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Immigrant Muse Podcast

Immigrant Muse Podcast

By Immigrant Muse Media Inc
Immigrant Muse is a podcast for first-generation Canadian immigrants where we build a community of like-minded people seeking to make the best of the opportunities in Canada. We feature talk shows with immigrants who will share their experiences and muse about everything related to settlement and integration into the Canadian culture - from family life to career and everything in-between. We also feature interviews with subject-matter experts who will share their knowledge with the aim of empowering immigrants with the information they need to thrive.

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Welcome to iMuse

Immigrant Muse Podcast

Happy Thanksgiving
Many immigrants celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in their life in Canada, as they struggle to find the right turkey recipe that looked Canadian yet delicious enough for their foreign taste buds. As they celebrate, they may have a few questions about the holiday such as the history of the celebration and its significance. We answer some of these questions at You can read the article or listen to it. Happy Thanksgiving!
October 11, 2021
Immigrant Bullying with Diane and Oluwayemisi
Statistics show that minority kids are the major victims of bullying, as such it is important to have a conversation about this menace and collectively think of ways immigrant parents can prepare their kids to deal with bullying while providing adequate support. In this conversation, Diane shares her personal bullying experience and how disappointingly, her cousins are experiencing the same thing over a decade later. Yemi also shares her parental strategies that allow her stay involved in her kids' lives despite her busy schedule and how parent can provide ongoing support for their children. Visit to see a curated list of resources on dealing with bullying.
May 21, 2021
Welcome to iMuse
At iMuse, we muse about everything that not only affects the successful integration and settlement of Canadian immigrants but also invite subject matter experts to share their knowledge with the aim of empowering immigrants with the right information and resources to make informed decisions in every area of their lives. Whether you are a first-generation Canadian citizen, permanent resident, international student, or temporary resident seeking a community of like-minded people who want to make the best of the opportunities available in Canada, then this the right place. We’ll muse about everything from family life to career and everything in-between. Don’t forget to subscribe and come back every week to hear us muse away, you just might learn a thing or two or get the inspiration to get started on the journey to the next chapter of your life!
April 28, 2021