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Improper Fantasy Football

Improper Fantasy Football

By Improper Fantasy Football
Join Biz and Mark as they muse about their fantasy football league and about the current state of the nfl. Also, there may be beer involved!
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43. Are the Bills the Kings of the East?

Improper Fantasy Football

48. It's Tua Time
The weekend of comebacks is over. We have guest host Justin joining Mark to break down everything from Tua finally going off to the state of the Eagles. You don't want to miss this episode!
September 23, 2022
47. We needed this win...
What a week. Seahawks upset the Broncos, Steelers outlast the Bengals, and the worst thing ever happens...... A TIE!?!?!?!?!
September 15, 2022
46. A Draft-Gone Streaming Nightmare
 Draft Fallout!!!!! Mark sabotages Biz and steals his QB…. AGAIN!!!! Also, the return of SURVIVAL PICKEM!!!!
September 09, 2022
45. Prediction time! Biz picks Bucs to miss playoffs… but win the Super Bowl?!
Who will be the best fantasy players? Who will win the divisions!? WHO WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! If you like spoilers, listen to this episode since we're clearly always right.
September 05, 2022
44. A Northern Division Exposure
It's almost draft time and Biz and Mark wrap up their divisional analysis with BOTH the NFC and AFC North divisions. Lots of strong fantasy opinions in this episode, so you don't want to miss it!
September 01, 2022
43. Are the Bills the Kings of the East?
Despite audio issues and connection problems, Mark and Biz bring you what you want: a conversation about the AFC East!
August 28, 2022
42. Do you even draft D/ST and Kickers?
We've reached the last of our positional analysis with everyone's favorite: Kickers and Defenses! Also, Biz and Mark go into praise and adulation of the great NFC L-East!!!
August 24, 2022
41. The Boring One: A Quarterback Discussion
What are Biz and Mark's thoughts on when to draft QBs in fantasy? What is the fantasy outlook for the AFC South? Will Biz be docked a first round pick like the Dolphins!?! You'll have to listen to find out!
August 19, 2022
40. Football finally came home
We're talking Tight Ends and the NFC South as our march to the NFL Season and our league draft continues! In other news, Biz has been mumbling something about "Three Lions" all month and I'm not sure why.
August 14, 2022
39. Round 1 Wide Receivers?
Biz and Mark talk which WRs they be happy taking in round 1. Kupp? Adams? Diggs? METCALF? Probably not that last one, but the top of the WR tier list deserves some attention, just like the bottom round WRs!
August 09, 2022
38. Depth Running Backs?
Running backs are the topic of conversation this week and Biz and Mark talk about beginning, mid and end of draft concepts for the upcoming season. Also, the gang goes through the NFC West. 
July 22, 2022
37. Biz Breaking News!!
It's finally happened. Baker Mayfield is no longer on the Cleveland Browns. Mark and Biz break it down, talk Jimmy G and Von Miller, and play a few more offseason games.
July 15, 2022
36. Under or Overrated?
Biz and Mark play a game of Under or Overrated. Also, our hosts react to Deshaun Watson and Dan Snyder scandal updates (EPISODE WAS RECORDED PRIOR TO THE BAKER MAYFIELD TRADE).
July 10, 2022
35. Summer Fantasy
It's never too early to start looking at rankings and that's exactly with Biz and Mark talk about. Start preparing for the fall with this week's episode! Twitter: ImproperFutball
June 24, 2022
34. Rodgers more clutch than Brady?!
We're back from hiatus and talking about NFL, Golf, NBA, and Tennis! So much has happened over the past month, but Aaron Donald and Aaron Rodgers have been on our minds. Twitter: @ImproperFutball
June 04, 2022
33. Did the Seahawks have the BEST DRAFT!?
What a draft weekend! Trades galore and the Seahawks went best players available?!? Biz and Mark take a break from the offseason to recap the events of the 2022 NFL Draft.
May 11, 2022
32. QB Carousel
YOU get a quarterback! YOU get a quarterback! YOU get a quarterback! YOU get.... WRs? Our heroes discuss the recent league trades in the NFL offseason. @ImproperFutball
April 04, 2022
31. Happy Unretirement!
Biz and Mark discuss Tom Brady coming out of retirement and all of the crazy free agency news!!!! Twitter: @ImproperFutball
March 21, 2022
30. The Seahawks Traded WHO!?!?!?!
Biz and Mark talk trades and free agency..... and also Mark's entire world is destroyed.... Twitter: @ImproperFutball
March 12, 2022
29. The BizMark Awards
Biz and Mark give their end of season awards in a lighthearted look back on the nfl year. And yes… the Seahawks make another unwanted appearance…. Twitter: @ImproperFutball
February 25, 2022
28. Super Bowl Recap
Biz and Mark give their thoughts on the super bowl, mvp debate and the amazing half time show. Plus, Russell Wilson makes a cameo (at the Super Bowl) and Biz does the quadruple! Twitter: @ImproperFutball
February 19, 2022
27. A Super Episode!
It’s Super Bowl time! Biz and Mark go over the big game, the matchups, and their picks, while also talking about coach hiring and Kyler Murray! Twitter: @ImproperFutball
February 11, 2022
26. Going for the quadruple!
What a week!! the GOAT retires, Big Ben calls it a day and Flores sues the NFL. Plus we talk about the AFC/NFC title games and take a first peek at the super bowl? And yes, Mark gets a Seahawks reference in…. Twitter: @ImproperFutball
February 04, 2022
25. Greatest Football Weekend Ever?!?
What a weekend!!! Biz and Mark revisit the greatest playoff weekend ever, but somehow Mark still manages to get in a Seahawks reference?, Also,cask ales!!!! Twitter: @ImproperFutball
