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Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul

Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul

By Chris Paul
I'm your moderator, Chris Paul. Let's Be Reasonable.
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High, Noon for Tuesday May 4th 2021

Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul

High, Noon for Tuesday May 4th 2021

Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul

High, Noon for Friday June 11th 2021
In today's episode: More on what the ballot deficit in Maricopa County might trigger in election fraud narrative and how things may happen faster than we expect Many, if not most, of our fellow citizens are under the impression that the 'recounts' and 'audits' we're told have been done across the country include something as basic as full hand recounts, but they don't, and this realization will be powerful How the 'no deals' paradigm slows down the process, but also helps to avoid the worst possible outcomes The media and members of the Democrat Communist Party are pretending that they have found another silver bullet to end the whole 'Trump thing', but they're the ones in the precarious position Brian Cates lays out the whole scenario concerning the investigations into Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both of whom are criminals, traitors, and overwhelmingly compromised by the Chinese Communist Party
June 11, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday June 10th 2021
In today's episode: Anthony Fauci is the science, and the science is Anthony Fauci Now that we know to expect a 'substantial' difference in the number of actual ballots in Maricopa County to the number of recorded votes, do election fraudsters around the country begin to blow the whistle in an attempt to save themselves? Enfeebled usurper of the free world, Joe Biden, travels to the UK to speak to his first-ever packed house of soldiers and their families who had to participate in his photo-op Biden declares that, according to the Joint Chiefs, the greatest threat to American security is climate change, not 'white supremacy' like it was two months ago, and definitely not 'having an illegitimate president' (the real answer) Jill Biden prepares for the G7 where high-level talks about community colleges in the 1970s are not expected to take place Breitbart's Alex Marlow presents a 'cheat sheet' for understanding mainstream fake news CNN shows us Alex Marlow's cheat sheet examples in action as the try to prop up Myanmar's Suu Kyi while failing to mention George Soros, who's intimately involved with every event the article is 'reporting' on - isn't that strange?
June 10, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday June 9th 2021
In today's episode: Advertising money from China Daily (CCP propaganda news) props up American communist rags like the LA Times The Foo Fighters are set to play a fully-segregated, Vaxxie-only show at Madison Square Garden in New York City Alameda County, CA removes 25% of its covid deaths because they weren't caused by covid, but we can't 'make hay' of it, according to 'the Science' A theory about what might happen when the Arizona audit's hand count is completed - what happens if the ballots counted don't equal the votes recorded?
June 9, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday June 8th 2021
In today's episode: Three commie racists on parade! Mara Gay tells Mika that whiteness must be eliminated if America hope to move forward, that she is scared by the presence of American flags, and that she hopes to thoroughly 'marginalize' the 'small minority' of people who disagree with her Kamala Harris travels to Guatemala to tell Guatemalans not to come to America, but it's not racist because she's a Democrat Communist Kamala Harris is sure someone has been to the border but that she hasn't been to Europe Barack Obama tells the Charlottesville lie while complaining about the societal division he created, often based on race
June 8, 2021
High, Noon for Monday June 7th 2021
In today's episode: The Lincoln Project tries to compare the American military in World War II to Antifa, and NBC's Brian Williams thinks it's brilliant Joe Biden fails to acknowledge the 77th anniversary of D-Day Mike Lindell's lawsuit and the 'Sting Theory' Following two paths simultaneously on election fraud Wandrea Shaye Moss, Ruby Freeman's daughter and Election Supervisor in Fulton County, GA will be deposed on June 10th and forced to turn over all election-related communications from 2020, but election fraud is still toooootally a big lie Donald Trump speaks to the NC GOP convention and communists try to pretend he's half-dead like Joe and wearing his pants backwards, because reporting on the speech would harm their fragile psyches Trump calls for reparations from China to the world and hammers Anthony Fauci
June 7, 2021
High, Noon for Friday June 4th 2021
In today's episode: Rachel Maddow is scared that election security measures enacted by states are going to destroy the country with... RACISM! 72% of black voters favor voter ID, but Democrat Communists just want to do what's best for them, even if they don't want it Mike Lindell's case centers on two factors: that Dominion is a state actor threatening first amendment rights and that they can be pursued with a RICO case Admiral Brett Giroir says there was no factual basis for anyone claiming that the virus was naturally occurring Anthony Fauci claims he never said the virus couldn't have come from a lab, but the other Anthony Fauci says different NIH Director Francis Collins says he wouldn't partner in research with North Korea, but says it was a moral and scientific imperative to partner with CCP doctors Donald Trump knows exactly where he stands with the voters and is happy to wield that power on our behalf.
June 4, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday June 3rd 2021
In today's episode: The communist media attempts to defend Anthony Fauci Anthony Fauci understands that the poor, stupid people don't understand him because they don't understand that something can be true at one point in time and then later something else is true, because only really smart people understand that concept Jen Psaki calls Fauci an undeniable asset when asked about whether he lied about the virus being from a lab (he did) Andrew Cuomo announces his full control over people's ability to 'participate in life' Donald Trump issues statements about Fauci's emails and demands ten trillion dollars from China Mike Lindell validates his evidence
June 3, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday June 2nd 2021
In today's episode: To the Redeemable Communists - how many more times will you be the last to know the most critical truths affecting your own lives? Anthony Fauci's emails show him to be an incompetent, duplicitous little cretin who has happily led the world to ruin Joe Biden pretends voter integrity is an attack on 'democracy' How the 'coup' narrative being generated by the media and the abuse of the justice system in NY surrounding the drumming up of 'criminal' charges against Trump intersect
June 2, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday June 1st 2021
In today's episode: The 'long weekend' ABC's Jonathan Karl finally realizes that things aren't wrong just because the no-no man says them Maggie Haberman tells us that Trump can't be reinstated because 'that's not how it works' Jenna Ellis fails to consider all the options The media is in full meltdown over Michael Flynn discussing Myanmar, saying he is in favor of a 'coup' like Myanmar has, but one problem - what's happening in Myanmar isn't a coup and preventing a fraud from holding office is not, in any way, a coup Harri Hursti and Phillip Stark show themselves to be feckless auditors and largely uninterested in seeking the truth about what happened in New Hampshire's elections We win.
June 1, 2021
High, Noon for Friday May 28th on Saturday May 29th 2021
In today's episode: Our job isn't to convince commies we're right, but that they might not be Joe Biden hits on a 2nd grader again, but commies don't care A Villanova professor touts the virtues of Critical Race Theory, which he accurately describes as Marxist Fulton County hires top criminal defense attorneys to deal with the election fraud in Fulton County Morgan Kahmann, formerly of Facebook, is a hero for whistleblowing Tick tock, Nazi Doc: Anthony Fauci's stated and written long-held position on gain-of-function research has finally been reported on A new study claims 'beyond reasonable doubt' that SARS-CoV-2 could not have possibly come from nature, and that scientists were 'retro-engineering' viral samples to cover this fact up California attempts to bribe Californians into becoming Vaxxies by promising them a chance at getting the money California took from them back Bernie Sanders, the angry idiot, exposes that he only wants communism for everyone else, as if that's unusual
May 29, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday May 27th 2021
In today's episode: The New York Post says Joe Biden has Trump Derangement, but it could just be that he's overwhelmingly compromised by the Chinese Communist Party Joe Biden, who tells us he knows absolutely nothing about Hunter Biden's 'business', attended a dinner with Hunter and his corrupt foreign business associates while he was VP Hunter Biden smoked crack with former DC Mayor Marion Berry Katie Hobbs tells us what she was promised in exchange for her incompetent coverup of treason Rachel Maddow stares down the tracks at a runaway train that will end her career and her false image of reality Stacey Abrams "writes" a "book" and gets paid a lot of money "for writing a book that she already wrote a while ago" and it is "good" (if you're a child-brained communist who doesn't read)
May 27, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday May 26th 2021
In today's episode: Anthony Fauci finally admits that the US (via NIH and NIAID) funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but only for good things The enfeebled usurper of the free world's administration shut down a US investigation into the origins of the coronavirus Communists in Portland decide to celebrate the death of a black man by rioting in a faraway city and attacking police officers A professor at Johns Hopkins states the obvious truth that people with natural immunity don't need vaccines
May 26, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday May 25th 2021
In today's episode: Communists celebrate the anniversary of the death of George Floyd and pat themselves on the back for doing so Maggie Haberman explains to CNN why the covid lab theory was ignored because Trump and Pompeo were saying it and journalists couldn't be bothered to find out whether they were right Attorney Matthew DePerno petitions the Michigan AG Dana Nessel to pursue a public corruption case against Communist Governor Gretchen Whitmer Update on the NH audit EwAnon Palmer targets a school board member for having wrongthink.
May 25, 2021
High, Noon for Monday May 24th 2021
In today's episode: Do commies actually believe Vladimir Putin gets his information from the same bad sources commies use? Do they really think he doesn't know about the election fraud? Myanmar dissolves the party of election fraud fake-winner, Suu Kyi Panic intensifies as election fraud surfaces in Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire and beyond Arizona audits are back from break In Georgia, Judge Amero gives the go-ahead for Garland Favorito's group to check 140,000 Fulton County ballots searching for 30,000+ fake ballots In New Hampshire, ballot folds are only the beginning Hate crimes are the communists' favorite subject except when they happen against Jews BLM/Antifa domestic terrorist John Sullivan not only had his 'journalism' money seized, he's now being held responsible for his role at the very violent insurrection and even Reuters has reported it
May 24, 2021
High, Noon Flashback Friday
In today's episode: A look back at what we knew about the coronavirus a year ago in my written episode, Revisionist History
May 21, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday May 20th 2021
In today's episode: Newsweek does actual journalism detailing the shadowy practice of "signature reduction" Judicial Watch turns up the racial agenda being foisted on middle schoolers Former FBI Director Louis Freeh paid $100,000 to a Biden family trust while trying to secure business with Joe and Hunter Biden Republicans on the House Intel Committee release a report indicating the likelihood that the virus emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology
May 20, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday May 19th 2021
In today's episode: Morning Joe throws Andrew Cuomo to the wolves New York AG Letitia James announces that she's "criminally investigating" the Trump organization and wannabe communist dictators rejoice over nothing (again) Donald Trump responds to NYAG's nonsense, calling out every prior failed Trump takedown Rachel Maddow lies to her audience (again) about the Maricopa County audit Vernon Jones calls for a full forensic audit of Georgia At the actual hearing in Arizona, Doug Logan, Ken Bennett, and Ben Cotton set the record straight and they don't seem like crazy people Mike Lindell lays out his strategy for quo warranto and I think he's onto something
May 19, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday May 18th 2021
In today's episode: Mika the mask bully Fauci admits he wears masks for show The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is very mad and very sad about the Arizona audit Antrim County, MI Judge Elsenheimer rules that Bill Bailey's claim is 'moot' Chain-of-custody documentation remains unavailable for 333,000 ballots in Georgia Unreadable ballots in local elections in Pennsylvania today, but don't worry, it's only Republican ballots The New York Times tries to cover its collective ass on the fake Steele dossier
May 18, 2021
High, Noon for Monday May 17th 2021
In today's episode: Something I missed in Peter Doocey's question about the timing of the CDC unmasking recommendation CDC Director Rochelle Walensky can't say why she gave testimony to the Senate that conflicts with what she 'already knew' about 'the science' Walensky reminds us to celebrate the unmasking and says that you can still die with covid after being fully vaccinated, but don't worry, it's only WITH covid and not FROM covid - just like 95% of the total covid deaths reported Anthony Fauci reads a soliloquy about how covid is worse on minorities because of racism and definitely not because the virus he helped create was targeted at minorities Joe Biden bumbles through another brutal reading of the new slogans that makes, naturally, zero sense The election audit heat is fully on and corrupt politicians are finding out just how much the people know about what they've done.
