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Impact Journey with Julia S

Impact Journey with Julia S

By Julia S
Conversations with hidden heroes making big societal change.

Many of us want to make life better for others and the planet.
Few people devote their life to it.
Even fewer try to tackle the big systemic issues, like climate change and inequality.

In years working at the intersection of impact and strategy, Julia has been fascinated by these hidden heroes. Beyond what they’re doing, we explore how they got here, how they keep going, what they’re still learning.

Join the conversation, and inspire your own impact journey.
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The sacred in the science - Dekila Chungyalpa, Loka Initiative
In my attempts to connect with people on some of our most important issues like climate change, I have been missing a huge pathway - faith. These issues need hard conversations, and hard conversations need us to tap into more than facts and fears. My conversation with Dekila opens the door to bringing the sacred back into science. THE IMPACT. Dekila Chungyalpa: - is the founder and director of the Loka Initiative, an interdisciplinary capacity building and outreach platform at the University of Wisconsin - Madison for faith leaders and culture keepers of Indigenous traditions who work on environmental and climate issues. Its mission is to support faith-led environmental and climate action efforts, locally and around the world, through collaborations on project design and management, capacity building, training, media and public outreach. Their vision: that inner, community, and planetary resilience are interdependent and that we cannot achieve any one of these goals without working on the other two. To sign up for their quarterly newsletter: - founded and led Sacred Earth, a faith-based conservation program at the World Wildlife Fund; at WWF-US she was also Director for the Greater Mekong Program - serves as the environmental adviser for His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism. - received the prestigious Yale McCluskey Award in 2014 for conservation innovation - recently published in Psychology Today on how to cope with eco-anxiety THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: - Her path to wholeness: bridging her spiritual heritage growing up in Sikkim in a Tibetan Buddhist community and her environmental conservation background, after being “an environmentalist by day and a person of faith by night” - Eco-anxiety amidst success: her own path through the urgency and panic while being externally “successful” at the World Wildlife Fund - People and planet: why faith leaders are uniquely positioned to lead us in spiritual truth-seeking on some of our toughest issues
May 11, 2022
Redefining a culture of excellence - Dr. Rita Sambruna, NASA
THE IMPACT. Dr. Rita Sambruna: - Is an astrophysicist working on black holes in galaxies, and the Deputy Director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. She was awarded the NASA Extraordinary Achievement Medal in 2019 for her work at NASA and service to the profession. - At Goddard, she Leads the DEIA (diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility) activities of her Division to improve diversity in astrophysics, connected to a broader new NASA program called Mission Equity - Previously was a professor of Physics and Astronomy at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia - Is a certified yoga teacher, with specialization in Yoga for Cancer - Is trained in Applied Behavior Analysis and its applications to non-human animals, and lives with 5 parrots THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: - Two merging inspirations from childhood: discovering the universe, and a humanitarian focus - A take on billionaires going into space when we have other problems on Earth - Planning in decades vs. bridging near-term needs - The biggest challenge: changing culture, not only policies and numbers - We are all made of star stuff: that is social justice
August 04, 2021
Small country, big impact - Hege Barnes, Innovation Norway
From the Brundtland Report in the 1980s to the Super Bowl in 2021, Norway has led on sustainability. How does this small country have such a big impact? Hege Barnes takes us behind the scenes at Innovation Norway and one country’s sustainable focus. THE IMPACT. Hege Barnes: - Is Regional Director Americas for Innovation Norway, the Norwegian government's entity for trade and industry, where she assists Norwegian companies and entrepreneurs enter and grow successfully in the Americas, and promotes Norway as a travel destination. - Sits on the board of Nordic Innovation House-New York and the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce. - Has a Masters in International Business and a love for all aspects of creative development, innovative thinking and working with people and companies. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: - Growing up in Norway: wanting to leave yet wanting to take the pride and values - A holistic sustainability focus: in tourism, industry, and investment - Protecting nature: a good place to live is a good place to visit - The Super Bowl ad with Will Ferrell: a rivalry with Norway and reactions
April 06, 2021
A better world by whom and for whom? - Heather Mak, Diversity in Sustainability
In sustainability, we’re trying to make the world better... but a better world by whom and for whom? Heather Mak asks these uncomfortable yet instrumental questions with co-founding Diversity in Sustainability. THE IMPACT. Heather Mak: - Is co-founder of Diversity in Sustainability, a membership organization aimed at increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the field of sustainability. - Has spent almost 15 years consulting on sustainability issues and previously held sustainability roles at Deloitte, Tim Hortons, Retail Council of Canada, SustainAbility, and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility. - Has lectured at the MBA level at the Schulich School of Business, York University, and regularly mentors students and new immigrants who are interested in the field. - Holds a B.Com with Distinction in Marketing from McGill University, and an MBA with Honours in Sustainability from Schulich School of Business, York University. - Is a mom, wife, sister, and daughter to two Chinese immigrants to Canada. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: - Early influences: following environmental crises in school - Early barriers: not seeing people like herself in the field - The many needs for diversity in sustainability: supporting career paths, addressing historical social issues, gathering data and stories, creating better outcomes - Challenges and learnings in the last year: creating a network of networks, creating a tent across cultural and country differences
March 09, 2021
The emotional case for sustainability - Jessica Marati Radparvar, Reconsidered
From teen magazines to fashion to sustainability, Jessica Marati Radparvar brings her diverse background to make the emotional case to sustainability. THE IMPACT. Jessica: Is the founder of Reconsidered, a boutique social impact consultancy that publishes a curated sustainable business newsletter and jobs board Led content for the Fashion for Good Experience; managed corporate responsibility at PVH Founded a social enterprise selling artisan goods made in Cambodia Worked as a freelance consultant and travel writer across nearly 60 countries Has a degree in History from Princeton and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: The origins of three paths that came together: media, fashion, sustainability Learning from media: the power of artful and vulnerable storytelling Learning from fashion: the potential for positive impact with small artisans and corporate scale Learning from sustainability: making the business case AND the emotional case Creating Reconsidered: filling gaps for people working in the impact space
