair share of racism at a young age, she also talks about preserving culture and how she teaches her kids to be proud of their Korean-Chinese background.  *No shoes in the house but slippers are a must. This is how we stay cozy — in #UggPride “fluff for all” on our feet. We want to thank Ugg for the comfort and for donating $1,500 to #api and equitable organizations that support our communities. Head to @ugg to learn more.
May 21, 2021
The Birth of made in
When we started made in, we wanted to create a space where asian women could share their stories because there weren’t many resources out there. So, we just did it — starting with bad audio to gradually improving the tech but also our vision of what we wanted: a safe living room space to celebrate our identity while also talking about daily issues with a critical lens.  In this episode, we answer listener questions and look back at what we’ve learned, from convos on cultural appropriation and yes, bone broth to criticisms we’ve received.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
May 14, 2021
Dani Roche on Identity and Social Media
From the days of MTV FORA to Forbes 30 under 30 Dani Roche has never compromised her vision at Kastor & Pollux, a creative studio based in Toronto. As an innovator, she's inspired by the dreamy, shoe-gaze nostalgia of the internet culture. In our episode, we talk about what it's like behind-the-scene of understanding the responsibility of having an audience on social media platforms to being an Asian woman in a leadership position of influence. Dani opens up to share her experience as someone who is adopted and growing up navigating questions and misunderstandings.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @immadein_
May 07, 2021
Minari at the Oscars
Love to see more Asian nominees this Oscars — but still, it was wack. From the snubs to “Minari” and “Sound of metal,” to Hollywood attempting to reframe Korean actress Youn Yuh-Jung’s win for Best Supporting Actress as a Brad Pitt fan girl moment, we get into why Hollywood continues to fail to allow people of colour to tell their stories, why American exceptionalism is a disease and how a lot of asian film is already self-sustaining. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @immadein_
April 30, 2021
Imposter Syndrome
for many asian americans and canadians, imposter syndrome, the internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be, is an everyday struggle. from being afraid to speak up in school to a lack of full representation that makes us question our presence in the workplace or in social circles, we get into our own experiences with imposter syndrome and how — like the model minority myth — it holds us back from our full potential. follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
April 22, 2021
Taylor Takahashi's journey to playing "Boogie"
When Taylor Takahashi first read Eddie Huang's script for “Boogie” he knew right there and then: that was him, that was how he grew up. But he never imagined playing the part. After meeting the celeb chef and author in a basketball league, the two bonded over food and conversation. What Taylor didn’t realize back then was that he’d ever see his name next to the credit ‘actor’ and initially refused Eddie’s many offers to take the role. But after empowerment from Eddie, and also working with the late-Bashar “pop smoke” Jackson, he was finally able to tell himself that he could tell this story, authentically. Cover photo is by Lea Winkler for highsnobiety
March 31, 2021
Anti-Asian Racism
Still processing, still learning, but hurting. Today’s episode on anti-Asian violence, after a mass targeted shooting took the lives of 8 people, the majority of them Asian women.We are heartbroken for the families of the victims in the Atlanta hate crime. Anti-Asian violence and racism has permeated our societies for centuries. The pandemic has only given rise to the hate. We need to speak up to protect our Asian communities, to be seen as human, as individuals. Protect Asian people, protect Asian women, protect Asian seniors, protect Black, Indigenous people and other people of colour.We must work together to dismantle white supremacy. Please, share resources with us we can amplify and sending love. Find resources for anti-Asian violence in our Instagram bio at @immadein_ 
March 17, 2021
Environmentalism and collectivism in Asian cultures with Ziya Tong
Extremely excited to share this insightful episode with Ziya Tong, former host of the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet and currently on the board of WWF. She talks about growing up in Hong Kong, her Chinese-Macedonian background and all things STEM. From breaking the myth that environmentalism is rooted in whiteness, Asian collectivism values vs. Western capitalist societies, to the dichotomy of Chinese people vs. China, the empire, Ziya takes us on a journey of understand perspectives from all lenses. Also on the docket, Bling Empire.  Recently she’s re-released a hardcover copy of her book, The Reality Bubble,  exploring blind spots, hidden truths, and the dangerous illusions that shape our world (find it on our site.)Thank you again Ziya for such a great thought-provoking conversation. Follow Ziya on Twitter @ziyatong and us at @immadein_