May 17, 2021
High, Noon for Friday May 14th 2021
In today's episode: The CDC allows the vaxxed to go maskless and no one knows why, especially Jen Psaki Maskies keep masking even though they have already become Vaxxies Fauci is on the ropes and letting the lunacy fly AFT President Randi Weingarten says schools should be fully open in the fall just before our mask commands were handed down from on high Some notes on a debate
May 14, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday May 13th 2021
In today's episode: The ineffective but pernicious effects of the 'conspiracy theorist' label That possibility of Fauci being a criminal has entered the mainstream The CDC shifts PCR standards to ignore 'breakthrough infections' in the fully vaccinated under the guise of a focus on severe cases 120 former General and Admirals write an open letter about the precarious state of American society at the hands of the commies The open fraud in Arizona and the spoilation of evidence
May 13, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday May 12th 2021
In today's episode: Anthony Fauci lied to the Senate and everyone knows it The danger of Scientism The moral hazard of voting mindlessly for weak and feckless leaders Fake president Joe Biden restored funding to Palestine and made nice with Iran just before Palestine began launching rockets at Israel Gas shortages and price spikes A few words on the House Oversight hearings on January 6th
May 12, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday May 11th 2021
In today's episode: The CDC has completely misled the public about covid transmission and they're not even hiding it anymore, they're just hoping no one minds Anthony Fauci claims the 'the NIH and NIAID never funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology' and backs it up by making it clear that they did (fact check: they did) Rachel Maddow's panic intensifies Trump releases another clear statement about election fraud Julie Kelly reveals the existence of 14,000 hours of security footage from in and around the Capitol that no one but the communists are allowed to see
May 11, 2021
High, Noon for Monday May 10th 2021
In today's episode: Nazi Doctor Anthony Fauci explains how masks made the flu disappear, but not why he never suggested masking before NDAF prescribes more athletes and entertainers for 'messaging' about getting 'vaccines' Doctor Anthony Mengele Fauci explains that the new IMHE model saying there are 'actually' 900,000 covid deaths is probably about right Why commies are so quick to accept the TV's explanation of the most important issues in their life
May 10, 2021
High, Noon for Friday May 7th 2021
In today's episode: Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is broken, and Chuck Todd is there to pick up the pieces A writ of quo warranto is filed in the state of Arizona Jake Tapper's panic intensifies as he worries about 'election liars' and tries to take down Elise Stefanik Jen Psaki says Joe Biden likes the first amendment except when people disagree with him
May 7, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday May 6th 2021
In today's episode: Rachel Maddow's panic intensifies and the disrespect she has for her own audience is on full display Pharma is now advertising all pediatric vaccines as parents have become hesitant about pre-covid vaccines Nazi doctor Anthony Fauci's NIAID is funding truly grotesque 'science' Kimberly Gardner, a St. Louis Soros-funded prosecutor, is caught red-handed for an obvious hit job on Eric Greitens.
May 6, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday May 5th 2021
In today's episode: No Joe, vaccines are not free. Bill Gates asked his ex-girlfriend for her approval before he married Melinda Facebook's Oversight Board is basically just the Democrat impeachment squad Rachel Maddow's panic intensifies
May 5, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday May 4th 2021
In today's episode: Maybe Jack Dorsey has no idea what gets censored on Twitter or why, and how that's even scarier than if he does The Biden administration considers 'partnering' with private entities to spy on American citizens Audits in Arizona, evidence in Michigan, and an inept board of Windham Selectmen in today's edition of "The Big Lie" The potential for BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists to disrupt the Maricopa audit What an election cybersecurity expert on the board of Verified Voting had to say about the organization in his 2019 resignation letter Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz are "roommates"
May 4, 2021
High, Noon for Monday May 3rd 2021
In today's episode: Jake Tapper throw a Big Lie Boomerang at America and it smacks him in the face, courtesy of Donald Trump WaPo communists are so incompetent that they attempt to smear Rudy and end up just exposing themselves and the FBI Adam Kinzinger endorses a candidate who fails to get virtually any votes in a Texas special election while Trump's endorsed candidate finishes first and no one in the Democrat Communist Party even gets to the run-off, but Joe Biden definitely got 81 million real votes Mitt Romney, Lord of the Romnies, shows America what it truly means to be a Romnie in public Judicial Watch releases FOIA'd emails from the California Secretary of State that feature... me? WTF. Hard evidence that government is coordinating with social media to censor America and provide a national narrative contrary to the truth
May 3, 2021
High, Noon for Friday April 30th 2021
In today's episode: Commie conspiracy theory Friday! Rachel Maddow's panic intensifies once again, creating deranged conspiracies about what Donald Trump is doing and what UV lights are for Michael Cohen declares that Rudy will flip on Trump and that Trump will be in big, big trouble and CNN helps him spread this ridiculous conspiracy theory, allowing him a platform to make baseless claims without evidence! Anthony Fauci and Savannah Guthrie are confused about whether or not she's allowed to subject her child to obvious emotional abuse EwAnon Palmer brings the heat with a 1-2 punch of 'QAnon' conspiracies - what a day!
April 30, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday April 29th 2021
In today's episode: Joe Biden is a national disgrace and proves it in an invite-only 'joint session of Congress' Tim Scott says America is not a racist country and is greeted by Twitter allowing "Uncle Tim" to trend Mike Lindell visits Jimmy Kimmel and subjects himself to a wave of malicious commie ignorance Rudy Giuliani releases a statement about the FBI raid on his Manhattan home The internet scores a big potential win for the truth in New Hampshire
April 29, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday April 28th 2021
In today's episode: Kamala kid's book fact check Kamala talks to Guatemala and learns that climate change and covid are responsible for the migrant crisis and not her own negligence The Maricopa freakout continues, even spreading to Georgia criminal Gabriel Sterling Judge Daniel Martin denies the communist request for an injunction and temporary restraining order - wow! Newly revealed emails are further evidence that warnings were raised of criminal activity at the Capitol prior to January 6th (not by Trump supporters) and no one lifted a finger Federal prosecutors admit that Brian Sicknick was not doused with bear spray Ashli Babbit's family is now suing the unnamed Capitol Police officer who shot her More on CDC mask guidance Joe Biden is going to attempt to speak
April 28, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday April 27th 2021
In today's episode: The Maddow Meltdown intensifies Things may be happening more quickly than we think Democrats' desperate attempts to stop the audit are failing The threat to the audit by BLM/Antifa The power and speed of our information stream Gavin Newsom will officially be up for a recall election The CDC gives us new rules on outdoor activities even though there is no evidence anywhere of outdoor spread The strange case of the DoD IP addresses and what it might mean
April 27, 2021
High, Noon for Monday April 26th 2021
In today's episode: Everyone who voted for Joe Biden watched Commiechella, but the ratings still dropped 58% The administration wastes taxpayer money buying Kamala's books for illegal immigrant children Jen Psaki doesn't know whether that's happening or what it could mean A bar bans the NBA until the NBA bans Lebron Rachel Maddow freaks out about the Arizona audience and shows her followers that Joe Biden isn't really president Democrats desperately attempt to shut down the Arizona audit The Fauci-led NIAID's close relationship with the Chinese Communist Party More proof that masks don't work and are dangerous
April 26, 2021
High, Noon for Friday April 23rd 2021
In today's episode: All about commies!
April 23, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday April 22nd 2021
In today's episode: Los Angeles send a public relations letter to extoll the virtues of hundreds of millions of dollars in communist graft programs disguised as compassion Scott Adams and Greg Gutfeld show off their galaxy brains on the Chauvin verdict Prominent black leaders sign a letter in support of Georgia's election laws Commies gonna commie, and Lebronies gonna Lebron. An interesting insight from UncoverDC on the Brookings Institute's role in the Steele Dossier The National Pulse exposes a list of journalists involved in a CCP propaganda campaign Some words on the information war We win.
April 22, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday April 21st 2021
In today's episode: Nancy Pelosi claims that George Floyd's death by fentanyl overdose was him self-sacrificing for all of our sins AOC is confused again Joe Biden gives a dishonest and incendiary speech
April 21, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday, April 20th 2021
In today's episode: The media's lies about the very deadly insurrection are unconscionably evil Joe Biden is happy to stoke a race war ACB gets a two million dollar payoff that will force Drew Jubera (or someone) to write another fake political book that no one buys Senator Rick Scott drops the hammer on woke corporate America
April 20, 2021
High, Noon for Monday April 19th 2021
In today's episode: Bill Maher says something half-right only thirteen months too late, which is an improvement, of sorts Anthony Fauci doesn't understand why people won't listen to him Maxine Waters incites violent in a state she has no connection to
April 19, 2021
Apocalypse, Now: Redux
With the Derek Chauvin trial ending this week and riot season beginning anew, it seemed to be an appropriate time to repost this essay from last year. I originally posted it on July 24th 2020.
April 17, 2021
High, Noon for Friday April 16th 2021
In today's episode: No one is buying Hunter's book More on Fauci's disastrous coronavirus hearing in the House yesterday Human election fraud machine Stacey Abrams' work with the Chinese Communist Party The FDA has been buying body parts of aborted fetuses Jen Psaki can't answer whether or not Joe Biden believes the country's founding documents are racist
April 16, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday April 15th 2021
In today's episode: James O'Keefe grants my wish and drops video of Charlie Chester talking about how CNN exploits BLM and the race narrative The truly strange parts of the story we're being told about Daunte Wright The Democrat Communist Party is a hate movement, and it's time to recognize it Anthony Fauci has no idea when it will be safe to reduce restrictions, nor what metrics he's basing the decision on Over 50% of the country now knows that fraud decided the election Everyone finally agrees that the fake 'Russian bounties' story was false only 8 months later Via Techno Fog, the DOJ is lying about Ashli Babbitt
April 15, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday April 14th 2021
In today's episode: Project Veritas may well be the end of CNN Kamala Harris gives us good reason to Defund Doctors! and Abolish Medicine! We win.