December 08, 2020
From tradeoffs to interconnection - Cecile Blilious, Pitango VC
We often hear about tradeoffs in impact investing - impact or profit, people or planet. Cecile’s journey to lead impact at Israel's largest VC shows that it’s not either or. It's interconnected. THE IMPACT. Cecile: Is Head of Impact and Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital, Israel’s largest VC fund, where she merges technology, profit and social impact Co-founded GITA, the Global Impact Tech Alliance, a new organization to empower tech innovations to achieve the SDGs Previously founded Impact First Investments, Israel’s first impact investing company; managed the Noaber Foundation’s Israeli investments for over 14 years, and held executive positions at several companies THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Early influences - martial arts, entrepreneurship, rebalancing capital and values Impact investing, from 20 years ago to now - from its own asset class to a mindset shift False tradeoffs in impact investing - profit vs. impact, people vs. planet, incremental vs. systemic Two types of companies - impact natives and impact migrants A surprise on the people side - you don’t need to convince companies or investors
December 01, 2020
A more beautiful life - Tim Leberecht, House of Beautiful Business
In business, how much is beauty in your life? What about art, music, science, activism? Tim Leberecht co-founded the House of Beautiful Business as a space for this unexpected mix, to challenge us to be more human. THE IMPACT. Tim Leberecht: Is co-founder and co-CEO of the House of Beautiful Business, a global think tank and community bringing together leaders and changemakers to make humans more human and business more beautiful Was chief marketing officer of NBBJ, a global design and architecture firm; and chief marketing officer of product design and innovation consultancy Frog Design Has several popular TED Talks, including “3 Ways to (Usefully) Lose Control of Your Brand” and most recently “4 Ways to Build a Human Company in the Age of Machines” Is the author of the book The Business Romantic, and most recently, The End of Winning THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Early influences - art, creativity, curation, creating spaces and experiences Creating the House - a secret society, an experiment to put beauty at the center of business A challenge to bridge - words / ideas and action / specificity Thinking about our role - a thought leader vs. a critic and challenger Adapting - creating experiences and intimacy from a physical space to a metaphorical space
November 24, 2020
Creative complex collective leadership - Femke Bartels, THNK, Greenpeace
From being a changemaker at a very early age, through 17 years at Greenpeace, Femke walks through the modern day tensions of leadership, and makes the case for this new type of leadership - a creative, complex, and collective leadership. THE IMPACT. Femke Bartels: Is Managing Director of THNK School for Creative Leadership, a purpose-driven social enterprise with transformative programs to develop leaders to solve the world’s greatest challenges Worked for Greenpeace for 17 years in many roles, including Campaign Director, Global Forest Network Director, Global Director of Strategy and Planning, and Executive Director of Greenpeace Mexico Served as a policy advisor to the European Parliament and the Dutch Ministry of Environment Studied Political Sciences and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam, and has a Master of Public Administration at the University of Twente THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Origins as a changemaker: “chicken is chicken?” Joining Greenpeace as a campaigner: “they were looking for me” Societal change: “what are your motivators?” Collective leadership: “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”, “connection over polarization” Complex leadership: “comfortable not knowing”, “courage is not the absence of fear”
October 13, 2020
Sharing stories & spaces on racial equity - Tarlin Saye, Synergos
In this second episode in a Synergos series, Tarlin Saye takes us from Liberia to the US, from traveler and writer to event organizer, as she creates spaces and shares stories with a long term view on uncomfortable topics like racial equity. THE IMPACT. Tarlin: Leads Global Programs and Experiences at Synergos for the Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC), a network of leading philanthropic families committed to becoming more effective social investors Has led Synergos’ series on Dismantling Systemic Racism (first and second sessions, and videos one two and three) Spearheaded leadership roles in youth organizations on issues like income inequality, racial divides, and societal stigmas against the homeless and/or terminally ill Has spent time on 6 continents, exposed to many cultural backgrounds and schools of thought Holds a B.A. in Theology from the University of St. Thomas THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Early influences - storytelling and travel, from theology to events to philanthropy Racial equity - creating a space to challenge assumptions and share stories How to hold a strong space - allowing for discomfort while bringing in positive touchstones A long-term view on systemic racism - making a commitment and acknowledging privilege
October 06, 2020
Listening to the vulnerable & creating a more just world - Swati Chaudhary, Synergos
In a beautiful personal story, Swati Chaudhary of Synergos shares insights on the power of listening, from her ancestors in Bihar India to fighting injustice today. THE IMPACT. Swati: Is Managing Director of Synergos Advisory, where she advises foundations, philanthropists, and companies around the world. Synergos is a global non-profit that brings people together to solve complex problems of poverty. Was a Manager at PwC Advisory, where she advised clients on topics like payments and banking, financial inclusion, and anti-corruption Worked with the UN Global Compact on developing Compass, a guide for companies to align their strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals and assess their contributions Brings experience in investing from Acumen Fund, and growth equity at General Atlantic Receive a BA from Franklin and Marshall College, and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Early influences - a story of ancestors in Bihar, India Seeing injustice - in childhood, in being an immigrant, in the private sector, in COVID Listening to the most vulnerable - a key ingredient for moral leadership and systemic change Investing in people - the radical potential for philanthropy to create a more just world
September 29, 2020
Investing in the climate - Duncan Grierson, CEO Clim8 Invest
