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Impractical Spirituality

Impractical Spirituality

By Fiends
Diving into what spirituality is, how we access it, the mythos and taboo around spiritual practices and how to digest it all. We will be taking on experiments (like what is micro-dosing and how does it affect us?!), divulging the astrological forecasts and even reading cards.

If you love to laugh, learn, and use strong language for strong experiences then this is the podcast for you.
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What is Sound Therapy?
Amanda and Forest dive into how Sound Therapy works, which is Amanda’s modality of work. We talk about how sound works with our bodies, the vagus nerve and so many other curiosities. If you want to learn more about what Amanda does you can find her at @amandabaiocco / and the rest of our work at @fiends_co / and @theforesteden /
October 13, 2020
What is Building Community?
This is a juicy episode where Amanda and Forest dive deep into what makes community, how do we build it, and why do we build it. As we navigate the ever changing landscape of interpersonal and inter communal needs, this conversation is an essential listen for those that need and build community. The books we reference are Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown and More Together Than Alone by Mark Nepo. As always you can find more of what we do @fiends_co @amandabaiocco @theforesteden
September 13, 2020
What is Sacred Space?
I came into this episode curious, and my friend Teagan came into it asking okay but what IS sacred space? What do you mean by this? And I think the beauty of this episode is the not knowing that allows us to dive deep. So come hang with us as we explore what sacred space means in physical spaces, in our relationships, communities, and how we care for ourselves. It’s a good one. If you want to connect with us further give us a follow at @fiends_co @theforesteden @littlecoyotemusic
August 25, 2020
What are The Elements?
Forest Greenwell and our official co-host Amanda Baiocco dive deep into the elements. How do they show up? How do we interact with them? Are there fifth and sixth elements?! We take all of these thoughts, how they appear in our lives and bodies and communities and the world around us. Take this trip with us. To connect deeper you can find us @fiends_co @theforesteden @amandabaiocco
August 25, 2020
What is Judgement?
Today we dive into some less tangible ideas like Judgement. So what is judgement? How does it show up? What are the stories we tell ourselves? Amanda Baiocco and Forest Greenwell dive deep into the light and shadows of this idea and all the ways it shows up; how it helps and hinders us.
June 24, 2020
What Is Tarot?
What is Tarot? A huge question right now in the world of magic and spirituality as we see a collective uprising in intuitive arts and leaning into "old" ways of ritual. We brought on Meg Hubley of @northnodetarot to talk about our coming out to tarot stories, the development of our practices, how we've used the cards and learned from them over time and what it really means to be a "reader". We delve into lots of basics like can you buy your own deck?! as well as deeper and interpret some cards that showed up from her birthday reading. Fiends itself was built around the work of reading tarot. As a business, but also as a developmental tool that allowed us to actually get to this place and do the work that comes along with it. This is great for anyone with a curiosity in tarot, witch craft, spiritual growth, or if you just want a good conversation about how magic appears in day to day life - even when we don't want it to. As always, Impractical Spirituality is sponsored by Fiends Collective Intro + Outro music are by Little Coyote Song: Dig Up My Grave You can find us on instagram: @fiends_co @northnodetarot @theforesteden @littlecoyotemusic
May 16, 2020
A Ritual for Making Home
We’re going to walk you through a simple ritual that you can do at home with the tools you have on hand. This series will explore what a ritual is, how we can access them and build them into our lives.  A Ritual for Making Home is looking at how we can start to build a home within ourselves while educating you on why we’re doing what we’re doing so you leave with a little more magic and knowledge. As always, Impractical Spirituality is brought to you by Fiends Collective and hosted by Forest Greenwell. Music: Dig Up My Grave - Little Coyote @fiends_co @theforesteden @littlecoyotemusic
May 15, 2020
What is Astrology?
What is Astrology? This is such a huge question as astrology and zodiac culture permeate pop-culture and the idea of occultism. It is a diverse world of knowledge that has been used for centuries and has endless pockets and modalities in which it is used and studied. So how can we wrap our heads around this useful tool and find out what's fact or fiction about the planets and stars. We got together with Anastasia Lemon from @sunmoonsquare to talk about astrology - not just the zodiac signs but how we can approach using it practically in our day to day life. Like should we even be using it daily? Is astrology a facet of spirituality? What do you need to know about your chart to have a working knowledge of astrology? How can we utilize what show up? What are the true basics? Why does astrology work? Listen to learn the answers to these questions and more as we break pop-culture taboos on what astrology looks like and how anyone can apply it to what they already know in life. Online Astro Resources: Ghost of A Podcast The Astrology Podcast Chani Nicholas Mystic Mamma Intro + Outro Song: Dig Up My Grave - Little Coyote Find us on instagram: @fiendsco @sunmoodsquare @littlecoyotemusic @theforesteden @lifeaslemon Impractical Spirituality is sponsored by Fiends Collective
April 24, 2020
What Is Spirituality?
What is spirituality? Outside of text book definitions, spirituality is always evolving and changing so the beliefs we live by are supportive of the society and communities we continue to foster and develop.  There is no one way to be spiritual; no one kind of spirituality. In the light of the fast changing world, what does it mean to be spiritual in today? How do we find this path? What does it look like? How does it feel?  Forest Greenwell, owner of fiends and Amanda Baiocco meditation and sound bath facilitator dive into their own Spiritual Awakenings - how they use it to foster their day to day lives now, and how it has evolved.  Episode Details: Music: Dig Up My Grave - Little Coyote (@littlecoyotemusic) Host: Forest Greenwell (@theforesteden) Guest: Amanda Baiocco (@amandabaiocco) Presented by: Fiends Collective (@fiends_co)
March 20, 2020