January 28, 2022
24. An Accident Waiting to Happen
What a Wild Wild Card Weekend! Mark relishes in his pickems and challenge lead, but Biz is still happy because the Cowboys lost! Twitter: @ImproperFutball
January 21, 2022
23. Just go for the tie
Will no one just take a damn tie?!? The Playoffs are here for 14 teams; the Chargers are not one of them and Biz goes off on Brandon Staley. "Pickems Expert"Justin joins the gang and we start our Playoff Challenge! Twitter: @ImproperFutball
January 14, 2022
22. England Conquers USA... again!
Ja'Marr Chase goes off and leads Biz to the championship, we discuss AB’s meltdown and Consolation Bracket Champ Reverend Nic gives us a dose of divine intervention as we wrap up the league year. @ImproperFutball
January 07, 2022
21. Waddle saves Biz!
It's time for the league championship! Biz eyes becomes the "true" champion against Improper Marc. The guys discuss the holidays games and playoff implications. PLUS, Biz explains why drawing is better than losing (but it's not...) Twitter: ImproperFutball
December 31, 2021
20. COVID ruins Christmas!... again!!
The playoffs are rolling on and COVID is taking no prisoners. Biz and Mark discuss the league semis, the Lions and Saints upsets, and how COVID is impacting the league. Twitter: @ImproperFutball
December 24, 2021
19. And your regular season champ is...
Playoffs are here! We talk the how the recent COVID surges may affect the NFL and fantasy, the Urban Meyer Firing, and a certain co-host may have unfortunately earned some regular season gloating. Twitter: ImproperFutball
December 17, 2021
18. Buffalo, the Windy City
This week, we talk the last week of the fantasy regular season, Bills vs Pats, more on the AB situation, and the Lions getting the W! Mark is still alive for the playoffs and Biz goes for the top spot!! Twitter: ImproperFutball
December 10, 2021
17. Injuries and College Moves Galore!
This week Biz attends his first NFL game, there’s a 3-way tie at the top, and we talk about the college football coaching carousel! Twitter: ImproperFutball
December 03, 2021
16. Jonathan Taylor is a BAAAAAD man!
This week, we cover Jonathan Taylor's 5 TD performance, Kirk Cousins beating the Packers, Pete Carroll walking out on a presser, and lots more. Also In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Mark offers Biz a tempting trade! Twitter: ImproperFutball
November 24, 2021
15. Cam is back!!! Also, League Leader* Spencer joins us!
Cam Newton has returned in a big way and the Seahawks look dreadful! Plus, Spencer joins the team as we take a look back at some of our terrible pre-season predictions! @ImproperFutball
November 19, 2021
14. This episode has been immunized
It’s upset week! OBJ on the move! And we’re still talking about Aaron Rodgers!! You don't want to miss this one. Twitter: ImproperFutball
November 12, 2021
13. Spanking in Fantasy
The Jets beat the Bengals? The Russ-less Seahawks win a game?! Von Miller to the Rams!?! RODGERS AIN'T VAXXED!?!?! We got SO much to talk about and our guest Jerry is going to have to deal with Biz beside himself with gloating! Also, Biz wanted to remind you that Crystal Palace beat Manchester City. Twitter: @ImproperFutbal
November 05, 2021
12. The Aaron Rodgers Rant
Mark and Biz reunite at Miller's Ale House to discuss why they don't like Aaron Rodgers. Also, Biz gloats about the standings, the Hammer has fallen on Nick, and our heroes try to get more... controversial!!!
October 29, 2021
11. When Half the League is in First Place...
...then no one is winning... Mark and Biz are joined by Improper Marc this week and discuss the Ravens trashing the Bills and the upcoming week.
October 22, 2021
10. Don't cry for me, Dan Campbell
It's a busy week for Biz and Mark, who discuss the Jon Gruden drama, Dan Campbell crying, and other stories for the week. Also, Mark is still functioning despite Russell Wilson's injury.
October 15, 2021
9. Across the Pond
Biz and Mark talk trades from thousands of miles apart and also discuss.... the Jets and Giants!? What world is this!?!?
October 08, 2021
8. A Discord-ant Group!
Biz and Mark are joined by Justin (The Fantasy Football Team) this week and catch up on how the season has gone so far for everyone!
October 01, 2021
7. A Winners is Us!
Congrats to Mark, Biz, Derrick Henry and Ted Lasso for having a successful week!!!!… but not the Seahawks or CEH…  Twitter: ImproperFutbal
September 24, 2021
6. Taking all the L's
Welp. Ya can't do much worse than we did for week 1. At least Radacanu won! Also, Mark at least did better than Biz. ;) @ImproperFutbal
September 17, 2021
5. Draft Hijinx!!!!
Biz and Mark recap the draft, discuss a couple of free agents, and prepare for kickoff! Also, week 1 of Survival Pick'em! @ImproperFutbal
September 10, 2021
4. Last Thoughts Before the Draft
Biz and Mark finish up the divisions with the AFC/NFC West, discuss some mocks, and give their final thoughts before the big league draft!!!!
September 06, 2021
3. Flat Track Bully
Biz and Mark continue to get ready for the upcoming draft by talking about the AFC and NFC North divisions , Cristiano Ronaldo and er… flat track bullies! 
September 04, 2021
2. The NFC Least
Biz and Mark are back chatting it up about the upcoming season. This week, the two discuss the NFC and AFC Easts, Pass Catchers and random goings on!!!!
August 27, 2021
1. Time for some Fantasy Football
Biz and Mark discuss the upcoming NFL Season and their Fantasy League. This week, the duo discuss the previous and upcoming fantasy seasons, the NFC and AFC South divisions, and the fantasy HB situation; all this, while enjoying some beers at 7 Locks!
August 22, 2021