What are your savings doing for the climate? Duncan Grierson, founder and CEO of Clim8 Invest, brings together his two lives as an investor and cleantech entrepreneur to help us all invest in the climate. THE IMPACT. Duncan: Is a cleantech and sustainability entrepreneur and venture investor Is founder and CEO of Clim8, a digital platform for sustainable investment, focused on themes including clean energy, clean technology, electric mobility, sustainable food and clean water As Founder CEO raised over $100m as he built cleantech companies in biofuels, plastics recycling, batteries, smart composites Started in venture capital with top tier venture fund TCVC in London, Silicon Valley and Paris Has a Master of Laws degree from Cambridge University, and an MBA from INSEAD THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Bringing two lives together -- investing and sustainable cleantech Good business sense -- investing in sustainability and starting environmental businesses Putting our savings to work -- how we can all make a difference on climate with our money The awareness challenge -- starting with savings and pensions to influence trillions
September 22, 2020
Confident and compassionate conversations - Veronica Marquez, Dinner Confidential
How can we better connect with each other, now that we need it most? Veronica Marquez of Dinner Confidential shares what she’s learned about having confident AND compassionate conversations. --- THE IMPACT. Veronica: Is co-founder of Dinner Confidential, a brave space in over 25 cities worldwide, from NYC to Berlin to Tokyo, for women to talk confidentially about topics like fear and control. They recently launched their approach as a course on confident and compassionate conversations. Is a Certified Professional Coach with Guided and with her own practice, Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Reiki Practitioner. Has traveled the world as a researcher at ?What If! Innovation, Flamingo, and The Wellbeing Project. Is from Venezuela, has a BS in business from Universidad Metropolitana, and a MA from Emerson College. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Curiosity about people - growing up in Venezuela, seeing different religions and cultures Seeking intimacy and belonging - creating Dinner Confidential in a moment of seeking connection Ingredients for connection - a safe structured space, stories not opinions, no judgment or advice What we need now - harder conversations and lighter joy, expressing and listening, confident and compassionate conversations
September 15, 2020
The B Corp way to better business - Chris Marquis, Cornell University
Chris Marquis, Professor at Cornell and author of Better Business: How the B Corp Movement is Remaking Capitalism has dedicated his academic career to studying how business can do good. In this crisis, as we ask what does it mean to be a better business, Chris lays out how B Corps give us a model. - THE IMPACT. Christopher Marquis: Is SC Johnson Professor in Sustainable Global Enterprise at Cornell University; has a PhD in sociology and business administration from the University of Michigan, and a background in financial services, including as VP and technology manager at J.P. Morgan Chase Is author of the new book, Better Business: How the B Corp Movement is Remaking Capitalism Recently published the cover story of the Stanford Social Innovation Review article called “The B Corp Movement Goes Big” THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: A circuitous path - from history to financial services to academia, focused on social impact Two advantages of B Corps - solving the measurement challenge and the legal challenge Going mainstream - the B Corp model expanding to big companies, impact investing, consumers Better business - long-term orientation, easier hiring, working together on our toughest challenges A big thanks to Chris. You can follow his recent writings on business and society on Forbes and Medium.
September 08, 2020
Doing the inner work to do the outer work - Nora Wilhelm, collaboratio helvetica
What’s the hardest part about creating meaningful systemic change? Globally recognized youth leader Nora Wilhelm walks the talk in doing the inner work to do the outer work. -  THE IMPACT. Nora Wilhelm: Co-founded collaboratio helvetica, an initiative that catalyses systemic change towards the societal renewal of Switzerland Has a background in youth engagement and active citizenship, including with the European Youth Parliament as president for Switzerland, with the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper, and with UNESCO as a Youth Catalyzer Was recognised for her outstanding achievements by various awards, the Swiss government, and spoke at events such as the Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation and TEDx Was the youngest participant of Presencing Institute Advanced Program on Ecosystem Leadership Is pursuing a Master’s degree in Political Science at the University of Bern, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen Speaks English, French, German, and Spanish THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: From anger to action: being useful by starting close to home Working at different levels: local, national, international Inner work and outer work: asking the hard questions of the self, the organization, the system Seeing blind spots to see results: applying the inner work to listen better in the Gender Lab
July 07, 2020
Creating a wave of change - Virginia Yanquilevich, CEO Dopper
How do you tackle a massive challenge like plastic pollution? Dopper CEO Virginia Yanquilevich talks about all the ways that Dopper is creating a “wave” to change people’s behavior. - THE IMPACT. Virginia: Is CEO of Dopper, the Dutch B Corp the mission to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and bring clean drinking water where it's needed. Their initiatives include Dopper Wave, a pledge against single-use plastic, and working on access to clean water in Nepal. Was CMO at Fresh & Rebel and Sitecom Started her career as a journalist and editor at Caras magazine in Argentina Has a degree in Communication Science from Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales Speaks Dutch, Spanish, along with English THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Growing up in Argentina: bringing supplies to at-need regions and telling the stories Combining passion and career: coming back to a childhood interest after 17 years in marketing The multi-part mission of Dopper: reducing plastic and providing access to clean drinking water How all Dopper efforts are interlinked: from Cradle2Cradle certification to “best place to work” The challenge of behavior change and what we’ve learned from solidarity in the coronavirus crisis Positioning a big challenge: communicating both what you’re “for” and what you’re “against”
June 30, 2020
Make work more fun - Pim de Morree, Corporate Rebels
These days, we are all rethinking how we work. But beyond remote work and hand sanitizer, what could a true revolution look like where work goes from drudgery to fun? Pim de Morree started Corporate Rebels to answer this exact question, and has been traveling the globe for years to learn from the most inspiring organizations. And he’s found something so basic it’s radical: treating people like humans and like adults. - THE IMPACT. Pim: At Corporate Rebels, he and his cofounder Joost quit their frustrating corporate jobs and set out to travel the globe to visit the world’s most inspiring organizations. Is checking off a Bucket List of pioneers and sharing learnings through their blog, talks, and consultancy work around the world. Is the author of a new book called Corporate Rebels: Make Work More Fun. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: The origins of Corporate Rebels: both a frustration with work and a possibility to make it better. Observers and storytellers: Corporate Rebels’ dual role in exploring pioneering companies. Eight trends in better working: including Purpose, Network of Teams, Freedom & Trust. How to get there from here: experimentation, internal reflection, authenticity in not being perfect.
