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Innocent Inspiration

Innocent Inspiration

By Innocent Mwangi
Hi, There. I'm here to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to be the best, original version of YOU. I believe we are all created with specific gifts and talents that are unique to each of us. My goal here is to nudge you to live out your purpose without feeling like you have to apologize to anyone.
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Innocent Mwangi
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Stop Listening To Negative Voices!!
We have more say in how our lives turn out than we give ourselves credit for. The problem is that we give people too much power that it gets to a place where we cannot think for ourselves. We worry endlessly about what people will say or think about us. This podcast will put a STOP to that. Yes, others' opinions are great if they are helpful; but, if they are not, why should we even consider them?
January 25, 2021
In the Strong Name Of Our Collective Faith?
We are officially in the last days, and the world's greatest democracy has edited Jesus out of official government events. Reference to God without ascribing to the Almighty God, Yahweh, will increase. Like the gentleman who ended President Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony with "In the Strong Name of our collective faith", we will continue to see Jesus being edited out of mainstream life. This is the time to stand, not to be swept into a form of godliness that rejects the Power in the Name of Jesus Christ
January 20, 2021
God Will Never Let You Down
God is so in love with you that He implemented the greatest redemption plan that the world has ever seen. In sin jail, He sent His only Son, Jesus, to break you out. That's how much He loves you. You are FREE indeed!!
January 18, 2021
When you Feel Sad and Lonely, Run to Jesus
I do feel lonely sometimes, as most people, I suspect, do. When you're in that place of deep sadness and sorrow, who do you run to? For me, I have learnt to run to God. To stand still untill He orders my next step.
January 15, 2021
Behold, The New World Order
Recent events point to an acceleration towards a New World Order. The changing geopolitics are a clear indication that the balance of power is shifting towards a new system controlled by the big tech and mainstream media oligarchs.
January 12, 2021
Here's A Special Prophecy for You
Allow me to speak into your life. I believe you will prosper. I believe you will be enlarged in all areas of your life. God will use you as an example of the man or woman He chooses to bless.
January 6, 2021
Stay in the Presence of God
The manifest presence of God is His Word, JESUS.
January 5, 2021
It Will Take COMMITMENT To Succeed in 2021
Without COMMITMENT, all your desires are just a mere wish. The actions you take now, and daily, are the ones that will bring you success come December 31st 2021.
January 4, 2021
Welcome to 2021 Your Year of Favor
In 2021, you will prosper, triumph, rejoice, recover all, be restored, expand, laugh, love, travel, refuel, refill, do exploits for God, preach, minister, relate better with others, stand before rulers, win, experience peace, and more. It's your year of divine favor.
December 31, 2020
Happy New Year 2021
Happy 2021! As we usher in 2021, what new skill, talent or calling were you able to acquire or implement in 2020? Care to share about it with me?
December 31, 2020
Merry Christmas 🎄 2020
2020 has been a difficult year, but your SURVIVED, and THRIVED. Enough reason to thank GOD. Merry Christmas 🎄⛄!
December 24, 2020
Lessons from 2020: God is Faithful
Did 2020 feel like a decade rolled into one year? Well, with contested elections in the USA and a pandemic that has killed over 1.6 million people, you might be wondering how God fits in this situation. The one thing you can be certain of, Inspite of the pain and grief, is that God is, and has always been, FAITHFUL!
December 21, 2020
Trust In God. Not In the Science
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the "experts" have been shouting themselves hoarse that we should trust in the science.  In my opinion, this is an attack on the Church launched from the pits of hell. There is only One we can trust in, and His Name is Yahweh! Trust in God, not in science. 2020 has been anything but a normal year. Everything that we stand for as Christians has been FLIPPED. It's time the Church took back control and stop the COVID-19 demon.
December 15, 2020
Something Is Wrong with 2020!!
This year has been anything but Godly. It almost feels like God momentarily withdrew His hand and left us to our devices. We have normalized phrases like wear a mask, social distancing, lockdown; and also outlawed social gatherings, even church gatherings. What's the kraken is wrong with 2020?
December 8, 2020
God is not yet done! 2020 is still going to be a great year!