April 14, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday April 13th 2021
In today's episode: Every problem can be solved by messaging, so say the commies Project Veritas catches a CNN 'Technical Director' admitting to a vast propaganda campaign to swing the 2020 election as well as using fear to sell covid and climate change Fauci's gambit that vaccine problems can be made public, as long as it's not the mRNA vaccines California communists look to enact legislation allowing them to dox whoever signed the Newsom recall petition Rashida Tlaib calls for the end of policing The New York Times presets a narrative about John Durham, the DOJ, and Perkins Coie
April 13, 2021
High, Noon for Monday April 12th 2021
In today's episode: Human potato worries about Tucker Carlson's selfies Anthony Fauci needs to admit that whatever he's selling, it isn't a vaccine Crying CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declares that racism is a public health crisis EwAnon Palmer attempts to decode a Q-decode without the critical abilities of writing or thinking Whiny Romnies complain that no one listens to them anymore Mitch McConnell is a dumb son of a bitch.
April 12, 2021
High, Noon for Friday April 9th 2021
In today's episode: Hunter Biden's laptop becomes real only two years after he took it to a computer shop and signed for it The relevance in the timing of narrative shifts Brad Raffensperger admits errors in Georgia, but only really tiny ones, so don't bother asking The Amistad Project files a complaint in Wisconsin over the fact that Zuckerberg stooges had taken control of the election process in Green Bay and elsewhere Sidney Powell isn't lying and isn't backing down 
April 9, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday April 8th 2021
In today's episode: Why commies are always scared to talk Joe Biden wants your guns, or at least that's what the teleprompter says Joe Biden wants laws enforced against Americans, just not when the American is his despicable son, Hunter The National Pulse reports about West Wing meetings about Burisma just days before Joe traveled to Ukraine The New York Times is infested with former CCP employees Newsweek's EwAnon Palmer finds an 'extremism expert' to say "QAnon" is like ISIS because they're both on the internet.
April 8, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday April 7th 2021
In today's episode: Covid passports as personal brands Ben Shapiro's continued Trump derangement is very confusing 'The Academy' considers actors attending the Oscars 'essential workers' The CDC and WHO decide to let the communists believe surfaces aren't death traps only one year after they realized it Border Patrol is forced by the usurper Biden regime to take down a press release because it was bad for the narrative National Review provides 'a platform' for communist stooge Brad 'Jordy' Raffensperger
April 7, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday April 6th 2021
In today's episode: More on Communist CISA Director Chris Krebs Jen Psaki does our job for us Anthony Fauci predicts doom on the basis of, as usual, nothing Early rumblings of an investigation into Anthony Fauci's funding of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab The usurper Biden regime asks China for help, because we're apparently Axis members now Main Street One's dystopian justification for using military AI technology used on ISIS against the American populace
April 6, 2021
High, Noon for Monday April 5th 2021
In today's episode: Communist Saira Rao accidentally finds the source of white supremacy in America The AP reports how much we're spending per illegal immigrant, per day, and it's more than 97% Americans make while working Capitol crasher and domestic Islamic terrorist Noah Green was radicalized by insane leftist conspiracy theories Voters are being refused water? Of course not! Communist stooge and former CISA Director Chris Krebs gets desperate online Marco Rubio has an American day and lights up the commissioner of Major League Baseball Pete Buttgieg models good behavior! The finale of Q: Into the Storm on HBO
April 5, 2021
High, Noon for Friday April 2nd 2021
In today's episode: The CDC gives us permission to do things we could already do Blowback in Texas and Georgia for supporting election integrity Jen Psaki thinks the solution to children being thrown over the border wall is 'messaging' Major League Baseball says it plans to move the All Star Game because of "values" A message from Michael Flynn
April 2, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday April 1st 2021
In today's episode: Jill Biden butchers the Spanish language while trying to kiss woke ass in front of a Nazi flag - congrats, communists! Joe Biden did an interview on ESPN, and let me tell you, it was hardball, I mean a knockout, I mean, you know the thing! Dominion in absolute panic George Floyd is not the man the media told us he was We win
April 1, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday March 31st 2021
In today's episode: An olive branch to Redeemable Commies The botched FBI extortion of Congressman Matt Gaetz The Arizona Senate has confirmed a team of auditors for Maricopa County Donald Trump is on offense
March 31, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday March 30th 2021
In today's episode: Census advertisements highlight the depth to which the Democrat Communist Party will go to skirt the law in their quest for increased, extra-constitutional power English Communist, Nick Cohen, writes one of the most pernicious, evil, and stupid articles of all time, even eclipsing Damon Young's "Whiteness is the Pandemic"
March 30, 2021
High, Noon for Monday March 29th 2021
In today's episode: Hollywood commies CNN rewrites the last season of "The Coronavirus" and shows us where all the stars are now CDC Director Rochelle Walensky lets everyone know that if they don't obey, she might be forced to cry again How to hold print media purveyors of propaganda accountable, politely Election fraud begins to surface in Missoula, Montana Jen Psaki advertises Nazism, but it's not anyone's fault Q: Into the Storm, night two
March 29, 2021
High, Noon for Friday March 26th 2021
In today's episode: More reaction to Joe Biden's embarrassing press conference where he read the answers to pre-approved questions off of note cards Hunter Biden's text messages are dark as night and contain admissions of crimes Former CDC Director Robert Redfield admits that the coronavirus emerged from the Wuhan lab Lin Wood clarifies the media's poor reporting on Sidney Powell's response to Dominion Newsweek's EwAnon Palmer provides us a gem on "QAnon" and Chrissy Teigen
March 26, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday March 25th 2021
In today's episode: Joe Biden reads an iPad at a podium while State Media members ask pre-approved questions Biden reaffirms that he's a good and decent man, despite evidence only to the contrary Biden's border crisis happens after he rescinds Trump Executive Orders on immigration, but claims that Trump's EOs didn't do anything Biden reads racist, nonsensical answers about the filibuster and "voting rights" Jim Eagle Meets World Biden isn't sure if he'll run for President again, but also isn't sure if there will be a Republican Party Biden says that according to polls, he's united the country and more than 50% of Republicans agree with him on policy even though no polls say that The Secret Service provided the Bidens discreet protection while Joe Biden was not in office and Hunter Biden had a gun
March 25, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday March 24th 2021
In today's episode: More on the fact that 90% of communists believe that more than 5% of people infected with the coronavirus end up in hospitals The media has already gotten bored of an anti-white hate crime with a political terror agenda by a Trump-hating refugee Kamala Harris' niece deletes her racism, so NBD Two Democrat Communist Party senators, Mazie Hirono and Tammy Duckworth declare that they'll base their votes on Biden nominations on race, also NBD Everyone who disagrees with the state media is a conspiracy theorist and very very dangerous Jen Psaki has never heard of the senate report on Hunter Biden receiving money from Russia so she's certain it can't be true even though it is Tony Blinken superglues his hands to his ankles in case China might hear what he says BlueAnon Newsweek reporter EwAnon Palmer is a redpill machine More on Nancy Pelosi attempting to steal a house seat Joe Biden is in trouble for stopping the building of the border wall, but it's NBD
March 24, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday March 23rd 2021
In today's episode: Ahmad Al-Issa culturally appropriates white supremacy to commit a mass shooting even though he's a Syrian refugee, admitted to the US under Obama policy, and hates Trump Kamala babbles senselessly, Biden reads a statement and wants to take our guns, and Obama releases a statement full of utter nonsense DC demands extra senators, otherwise you're racist Studies show Democrats have absolutely no idea about anything related to the coronavirus but that's only what the data and science say New emails confirm what we already knew about election fraud in Georgia and the coverup to follow
March 23, 2021
High, Noon for Monday March 22nd 2021
In today's episode: Kamala Harris is Asian American now Ken was wrong, there was no March 20th QAnon riot Memories of AOC calling Obama's 'kids in cages' "concentration camps" under Trump Jen Psaki brutalizes the truth in another grating press conference Rachel Levine made a whoopsie HBO tries to figure out who Q is
March 22, 2021
High, Noon for Friday March 19th 2021
In today's episode: The illegitimate Biden regime embarrasses the U.S. on the world stage in too many ways to count  A "Dark Winter" ends with a nasty fall The Root's Damon Young writes the most heinous racist screed imaginable and the woke left doesn't even flinch Rand Paul leaves "Doctor" Fauci stammering in senate hearings
March 19, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday March 17th 2021
In today's episode: Joe Biden in post-production Mollie Hemingway's excellent reporting on Georgia's fraudulent election
March 17, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday March 16th 2021
In today's episode: Trump responds to the Washington Post's "correction" of a story they made up entirely Trump signals new efforts to correct election fraud and Lin Wood jumps on board A Michigan judge rules that SOS Jocelyn Benson's order to assume ballot signatures are valid was improper A Georgia judge sets the stage for a full forensic audit of the election in Fulton County, GA Democrats try to overturn the loss of a congressional seat in Iowa but it's not domestic terrorism, don't worry Anthony Fauci decides that The Science is now three feet for social distancing
March 16, 2021
High, Noon for Monday March 15th 2021
In today's episode: The Grammys once again illustrate American cultural rot BLM/Antifa celebrate the 'anniversary' of Brionna Taylor's death with more domestic terrorism Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman separate themselves from the problems they participated in creating Sharing Oprah memes is racist, according to communists Anthony Fauci is a constant media presence pushing unnecessary and potentially harmful vaccines on America Yelp censors me!