June 23, 2020
Leading from the back and from the front - Eva Gouwens, CEO, Fairphone
What does it take to lead a movement and challenge the whole electronics industry? Fairphone CEO Eva Gouwens shares what she’s learned leading from the front by creating an example, as well as leading from the back by empowering her team and partners. - THE IMPACT. Eva Gouwens is: CEO of Fairphone, which is leading a movement for fairer electronics, and making a positive impact across the value chain in mining, design, manufacturing and life cycle, while expanding the market for products that put ethical values first Was First Lady of Chocolate at Tony’s Chocolonely, the iconic chocolate brand on a mission to make 100% slave-free chocolate Is a veteran of the food industry in marketing at brands like Sara Lee and Mars Has a degree in Economics from Wageningen University in the Netherlands THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: A career theme: working to create tangible products, from food to electronics Bridging worlds: bringing multinational business experience to a social enterprise Challenging the electronics industry step by step: how it’s made, who makes it, how we use it The metrics of success for a movement: phones sold, as well as with industry followers Leadership: from the front by example, and from the back empowering a team
May 26, 2020
Growing a business by giving value to food - Mette Lykke, CEO, Too Good To Go
You’ve heard of food waste. Too Good To Go is actually doing something about it by giving value to unsold food, and CEO Mette Lykke Mette shares their model where doing good IS growing the business. - THE IMPACT. Mette: Is CEO of Social Impact Company Too Good To Go, leading a team of 600 Waste Warriors in the fight against food waste, and an app with over 22M users in Europe, saving 36+M meals to date Was co-founder of the fitness community and app Endomondo, with the mission of making fitness fun again, which was sold to American sportswear brand Under Armour in 2015 Previously worked at McKinsey & Co Has a master's degree in political science from Aarhus University THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Early influences: entrepreneurship and being open to unlikely opportunities The right combo for Too Good To Go: a real problem to solve plus a viable business model Two types of impact: direct with the app and marketplace, indirect with a movement to create awareness Managing tradeoffs in a growing impact business: a win-win business model, finding mission-aligned investors, hiring mission-aligned people How coronavirus has changed food: rocked food supply chains, yet increased respect for food
May 19, 2020
The practice of resilience - Lauren Sorkin, Global Resilient Cities Network
Lauren Sorkin of the Global Resilient Cities Network shares lessons from the frontlines to show what resilience means beyond cities for all our organizations -- including joining environment and community, uniting strengths and weaknesses, not having all the answers, convening and creating spaces, looking across functions and across time. - THE IMPACT. Lauren Sorkin: Is Acting Executive Director of the Global Resilient Cities Network, supporting cities and their Chief Resilience Officers in the face of complex challenges, where she has built upon the legacy of the 100 Resilient Cities Program Leads a speaker series, Cities on the Frontlines, sharing knowledge for city responses to the COVID-19 crisis Worked with the Asian Development Bank to develop its first climate change investment plan Led knowledge management for two USAID programs: the Eco-Asia Clean Devt and Climate, and the Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon Worked with the Worldwatch Institute on their State of the World series and published work on biofuels, climate change, infant mortality and HIV/AIDS Holds a BA in International Relations from Tufts, and a MS in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics Is a trained yoga instructor and health counselor THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Integrating early influences: a family focus on community and a passion for the environment The challenge of building coalitions to solve complex challenges: there’s no such thing as the smartest person in the room Chief resilience officers: investing in people who see holistic strengths and weaknesses The value of resilience in a city: a cross-functional view, a senior ability to convene, and a medium term view removed from politics
April 28, 2020
Creating spaces for untapped opportunity - Regina Gwynn, Black Women Talk Tech
With Regina Gwynn, we explore a key need for our economy to recover, and what it takes to support big untapped opportunity: creating spaces. Physical spaces, virtual spaces, safe spaces, honest spaces. - THE IMPACT. Regina: Is co-founder of Black Women Talk Tech, a collective of black women tech founders focused on building billion dollar startups, which has now hosted four Roadmap to Billions conferences to give voice and provide strategy and opportunities. Is CEO and founder of TresseNoire, the first beauty booking platform designed for time-starved multicultural professionals, also called the “Uber of black natural hair” Spent about a decade in retail merchandising and marketing at Macy’s and The Apparel Group, and was a consultant at Monitor Has an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from Kellogg School of Management THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Early influences: entrepreneurship, fashion & beauty, and Jem & the Holograms Making the leap to start a business: making money for others vs. yourself Seizing a systemic opportunity in the market: creating a community, network, and safe space The opportunity in investing in black women entrepreneurs: a big market, solving deep-rooted problems, better innovation The strengths of a community during this crisis: resources and funding, plus support and self-care
April 14, 2020
Taking multiple perspectives as the secret to success - Katrin Muff, Institute for Business Sustainability
Katrin Muff has helped redefine the role of business schools and responsible leadership. The secret? Taking multiple perspectives to capture the many strengths in the room and outside. - THE IMPACT. Katrin Muff: Is Director of the Institute for Business Sustainability, Partner at the Int’l Center for Corporate Governance, President of the Association at Positive Impact Rating Is Professor of Practice of sustainability and leadership at LUISS Business School Author of books including the Five Superpowers of Co-Creators Was Dean of Business School Lausanne, and led research in sustainability and responsibility Has two decades of international strategy and management experience at ALCOA, Procter & Gamble, Schindler Lifts and Yupango THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Redefining the MBA: the role of business school and responsible leadership The secret of success to co-creating a vision: collaborative global stakeholder engagement The SDGs for companies: both an opportunity for innovation and a risk of greenwashing Learning from the superpowers of co-creators: our tensions and conflicts are actually overstretched strengths
April 07, 2020
Wellbeing inspires welldoing - Aaron Pereira & Sandrine Woitrin, Wellbeing Project
In this time of upheaval, social change makers are at risk of overwhelm and burnout. At the Wellbeing Project, Aaron and Sandrine study how we take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. - THE IMPACT. Sandrine and Aaron are co-leads of the Wellbeing Project, a global initiative co-created with Ashoka, Esalen, Impact Hub, Porticus, the Skoll Foundation and Synergos, catalysing a culture of inner wellbeing for all changemakers. Aaron Pereira is an Ashoka Fellow, a Skoll Scholar, and a WEF Young Global Leader. He has been involved in social change for over 20 years spanning work from engaging people in their communities, to social finance, to urban development.  He loves living between France and India. Sandrine Woitrin worked for over ten years in the retail and restaurant business. She was part of the opening team of Starbucks in Spain and France, then helped create the CSR department of Grupo Vips and Starbucks Spain and France. She studied Naturopathy and is passionate about alternative therapies. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Backgrounds in volunteering and community orientation leading to social entrepreneurship Aaron’s personal story of burnout, and the connection between inner and outer work Creating a culture of wellbeing - individually and collectively One outcome is awareness - choosing what wave to catch instead of taking every wave A big thanks to Aaron and Sandrine. You can follow The Wellbeing Project on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn.