2020 feels like a couple of decades rolled into one year. From COVID-19 to the disputed USA elections, this year has seen it all. But it's not over yet. God is about to supernaturally charge the global atmosphere with miracles and breakthroughs like you've never seen. It's not over until God says it is. You are still in the game, and your breakthrough is just around the corner.
December 5, 2020
That Little Sneaky Bugger Called the Devil!
If you give the devil an inch, he will take the whole nine yards. Don't! The enemy's agenda is to kill, steal and destroy. He rides on our agitated emotions so we can be riled up and leave him enough room to mess us up. Learn to recognize his devices for what they are and put a stop to them the moment they rear their ugly heads.
December 1, 2020
3 Step Approach to Making Life-Changing Decisions
To move ahead in life, you must be willing to make difficult decisions. First, the decision must resonate with you. Second, make sure you are in an environment that supports it's success. Third, it must be a decision you are ready to live, and if need be, die for.
November 30, 2020
Into Me See! An Invitation to Intimacy With God
God is calling you out of shallow Christianity and into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Him. It's time to leave everything behind and come to the place where the only ONE who remains is Him. Noone can be seen here except HIM!!
November 28, 2020
You Need this ONE Thing to Succeed in Life
What is your angle? Everyone is great at something, but so many live their lives without ever discovering what they are good at. This podcast is for you.
November 27, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving
There's so much to thank God for. The fact that you are alive is reason enough to be grateful to God. Happy Thanksgiving!!
November 24, 2020
You Have The Authority and Power
When Jesus promised us the keys of the Kingdom of God, He gave us the authority to bind Satan and to release heavenly blessings on earth. If you are born again, you have those keys; but, are you using them?
November 23, 2020
God Can Be Trusted
There are times in this life when the storms of life come crushing in on you. It matters who you turn to in your day of trouble. All you need to know during such times is that God can be trusted.
November 16, 2020
Abortion Is Murder! Period!
Abortion Is Murder! Period! Every life, including that of an unborn child, is SACRED.
November 15, 2020
Covid-19: Don't Trust in the Science! Trust in GOD!
The likes of Dr Fauchi keep telling us to trust in the science. This is a script drafted in hell to take our eyes off God. COVID-19 will disappear as abruptly as it broke out. God is about to step in and show Himself strong in our midst. Trust in God, not science!!
November 13, 2020
Your Life is Safe In God's Hands
Despite the challenges you go through, inspite of the pain and suffering, your life will turn out okay. God will never leave nor forsake you. He is your ever present help in times of trouble.
November 10, 2020
A Joe Biden's Win Is A Wake Up Call To The Church
Sometimes ago I predicted that Donald Trump will win the 2020 Elections. In that broadcast I said that Donald Trump is God's candidate... and he still is. So, what does a win for Joe Biden mean? One word: judgement on the world. God is forcing the church on its knees. We need to change tact and take back control of governments the world over.... and we must do it on our knees.
November 7, 2020
Why It's Important To Guard Your Heart
In this life, you will come across people who will say things that will hurt you. In such moments, the temptation to take offence is irresistible. But you must not give in to such. Instead, guard your ❤️ against all manner of offence.
November 2, 2020
You Are Enough!!
Did you know that you have whatever it takes to experience breakthroughs in life? Well, you do!! It's time to throw away and kick out the naysayers in your life. It's time to look inside yourself in that place where your psyche lives and draw strength in who you are. When God created you, He put in you a seed of greatness, and it's time you realized you have what it takes to succeed. YOU ARE ENOUGH!!
October 28, 2020
You were Born to Do This ONE Thing!!
Be fruitful, multiply, and DOMINATE! That's what you were created to do. This is your purpose; to influence this world with heavenly principles.
October 26, 2020
The Best Moments in Life Are Those Shared With Loved Ones
You don't need wealth or fame to be happy. Happiness, joy and contentment won't come when you become whatever or whoever you want to be. Happiness comes from relationships, and relationships are defined by moments, and the best of these are those shared with the people we love.
October 24, 2020
MOMENTUM: The Key to your Success and Breakthrough
The most challenging and difficult part of the success journey is to maintain momentum. To keep moving, avoid people, places, situations and activities that impede your MOMENTUM.