March 03, 2021
Yuta Watanabe on identity, chasing dreams and making it to the NBA
Starting Lunar New Year strong with this special episode featuring Raptors Yuta Watanabe. He sits down to talk with us about representation, overcoming obstacles, and moving across the globe from Japan to America to achieve his life-long dream to play in the NBA. Also, inspired by Will Lou, we did a speed round and had an impassioned talk about ramen.  Follow Yuta on Instagram @yutawatanabe12 and us at @immadein_
February 17, 2021
Chef Roy Choi on Identity, Resilience, and Food Accessibility
Honoured and humbled to have Chef Roy Choi on our first pod episode of 2021 and this down-to-earth, real convo on identity, survival and collective health and wealth.  A pioneer and entrepreneur of LA’s and the global food truck scene with Kogi BBQ (@kogibbq), Roy has changed and challenged the face of food, not only as a personality on The Chef's Show on Netflix, Broken Bread, but in his day-to-day advocacy for food accessibility. He talks about his humble beginnings, how his Korean-American identity comes into play, and how going through failure — and bouncing back — is the ultimate life lesson.  This episode is also testament to the importance of ensuring that putting others and people first remains a priority even during COVID times when business or devastation is at large. Again, thanks Chef Roy Choi for dropping knowledge and continuing to be a role model for many of us.  Follow us him on Instagram and Twitter @chefroychoi and us @immadein_
January 22, 2021
Bye 2020: Reflections, Bone Broth and Group Chats
Cheers to the last episode of 2020. To all who supported, we are so thankful to grow and learn with you this year. In our last episode we reflect on some of our most cherished moments, our own personal learning and inevitable bone broth saga along with our messages on redefining wellness, and how kinship and togetherness of having a space as Asian women has made us stronger and more thankful.  We hope you are able to ring in the new year, feeling like there are others around you and that @immadein_ can continue to be that safe living room space to process and take a moment for yourselves. We'll be back with much more in 2021, and again, thank you for being part of the journey.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @immadein_, @evystatium and @jasminhrshim
December 31, 2020
Asian Masculinity and Fighting Stereotypes with Ji Sub Jeong
Why are Asian men stigmatized as undesirable as romantic partners? Growing up, that’s something that Korean-Canadian immigrant @geesubay faced. On top the racism undertones, the stigma of being “less masculine” is something that has permeated our society, while Asian women are constantly over-sexualized. One of the most vocal voices speaking up against this, along with fighting systemic racism and white supremacy is Ji Sub Jeong.  He talks about his childhood, moving from Korea to Canada, being bullied in Vancouver for not being “white” or Korean enough, and eventually learning to love his Korean heritage. Moving to San Francisco to study art, working at Huffington Post as an illustrator, and now freelance — he’s turned his attention to using social media as a tool to bring awareness to the Asian male perspective. Follow Ji Sub @geesubay, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immaadein_
December 23, 2020
Sarah Kim of By Way of US on Korean-American identity in career, love and motherhood
We are incredibly humbled and excited to share today's episode with Sarah Kim. Growing up in a Korean-Christian household in America, she gives us an honest conversation on her career, falling in love, the darkest times in her life and motherhood. Starting as a writer and editor in New York, to branding names like Nike NYC and Converse, she eventually moved to put her focus on her own collective, By Way of US, to empower female entrepreneurs with an intersectional lens, and her son, Kiko.  From familial expectations to what it means to take up space as an Asian woman in America to raising a child in a pandemic, Sarah shares a raw and inspiring conversation with us on how obstacles and heartbreak led to clarity in identity. Click the link in the bio and as always, thank you for supporting us!  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_ 
December 01, 2020
Toxic Positivity & Whiteness in Wellness
From goop, to bone broth, to yoga - why is the "wellness" space only legitimized by white-owned companies that profit off appropriating practices from racialize cultures? Why is it always focused on individual wellness opposed to overall wellness of others? Today's discussion is on how health isn't accessible to all, and isn't created with intersectionality in mind. Also, how it seems to be concentrated in toxic positivity (the live~ love~ laugh~) while smothering over systemic issues.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_ 