March 31, 2020
The power of arts and sports in difficult times - Kely Nascimento DeLuca, Nascimento Foundation
In difficult times, we turn to outlets where words aren’t yet available. Artist and activist Kely Nascimento DeLuca shows how sports and arts can help us process emotions and have difficult conversations. - THE IMPACT. Kely: Was born in Brazil and raised in NYC, as the oldest daughter of soccer legend Pelé Attended the Parsons School of Design and has worked as an editorial, portrait and social commentary photographer, creative director and producer of multi-media and art projects Is President and Founder of the Nascimento Foundation, the family foundation with the mission to harness the potential of sports and the arts to build and promote sustainable peace Is director of Warriors of a Beautiful Game, a documentary film and collaborative project in support of the global movement of women in football Is a proud Ambassador for the Global Goals World Cup, the women’s activist tournament turning the 17 UN SDGs into a sport THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Growing up seeing the impact of both sports and arts as an emotional connector to people’s lives One story of one girl trying to play soccer that led to the making of a documentary film Shifting public opinion through bottom-up and top-down influence toward transparency Advocating for equal treatment to grow an entire sport globally A big thanks to Kely. You can follow her work in the links and on Twitter @CasaKely
March 24, 2020
A human-centered approach to city challenges - James Weinberg, CEO Fuse Corps
For these uncertain times as we look to support local government in some of their toughest challenges, James Weinberg, CEO of Fuse Corps, shares his insights on making people the levers of change. - THE IMPACT. James: Is CEO of FUSE Corps, a US nonprofit placing professionals into local governments to address the biggest challenges facing urban communities Was co-founder of AchieveMission, a consulting firm increasing impact by improving leadership development Served as the national development director at BELL, a tutoring and mentoring program Was the founding executive director of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, working to ensure that children who are homeless have increased access to educational opportunities Has an M.S. in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon, and a bachelor’s in psychology and classics from Tufts THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Family and early figures: influences that led to a career in the public sector A multi-generational view to big societal challenges: we may not solve them in our lifetime A human-centered theory of change: the right person in the right place at the right time The birth of Fuse Corps: tearing down silos and supporting local communities Innovating in local government: finding humble adaptable leaders and giving them room to maneuver
March 17, 2020
What do you truly believe? - Ryan Gellert, Patagonia
Ryan Gellert, GM EMEA at Patagonia, challenges all of us on what we truly believe and what we’re doing to stand behind it. - THE IMPACT. Ryan Gellert: Is General Manager EMEA at Patagonia, overseeing sales, marketing, sustainability and operations through the region Previously spent 15 years at Black Diamond Equipment, in roles including Brand President, VP of Supply Chain Management and Managing Director of Black Diamond Asia Holds a J.D. from the University of Utah; an M.B.A. from Florida Institute of Technology; and a B.S.B.A. in Finance from the University of North Carolina Charlotte THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Ryan’s early influences of sports and social justice Adapting global issues to local markets in Europe The story of Patagonia from reducing impact to becoming an activist company The challenge for other companies wanting to follow Patagonia’s lead: figure out what you believe, and what you’re willing to do Practical ways Patagonia engages and empowers employees to be part of the change You can follow Patagonia’s work of Patagonia online, Action Works, Worn Wear, and 1% for the Planet.
March 10, 2020
Improving physical and digital spaces - Nick Grossman, Union Square Ventures
How can cities help us understand the internet? Nick Grossman of Union Square Ventures applies his work with cities to show how we can make both physical and digital spaces more safe and thriving. - THE IMPACT. Nick Grossman: Is partner at Union Square Ventures, the venture capital firm, where he invests in internet applications and infrastructure Led an incubator for startups at the intersection of cities and data at OpenPlans, with a focus on cultivating open source communities, building open data platforms, and supporting open standards efforts Was a project manager at the Project for Public Spaces, a nonprofit to create public spaces and stronger communities Co-founded Streetsblog, NYC’s hub for transportation, which helped catalyze the movement to reform policies to make the city more walkable, bikeable and transit-friendly Has a degree in Urban Studies from Stanford, and was a visiting scholar at the MIT Media Lab THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: The parallels between the physical and the digital worlds we move in The tradeoff between top-down and bottom-up planning, aka the Robert Moses vs. theJane Jacobs approach in cities and online The opportunity to use the internet to make life better in education and healthcare The challenge of mission-driven companies executing in a for-profit context The hope and energy in supporting startup founders A big thanks to Nick Grossman. You can follow his work on twitter @nickgrossman and on his personal website and blog
March 03, 2020
Changing assumptions to change the system - Dr. Mairi-Jane Fox, ecological economist
We designed this economy, we can redesign it. Ecological economist Dr. Mairi-Jane Fox, professor at Regis College, challenges the assumptions behind our economic systems. - THE IMPACT. Dr. Mairi-Jane Fox: Is Professor at Regis College, where she is Director of SEED Sustainable Economic and Enterprise Development Institute Has a Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Vermont and a M.S. in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh Researched sustainable impact investing, regenerative business and entrepreneurship, and ecological economics Presented a new perspective on the economy in her TedX talk called “the answer is more car accidents and cancers” Has worked as a sustainability consultant for the extractive and finance industry and mentored entrepreneurs Taught at K-12 Colorado charter schools, Colorado State University and Champlain College THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: The advantages of being an outsider and not belonging to have a new perspective What is ecological economics, and how it’s different to the neoclassical economics we know The nature of the economy and GDP - we designed it, we can redesign it Our role in this moment: “hospicing” the old way and “midwifing” the new
February 11, 2020
The impact of money - Chad Spitler, Third Economy, Blackrock
What impact does your money have? How does an environmentalist end up at BlackRock and then in sustainable investing? Chad Spitler, Founder and CEO of Third Economy, shares his journey. - THE IMPACT. Chad: Is on a mission to make sustainable investing mainstream Founder and CEO of Third Economy, a sustainable investment advisory Helped establish BlackRock’s Investment Stewardship and Sustainable Investing teams, as a Managing Director at the world’s largest asset manager THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: How an environmentalist went into investing The difference between ESG and impact investing, and a framework to analyze sustainable investments The responsibility of large asset managers like BlackRock, and the origins of the CEO letter The challenge of disclosure to understand the impact of big vs. small companies A big thanks to Chad. You can follow his work on @eco4ces.