October 23, 2020
The ONE THING You Need To Succeed
We live in a world of impressions. We care too much about what people say or think about us. Focus on the one thing that will propel you into your destiny. Don't seek to impress others. Seek to please God and to do His Will.
October 19, 2020
There's Only One Father; And He Is In Heaven
This were the words of Jesus Christ, which are as relevant today as they were then, perhaps even more relevant. Could we have elevated some men of God above God and given them titles that are exclusively reserved for God?
October 12, 2020
Impressions: Who do you live your life for?
This is a call for self reflection. Time to give yourself a long, hard look and audit the reason you do the things you do. It's time you lived authentically... Time to be real to yourself and live the life that God created for you.
October 9, 2020
9 Steps to Taking Consistent Action Daily to Inch Closer to your Destiny
Life demands that we take consistent actions daily. It's the small steps you take that ultimately add up to great milestones that move you closer to your destiny. No amount of procrastination and hesitation will work. Take action now and keep moving in the direction of your dreams. If you fall, don't stay down! Pick yourself up and keep moving forward; one step at a time.
October 7, 2020
Why I Believe Donald Trump Will Be Reelected
The US elections are coming up in a few days. The race is between the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, and Democratic Party's candidate, Joe Biden. While the pollsters and the media are consistently predicting a Joe Biden win, I believe Donald Trump is God's Candidate for this election.
October 6, 2020
What On Earth Are We Here For?
What do you exist for? What's the ONE thing that God put you in this world to do? Until you find your purpose in life, you will spend every waking minute doing everything else but that which God created you for. This podcasts should awaken the giant in you and cause you to start living your purpose.
October 4, 2020
Your SUDDENLY Moment Has Arrived
Success is the culmination of small steps taken over a period of time. Your breakthrough has been a long time coming. But, now, SUDDENLY, God will start shifting things in your favour. It's time to enter into your destiny.
October 2, 2020
Success Demands That You Pay The Price, In Advance
Success is not a destination! It's a journey; and it comes at the end of the journey. To succeed in life, you must be willing to pay the cost that success demands. The beauty of it is that if you stay the course; if you determine to pay the cost and pay it in advance, very soon you will be in success territory. Here's to your success!!
October 1, 2020
Stop Playing Safe! Remove the Fences Around Your Dreams
Today I want to call out your potential from wherever it is hidden or fenced in your mind. I want you to realize that the only limitations to your success lie in those dark recesses of your mind.
September 28, 2020
How to Overcome Hesitation and Procrastination.
You snooze, you lose! Did you know there's a formula for overcoming procrastination? It's called the 5-second rule and it will come to your aid when you need to act without hesitation.
September 27, 2020
Feeling Lonely and Alone? Here's How to Avoid the Dangers of Isolation
Loneliness and isolation are the most dangerous situations you can find yourself in. However hurt you feel; however betrayed you feel; avoid the temptation to isolate yourself. If you are tempted to throw your hands up in desperation and give up on everyone around you, don't do it! It never ends well. Instead, surround yourself with people who can help you, support you, encourage you, lift you, and console you.
September 26, 2020
There's Strength in Vulnerability
Are you the kind that always wants to be in control? A perfectionist who is never satisfied until all the dominoes are in place? This podcast is for you. There's strength in vulnerability; being who you are and who you feel without falling apart.
September 23, 2020
How to Move Forward Against All Odds
Are you at a crossroads? Do you feel like no matter what you decide there are no easy answers? Well, this 4 mins message is for you.
September 22, 2020
Delay Is Not Denial: Don't Get Distracted!
You have a destiny! God put you on this earth to accomplish His purpose. But the devil knows about it. He will do all he can to get you distracted. Don't let him. Stay on course. Stay focused on your destiny. And don't stop until you reach there. Read 2 Samuel 16: 4-14
September 21, 2020
Surviving The Storms Of Life
Are you in that in-between place where nothing seems to work? The place in between the promise and victory? Whatever it is you're going through, remember it's only temporary. Mourning is just for the night. Joy is coming in the morning. In the meantime, you must endure to the end and you will surely enter into your destiny.
