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Tell My Story

Tell My Story

By Impact Without Contact
Throughout this pandemic, many have played a crucial role in keeping society afloat from medical professionals, to retail workers, to caretakers, and more and yet, not all of these sectors get the appreciation they deserve. Impact Without Contact, a youth organization based in Toronto, Ont, has decided to form Tell My Story to highlight and support all front line workers by sharing their unique and vivid experiences throughout COVID-19.
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What is it like be a flight attendant during a pandemic?

Tell My Story

How did our volunteers an make impact without any contact?
The heart and soul of the Tell My Story podcast is our volunteers who have worked tirelessly to script-write and edit but even beyond this, our Impact Without Contact have transcended care homes and fundraising initiatives to assist others during this pandemic. For our season finale episode, we spoke to some of our volunteers about how they have evolved throughout COVID-19 and developed their own skills. A special thank you to everyone who has listened to and supported our podcast!
September 22, 2020
How do small business owners cope with the pandemic?
Lockdowns, curfews, and COVID-19 have all threatened the livelihood of so many local small businesses from restaurant owners, to studios, and more impacting not only the owners of these facilities but the customers they work for. In this special episode hosted by our IWC volunteer Cindy , we speak to Gisella, the owner of a taekwondo studio. 
September 15, 2020
How can students and staff make the most of the upcoming school year?
This week, we have something special for you - a Tell My Story Special Edition Episode with WRDSB teachers, Ms. Jennifer Scullion and Ms. Meghan Kidd. Hosted by Namrata Mishra and Tiffany Yang, listen to our conversation about how to make the most of the upcoming school year - for students and staff, alike. We understand that the upcoming school year is filled with a lot of different emotions. For that purpose, our guests provided personal insight regarding communication, the importance of community, up-and-coming information about distance and hybrid-learning, and so much more. A real conversation between students and teachers is what we need right now - sitting down, getting personal, and truly listening is what we’d like to provide through the episode.
September 8, 2020
Where did Impact Without Contact all begin?
Impact Without Contact is an organization that aims to connect youth with remote volunteer opportunities and projects. Thus far, IWC has amassed over 100 volunteers from nearly 10 countries, but where did this all begin? Hear from the founder of IWC, Sophie Yang, on why she started this amazing team and the challenges she faced along the way.
September 1, 2020
What is it like be a flight attendant during a pandemic?
International travel has substantially changed during the pandemic from temperature checks, to travel bans, and the fear of viral transmission is all too eminent.  The travel industry has also seen mass lay offs with many flight attendants away from work indefinitely. We spoke to Saniya, an Air Canada, about her experience amidst this chaos.  
August 25, 2020
How did ConquerCOVID19 raise millions in PPE?
PPE drives have been no novelty since the commencement of the pandemic but none have reached the national success of Conquer COVID19. Listen to our conversation with CEO Sulemaan Ahmed about how he raised thousands in donations and millions in supplies whilst garnering support from famous Canadians like Ryan Reynolds and Justin Trudeau. 
August 18, 2020
What does an Ontario high-school teacher think about online learning and school reopening?
Since March students and teachers globally have had to endure the difficulties of remote education; a lack of motivation to learn, home responsibilities, technological limitations, and the mental burdens of learning through a screen. As Ontario schools move to open up this September, what does a high-school teacher think about the plans put in place and the impacts of the previous school year? Listen to our second episode with Ms. Amy Scholl to find out. 
August 11, 2020
What is it like to be a long term care nurse during COVID-19?
Many of the COVID-19 hotspots in Canada have occurred within long term care homes leaving many elderly in a vulnerable and lonely state. What is the pandemic like for a nurse practitioner working at the front lines of supporting the elderly? Listen to the pilot episode of Tell My Story to hear from the brave nurse Carol Liu and her inspiring experiences throughout this novel time.
July 31, 2020