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I Mother & Stuff

I Mother & Stuff

By Shontae Horton
I Mother And Stuff Podcast is about Parenting & Wellness. Balancing both can be hectic which is why host Shontae, has decided to start convos on how she balance or at least tries to balance it all! Tune into the authentic parenting convo with Shontae & super dope guest!
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Single Parents: Can you stop childhood trauma from happening?
In this episode Shontae, speaks about how she's helping her daughter cope with not having her father around. What behaviors you should be aware of in your child to know when it's time for Therapy or Family Coaching.
April 19, 2022
Divorced And Healed: Living Your Dream After Divorce
In this episode, Shontae speaks with Dheemarie about how women can live a WHOLE LIFE after divorce. She shares her story about how she's breaking generational cures by choosing herself over toxic relationships. Dheemarie, a divorce+dream coach, author professor, and real estate investor, helps women heal and create a new life after divorce. Dheemarie found herself trapped and struggling in a toxic marriage. After nearly two decades, she filed for divorce from her husband. After doing so, she struggled with moving forward and not focusing on the past. But then, she was reminded of her second chance...31 years earlier, her grandmother, Shirley Mae Lowery, was brutally murdered in the courthouse in downtown Milwaukee as a result of a toxic relationship. Dheemarie believes she broke a generational curse when she decided to walk away from toxicity. She now understands her purpose in life. She has turned her pain into POWER. She desires to inspire and motivate others, letting them know that a better life awaits after the pain of a toxic relationship or a divorce. To keep up with Dheemarie - follow her on IG @dheemarie_coach Or check her out on YT - dheemarie dreams.
March 30, 2022
Do You Allow Tiktok In Your Home?
In this episode Shontae, shares her perspective on this controversial topic. She talks about the pros and cons of having a Tiktok. She believes at the end of the day, we should all respect our difference of opinion on the matter.
February 16, 2022
Give Your Mom Grace, She Did Her Best
In this episode, Shontae will be talking about how she once compared herself to her mother. Consider giving your mom the same grace you want your kids to give you. Now that we're mothers, do you see that your mom was just trying her best to raise you?
February 03, 2022
Mama, Check-in With Yourself
Balancing both Parenting and Wellness can be overwhelming. In this episode, Shontae shares why mental health check-ins are important for you and your babies.
January 20, 2022
End Of The Year, New Services/ Workshops Coming Up
In this episode, Shontae close the end of the year with her final episode of 2021. It has been a bumpy ride & only GOD has brought us through. Also, new services and workshops will be announced! Happy New Year!
December 23, 2021
Autism Chat w/ Elizabeth Veras
In this episode Shontae speaks with Elizabeth Veras, Patient Navigator and mom of an autistic teen. After hearing the diagnosis of her son, she became committed to the plan of action to ensure her son had the best care. As an Autism Advocate, she encourages parents to be the voice for their children. Elizabeth shares her experience with schooling, signs of autism and how to manage your emotions upon diagnosis. If you any questions you can connect with Elizabeth on IG: ellez_81
November 17, 2021
Positive Parenting w/ Parenting Coach, Rachel
In this episode, Shontae has an awesome conversation with Parenting Coach Rachel about speech delays, tantrums and managing your emotions as a parent. Rachel works with families of little ones. She work on the process of being kind but firm parenting. She explains more in detail about the strategies she use to support families. If you're a mom that is looking for a way to move stress to bring more connected; Rachel is the coach for you! You can connect w/ her on Instagram & Facebook as: Explorekidtalk
November 10, 2021
In this episode, Shontae speaks with Candice about the importance of nutrition & how fasting is a great way to tackle weight issues. Candice shares her knowledge on fasting & how she can support you as a coach. Connect with Candice, IG: candyg868
October 27, 2021
The Holistic Approach To Skin Care
In this episode, Shontae speaks with CEO of Daddy And Me; Africa Craig. Africa, drops gems on how to take care of your skin using all natural products. As a wife & mom of two kiddos, she shares how she manages it all. Tune in to hear how Africa has tackled eczema with her natural products. Connect with Africa: IG & Facebook: daddyandme, TikTok: Africa Craig, Website: Services Offered: Skin Consultations & Personalized Orders
October 20, 2021
Entrepreneurship, Business Boundaries & Parenting W/ Sunshine Monie
In this episode, Shontae had a chance to speak with an amazing woman, Sunshine Monie. Sunshine Monie is an entrepreneur, educator, artist, and mother. She shares her personal experience on the beginning stages of entrepreneurship and how she's managing it all as a single mom. Sunshine Monies provides us with tips on pacing yourself & setting boundaries around your business. Also, she provided us with an inside scoop on how to go about purchasing land! Connect with Sunshine Monie: IG: Website:
October 13, 2021
Tips On Sleep/Potty Training Routines That Will Put Your Mind At Ease W/ Lily- Sleep Consultant
In this episode, Shontae speaks with super awesome infant and toddler sleep consultant Lily. Lily is the owner of Lil Baby Sleep. Lily shares what encouraged her to start her consulting company, tips for the frustrated mom in desperate need of sleep & how she manages it all. Plus, Lily gives us details on upcoming workshops & masterclass!  Connect With Lily,  IG: Website:
October 06, 2021
Wellness Wednesday: Back To School Jitters
During this episode Shontae speaks about having back to school jitters and how she is keeping her kiddos healthy! Please share how you are supporting your kiddos immune system! Guess what?! She mentions two new services she offers! Follow on instagram: thecoparentingcircle or omiadoulaservices
September 08, 2021
Ovulation Mood Swings & Period Probs
In this episode Shontae speaks about ovulation & period changes since she's entered her 30s. How her uterus, ovaries & scarred tissue fight for her attention once a month. Tune in & share your experiences on how your body has changed!
August 10, 2021
Infant Loss, Health Advocacy & Mental Health
In this episode Shontae speaks about infant loss and how she was able to cope with the loss of her daughter. She also shares advice on advocating for yourself during doctor visits. If you are a spiritual person please reach out to God because he is the only true one that will guide you and give you the strength you need to cope. Also using his vessels that he's provided us such as support groups and therapists please join a group or make an appointment with the therapist to help you cope also.
July 02, 2021
Let's Talk Co-parenting!
In this episode Shontae talks about how she's been able to cope with co-parenting and based off her own experiences she shares some small tips on how to deal with certain situations. Such as , supporting  child after a breakup and dealing with  fatherless child etc. Also, she announces her new project that she's working on and she cannot wait until it comes to fruitation.  She feels it will bring tons of support and comfort for co-parents if you have any tips please share them below in the comments thank you!
July 02, 2021
Fatherhood & Wellness Feat Health Coach Ibn
In this episode, Shontae interviews Health & Wellness Coach Ibn also known as The Real Beneficial about balancing fatherhood, entrepreneurship, and health. As a plant-based athlete, Ibn was able to share tips on how food impacts our minds and which food we can benefit from to help change our mindsets. He also let us in on a super dope future project!  Connect with the Seamoss Plug himself! IG: therealbeneficial
July 02, 2021
Hey Single Mama? Let's Be Single Intentionally
In this episode, Shontae talks about what being single intentionally looks like for her. This episode provides an insight on how to improve areas of your life for a successful single.  Don't forget to take care of yourself!
July 02, 2021
Anxiety VS Motherhood
In this episode, Shontae brings on her nine-year-old daughter to share her view on what it was like to see mom go through an anxiety attack. She also shares a little snippet of her upcoming book. This will an episode for parents and children who are going through anxiety. Don't forget to Take Care of Yourself!
July 02, 2021