November 13, 2020
Crab Mentality with Abby Albino and Mark Vallena of Rise Tribe
When a crab in a bucket tries to escape, other crabs instinctively try to drag it back down. This episode, we talk about how this is a mentality prevalent among Asian cultures — from being competitive with one another to thinking that “there can only be one” Asian in the room — whether at work or in social groups. We speak to Abby Albino and Mark Vallena, founders of Rise Tribe, a collective aiming to power the next Filipinx leaders, on how they’re beating the narrative by supporting and making space for one another to thrive. From unpacking the toxic practice of “being the best model minority” to opening space up for those most disenfranchised, we hope this episode sheds light on how we can make space for one another. Visit for more information.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @imadein_ 
October 27, 2020
Tackling mental health as Asian womxn
Normalize talking about mental health. As Asian womxn, we reflect on how important it is to recognize it, and why we spent a lot of our life ignoring it. We were taught to suppress those emotion, always serve, and even attribute sadness and depression (a word we didn’t use in our households) to spirits or curses. This episode we get into our own challenges, our experience with therapy and catharsis. Also, some resources that have helped us a lot. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_, episode is edited by Josh Parto 
October 13, 2020
Dating Expectations for Immigrants
dating to find the one you love or dating for the family? amid the hype around Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking” we discuss parental expectations from immigrant families when it comes to finding a partner. for many, there’s pressure from parents to find a match that’s from the same culture and background, a person with an esteemed profession - but how does that mix with falling in love? a look into the practice of desi matchmaking with help from reading resources from Sahar Fatima, how it compares to the expectations for east asian women, and our own struggles with finding a dual balance in relationships: western “tinder” dating vs. eastern parental expectations. follow us on IG and Twitter @immadein_
August 04, 2020
The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Alex Wong aka Steven Lebron
Who is Steven Lebron? It’s Alex Wong, Toronto-based NBA writer — with works in New York Times, SLAM, GQ — podcast host, and cultural/Twitter savant. In this pod he takes the driver’s seat talking about his identity as a Chinese-Canadian who immigrated from Hong Kong. From parent expectations, to career transitions from Bay St. banker boy to the Scotiabank Arena staple, to Asian masculinity, we’re blessed to have him on the show this week to share his insights. Follow @stevenlebron on IG and Twitter for quick quips and content/commentary you’d pay for. More importanlty, follow us on IG and Twitter @immadein_
July 21, 2020
Food and Cultural Appropriation
what is the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation? why is it foods and dishes like kimchi become normalized and trendy after being accepted and borrowed by white chefs and wellness gurus labeling it for "gut health"? on this episode, we discuss our thoughts of where food and culture cross the appropriation line and touch on the recent "Thai and Lao" pop-up in downtown Toronto by a white chef, prompted by our friend of the pod, atina, @whoisasey. find us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
July 13, 2020
K-POP stans at BLM solidarity
the power of KPOP fans are bubbling into mainstream consciousness as they take down white supremacist hashtags and align with the #BLM movement. but it's way overdue. a lot of KPOP is rooted in the misappropriation of Black culture. this episode, we dive into the layered discussion of cultural appropriate for profit. we also touch on the updates from the Bon Appétit fall out and the hurdles for POC staff to speak out.    find us on Instagram and Twitter @immadein_
June 30, 2020
BLM: listen, learn & repeat and how to start the convo with your asian parents
we took some time off to learn, read, and listen. we've had conversations about Black and Indigenous racism with our parents, looked more into the history of oppression, and are continuing the conversation to fight against racial injustices. exploring the racism within our own asian culture, we also hope to address our own roe and identity in the fight for equality - especially for our Black and Indigenous counterparts. please do not hesitate to DM us, teach us or correct us. thanks again for listening.  you can find us on Instagram and Twitter at @immadein_. 