September 20, 2020
Your Destiny Is Not Late! Breakthrough Is Coming Your Way
Are you in that place where you feel like your destiny has taken too long to come to pass? Well, you are in the company of great men and women who defied the odds to accomplish their destiny. Among these is Abraham who, in spite of what the laws of nature said, went on to become the father of a great nation. It's never too late to fulfill your destiny. A vision is for an appointed time, and though it tarries, it shall come to pass!! Wait for your destiny. It's about to come to pass!!!
September 17, 2020
5 Greatest Fears you Should Overcome to Succeed
The key to happiness, success, joy, peace, and contentment is to enjoy life. Have a positive outlook on life. Savour every moment you have and don’t let the fear of failure or disease stop your dream. The world is a better place when we live fully, hopefully, love lavishly, and live in the present. Embrace life!
September 13, 2020
Don't Let Loneliness Make you Reconnect with Toxic People
Toxic people can really set you back. Being on your own but peaceful and happy is much better than being with toxic people.
September 12, 2020
That Little Matter about what Others Think. And Why you Shouldn't Care!
It doesn't matter! Yes, it doesn't matter what others think as long as you are doing the right thing, and as long as you're not infringing on their rights. Live your God given purpose and don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise. At the end of the day, it's your life, your purpose, your destiny!
September 11, 2020
LOVE: The Silver Bullet Solution to all the Suffering in the world.
The world today is going through untold suffering. From abortions, corruption, diseases, violence, rage, subjugation, injustices, there's not enough space to write them all down. What if I told there's a one-size-fits-all solution to all these ills? Well, there is! It's called LOVE, and it was prescribed to us by Jesus Himself, by LOVE Himself.
September 11, 2020
16 Vital Lessons I Learnt After the Death of my Wife
I learnt … That the distance between life and death is a breathe away That the only moments worth remembering are those shared That death is a stealth stalker… it strikes whenever it strikes That service to God is the only enduring legacy That the only moment you have is now… use it when you have it That plans and strategies are nothing if they don’t factor eternity That time doesn’t stop when we die… tomorrow will still be here That arguments, hatred, and strife are a costly waste of time… save your breath and make peace instead That to live is to love … never miss a minute to shower a dear one with love That relationships are critical when calamity strikes… cultivate them continuously That grief is brutal but essential … cry if you have to, but never let it paralyze you That, however, loved you are, people will move on after you die… so, never take them too seriously That God is a constant in the valley and on the mountain… He’ll never leave nor forsake you That friends are like a fresh breathe of air when you are in the desert… treasure them That besides God’s work, the other enduring legacy are children… raise them in a Godly way That eternity is real… it’s your only hope of seeing a departed loved one again. ps: The quoted scripture is Ezekiel 24: 16, not 16:24 as erroneously referenced. @ Innocent Mwangi, 2019
September 5, 2020
I'M Totally Sold Out To GOD. ARE YOU?
This is a personal testimony to encourage you to live for God no matter what. Every day we have fewer days remaining from our sojourn on earth. Live every day fully; and live it totally for God. This is the only thing that matters. This is your purpose.
September 4, 2020
You Have the Keys Of The Kingdom of Heaven: USE THEM!!
Jesus left us with critical access keys that were to guarantee victory to all those who earn the right to be called His disciples. The keys are a foolproof guarantee that what we want to see in this world is already approved in Heaven. We can transform this world into the Kingdom of our God as long as we USE these KEYS.
September 4, 2020
Feeling stuck! Tomorrow your Situation Will Change!! Just 9 minutes of your time listening to this podcast.
Picture this! Samaria was surrounded by the Syrian Army. No one went out, no one came in. Outside the city gates were four lepers, abandoned there to die. Also outside the Samaria was the camp of the Syrians, who also didn't perceive the four lepers as a threat. Everyone wrote them off, but God used them to bring deliverance to Samaria. God will move heaven and earth to bring victory and deliverance into your life. Just trust Him and let Him work through the process for you. Tomorrow you will be in Victory Land!
September 3, 2020
Prepare for Revival
Revival is coming. An end time move of God the world has never seen. Prepare for a mighty outpouring of the Holy spirit that will once and for all usher in the Return of Christ.