March 15, 2021
High, Noon for Friday March 12th 2021
In today's episode: Calls for Andrew Cuomo's resignation are coming from everywhere, but he won't listen Joe Biden tries to convince America to get vaccines they don't need and to trust people like Fauci, who don't deserve it He let us know that they'll tell us what we're allowed to do in a few months Can we celebrate Independence Day? Only if we behave! Biden bragged about getting people vaccinated on a slower timeline than Trump already had set up Jen Psaki says people will get money for stimulus anywhere between this weekend and months from now MarketWatch gets dystopian on the subject of vaccine passports The National Guard in Washington, DC wants to go home and has no idea why they're even there
March 12, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday March 11th 2021
In today's episode: Joe Biden is going to try to talk out loud The banjo player from Mumford and Sons accepts the most pathetic cancellation of all-time and, apparently, has no friends Joe Biden's name won't be on the stimulus checks and the reason why is utter nonsense How Green Bay sold their election to Facebook
March 11, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday March 10th 2021
In today's episode: Scott Atlas' piece 'The Last Word' in the Stanford Review and how each bit of the covid narrative is destroying society
March 10, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday March 9th 2021
In today's episode: Joe Biden's dogs are heading back to Delaware but Joe Biden is still pretending to be president  A government study on arrests by race takes down the BLM narrative A government on "hate speech" online shows no causal relationship with "hate crime" and real-life violence, nor even a correlation Election fraud advocates are mad about states trying to institute election security measures
March 9, 2021
High, Noon for Monday March 8th 2021
In today's episode: Ready for a big week? GeorgeNews is!  Weekend updates The CDC unleashes new 'safety' guidelines to try to convince more people to get vaccinated The CDC's mask study is not what the media is pretending it is
March 8, 2021
High, Noon for Friday March 5th 2021
In today's episode: Biden's so nice, he didn't bomb Syria twice The media conjures up a new conspiracy-attack date from nothing Trump is releasing policy statements and candidate endorsements rapid fire, why? Feminists at the Atlantic try to find the clitoris Democrat Al Green bravely protests something that doesn't exist by sitting on steps with thousands of armed troops protecting him Ashli Babbit's lawyers have as little information on Ashli Babbit's death as the rest of us Why patience is still warranted and still good The New York Times starts pretending to do their job ten months too late
March 5, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday March 4th 2021
In today's episode: CNN thinks there is a major threat at the Capitol even after nothing happened The National Pulse reports on how Anthony Fauci's daughter works at Twitter Mitch McConnell plans his replacement two months after swearing in The Daily Beast turns on Andrew Cuomo Corrupt Georgia counties have no chain of custody on hundreds of thousands of ballots Social media influencers and celebrities are really the worst
March 4, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday March 3rd 2021
In today's episode: The "Washington Football Team" replaces cheerleaders with 'gender inclusive dancers' to solve sexism The Capitol Police warn of a "possible plot" of a "potential threat" based on secret "intelligence" that they can't tell us about - I believe them! The FBI testifies that no firearms were confiscated anywhere near the Capitol on January 6th Gretchen Whitmer trades taxpayer funded payoffs for confidentiality in severance from state officials The CDC decides vaccines protect us in a different way now Andrew Cuomo holds a press conference
March 3, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday March 2nd 2021
In today's episode: Chris Cuomo can't cover his awful brother, but don't worry, CNN has it covered Eleanor Holmes Norton wants the military occupation of DC to end even though we're all scared about a "QAnon" "attack" in two days Our nation's schools have 'lost' three million students due to covid policies - whoops! Texas ends statewide mask mandates! FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before the Senate and says absolutely nothing
March 2, 2021
High, Noon for Monday March 1 2021
In today's episode: Jeremy Lin gets called 'coronavirus' and takes to Instagram to remedy the horrifying situation "Doctor" Fauci is scared to let states open even though Florida has been open for five months with no problems Dems try changing the subject on the Andrew Cuomo allegations to deflect from the nursing homes deaths because they'll lose four other governors the same way Vaccine studies aren't impressive for a disease that already has a 99.8% clearance rate Minnesota prepares for the George Floyd trial by spending money on social media influencers to distribute misinformation Trump takes over CPAC and shows who the head of the Republican Party truly is
March 1, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday February 24th 2021
In today's episode: Andrew Cuomo has been a very naughty boy and ten months later the news decided it was okay to say so No one wants Joe Biden to have the nuclear codes No one who isn't a commie wants Joe Biden to keep being the fake president as he has only a 39% approval rating among independents
February 25, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday, February 23 2021
In today's episode: Wear three masks! Diabolical silliness "Covid" relief or a bunch of corrupt payoffs? Mail-in voting in California "for covid"
February 23, 2021
High, Noon for Monday February 22nd 2021
In today's episode: Coca-Cola wants less 'whiteness' Ro Khanna wants fewer businesses McDonald's wants executive compensation based on discriminatory hiring Dunkin Donuts wants adult humans to stand in line outside because it's too dangerous inside the place where your food and drinks are made Taco Bell wants you to believe there is such thing as a "sandwich taco" Joe Biden wants black and hispanic people to learn how to get online Brian Stelter and Politifact want us to know that Cuomo's nursing home deaths don't constitute a 'significant impact' 60 Minutes wants to teach us about "QAnon" even though they have no idea what it is
February 22, 2021
High, Noon for Friday February 19th 2021
In today's episode: Andrew Cuomo is facing impeachment and FBI investigations amid reports that his nursing home policy alone was responsible for at least 1,000 deaths in nursing homes Gavin Newsom is employing strict signature-matching to override the voice of California voters, but didn't bother in the 2020 election Biden's immigration bill is preposterous and doomed to failure Finally some reporting on the unclassified documents about Nancy Pelosi's family and their ties to organized crime, as well as her brother's ability to escape culpability for his role in the rape of two underage girls
February 19, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday February 18th 2021
In today's episode: A Hollywood crisis PR rep admits what we already know about celebrity politics CNN becomes North Korean state media for Joe Biden More on BLM/Antifa domestic terrorist John Sullivan Poland declares fines for social media companies censoring legal speech Michigan purges 177,000 voters from their roles, but didn't prior to the election The Texas blackout problem seems more like a policy decision than a natural disaster More American taxpayer money to be funneled to the Wuhan Institute of Virology
February 18, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday February 17th 2021
In today's episode: BLM/Antifa domestic terrorist organizer, John Sullivan, was paid by CNN and NBC to participate in/film the Capitol riot Mark Zuckerberg expresses concern over the covid vaccine in leaked video obtained by Project Veritas "The Science" on renewable energy is failing Texas New Hampshire officials cannot get a much needed investigation into machine voting problems Donald Trump releases a statement about Mitch McConnell and commies defend Mitch because of principles(?)
February 17, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday February 16th 2021
In today's episode: Valentine's Day election fraud jokes pose a risk of violence, according to Twitter Kamala Harris assumes the president's role in conversations with foreign leaders Fulton County, GA fires its elections director The DHS is very scared of domestic terrorists 'since May 2020' - who could they be talking about? John Solomon reports in Just the News about a new memo showing Comey knowingly lied to the FISC on FISA applications
February 16, 2021
High, Noon for Monday, February 15th 2021
In today's episode: Andrew Cuomo lies to cover lies Gavin Newsom will be recalled, but to try to stop it... signature matching! How the Democrats' two 'star' governors are about to be exposed to the world Anthony Fauci wins a million dollars which used to be called money laundering House GOP writes a letter to Nancy Pelosi about her involvement in the security situation on January 6th The impeachment farce comes to a close, but not without more insane nonsense from the Obamies and Romnies
February 15, 2021
High, Noon for Friday February 12th 2021
In today's episode: An Andrew Cuomo aide admits in a private conference call that they hid covid death data from the public and federal investigators Biden Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo makes a big whoopsie but it's okay because he's on the good team The Trump defense shows the impeachment for the farce it is Democrat impeachment managers embarrass themselves thoroughly
February 13, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday February 11th 2021
In today's episode: Joe's Nose! The Democrat impeachment managers put everyone to sleep and convinced Republicans not to agree with them Disney cancels Gina Carano for saying true things out loud Gavin Newsom cares about vaccinating "peasants" Biden pretends he's going to punish Florida for not being scared of covid Day 3 of the sham impeachment The misconstrual of The Big Lie
February 12, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday February 10th 2021
In today's episode: Brian Sicknick didn't die from being bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher and the real story is being kept from the public Steven Sund, the former Chief of the Capitol Hill Police, tells his side of the story Impeachment madness!
February 11, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday February 9th 2021
In today's episode: The second sham impeachment of Donald Trump begins
February 10, 2021
High, Noon for Monday February 8th 2021
In today's episode: Tom Brady makes commies very mad The "most popular" "president" in history gets booed at the Super Bowl Tyrann Mathieu pretends Tom Brady said something mean to him and then realizes Tom was mic'd up Communists lose their minds on Twitter, slowly coming to terms with the fact that Trump wasn't the main target of their all-consuming hatred Wayne and Garth help Cardi B pretend there is a place to order delivery food from that isn't local Michelob tells us about lookalikes Bruce Springsteen goes full commie for Jeep and reunites the country Hunter Biden buys a home in Venice, CA
February 8, 2021
High, Noon for Friday February 5th on Sunday February 7th 2021
In today's episode: Part two of my discussion on Time Magazine's piece, "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election" If the audio sucks, blame the program Soundtrap. I'm mad. 