June 19, 2020
#blacklivesmatter - allyship and support, the round up
we as Asian-Canadians stand in solidarity with the Black community against anti-Black racism and police brutality. As we end off Asian Heritage Month, it's important to us that we share our support, knowing that the model minority myth is built of anti-Blackness and the demonization of Black people through the white lens. while we touch on our thoughts, and conclude our #AHM series, we still have more reading, listening and understanding to do. we've listed some resources that have helped us below. Please DM us, write to us, and share your thoughts @immadein_.  episode art is a poster from 1960s — Yellow Peril Supports Black Power resources from this episode:  20+ Allyship Actions for Asians to Show Up for the Black Community Right Now 30+ Ways Asians Perpetuate Anti-Black Racism Everyday Black Power, Yellow Peril: Towards a Politics of Afro-Asian Solidarity Organizing in Communities of Color: Addressing Inter-Ethnic Conflicts Solidarity Matters: Black History Month Through An Asian American Lens
May 31, 2020
#asianheritagemonth - never have i ever...
never have i ever... met a show we didn't like. just kidding, but we really did like this one by mindy kaling on netflix. it's lol-funny, it's witty, it's got more diverse cast than... well, not much to compare to there. we pause to discuss jas' korean bonsik feast whilst patiently waiting for evy's dumplings and take a deep dive into what the show means to us.  we love hearing how each episode resonated with you so don't forget to subscribe to the pod wherever you listen and follow us on Instagram @immadein_
May 25, 2020
#asianheritagemonth - microagressions, racism, and bryan adams
for many in the asian diaspora, surviving in the time of a pandemic has meant bracing a backlash of hate crime and daily racist incidents. let’s not get it twisted — anti-asian racism has always been alive and well — but now for our culture which has been the invisible model minority is more visible than ever. from the misguided, xenophobic messages to everyday microaggressions and the hyper-consciousness of being seen in a mask, walking — jas & evy breakdown the feels, thoughts, and experiences. tell us how you feel on instagram @immadein_
May 21, 2020
#asianheritagemonth - food in quarantina
now that cooking and baking has become everyones new fav hobby, evy & jas flex on what we've been cooking up in our homes. evy shares her new bff, a mini rice cooker with a built in steamer for her veggies (!!) and jas' contemplates opening up a challah shop. we regretfully make promises of making the dishes we've been thinking about making but haven't gotten around to this isolation by the end of #AHM and pick our fav local take-out spot in the hood.  this episode art is by Stephanie Shih, who through the lens of the Asian-American pantry, her ceramic sculptures explore how shared nostalgia can connect a diaspora. we love hearing how each episode resonated with you so don't forget to subscribe to the pod wherever you listen and follow us on Instagram @immadein_ 
May 16, 2020
#asianheritagemonth - the weekend recap: the alison roman saga
grab a seat, pinkies up because it's the weekend recap tea time. maybe you've seen some tweets, maybe you made some recipes but on this episode evy & jas discuss the alison roman, chrissy teigen and marie kondo saga. we're coming at it from all angles and sharing our thoughts.  we love hearing how each episode resonated with you so don’t forget to subscribe to the pod wherever you listen and follow us on Instagram @immadein_.
May 12, 2020
#asianheritagemonth - cherry blossom, a playlist by evy
we're listening to evy's playlist she put together for #asianheritagemonth called 'cherry blossoms' with ISO Radio. featuring artists from the asian diaspora, on this episode evy talks about discovery and learning about the uniqueness and diversity in the culture. spoiler, BTS did not make the list but head to ISO Radio to see who did. we love hearing how each episode resonated with you so don’t forget to subscribe to the pod wherever you listen and follow us on Instagram @immadein_.
May 10, 2020
#asianheritagemonth - "love is the shape of cut fruit" by connie wang, retold by us
guys, love is in the shape of cut fruit!! we are celebrating ASIAN HERITAGE MONTH and coming to you via our new bff, Zoom, to chat our fav things by asian voices. kicking off is an essay by our social media asian mother, Connie Wang, on Refinery 29, reminding us that each piece of cut up fruit on the plate after dinner has more sweet love than you've ever known. We love hearing how each episode resonated with you so don’t forget to subscribe to the pod wherever you listen and follow us on Instagram @immadein_.
May 07, 2020
Asian Representation with Vanessa Okafo
2020, jas and ev are back — revamping MADE IN with new slaysian guests to talk about the importance of asian representation, challenges, and successes of the daily grind. kicking off the new year, toronto’s very own dancer and artist vanessa okafo. from coronavirus stereotypes to looking for representation in hip hop — this discussion talks about being a second-gen immigrant, parents, and what “making it” means. invite us into your home and hit us up with your thoughts on instagram @immadein_
March 02, 2020
ep 9 // farewell, 2019!