September 2, 2020
6 Steps for How to Get to Your Destiny - [investment: 7mins of your time]
The journey to your destiny doesn't have to be complicated if you follow the following six steps.: 1. Trust God to guide you (psalm 3: 5); 2. Clarify your purpose (habakuk 2:2); 3. Start valuing yourself (proverbs 23: 7 ; 4. Stop giving too much weight to others' opinion of you if those opinions are aimed at devaluing you (Prov 13:20); 5. Accept help and give help along the way; no one succeeds by themselves (Proverbs 27:17); and 6. Embrace your fear; if you don't embrace fear, you will never attempt anything significant (1 Sam 17: 48). - 
September 2, 2020
How to Use Twitter to Make Your Brand Stand Out
Imagine your brand among the top dogs such as McDonald’s, KFC, Coca Cola, Apple Inc., Google, LinkedIn, Twitter? The last, Twitter, can push your brand to the top 100 brands in the world. Even as social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat continue to soar in popularity, Twitter is a critical platform for brand recognition.
September 2, 2020
God is Calling Us to Be Strong and Courageous
In the face of challenges, setbacks and discouragement, God expects us to be strong and brave. He knows the road ahead is tough and tortuous, but He also knows that He has put enough potential in us to overcome everything the enemy throws our way.
September 2, 2020
Live your Life to the Fullest
God gave you a life so you can live it! You sabotage yourself by allowing other people's opinions and perceptions to keep you from your destiny. It's time to take back the reigns of your life and boldly march towards your destiny.
August 22, 2020
Stop Looking at the Rearview Mirror!! Keep moving forward!!!
Keep pressing forward and never bury yourself in the victories and failures of the past. your best days are ahead of you; not behind you!!!
August 21, 2020
God is Not Happy!! A Call to End Corruption in Kenya
This is a call to prayer. A petition to God on behalf of the nation of Kenya. It's time we petitioned God for Godly leaders. People with a servant heart and not immoral, corrupt leaders whose only aim is to enrich themselves. The Bible says in Proverbs 29:2 "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule, the people morn".
August 20, 2020
3 Things you Need to Succeed in Life
Success is within reach if you do the three things mentioned in this message. The beauty of it is that you can be sure that if you do these three things, the only outcome you will achieve is success.
August 11, 2020
Obedience Attracts Blessings from God
Obedience is perhaps the most important aspect of Christianity. Obedience removes the need for sacrifice since there's no resistance to what God tells us to do in His Word. Obedience is the only way to a successful, prosperous, rewarding Christian life.
August 8, 2020
How Employees Can Survive in the Post COVID-19 Workplace
The world has changed. In a sense, we are not going back to business as we knew it. We’ve been reset to a new normal that has changed the workplace landscape. While millions of jobs have been lost as a result of containment measures aimed at stopping the current pandemic, the future is replete with opportunities. However, only those who are prepared when the opportunities come calling will get ahead of their colleagues.
July 31, 2020
How your Company Can Survive and Thrive in A Crisis, Episode 1
How you react during a crisis is normal; it's based on your personality. Some people flee, while others fight. However, how you respond in a crisis must not be informed by emotions. When we are glad, sad, or mad, we react in line with these emotions. To survive a crisis, you must reach inside your core values and then seek help. The key at this point is not profits or product development, but simply to survive.
July 29, 2020
4 Tips on How to thrive in the post-COVID-19 Workplace
To thrive in the “new workplace normal”, companies will have to adopt new ways of doing business while at the same time holding on to what makes them uniquely different.
July 28, 2020
God Is In Control | 3 Minutes Inspiration
In spite of all that's going on in the world, God is in control. He will never leave nor forsake us. Just hold on in faith and trust God to take us out of this dark, COVID-19 situation.
July 28, 2020
The Chosen Ones | Your Authority as a Christian
Did you know that you are God's representative on earth? An ambassador from heaven sent to rule the earth on God's behalf? Well, you are the best choice that God has to rule this world. Your duty is to turn the kingdoms of this world into the kingdoms of our God. That's your mandate; and you are up to the task since you're created in God's image and after His likeness.
July 27, 2020