February 8, 2021
High, Noon for Friday February 5th on Saturday February 6th 2021
In today's episode: Part one of my discussion on Time Magazine's piece, "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election"
February 6, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday February 4th 2021
In today's episode: AOC implores her minions to become social media NARCs Donald Trump resigns from SAG-Aftra Congressman Jamie Raskin tries to get Trump to testify in the impeachment sham
February 4, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday February 3rd 2021
In today's episode: AOC wasn't even near the place where the very violent insurrection occurred when she had her near-death experience Dr. Deborah Birx was mad at the President receiving data from multiple sources Mike Lindell's evidence of massive election fraud is too much for a Newsmax anchor Biden's fake Secretary of Defense purges the Pentagon of anyone not on board with Biden's dictatorial command Joe Biden is China's Bottom Bitch
February 3, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday February 2nd 2021
In today's episode: AOC describes a near-death experience that didn't happen Trump's team responds to the impeachment farce The Daily Beast reports that Jen Psaki's incompetent press team asked reporters for questions in advance of press conferences, but that it's really great they're doing it and definitely nothing like a dictatorship Andrew Cuomo says something smart by accident, admitting that he doesn't trust the Experts
February 2, 2021
High, Noon for Monday February 1st 2021
In today's episode: Anthony Fauci has taken every imaginable position on masks Facebook's Oversight Board says Facebook made a whoopsie on 'medical misinformation' Kevin Clinesmith forged documents and receives a slap on the wrist Myanmar's fraudulent election mirrors ours
February 1, 2021
High, Noon for Friday January 29th 2021
In today's episode: The Gamestop saga exposes more Old Guard corruption and absolute disdain for American citizens Virginia courts rule that accepting mail-in ballots without postmarks after election day is illegal
January 29, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday January 28th 2021
In today's episode: Anthony Fauci's science of common sense Andrew Cuomo has unequivocally hidden covid deaths in nursing homes The curious case of Gamestop Robinhood and other investment apps try to save hedge funds at the expense of their own consumers Collective action vs collective complaining John Kerry tells oil and gas workers to learn to code
January 28, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday January 27th 2021
In today's episode: The words "China Virus" are very naughty A Dark Winter for covid testing Davos gives us new propaganda in favor of the Great Reset, letting us know that it's definitely not an evil conspiracy and we just need to have trust John Solomon breaks down newly declassified documents showing that the firing of James Comey was not, in any way, obstruction by Trump - whoops! The Daily Beast believed in the 'Q Group' in 2013 Old CNN video of the squalor Democrat leaders chose to live in
January 27, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday January 26th 2021
In today's episode: Political correctness as communism via Theodore Dalrymple Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, brother of Michael Flynn, is nominated to lead U.S. Army Pacific Wallpapergate or not? Another word on third parties The Office of the Former President The effectiveness of HCQ and Regeneron are no longer a conspiracy theory Mike Adams' convergence of the 'two paths' and our role in restoring the Republic
January 26, 2021
High, Noon for Monday January 25th 2021
In today's episode: Joe and Hunter get bagels at a very Instagram-worthy shop - it's pink! Instagram forces people to follow the White House account no matter how many times they unfollow George Stephanopoulos tries to force Rand Paul to lie about election fraud The House is working on destroying elections forever -  For the People! Gavin says it's safe to come outside even though the numbers are worse than when he put the order in place because of The Data (which is too difficult for normal people to understand) Whether a third party would be useful and effective Big trouble in little Italy
January 25, 2021
High, Noon for Friday January 22nd 2021
In today's episode: Doctor of Baking, Jill Biden, delivers cookies someone else made to troops her very capable husband allowed to sleep in a freezing garage with one porto-potty Joe Biden signs a series of ridiculous 'executive actions' specifically designed to make America worse and more divided Whether America is a country with an incorporated, foreign city-state inside it and Xoaquin Flores' focus on reversing the Biden coup
January 22, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday January 21st 2021
In today's episode: The Joe Biden farce stumbles on Why I think An0maly's video about QAnon misses a few things Why people can't be told to simply move on from what is clear injustice
January 21, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday January 20th 2021
In today's episode: The unprecedented 'inauguration' of a criminal who didn't win the election Why the truth or falsity of "Q" doesn't matter Whether there are, in fact, literally "two sets of laws" and which one matters Why the MAGA movement isn't going anywhere
January 20, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday January 19th 2021
In today's episode: The moment of truth - totally right or totally wrong? Gina Haspel resigns as Director of the CIA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo labels China as having committed genocide against the Uighurs No matter what happens, we must find a path forward
January 19, 2021
High, Noon for Monday January 18th 2021
In today's episode: False flags, anonymous sources, and imagined threats cause histrionic panic among communists Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller releases a statement that there is no intelligence on possible 'insider' threats Nancy Pelosi panics at the appointment of an NSA General Counsel for two days Adam Schiff undermines the Constitution by demanding President Trump be barred from intelligence briefings Project Veritas releases another Twitter link about their plans to enforce thought crimes DNI Ratcliffe states in no uncertain terms that the CIA intentionally suppressed intelligence on Chinese interference in our election 
January 18, 2021
Reasonable Conversation - Bobby Piton
In today's episode: Bobby Piton is a career financial investment advisor and data expert. We discuss election fraud, 'phantom voters', systemic corruption, and how we might move forward as a country. To learn more about Bobby and follow his work, his website is and you can find him on Twitter
January 16, 2021
High, Noon for Friday January 15th 2021
In today's episode: Joe Biden cancels his train trip from Wilmington and inauguration rehearsals over 'security concerns' while being surrounded by Secret Service and 26,000 troops and not because no one will show up to his fake inauguration The "Capitol Riot" narrative has fallen apart completely It's only a conspiracy theory until the news reports it a few days later, apparently A possible scenario of what the Dark Winter could really mean if the usurper becomes president
January 15, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday January 14th 2021
In today's episode: Strange days... How the fake impeachment might be a good thing The curious case of and the surreal content coming our way How the JFK mystery could be the key to Draining the Swamp A bad day ahead for Jack Dorsey
January 14, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday January 13th 2021
In today's episode: The second fake impeachment of Donald Trump - as dumb as the first, but even worse! Don Lemon is forced to tell the nation that Donald Trump thinks Mike Pence is a pussy - great success! Democrats in the impeachment hearing have no idea how many people died at the Capitol last week Our goal isn't Trump winning - he already did - it's to drain the swamp A ballot harvester featured in a Project Veritas sting from last fall is arrested How to deal with commies once their brains break 
January 13, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday January 12th 2021
In today's episode: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lays out the case against Iran President Trump speaks in Texas about border relations, praising Mexico Pompeo's speech has a watermark of, a news site with the same branding as JFK Jr's George Magazine - hello! The Joint Chiefs of Staff relay a memo about how Biden will be their new Commander in Chief - very suspicious! Project Veritas cracks into the narrative releasing a video of PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller talking about rounding up Trump supporters' children and placing them in re-education camps How to make our way out of the fascist presence of the left
January 12, 2021
High, Noon for Monday January 11th 2021
In today's episode: The exploitation of the very violent and very coup-like and very dark storming of the Capitol Why Nancy Pelosi is pretending to be able to impeach the President even though she can't show up to her job Big Tech wants you to be scared for your future by convincing you to be silent now as if there is a future if we don't stand up My best assessment of what's happening now on admittedly incomplete information - no one has perfect information except Michael Flynn and Donald Trump
January 11, 2021
High, Noon for Friday January 8th 2021
In today's episode: On Trump's Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions In the event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election How to totally, completely Drain the Swamp A possible scenario that would lead Donald Trump to be one of the most revered men in American history - have I cracked the code? The utter insanity and panic from the party of traitors and the party of false decorum
January 8, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday January 7th 2021
In today's episode: Events vs narrative What exactly happened at the Capitol yesterday? GOP Senators use a media narrative to abandon their professed principles Big tech censors Donald Trump's call for people to disperse peacefully and then removes him from the platforms Computers of members of Congress are missing after the incident The meaning of the counter-narrative information infrastructure
January 7, 2021
High, Noon for Wednesday January 6th 2021 1.0
In today's episode: Early reactions to madness. More to come.
January 6, 2021
High, Noon for Tuesday January 5th 2021
In today's episode: Donald Trump rallies support for two milquetoast senate candidates who probably didn't deserve it Trump lays out the case for election fraud and takes subtle jabs at Mike Pence and Mike Lee Potential fallout from the events of 1/6 Chuck Grassley's role tomorrow The redemption of commies, Obamies, Maskies, Romnies, and Commie Mommies
January 5, 2021
High, Noon for Monday January 4th 2021
In today's episode: Georgia Secretary of State releases a recorded phone call with Donald Trump to the Washington Post Raffensperger fails to answer any complaints, leaving it mostly for his attorney, Ryan Germany, to cover for him WaPo bleeps Ruby Freeman's name at every mention... except one Democrats decide that challenging the validity of an election is treason and sedition, admitting guilt for what they've done the last four years Ten former Secretaries of Defense write a letter representing the neocon swamp's position
January 4, 2021
High, Noon for Friday January 1st 2021
In today's episode: Lin Wood is launching Twitter missiles at John Roberts and Mike Pence Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is projecting absolute confidence about what's to come Iran's president declares that Trump will be dead in a few days, but why? Antifa tags Nancy Pelosi's garage door with a New Year message Bill De Blasio dances with his wife in an empty Times Square in New York while his wife sports a 'colorful' mask The media lies about bounties against American soldiers
January 1, 2021
High, Noon for Thursday December 31st 2020
In today's episode: Being told that 2020 was 'the worst year ever' by people who suffered from the comfort of their second homes What 2020 revealed and why it's the beginning of something great Kurt Eichenwald wants to beat an 'anti-masker' to death In 2021, the American Renaissance begins
December 31, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday December 30th 2020
In today's episode: The Georgia Senate hearing on election fraud is mind-blowing Jovan Pulitzer accesses Georgia's voting system from the hearing room Missouri Senator Josh Hawley commits to objecting to the electoral count on January 6th Rumors swirl that Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are attempting to change the rules of the Joint Session on January 6th
December 30, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday December 29th 2020
In today's episode: Mornings with Maskies! Cuomo's religious restrictions 'because of covid' are struck down again because, among other reasons, there is no scientific basis for them How the State Media presets narratives Joe Biden will never be president
December 29, 2020
High, Noon for Monday December 28th 2020
In today's episode: The mysterious Nashville bombing incident Invisible event: Empire State Building bomb threat The President signs the covid relief/omnibus spending bill with rescissions The State Media isn't just lying sometimes The Pence path on January 6th Anthony Fauci admits to lying for our benefit
December 28, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday December 24th 2020
In today's episode: Official Maskies in Mexico! Democrats and Romnies spin themselves out on the 'relief' package once again Had to take a nap because I got tired of winning but now I'm into winning again! Obama's use of the SES (Senior Executive Service) to perpetuate the Deep State
December 24, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday December 23rd 2020
In today's episode: A bipartisan group in Congress announces it's enacting a coup against the president by trying to slip a provision into two different bills that would limit his ability to stop their coup Georgia pretends to address election issues by saying they were someone else's fault UK Reuters publishes one of the greatest examples of fake news ever to exist
December 23, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday December 22nd 2020
In today's episode: Don't believe the hype - the only evidence that anything the mainstream media says is true is that they say it The ridiculous notion that Trump and his supporters are in any way staging a coup by defending the country against one
December 22, 2020
High, Noon for Monday December 21st 2020
In today's episode: Why doctors and scientists should be angry about people with PhD's and MD's using their titles to demand false authority Why we should never abandon our moral thinking to anyone The ridiculous spending bill being sold to us as covid 'relief', setting $4 billion aside for New York's MTA after NY floated the idea of $3 surcharges for receiving packages and was mocked for it Some words on Bill Barr
December 21, 2020
High, Noon for Friday December 18th 2020
In today's episode: The Crimson Tide meets the Red Wave! Tommy Tuberville and Mo Brooks lead the charge to make sure Congress will not accept fraudulent electors The real reason Nancy Pelosi is delaying covid aid and how that proves she knows Trump will be re-inaugurated What it means to be on the verge of an American Renaissance
December 18, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday December 17th 2020
In today's episode: The biggest and most important episode of High, Noon ever!! Attorney Phill Kline's case against Facebook lays out the greatest political crime in history and an event of world-changing proportions A new website for people to 'out' celebrities when they're not complying with the rules First they came for the Trump supporters, and I did not speak up, because I was not a Trump supporter
December 17, 2020
High Noon for Wednesday December 16th 2020
In today's episode: The Senate holds a hearing on "baseless" election fraud claims where all of the claims are extremely based Dominion CEO John Poulos perjures himself in his testimony while dodging every relevant question Disgraced former CISA head Chris Krebs explains that his claim of this being "the most secure election in our history" was only in regard to foreign governments hacking into our systems Joe Biden holds a rally and no one shows up again
December 16, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday December 15th 2020
In today's episode: Joe Biden coughs and sputters through his 3rd or 4th fake victory speech How unifying around a crime is to be complicit with that crime The media tells us that 'dueling electors' aren't a real thing, which makes it very strange that Gretchen Whitmer made up "threats of right wing violence" and had police keep the GOP electors out of the state house Kayleigh McEnany gives a press conference where she confirms that litigation is ongoing and that confirming Trump's win in this election is happening Jim Acosta once again shames himself and his entire industry
December 15, 2020
High, Noon for Monday December 14th 2020
In today's episode: The media is telling people who don't know anything that Joe Biden is NOW president-elect for the fifth time even though he still isn't Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada send GOP electors since Trump won those states Andrew Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment but the media doesn't care and neither do the #believeallwomen commies Two million members of the Chinese Communist Party have been exposed and have infiltrated major organizations and governments around the world The Dominion audit in Michigan shows massive and illegal human manipulation, as well as destruction of records The Wisconsin Supreme Court deems the classification of 'indefinitely confined' voters by election clerks 'because covid'  in the state illegal - a number vastly higher than Joe Biden's "win"
December 14, 2020
High, Noon for Friday December 11th 2020
In today's episode: Time names Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the "Person of the Year" for doing nothing The media hid the fact that the Biden family are not only criminals, but compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, putting the country under a genuine national security threat Corruption in the CIA and FBI allowed the media to hide this story - 36% of Biden voters say they never heard of the Hunter Biden laptop Half the country now believes the election was not legitimately decided What scenarios allow all the facts to make sense?