December 17, 2019
Simplicity on the other side of complexity - Julia Novy-Hildesley, Stanford, Resilience in Action
How can we be resilient? Julia Novy-Hildesley Hildesley of Stanford and Resilience in Action shares her wide-ranging journey, from Madagascar to the Peruvian Amazon, to find the simplicity on the other side of complexity. - THE IMPACT. Julia: Is Professor of Practice at Stanford University and Executive Director of Stanford's Change Leadership for Sustainability Program. Is Founder and CEO of Resilience in Action, where she helps 21st century leaders cultivate resilience in their lives, organizations and sectors, leading resilience journeys to dynamic natural environments like the Peruvian Amazon. Was Executive Director of the Lemelson Foundation, a nonprofit guiding investment in technology, inventors and social enterprises in the U.S and developing countries. At World Wildlife Fund, collaborated with Unilever and WWF to develop and launch the Marine Stewardship Council, a global partnership for certification of fisheries and sustainable seafood. Holds a B.A. in Human Biology and a minor in African Studies from Stanford, and a Masters from the University of Sussex in International Development Studies Was a Fulbright and Marshall Scholar, and speaks French, Spanish and Kiswahili. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Where it began - growing up in nature and a challenging family history A breadth and depth of interests - from environment and ecology to social science and business The CAN framework for resilience - Connect, Adapt, Innovate - learning from ecology, psychology, and the military Managing complexity in a world tuned to simple solutions
December 10, 2019
Communication is not neutral - Andrea Ciulu, Arkage
What does it mean for communication to have purpose? Andrea Ciulu of Arkage bridges multiple worlds as philosopher, political scientist, and creative strategist. - THE IMPACT. Andrea is: Head of creative strategy at Arkage, a “post-digital agency” and B Corp in Italy, which creates innovative campaigns for companies like Fiat and BNL bank Host of the Bernoccolo podcast, and frequent philosopher on trends in digital and beyond A graduate in Political Science of Rome’s La Sapienza University THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: How political science and communication are two sides of the same coin Responsibilities of communication to reflect and also elevate society Bridging and bringing trends from abroad to Italy A big thanks to Andrea.You can follow his work at, and @andrea_ciulu
December 03, 2019
Finding champions by being yourself - Simon Leiva, UN FAO GACSA
How do you find champions from the local city council to the UN? Simon Leiva of the FAO Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture shares his unlikely journey. - THE IMPACT. Simon: Is Coordinator of the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, a multi-stakeholder platform to improve food security, nutrition and resilience in the face of climate change Worked in Australia for local and federal government on sustainability in water and natural resources. Has a Masters in Environmental Science at the University of Sydney, and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: How he got from Chile to Australia to Italy Working in the private sector to the federal government to the local council to now for an inter-governmental agency Being yourself in a serious organization to create trust and find champions
November 28, 2019
Bonus: The state of sustainable business at BSR19
Coming from the annual gathering of sustainability leaders at BSR19, this bonus episode brings highlights of the state of sustainable business and words of inspiration from the most compelling hidden heroes.
November 19, 2019
Joining art and science to create a more beautiful world - Dr. Kitty Yeung, Microsoft Garage
Why does a PhD physicist design fashion and graphic novels? Dr. Kitty Yeung of Microsoft Garage looks to understand our world and bring people together to create a more beautiful world. - THE IMPACT. Kitty: Is physicist, artist, maker, fashion designer and musician Manager of the Bay Area Microsoft Garage, a program that drives a culture of innovation Has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University and a M.Sci., B.A. and M.A. in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge where she worked at the famous Cavendish Lab Has worked on quantum computing, AI and machine learning, wearable technology, silicon photonics, quantum mechanics, open-source hardware, 3D printing Also pursues the arts like painting, music, graphic novels, and fashion design (she even presented her collection at San Francisco Fashion Week and recently launched her fashion brand Art by Physicist) THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Her why: Pursuing science and art to understand the world and create a more beautiful world Her growth: Balancing breadth and depth as a multidisciplinary professional Her proudest moments: Bringing people together to solve problems, open-sourcing innovations to make fashion more sustainable
November 12, 2019
From evolution to revolution - Heike Reichelt, World Bank
What does one see in nearly 20 years at the World Bank? Head of Investor Relations Heike Reichelt recounts the human side as investors move from evolution to revolution in considering impact. - THE IMPACT. Heike: - Is Head of Investor Relations and New Products at the World Bank, which she joined in 2000 - Most recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary event of the green bond market that the World Bank helped start, with the theme: ‘from evolution to revolution’ to highlight the pace of change - Previously worked at the German development agency Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (KfW) THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: - The unique role of the World Bank, an international development organization owned by 189 countries, bridging capital markets and global needs - The human side of investor relations, how talking to investors is talking to people - Observing change over the long term, from evolution to revolution - Finding champions in different organizations to create tipping points A big thanks to Heike. You can follow her work at and find the projects referenced here: - Bonds for Sustainable Development - newsletter and website - Beyond Green: Building Sustainable Capital Markets - 10-year green bond anniversary - Videos, including project videos
November 06, 2019
Bringing calm intensity to sustainability - Bruno Sarda, CEO of CDP North America
How do we stay calm and balanced while having intense conviction, especially with something as urgent as climate change? Bruno Sarda, CEO of CDP North America, shares his experience and what’s possible. - THE IMPACT. Bruno is: - North America CEO at CDP, a nonprofit that runs the global environmental disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts - Previously Chief Sustainability Officer for NRG, a leading integrated power company, and director of sustainability and social responsibility at Dell - Professor and senior sustainability scholar at Arizona State University THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: - Developing an appreciation for balance in nature and in organizations - How the 90’s disruption of the internet is similar to the current disruption of sustainability - Going from a reactive change management role to proactively intentionally guiding change - Having a long lens that shows what’s possible in every sector and geography A big thanks to Bruno. You can follow his work at and on Twitter @bruno68
October 29, 2019
Uphill battle to downhill urgency - Aron Cramer, CEO of BSR
