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Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul

Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul

By Chris Paul
A fiery, but mostly peaceful podcast.

I'm your moderator, Chris Paul. Let's Be Reasonable.
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High, Noon for Thursday October 14th 2021

Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul

High, Noon for Thursday October 14th 2021

Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul

High, Noon for Thursday December 2nd 2021
In today's episode: The fake president's approval ratings are at historic lows across the board The fake vice president isn't faring much better, as another key staffer announces she's getting off the illegitimate sinking ship 80 House Republicans announce their adherence to the global communist agenda by voting in favor of a federal vaccine database FBI documents show a high level of access to the supposedly private messaging apps WhatsApp and iMessage A recent report in Forbes shows federal law enforcement agencies paying out hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of informants  Buzzfeed reports on sex crimes against children committed by CIA personnel that go largely unpunished, but don't worry, the CIA takes it all 'very seriously' A new CIA document discusses the briefing process for candidate, then President, Trump in an attempt to retcon history and leave the corrupt IC blameless The South African doctor whose announcement of a patient with the Very Scary Variant went global publishes an op-ed wondering why everyone is freaking out over pretty much nothing Children's Health Defense on the bait-and-switch game being played with Pfizer's "FDA licensed" Comirnaty "vaccine" which may not even exist. Listen and support the podcast: Merch site: or Writing at: Follow the podcast info stream:
December 2, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday December 1st 2021
In today's episode: Nigel Farage embarrasses himself on War Room by repeating the ridiculous notion that 'we should look to the future' rather than fixing the fraudulent 2020 election Donald Trump challenges all comers to a debate on the evidence of election fraud, but there are no takers Chris Christie sells a pitiful 2,289 copies of his book about moving on from the fraudulent election and 'Trumpism' despite making the full media rounds where he was presented as the man to lead the GOP in the "post-Trump" era Anthony Fauci announces the first US case of the Very Scary Variant and recommends everyone join the medical experiment to prevent the spread of the disease, even though the experimental gene therapy does nothing to accomplish that goal Why compliance will never achieve anything but ruin. Listen and support the podcast: Merch site: or Writing at: Follow the podcast info stream:
December 1, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday November 30th 2021
In today's episode: Wayne Allyn Root tells us how great he is at predicting things and then predicts something I predicted a very long time ago - that they will attempt to shoehorn Hillary Clinton into the office of fake president - and why that might be a good thing Twitter increases its capacity to censor content on Parag Agrawal's first day as CEO - what are they really after? The prosecution of Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi (an Obama/Clinton/Soros associate) for her role in attempting to steal her election is briefly delayed, but the situation is developing A George Soros organization was involved in additional funding for the conspirators responsible for creating the fake Steele Dossier that led to falsified FISA warrants, spying on a presidential campaign, and undermining a duly elected American president Flashback to Soros' manipulation in the post-election period in Myanmar is a direct parallel to the same process here and elsewhere LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva sends a letter to the LA County Board of Supervisors declining to join a Chinese-backed covid-testing regime designed to accumulate people's DNA More of the fake president's mandates are struck down by the courts A Forbes headline that says the experimental gene therapy alters DNA is removed, but they didn't bother updating the article or the URL - whoops! Listen and support the podcast: Merch site: or Writing at: Follow the podcast info stream:
November 30, 2021
High, Noon for Monday November 29th 2021
In today's episode: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announces he is stepping down Dorsey testified that Twitter could not affect the outcome of elections, but it's hard to find anything outside of actual election interference and fraud that affected 2020 more than Twitter censoring the stories about Hunter Biden's laptop Miranda Devine recaps the Twitter censorship of the 'laptop from hell' and details one instance of obvious corruption on behalf of the fake president and his son The new Twitter CEO taking Dorsey's place may be even more deranged in his wokeness and even less likely to support actual freedom of speech In the midst of a week of huge stories (Maxwell, Smollett, the Very Scary Variant, etc...), the government hitting another spending limit on Friday may be the one that gets pushed aside, and we need to make sure that doesn't happen Democrats begin to realize that no one believes anything they say Nazi Doctor Anthony Fauci goes on Face the Nation to announce once again that he IS The Science and that criticizing him is an attack on all knowledge Listen and support the podcast: Merch site: or Writing at: Follow the podcast info stream:
November 29, 2021
High, Noon for Friday November 26th 2021
In today's episode: The "nu" very scary variant might be the very scariest yet! Nature publishes a report about the emergence of a brand new very scary variant and the same fearmongers and idiots begin to run the same playbook all over again, hoping that something will distract people from how poorly the Great Reset is going Anthony Fauci doesn't know anything, but it's possible that the scariest possibilities could be real, but he doesn't know, but it's possible Travel restrictions against South Africa, Botswana, etc... are being implemented as the result of a handful of 'cases' occurring in the vaccinated, but don't worry, these restrictions are not racist because the communists like these ones Very serious Twitter expert Eric Feigl-Ding freaks out with emojis to indicated the weight of his information The very scary variant is thought to maybe, possibly, be so very scary that the vaccines will be 40% less effective, which is amazing, considering they also very likely created the variant due to their almost complete ineffectiveness Pfizer and Moderna say they could make brand new vaccines in less than 100 days, if necessary, and they will be safe and effective, regardless of whether or not they are Great investigative work on the COMIRNATY product label by Michelle Edwards at UncoverDC. Listen and support the podcast: Merch site: or Writing at: Follow the podcast info stream:
November 26, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday November 24th 2021
In today's episode: The Democrat Communist Party seems to testing candidates to decide who will (temporarily) replace the fake vice president, and it seems like they're pushing for a blast from the past Hillary Clinton joins Rachel Maddow to explain the bizarro world and how worried she is about "our democracy" WI Rep. Tim Ramthun submits a resolution to WI legislators aimed at correcting the fraudulent 2020 election and elections moving forward The complaint to the Supreme Court in the "Lindell case" has been made public Capital Research dives into the Center for Tech and Civic Life and discusses how foreign entities could use the same means t