December 11, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday December 10th 2020
In today's episode: Viral graphics don't understand covid deaths and neither do the commies who post them Dianne Feinstein gets thrown under the bus as 'senile' for years - strange they didn't warn us earlier - rather than focusing on the fact that her driver for twenty years was a Chinese spy Chinese airlines advise diapers for flight attendants to scare Maskies Jake Tapper breaks the news that Hunter Biden's laptop was real and is no longer Russian disinformation Georgia has a hearing about election security and Democrats say it's racist Will the commies around you support the coup?
December 10, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday December 9th 2020
In today's episode: The commies are breaking, look out below! Michigan communist representative Cynthia Jackson threatens Trump supporters, telling her "soldiers" they know what to do YouTube boldly declares a stance against factual free speech that doesn't comply with the false narrative that Joe Biden won the election People freak out about the Pennsylvania Kelly/Parnell case being thrown out even though it wasn't Seven states join Texas in their attempt to prevent communist states from destroying the country Los Angeles sends out an emergency message about more cases, oh no!
December 9, 2020
Reasonable Conversation - Angela Marsden, Owner of Pineapple Hill Saloon
A conversation with Angela Marsden - whose video about how covid regulations are killing her small restaurant/bar business and so many like it - went viral on social media. We discuss how consistently she was trying to do the right thing for people and how consistently California's coronavirus restrictions made it impossible to survive and serve the community. 
December 9, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday December 8th 2020
In today's episode: Don't mess with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who just sued four corrupt commie states Democrat communist attorneys submit their defense to Justice Alito asserting that overturning their unconstitutional corruption would destroy people's faith in illegitimate elections - very galaxy brain! Eric Swalwell and other Democrat communists were literally sleeping with a Chinese spy - whoops! Communist Democrat leadership tries (and fails) to pass a resolution calling Joe Biden the president-elect 
December 8, 2020
High, Noon for Monday December 7th 2020
In today's episode: The sound of the Red Wave is soothing Whether Georgians should vote on January 5th if Stacey Abrams still has her election fraud machine running The mystifying intellectual dishonesty of believing the Russian collusion hoax but thinking that Democrats could never systematize widespread election fraud A word on the Obamies
December 7, 2020
High, Noon for Friday December 4th 2020
In today's episode: Video of obvious election fraud emerges and commies say there's no evidence Why we need security footage from every More Than a Vote stadium and arena Quiz question for commies: can you explain the 'debunking' and 'fact-check' you're pretending refutes obvious fraud on video? Lin Wood's Georgia case makes corrupt Republicans mad because they care more about retaining Senate power than the sanctity of the vote Where is the positive case for voting for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue if our elections are corrupt and they don't stand up?
December 4, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday December 3rd 2020
In today's episode: Why the Telegram app could replace legacy political media completely Deplorable, racist behavior by Democrat Michigan legislators on full display in the Oversight Committee hearings Democrat Cynthia A Jackson of Michigan doxes an female Indian immigrant  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti attempts to lock down the city once again, based on absolutely no data Mitch McConnell tries and fails to take down Lin Wood with the help of Breitbart
December 3, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday December 2nd 2020
In today's episode: Bill Barr mentions election fraud and both sides melt down over the wrong Bill Barr story Why we need to stop getting distracted by nonsense and turn off Apple News notifications Dr. Linda Lee Tarver gives incredible testimony before the Michigan Oversight Committee on election fraud Attorney Phil Kline holds a press conference with a trucker who transported hundreds of thousands of filled-out mail-in ballots across state lines Lin Wood and Sidney Powell hold a rally in Georgia
December 2, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday December 1st 2020
In today's episode: CNN realizes 10 months later that China hid information about coronavirus even though that news was reported 10 months ago Anthony Fauci checks The Data and finds out that there is no health concern about children going to school even though The Data has never said otherwise James O'Keefe and Project Veritas are about to destroy CNN Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan says he can debunk election fraud in Georgia in thirty seconds but apparently just doesn't want to Quiz questions for commies! Hey commie, I know there's not widespread election fraud, but let's say there was - what would it look like? Hey Maskie, I know you're very good at The Science, but if the media wanted to invent a health crisis, how would that look?
December 1, 2020
High, Noon for Monday November 30th 2020
In today's episode: Instagram labels a post 'false' two weeks later upon no new information with a "fact-check" totally unrelated to the post Twitter can't decide whether or not Joe Biden is president-elect A Revolver piece shows the mathematical impossibility of four specific 'vote dumps' and that all four created Biden's entire margin of 'victory' Rudy Giuliani takes the overwhelming evidence of election fraud in Arizona to a hearing with Arizona legislators Time for Republicans to step up and get in the fight before the country is done for
November 30, 2020
High, Noon for Friday November 27th 2020
In today's episode: Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano says the PA legislature will be taking back their power to choose electors Media continues telling commies and Maskies that there is no evidence of fraud even though there is overwhelming evidence of fraud Joe Biden speaks in front of a red and yellow 'presidential' seal instead of 'office of the president elect' because he is not and will never be president elect The sheer impossibility of Joe Biden actually having won
November 27, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday November 26th 2020
In today's episode: Sidney Powell files in Georgia and Michigan and the stupidest people in the country are focused on typos Powell's filings contain sworn testimonies from affiants placing hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of votes in Georgia and elsewhere in doubt The media will downplay Powell's filing, hoping that the 'there's no evidence' wing of the commie/Maskie party will not read it even though they already weren't going to read it Why unrepentant racists feel so comfortable in the communist Democrat Party What I'm thankful for - hint: not commies and Maskies!
November 26, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday November 25th 2020
In today's episode: Rudy Giuliani produces mountains of evidence of widespread, systematic, intentional voter fraud and your rock-dumb acquaintances say there's no evidence An incredible piece of fake news from Newsweek whose headline contained two verifiable falsehoods and the article not only refutes the falsehoods itself, it adds entirely new falsehoods - truly stunning! YouTube hashtag-cancels OAN for wrong-speak Alms at the altar of the ghost of Cecil the Lion My perfect Thanksgiving plans
November 26, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday November 24th 2020
In today's episode: The GSA allows Biden access to office space and funding and the dumbest people on the internet think Trump conceded  The fear of leaving the Party of False Decorum California intends to close restaurants based on The Science even though there is no science behind the decision Qantas Airlines announces a vaccine 'passport' for travel and Maskies think it's okay
November 24, 2020
High, Noon for Monday November 23rd 2020
In today's episode: The Trump administration clarifies their relationship with Sidney Powell and people freak out over nothing Using Directional Knowledge to understand events rather than submitting to the Central Narrative The belief that Trump and his cohort are incompetent held by incompetent people who can't begin to even describe any of their own beliefs Intentionally misleading headlines CNN changes a headline where they admit that the certification of votes in Michigan and Pennsylvania is in question How useless the narrative of 'Trump as wannabe dictator' truly is in the face of actual authoritarian opposition 
November 23, 2020
Reasonable Conversation - Amanda Milius
In today's episode: I am joined by Amanda Milius, director of The Plot Against the President. We discuss: Russiagate from a holistic perspective How Hollywood became corrupted by China The power of the conservative marketplace The decentralization of information Losing Hollywood friends to communism The importance of Michael Flynn and the Russia hoax in understanding the current moment The existence of conspiracy facts The dawning of the American Renaissance
November 22, 2020
High, Noon for Friday November 20th 2020
In today's episode: "Where is the evidence?" You mean, besides everywhere?  Where is the evidence that the numbers produced by Dominion, the media, tech, and unobserved vote counts are legitimate? How masks mirror issues of religious liberty Panic among the media and Democrats Tucker Carlson makes everyone mad
November 20, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday November 19th 2020
In today's episode: Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis fully expose the systematic fraud committed by Democrats with the aid of media, tech, and foreign actors that occurred in our election  Wayne County election officials rescind their certification of the Detroit vote because of obvious proof of malfeasance Instagram updates its Terms of Service in an attempt to exclude its users from participating in future class action lawsuits against them for their blatant corruption
November 19, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday November 18th 2020
In today's episode: Joe Biden opines on what he'll do IF he gets elected in front of a sign that says "Office of the President Elect" which isn't a real thing Why commies need to stop talking about a civil war they know they won't fight Why Twitter doesn't apply labels to the counterfactual mainstream claims that voter fraud doesn't happen The phenomenon of narrative expiration
November 18, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday November 17th 2020
In today's episode: Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg appear before the Senate to claim that nothing is their fault Why people are pretending that pointing out obvious election fraud is more dangerous than actual election fraud The cost of laziness and ignorance when assessing major decisions
November 17, 2020
High, Noon for Monday November 16th 2020
In today's episode: Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be Maskies How Maskie parents are spawning a generation of hate and division The pernicious democracy-destroying presence of Dominion Voting Systems and their anti-Trump agenda How many statistically impossible outcomes - all in one direction - do you need to witness before it becomes 'evidence'?
November 16, 2020
High, Noon for Friday November 13th on Saturday November 14th 2020
In today's episode: The media calls Georgia for Biden while Georgia is in the midst of a farcical 'hand recount', once again deceiving people who will believe anything the media says Why I will never stop calling Maskies and Commies by these very appropriate names The Million MAGA March might be the largest political protest and rally of all time
November 14, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday November 12th 2020
In today's episode: Australian media can report about American corruption, election fraud, and media/tech manipulation, why can't we? Dominion Voting Systems and the manipulation of vote totals set the stage for the complete undoing of the Democrat Party Multiple capitalism slams A fond look back at how and why Hillary didn't concede on election night in 2016 and told Biden not to, no matter what A fond look back at Trump saying that there were millions of illegal votes in 2016, which looks more accurate by the day Clueless actresses post about coups without knowing what coups are Sorry BlueAnon, it's time for The Great Unfollowing of verified accounts who disseminate CCP propaganda masked as social awareness.