From getting locked out of buildings to convening leaders on global challenges, BSR CEO Aron Cramer recounts his impact journey through the past decades in sustainable business. - THE IMPACT. Aron is: - Recognized globally as an authority on sustainable business - CEO of BSR, the long-running sustainability network and consultancy, where he advises senior executives on social and environmental issues - On advisory boards at Marks & Spencer and SAP, and previously also at AXA, Shell, and Nike - Director of the Natural Capital Coalition, the International Integrated Reporting Council, and We Mean Business THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: - How sustainability in business has evolved in the last 25 years - A shift in business, from sitting on the sidelines to taking a stand on global challenges - Balancing urgency and patience - Leading from the head and the heart - Overcoming fear with faith in the future - Transforming the individual vs. the organization A big thanks to Aron. You can follow his work on and on Twitter @aroncramer
October 22, 2019
A small fish in a big pool - Joanne Sprague, Facebook
How does a social impact activist end up at the world's largest social network? How do we balance being a big fish in a small pool vs. a small fish in a big pool? Joanne Sprague channels what she's learned in her journey, from international development and social justice to the big pool at Facebook. - THE IMPACT. Joanne Sprague has a deep background in social impact, from the Peace Corps to international development to LGBT-ally-ship at Friendfactor (that’s how we met!). She now manages social impact partnerships with Facebook, where her work includes initiatives from making the platform more effective for nonprofits to leveraging VR as a medium for empathy and connection. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore … The link between business and social change Changing minds and hearts online and offline Being a big fish in a small pool vs. a small fish in a big pool The importance of staying uncomfortable
October 16, 2019
From 40,000 feet to 3 inches - Margot Brandenburg, Rockefeller, MyStrongHome
Systems thinker and lifetime activist Margot Brandenburg has worked to scale the global impact investing movement, launched her own climate resilience startup, and everything in between. She connects the dots of her journey and shares what she’s learned, and what she’s passing on to her kids. - THE IMPACT. Margot: - Is founder of My Strong Home, a benefit corporation that uses insurance-based financing to fund climate resilience - Is a former Senior Associate Director at The Rockefeller Foundation, where she focused on economic development program initiatives, and literally wrote the book on impact investing - Received her Masters in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, and her BA in International Relations from Stanford University THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: - Becoming an activist in middle school after watching the movie Dirty Dancing - Toggling between the 40,000-foot and the 3-inch view of impact - Finding satisfaction in playing the “inside-outside” game simultaneously - How two activists raise kids in this urgent time
October 08, 2019
Vulnerability as strength - Dr. Megan Jones Bell, Headspace
From facing mental illness to changing the culture around mental health and wellness, Dr. Megan Jones Bell, Chief Science Officer at Headspace, shows how our vulnerability can be our greatest strength. - THE IMPACT. Megan: Is Chief Science Officer at Headspace, the meditation app now used by almost 60 million people Was previously chief science officer and founding team member at Lantern Focuses on making mental healthcare more effective, more affordable, and more accessible while changing the culture around mental health and wellness Is consulting assistant professor at Stanford University Has a master’s degree and doctorate in clinical psychology from PGSP-Stanford University THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Integrating both positive and challenging forces of childhood into a career Balancing the certainty of knowing the direction and the uncertainty of not having a paved path The freedom of letting go of expectations and being yourself How we could create more mindful organizations and societies
October 01, 2019
Small victories in big field-building - Jen Splansky Juster of FSG Collective Impact Forum
We’re used to celebrating one superstar who saves the day, but we forget that lasting change needs many groups to come together. And someone helps those groups come together, work together, and keep working together for years -- what we call “field building”. It’s a big tough role, but Jen Splansky Juster of the Collective Impact Forum finds energy in the small victories. - THE IMPACT. Jen: Is Executive Director of FSG’s Collective Impact Forum, an initiative of FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions Advises foundations, NGOs, and partnerships on collective impact initiatives THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Being a generalist: going from human biology to consulting to field-building Finding joy and satisfaction in small victories on multi-generational change References from our conversation: The Stanford article about Collective Impact The research study When Collective Impact Has An Impact Collective Impact case studies
September 24, 2019
The unsexy plumbing to transform impact investing - Jennifer Pryce, CEO of Calvert Impact Capital
Some have heard of “impact investing”. Fewer talk about the importance of the very unsexy business of “plumbing” to connect money in our economy from the people who have it to the people who need it. Jennifer is on a mission to change the game, so that each of us can be an impact investor. - THE IMPACT. Jennifer: - Is President and CEO of Calvert Impact Capital, a nonprofit investment firm moving money into communities, where she is an advocate for making impact investing more accessible to retail investors like you and me. - Started off in the Peace Corps in Africa, where she was exposed to the frustrating limited flows of capital to lower income communities. - Worked for major banks in New York and London before focusing on investing in a socially responsible way supporting underserved communities. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation: - We zoom in quite a bit on what impact investing is, and specifically how an investment at Calvert Impact Capital works. - We zoom back out on the importance of the very unsexy business of what we call plumbing - connecting money in our economy from the people who have it to the people who need it. - We hear about how Jennifer’s experiences, including biomedical engineering and the Public Theater, prepared her for this role. A big thanks to Jennifer Pryce. You can follow her on Twitter at @JennPryce
September 17, 2019
We all want to be seen and heard - Pamela Kerpius, Migrants of the Mediterranean
A day at the beach on Lampedusa in Italy changed Pamela Kerpius’ life and career. Seeing how migrants were treated and finding herself complicit, she began the humanitarian storytelling organization Migrants of the Mediterranean to help humanize the migration crisis. - THE IMPACT. Pamela is: Founder of Migrants of the Mediterranean, a humanitarian storytelling organization working to document and humanize today’s migration crisis. A journalist and copywriter, with a M.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University and B.A.s in History and English from the University of Colorado. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: How a trip to Lampedusa island changed Pamela’s life and career. The simple power of a conversation with another human, especially when that human is a migrant at the margins of society. How telling the stories of others helped her connect to and write her own story