What happened this year? Where did the time go? Join us for our final poddy of 2019 where we countdown the things that went down this year. Some good, with Asian representation to the challenges we faced in our own personal journeys. Also, and as always, thank you for listening and supporting us. MADE IN 2020 is going to be fuego 🔥🔥🔥
December 30, 2019
ep 8 // queen eye: we're in japan! w evy & jas
THE FAB FIVE TAKES JAPAN and Evy & Jas tag along for the ride with our thoughts on each epi. Before we take a deep dive into each episode and explore Japanese culture, we chat through how the "OK BOOMER's" are ruining our oat milk lattes in the morning and a teaser into how *forced* religion by our parents and growing up in an Asian church community shaped us.  Follow us on Instagram @immadein_ and email us your thoughts, feels, advice or all of the above at
December 03, 2019
Being half-Chinese in Canada with Sophie Leung Coleman
We got a special episode this week with an even more special guest, Sophie Leung Coleman. In simple terms, she's half-Chinese and half-Canadian, but being mixed, the issue of identity can be a blur. Sharing her experience growing up in Vancouver, she told us what it was like not being "Asian" enough to sit at the Cool Asian lunch table, but not "white" enough, and ultimately labelled as "the other" in her predominantly white friend group. A little insight to being a mixed-race person in Canada. Follow us on Instagram @immadein_ and email us your thoughts, feels, advice or all of the above at
November 14, 2019
ep 6 // model minority
We know Halloween is over and we're done ghosting... I hope you missed us because WE’RE BACK! In the past weeks, we voted, listened to more podcasts, and came across the New York Times’ op-Ed from Harvey Weinstein’s former assistant, Rowena Chiu who breaks her silence on being a victim of sexual assault. Focusing on the silence of the Asian "model minority" stigma to the power imbalances, we speak about her #MeToo story and how it affects Asian women who are stereotyped as passive. Follow us on Instagram @immadein_ and email us your thoughts, feels, advice or all of the above at
November 03, 2019
ep 5 // what you should be watching rn
This week is all about Asian representation in TV and Film, and there’s no better place to start that ‘The Farewell.’ We discuss the film featuring lead Awkwafina (aka our spirit animal), and yes, there are major spoiler alerts. Also, Jas breaks down the top 3 koko TV shows you need to be watching asap and Evy shares what's been on her recently watched list.   Follow us on Instagram @immadein_ and email us your thoughts, feels, advice or all of the above at 
September 17, 2019
ep 4 // appearance
This episode, Jasmin takes us on a tour de koko and share her experience growing up in a culture where your the way you look is EVERYTHING. You may get a brand new car on your Sweet Sixteen birthday but in Korea they double up on you with double eye lid surgery. Listen as Evy & Jas weigh in on how the importance of appearance in asian cultures impact your self-confidence.  Follow us on Instagram @immadein_ and email us your thoughts, feels, advice or all of the above at 
August 29, 2019
Living in Toronto as Asian-Canadian Women
OK we might say it's our *second episode* but we were lying and it's actually our third. Toronto might be the most multi-cultural city in the world but what does this mean for when we walk down Queen St.?  Follow us on Instagram @immadein_ and email us your thoughts, feels, advice or all of the above at 
August 14, 2019
Immigrant Parents with Millennials
Parents — the love, the shame, and feeling embarrassed when your friends came over for Asian foods.  Follow us on Instagram @ immadein_ and email us your thoughts, feels, advice or all of the above at 
August 06, 2019
Made In, podcast about Asian-Canadian stories
WELCOME TO MADE IN!  We're back! But did you even know we were gone? Probably a hard no. On this *first* episode we answer few questions you might be asking yourself like ... what tf is Made in? Whomst is Evy & Jas? Don't worry, just listen and you'll be fine. We also share what you can expect from all of our episodes this season. We're excited, you're excited. It's going to be great.  Follow us on Instagram @ immadein_ and email us your thoughts, feels, advice or all of the above at 
July 02, 2019