November 12, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday November 11th 2020
In today's episode: Andrew McCabe's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee shows America the kind of people we're dealing with The scale of voter fraud is almost impossible to imagine and it's all coming to light Why you should never marry a Maskie Happy Veteran's Day!
November 11, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday November 10th 2020
In today's episode: The momentum has swung completely in the President's direction The firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper and what it means When does tons of evidence become 'actual evidence'? Networks, including Fox, cut off Kayleigh McEnany's press conference on evidence of voter fraud and countless lawsuits Real Clear Politics has Joe Biden at 259 electoral votes with PA undecided which is weird because 'everyone knows' Joe Biden has won even though he hasn't Media members are experiencing on-air meltdowns and it is hilarious
November 10, 2020
High, Noon for Monday November 9th 2020
In today's episode: Don't stop believin'! I got 'canceled' for telling people for telling people how elections work! Oh no! The Wokes and Maskies begin to eat their own - who saw that coming?!
November 9, 2020
High, Noon for Friday November 6th 2020
In today's episode: Biden voters celebrating about an election that has not been decided in any legal way anywhere should realize that every person in their life who was quiet about politics throughout this time supported Trump and will remember what they heard you say and watched you do If you do not support a nationwide election audit with every ballot fully certified and connected to a living American citizen, you have no business claiming to care about truth or justice Calling an election before it's over with obvious rampant fraud and abuse disenfranchises the millions of voters from minority communities who put their faith in Donald Trump, the voters who left the Democrat Party, and those who voted for the first time in their lives  
November 6, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday November 5th 2020
In today's episode: Why Joe Biden will lose and Democrats will not demand recounts How Democrats and Old Guard institutions continue to expose themselves through their incompetence Why peoples disrespect and distrust doesn't warrant your politeness Yes, our information stream is better than yours Repeating the State Media isn't smart or informed
November 5, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday November 4th 2020
In today's episode: Issues with the timeline of events Massive unchecked voter fraud and disenfranchisement might finally be exposed Biden will declare himself the winner to set the narrative and he'll be aided by every institution of power in the world but he's totally going to fight for the people and punish the organizations that put him in this position Too many people stayed silent when they should've spoken up - it's time to do that now
November 4, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday November 3rd 2020
In today's episode: The Red Wave washes over us, rejoice! The CDC declares that people currently infected with covid should go vote, deciding that coronavirus is extremely deadly and scary unless you're out destroying a city either through violence or by electing more Democrats Trump supporters who were cast aside by friends and family aren't mad that you don't agree with us, we're mad that you never even bothered to find out if we were right because it was beneath you, and you didn't trust us
November 3, 2020
High, Noon for Monday November 2nd 2020
In today's episode: Donald Trump holds 5 Coachellas a day and Joe Biden and Barack Obama attract 60 cars Kamala Harris' final argument is a video promoting communism Why I will never vote Democrat ever again, or why I will only vote against Democrat interests for the rest of my life
November 2, 2020
High, Noon for Sunday November 1st 2020
In today's episode: The Beverly Hills Trump rally was a display of love, happiness, and diversity that nothing from the Democrat side can hope to match The totally mistaken idea that 'after the election' we can 'do something about tech' if Joe Biden wins, as if the Democrats would punish tech for helping them take power Voting for Donald Trump isn't an act of stupidity, it's an act of faith in the country and in fellow Americans
November 1, 2020
High, Noon for Saturday October 31st 2020
In today's episode: Happy Halloween but don't party or trick or treat or anything Instagram decided that my personal account is no longer safe for adults to look at Hollywood 'friends' and celebrities choose their point of view and their public image over freedom of speech, their country, and their own (former) friends
October 31, 2020
High, Noon for Friday October 30th 2020
In today's episode: I feel a Red Wave comin'! LA County's voting servers "are down", suppressing in-person voting Joe Biden has his biggest rally ever - 12 cars! Democrats are being destroyed in early voting where they usually dominate, whoops Why saying, "but both sides are bad", is an anti-intellectual copout and not intelligent at all
October 30, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday October 29th 2020
In today's episode: An apology to the drinkers of pumpkin spice lattes Why you should pay attention to Project Veritas if you don't More examples of the voting process becoming intentionally less secure The tech CEOs testified before the Senate and it was fittingly disastrous  Why you should turn off auto-updates on your devices and apps Proof that Donald Trump is infinitely smarter than every Biden voter
October 29, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday October 28th 2020
In today's episode: I voted early, in person, just as Hillary Clinton and AOC asked me to, against every single Democrat Party endorsement - these people's power must be taken away on every measure and in every office Tony Bobulinski provides hard evidence of Joe Biden's corruption and crime on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party and people still believe it's disinformation because they'd rather give up their country than compromise their public image Bobulinski plays a recording of a Biden partner saying, "you're gonna bury us all", if Bobulinski comes forward and people still believe it's disinformation because their brains are broken A man is shot by police while running at them with a knife so it's time to burn down Democrat cities again And a new segment, "The Dumbest Responses I Got!"
October 28, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday October 27th 2020
In today's episode: I got suspended from Twitter for making a whoopsie! (tweeting jokes while being "conservative" The Notorious ACB is confirmed and sworn-in to the Supreme Court The most incompetent and ineffective ad in political history, the Democrats "12 More Years" spot featuring a mother emotionally abusing her child and Trump fans cheering a joke
October 27, 2020
High, Noon for Monday October 26th 2020
In today's episode: People are still denying Hunter Biden's laptop is authentic even though there are videos of him getting foot-jobs and text messages literally saying he was selling his father's name for profit with Joe's knowledge and approval and that Joe gets a cut People are still denying that Hunter Biden's laptop matters even though it contains hard evidence of one of the greatest corruption scandals in political history People believe that Trump had the laptop for a year and 'sat on it' even though the laptop has conclusive exculpatory evidence that would've ended the impeachment instantly and shown the world what Biden had done People are still denying that Obama and Biden were corrupt even though there are recordings of phone calls and meetings where they literally agree to the corrupt deals People are mad about 'kids separated from their parents' because they don't know a single detail of the situation 60 Minutes cuts 16 minutes out of Leslie Stahl's interview with Trump and claims he left angrily even though the full interview is online and you can see that isn't true at all Leslie Stahl stumbles over a word and shows her dishonesty for all to see The media is so incompetent and corrupt that when they try to make Trump look bad, it only makes them look so much worse
October 26, 2020
Reasonable Conversation - Pete Peterson on Election Security
Pete Peterson is the Dean of the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University and the founder of Pepperdine's Davenport Institute of Public Engagement and Civic Leadership. We discuss: His run for California Secretary of State California voting issues Election security (or insecurity) measures such as: Changes made 'for coronavirus', universal mail-in balloting as opposed to absentee balloting, millions of extra 'inactive' voters on California's voter rolls, the 'drop-boxes' and ballots that won't be postmarked, voter ID, and the immoral - though somehow legal - practice of ballot harvesting Expectations of election security and the potential for problems on November 3rd
October 25, 2020
High, Noon for Friday October 23rd 2020
In today's episode: Trump dominates Joe Biden in the final debate in every imaginable way Kristen Welker does a splendid job as moderator Joe Biden lies about cages and declares that we used to have a good relationship with Hitler Joe Biden says he didn't get anything done in his career because he wasn't president Joe Biden is for and against fracking and comes out against oil Joe Biden quotes Trump as saying "stand down and stand ready", making the EXACT mistake which led very ignorant people to believe Trump never condemned the Proud Boys (aka "Poor Boys" according to Biden) who aren't even white supremacists and have not been responsible for the violence and rioting that BLM/Antifa did
October 23, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday October 22nd 2020
In today's episode: A friend 'comes out' as a Trump supporter to his parents and is met with love - trust the people close to you! Hunter Biden's laptop was part of an FBI financial crime investigation, so it's not Russian disinformation again Tony Bobulinski details Biden corruption in full with first-hand knowledge The very smart people tell you not to care about a story because 'no one smart' cares about it (but these people aren't smart) Leslie Stahl's absurd interview on 60 Minutes is released in full by the Trump campaign exposing the depths of media corruption Trump is the first Rooted president in our lifetimes
October 22, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday October 21st 2020
In today's episode: Obama hits the trail for Biden in PA The press falsely reports that Trump said he did a deal with Exxon while he was actually saying what he could have done if he was as corrupt as Joe Biden The press falsely reports that Trump having business in China is unusual for an international businessman Joe Biden claims that the letter from '50 former intelligence officials' "cleared" him because it's Russian disinformation, even though THEY say they have no evidence of that the and FBI and DOJ confirm it is not Russian disinformation The anti-American irresponsibility of former intelligence officials suggesting, on no evidence, that the laptop is a Russian disinformation campaign when the current FBI and DOJ say otherwise A reasonable possible explanation for the 'underage girl' text on Hunter's laptop The moral cost of failing to 'come out' as a supporter of the President
October 21, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday October 20th 2020
In today's episode: Missouri Senator Josh Hawley says there will be no relief package if it includes bailouts for poorly run Democrat governors, as it should be Gavin releases guidelines for how you must spend your holidays in fear Gavin says he'll create his own agency to approve a vaccine once the FDA approves a vaccine The debate commission decides not to discuss foreign policy, hoping that Hunter Biden's laptop won't come up The debate commission wants a 'mute' button because they're afraid of what Trump might say 50 former intelligence officials who lied about Russian collusion in the 2016 election release a letter lying about Hunter Biden's laptop being Russian information even though there's a receipt from the store with Hunter Biden's signature on it and Hunter Biden's lawyer tried to retrieve the laptop and the FBI tried to hide the laptop The obvious problems with ballot drop-boxes Justice John Roberts lets Pennsylvania collect ballots after Election Day  Jeffrey Toobin gets caught toobin' while zoomin'
October 20, 2020
High, Noon for Monday October 19th 2020
In today's episode: Trump calls Fauci a "disaster", finally Twitter censors Dr. Scott Atlas for sharing true scientific information about how masks don't work Florida has been fully open for 3+ weeks without any signs of covid problems, but California is still too dangerous to eat indoors Biden calls a 'lid' on the entire week first thing Monday morning rather than responding to corruption accusations Adam Schiff tries to find people dumb enough to believe real emails and real pictures are "Russian disinformation" even though Biden's own campaign won't deny their authenticity Pete Buttigieg tells people to vote "as soon as you can" - you know, before you change your mind
October 19, 2020
High, Noon for Friday October 16th 2020
In today's episode: Competing town halls show the difference in media priorities Joe Biden fields questions from audience members including a former Obama speechwriter and the wife of a former Democrat political candidate Savannah Guthrie interrupts the President more than he interrupted Biden for woke back-pats Expert Tom Nichols demands the media doxx the woman nodding along with Trump's answers, so they do George Stephanopoulos declines to ask Joe Biden about Hunter Biden The media pushes the idea that the Hunter Biden story is Russian "disinformation" while the Biden campaign doesn't deny the authenticity of the emails Joe Biden is not a 'return' to decency and normalcy
