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Impacting Cincinnati

Impacting Cincinnati

By Dmitriy Neganov
A thoughtful discussion on the topic of management and its various applications with accomplished guests, from private and public sectors, large and small organizations, non-profits and educational institutions. We will talk about about management, its various facets, and its impact on Greater Cincinnati.

Hosted by Dmitriy Neganov, a management theorist and consultant, an advocate for the continuous pursuit of new perspectives. This podcast is sponsored by Vaco.
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Say "Yes" to Building a Healthy, Vibrant Community

Impacting Cincinnati

Kroger's Secret Sauce: A Look Inside 84.51
84.51 uses data science to uncover customers' needs, offering personalized marketing strategies to Kroger and over 1,400 consumer-packaged-goods-companies. On this episode, we have the rare pleasure of speaking with 84.51's President Milen Mahadevan on the company's value proposition, the product suite, its management method, and its people. In addition, we discuss 84.51's data science capabilities, industry trends, and challenges faced in an everchanging business climate.
April 05, 2021
It's an Ace!
On this episode of Impacting Cincinnati, Steve shares his story as a coach, working with Nick Bollettieri, and how he started the Club as Harper’s Point. We discuss the club programs offered today, the sport of tennis in general, it’s health benefits and popularity. If you play tennis or just like the sport, this conversation is for you. You will not only hear great coaches share their advice, but will get to listen to a legend share his story.
March 16, 2021
The True Definition of Management
This conversation with Nadezhda Neganov was the very first recording as part of the Impacting Cincinnati podcast series, intentionally saved to be shared on March 8th, the International Women’s Day. Nadezhda is a Certified Dietitian and an entrepreneur, turned full-time mom. We talk about the meaning of management in the context of a family and how it translates into daily activities. We discuss the concept of continuous improvement and change management and how women go through that in their personal lives, with such things as weight loss, family lives and professional lives. The wisdom, the depth of perspective, mixed in with some silliness, that Nadezhda shared in our dialogue, can inspire and be useful to many.
March 08, 2021
Say "Yes" to Building a Healthy, Vibrant Community
With 14 years of experience working for nonprofits in the Greater Cincinnati Region, Executive Director of Be Concerned Andy Brunsman has grounded his organization in the mantra, "we will find a way to say yes". Be Concerned is deeply committed to honoring the dignity and humanity of all persons. Its purpose is to assist low-income people of Northern Kentucky in obtaining basic necessities for life. His dedication to Be Concerned's mission and purpose has resulted in receiving a variety of community awards in the region including his induction into the Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2020 Forty Under 40 class.  In this episode, Andy talks about the importance of building "social capital", unorthodox solutions to tackling hunger, and how local businesses and individuals can help to serve their community. 2:50 – Andy Brunsman’s story 8:00 – skills needed to be successful in the world of non-profits 16:00 – building “social capital” and partnering with other organizations to provide services for Be Concerned customers 23:03 – who are the people that turn to Be Concerned for help? 28:42 – how Be Concerned is helping address the root causes of hunger in the community 33:04 – level of involvement of the local business community in addressing the root causes of food insecurity 41:00 – how charity organizations come together to educate and support the community on various matters that go along with food insecurity 43:09 – how the business community stepped up in 2020 45:50 – Be Concerned overhead and general financials 54:24 – what to donate and what not to donate 1:00:11 – Be Concerned administrative partners (accounting, taxes, IT, marketing) 1:06:00 – what’s preventing people who experience food insecurity for achieving independence? 1:14:10 – unorthodox solutions for tackling hunger in our region 1:19:33 – a call out to those who are making a difference in our community
February 22, 2021
Managing Change in Healthcare
CareSource’s Director of EPMO and long-time friend of Vaco, Kristin Brand joins us this week on the Impacting Cincinnati podcast. Kristin has 20+ years of experience in IT, HR, and Operations, with expertise in employee engagement, organizational change management, project management, culture building, and diversity & inclusion. She is no stranger to sharing her wisdom - Kristin has been a featured speaker at several conferences and is the Author of “Mastering ColdFusion”, distributed worldwide by Sybex, Inc. She is also incredibly passionate about promoting racial equality in the workplace. In this episode we discuss her role working in the PMO, healthcare, and change.
February 08, 2021
Essentials for Sustainable Growth
EY’s 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Co-founder and CEO of InfoTrust, and Best Selling Author of Crawl, Walk, Run: Advancing Analytics Maturity with Google Marketing Platform, Alex Yastrebenetsky has a long list of accomplishments and an openness to share his wisdom with our listeners. This episode is perfect for entrepreneurs and company leaders, as Alex shares InfoTrust's story and discusses insights for putting your business on a path for sustainable growth. Have your pen and notepad ready!
January 25, 2021
Digital Transformation with John Gavigan
The following is a conversation with John Gavigan, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of First Financial Bank. On this episode we discuss the bank’s digital transformation, key decisions that allowed First Financial to weather the COVID storm, the role that the bank is playing in our community and the job market outlook.
January 09, 2021
Impacting Cincinnati Podcast Introduction
Your podcast host, Dmitriy Neganov specializes in organizational management with a focus on complex business transformations, such as M&A integrations. Dmitriy is a management theorist and consultant, advocating for a continuous pursuit of new perspectives. This trailer gives you a better idea of what to expect during the first season of Impacting Cincinnati.
January 06, 2021