September 10, 2019
Getting people to care by making it easy to act - Tara Norton of BSR
A challenge most of us face in sustainability is getting people to care. This is especially difficult in supply chains, where companies are buying products & raw materials from halfway around the world. Tara Norton has focused her career on supply chain sustainability, and helps answer how to get regular people in regular companies think about how something is made. - THE IMPACT. Tara: Leads the global supply chain sustainability practice at BSR, the global nonprofit sustainability network and consultancy Directed supply chain work at 2degrees, the sustainability collaboration platform Was general manager of Sedex, the world's largest nonprofit sustainable supply chain membership organization and database THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Growing up in consumerism yet becoming curious where things come from The head, heart, hands - awareness doesn’t mean people will care; you have to build the process Managing knowns and unknowns… and could blockchain be the bridge? Raising the next generation of sustainability leaders LINKS: Tara’s blog posts on supply chains as connections between people, knowns and unknowns The books Tara referenced: No Logo by Naomi Klein, Children’s book Where did my clothes come from
August 07, 2019
A veteran and a novice at the same time - Robert Nuttall of M&S, BBC, Fortitude
After decades in traditional corporate roles, Robert Nuttall found himself creating a groundbreaking sustainability program at Marks & Spencer. He shares what he's had to learn and unlearn. - THE IMPACT. Robert is: My colleague at Fortitude Partners, helping ambitious companies create real value for society. At Marks & Spencer, on the pioneering team that created Plan A, the groundbreaking sustainability program. Founder of the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability practice at the communications group Engine. Formerly in Corporate Communications leadership roles at companies like the BBC and GSK. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: No one of us knew what we were doing: starting a sustainability program in the early days, and how sustainability is similar to the internet Years of fairly pointless work: coming to sustainability later in the professional life This feels fundamentally different: sustainability as a secret superpower for org transformation Having no fear: later in the career, speaking truth to power, calling out CEOs Learning and unlearning: humility, the best ideas coming from people half your age
July 26, 2019
Customers as citizens - Baptiste Carriere-Pradal of Sustainable Apparel Coalition
From his perspective on the sustainable transformation of the fashion industry, Baptiste reflects on the growing role of all of us as citizen-customers. - THE IMPACT. Baptiste is: VP Europe at the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the industry’s leading alliance for sustainable production, where he leads transparency and government engagement On the Steering Committee at the Global Fashion Agenda, the leadership forum to make sustainability fashionable, which organizes the annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit Formerly Head of Sustainability at Decathlon, the largest sporting goods retailer in the world THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Dystopian fiction and winemaking as inspirations to enter sustainability Changing corporate behaviors by changing the view from customers to citizens The difference between storytelling and systemic change, how it all collapsed in Rana Plaza, and how transparency is key to getting back on track
July 16, 2019
What history and sports teach us about tackling multi-generational issues - Stephen Ortega of Harvard’s Global Sports Initiative
How does a history professor end up in sports sustainability? And what can history, and intersecting different fields like sports and academia, teach us about how to move the needle on issues like race and identity? - THE IMPACT. Steve is: Associate Professor of History at Simmons University, where he focuses on trans-national contact, helping students see beyond traditional notions of geography and identity, and think critically and creatively about both local and global challenges. Director of the Global Sports Initiative at Harvard, where he brings sports figures and academics together from around the world to discuss issues such as identity, gender relations, race, borders and the desire for greater social welfare. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore: Creating a link between academia and sports, where sports as an indicator of the issues that society is struggling with, and athlete’s stories are the stories of the world Taking the strengths from both disciplines -- the visibility of sports and the rigor of academia -- to bring people together and advance the conversation Seeing our place in history, which allows us to take personal responsibility, even if we may not see change in our lifetime, and then pass the baton to the next generation
June 22, 2019
Tackling discrimination from the inside and the outside - Kamael Sugrim of People First
Kamael Sugrim has been at the intersection of business, technology, and social change. She has also had a front-row seat to the dynamics of discrimination. We explore her personal experience tackling bias and discrimination from the inside and the outside. - THE IMPACT. Kamael has been at the intersection of business, technology, and social change. She opened Stanford SEED (the institute for innovation in developing economies) in Africa, founded mPowering (an app to direct donations to alleviate poverty in India and Nepal), ran operations as managing director at Impact Hub (the largest social impact incubator in the world), and serves as chairwoman of the board at EcoEnergy Pakistan. She is now COO at People First, a software startup to fight discrimination in the workplace, and founder of Nafasi Ventures, an advisory to help companies deliver social impact. THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore Kamael’s personal experience observing, calling out, and looking to systematically change bias from the inside and outside, including: Growing up in diversity vs. the rude wake-up call of Wall Street Having a seat at the table vs. having a voice to make decisions Tackling discrimination from the inside and from the outside There’s gender, there’s race, and there’s culture Letting go of fear and making space to think Discrimination as the enemy of innovation
June 14, 2019
Doing more by taking less credit - Eco-educator Julie Beretta
International eco-educator Julie Beretta is making it fun to care for the environment. We explore a different form of leadership, one that includes getting more done by taking less credit.
June 07, 2019
Creating global awareness & getting your hands in the dirt - Filippo Bozotti, Filmmaker-Activist-Farmer
Filippo Bozotti is a social and environmental activist from the global to the local level. We explore the beauty of thinking big picture with your hands in the dirt, and how to stay motivated while being (sometimes ruthlessly) realistic.
May 31, 2019
Lifting up others & sustaining ourselves - Melissa Alvarado of UN Women
Melissa Alvarado from UN Women works to end violence against women. We explore an inevitable tension: how to sustain and care for ourselves while doing the hard work of caring for others.
May 24, 2019
Launching Impact Journey, conversations with hidden heroes making big societal change.
May 23, 2019