October 16, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday October 15th 2020
In today's episode: Hunter Biden has been selling his father's political power overseas for quite a while How Democrats are pretending to proudly vote for a man who sells American policy to foreign adversaries How people can possibly believe these stories are 'debunked' when the Biden campaign isn't even denying the authenticity of the emails Twitter and Facebook shut down the New York Post's stories and then lock the accounts of NYP's editor, the United States Press Secretary, and the President's campaign and 'smart' people are happy because they are so good at recognizing misinformation and wear masks Trump and Biden will have competing town halls which will be an embarrassment for Biden, and his campaign couldn't see it coming
October 15, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday October 14th 2020
In today's episode: The New York Post drops legitimate bombshell emails about Hunter Biden's (and Joe Biden's) selling of political power to foreign entities and the media rushes to Biden's rescue Facebook shuts down the sharing of these articles on its platform People refuse to believe reality because they prefer the false one Democrat Senators make fools of themselves in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings
October 14, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday October 13th 2020
In today's episode: Democrats continue to beclown themselves in the Supreme Court hearings Andrew Cuomo releases a book "he wrote" about how great he is at handling covid despite the worst results in the world and putting sick people into nursing homes instead of using the massive field hospitals provided him The New Yorker publishes an article titled, "Andrew Cuomo, King of New York," and people somehow believe it A review of Cuomo's covid response in relation to others Trump returns to the campaign trail with another massive rally  How the Trump movement is based on patriotism, acceptance, and love
October 13, 2020
High, Noon for Monday October 12th 2020
In today's episode: Amy Coney Barrett's nomination hearings begin and Democrats use their time to talk about covid Joe Biden and Democrats everywhere call a regular constitutional function 'unconstitutional' Joe Biden and Democrats everywhere call a the filling of a court vacancy 'court-packing' Joe Biden says voters "do not deserve" to know his position on actual court-packing Why the polls are wrong and how every indication besides polling - including Democrats' own behavior - suggests a large Trump victory Less than 5% of Democrats are ready to return to normal life and what it means to have our future decided by the Maskies
October 12, 2020
High, Noon for Friday October 9th 2020
In today's episode: Nancy Pelosi pretends to invoke the 25th amendment for Trump, or is it Biden? Democrats' 4+ year long search for a 'magic bullet' to end Trump's presidency has failed at every turn Tech censorship Yelp becomes the dystopia by allowing users to permanently slander and defame private businesses California still has not announced it's polling places for November 3rd, but they've got 'early voting' locations everywhere and that makes no sense
October 9, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday October 8th 2020
In today's episode: The VP debate! A fly lands on Mike Pence's head and the stupidest people on earth respond Mike Pence dismantles Kamala Harris in the most lopsided debate, by far, in my lifetime Kamala Harris knows when she is speaking, but somehow doesn't understand anything she's saying Kamala refuses to answer whether she and Biden support the Green New Deal, packing the courts, and anything to do with China while blatantly lying about Trump on too many topics to list CNN's "fact" checker, Daniel Dale, doesn't understand the China travel ban Trump takes a pass on a virtual debate Why Democrats have changed from encouraging universal mail-in balloting to voting early and in person Jane Fonda calls the pandemic a gift from god and Jeffrey Wright calls Terrence Williams a 'koon'  Celebrities have turned their comments off to stifle dissent over their pathetic political posts
October 8, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday October 7th 2020
In today's episode: Gavin tells us to put our masks back on between bites when we're eating out, and I do whatever he tells me, so you can call me Hidin' Bitin' now! Trump ends negotiations on coronavirus stimulus rather than wasting American taxpayer money on bailing out the incompetence of Gavin and Cuomo The goal of a permanent Democratic majority and how that should never be allowed to happen Donald Trump declassifies all documents related to the Russia Hoax - you know, the total fraud created by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the American intelligence community
October 7, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday October 6th 2020
In today's episode: The media gets very mad at Donald Trump being released from the hospital The media gets very mad that Donald Trump has access to a helicopter and video cameras The media gets very mad that Donald Trump took off his mask in front of people while outside and nowhere close to anyone Everyone is mad on someone else's behalf, which is more heroic Democrats and media find a 'friend' of Melania Trump willing to betray her by recording her phone calls and then try to claim that Melania Trump hates Christmas The Lincoln Project gets mighty confused about what respect for the dead entails
October 6, 2020
High, Noon for Monday October 5th 2020
In today's episode: The media meltdown is in full effect in the way, and on the timeline, I laid out in April The coronavirus narrative falls apart completely and CNN decides that Trump's cloth mask doesn't protect others The definitions of "smart" and "privileged" are denatured, false, and dysfunctional Who the people who still abide the central narrative are showing themselves to be
October 5, 2020
Reasonable Conversation - CA Senator Melissa Melendez
I'm joined by California State Senator Melissa Melendez to discuss: Dysfunction and corruption in California politics The downside of universal mail-in balloting Attorney General Becerra's abuse of Ballot Measure descriptions AB5 and its repeal - the independent contractor provision AB145 which gives judges discretion to decide whether those who have sex with minors should be added to the sex offender registry (they should) The damage caused by a one-party state Gavin Newsom's repeated abuse of emergency powers and how his covid response was not based on "the science"
October 4, 2020
High, Noon for Friday October 2nd 2020
In today's episode: The President has covid, rejoice (if you're a horrendous person) The only question that matters about 'stand back and stand by' was whether or not Trump believed he was doing what was asked, and there should be no doubt he was James Comey's shameful testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee tells the entire story of the greatest political crime in American history, whether or not he cops to it directly, and the media doesn't think you should know
October 2, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday October 1st 2020
In today's episode: The media tries to press their race narrative in the White House briefing room Media and Democrats advertise for the Proud Boys - a group almost no one had even heard of prior How narratives compound
October 1, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday September 30th 2020
In today's episode: Reactions to the debate The media invents a race narrative and people who are mad about everything are also mad about this Joe Biden manages to turn off the far left and the center in one spectacular display of incoherence Biden refuses to answer whether he's for eliminating the filibuster and adding Supreme Court justices and no one cares Antifa is an idea and Hunter Biden's rampant selling of Joe Biden's political power is 'discredited' according to 'sources' and 'everyone knows'
September 30, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday September 29th 2020
In today's episode: Tonight's socially distanced duel! The Biden campaign/DNC is selling a t-shirt with the Democrat "dream team" with very a very strange lineup of people included and excluded How long it will take Biden to mention his deceased family members to garner sympathy Whether or not he'll have an earpiece to receive answers to questions How long it will take Biden to get mad and challenge Donald Trump to fisticuffs Join me after the debate @imyourmoderator on Instagram for IG Live commentary and discussion
September 29, 2020
High, Noon for Monday September 28th 2020
In today's episode: A quick look at Proposition L, a bill to extract money from "overpaid" executives to mitigate California's terrible financial management and covid response disaster that they're claiming will pay "health care workers" CNN's Brian Stelter calls the ridiculous Trump tax story 'one of the biggest bombshells in five years', but it isn't even one of the most important stories of the last five days Those are: The timing of news drops to plant narratives into presidential debates The sub-source of the Steele dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton is none other than a known Russian agent deemed a threat to national security The release of texts from FBI officials showing that they knew, and that this information was manipulated through the press to undermine Michael Flynn with the full knowledge and complicity of James Comey, Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama The Senate report on Hunter Biden's activity in Ukraine, fully known by Joe Biden and Barack Obama, among others The ballot harvesting scandal in Minnesota directly linked to Ilhan Omar and Black Lives Matter, which is surely happening across the country in Democrat strongholds This is one of the greatest crimes in American history and the media is talking about Trump's taxes And one question - how much should Trump have paid?
September 28, 2020
High, Noon for Friday September 25th 2020
In today's episode: Bombshell news about the FBI and CIA working with the Clintons, Obama, and Biden in their efforts to steal the 2016 election and then undermine Trump's administration rather than enacting a peaceful transition of power San Francisco's Prop B to create a Department of Sanitation because the lack of another bureaucracy is the reason for San Francisco's disgusting streets and not the thousands of homeless and the crime When your friend thinks Trump staying at his own hotels is "disgusting" while not caring about actual attempts to undermine the country Why there's nothing 'punk rock' about "Abolish the Police" or "ACAB - All Cops Are Bastards" 
September 25, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday September 24th 2020
In today's episode: Mail-in ballot fraud is already happening as the DOJ cites Trump ballots from military members thrown away in Pennsylvania Commies set fires to the country to show how mad they are about a case they know nothing about - Breonna Taylor Joe Biden doesn't believe he should have to answer questions about corruption, abuse of power, and abuse of office because he's not Donald Trump Very serious people's heads explode at the Trump press conference Rand Paul takes Anthony Fauci to the woodshed and Anthony Fauci responds by saying the opposite of what he's already testified to Rand Paul and then Scott Atlas confirm essentially every single thing I've said about the coronavirus for six months - very satisfying!
September 24, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday September 23rd 2020
In today's episode: The grand jury in Kentucky declines to bring charges for Breonna Taylor's death based on the facts of the case, none of which were ever communicated by the media, celebrities, and dumb people on social media The report has been released detailing numerous shady dealings on behalf of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden abusing the Democrat nominee's political position to enrich his family while compromising US policy Joe Biden's and Nancy Pelosi's obvious mental break and the causes unrelated to their advanced age and health A review of the old "grab em by the pussy" scenario
September 23, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday September 22nd 2020
In today's episode: Michael Bloomberg spends $16 million in Florida making sure that 32,000 felons can vote for Democrats Ballot harvesting in California and how multiple elections have been invalidated because of it Joe Biden has trouble reading the teleprompter in another live interview but no one cares because he's not Donald Trump Hollywood has an Emmy show that no one watches where celebrities spew their toxic ignorance at a clueless audience Nevada reverses its hydroxychloroquine ban which is weird because "everyone knows" it doesn't do anything Why very smart and caring parents indoctrinate their children at age two into politics but allow them to decide their own gender - we're helping!
September 22, 2020
High, Noon for Monday September 21st 2020
In today's episode: Reactions to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Accusations of hypocrisy and norm-breaking from people who want to end the Electoral College, pack the court, destroy the lives of nominees, add new states to get more senators, and end the filibuster AOC appears at the Senate with Chuck Schumer (for some reason?) to claim that Mitch McConnell is "playing with fire" and that everyone should respond with "unprecedented actions" to get their way Why there is nothing that can prevent Trump from nominating and McConnell from holding a vote How the entire discussion is moot because it's going to happen regardless
September 21, 2020
Reasonable Conversation - Samaire Armstrong on 'Coming Out' as Conservative in Hollywood
I'm joined by actress Samaire Armstrong to discuss her 'coming out' as conservative after 20 years of keeping her mouth shut in Hollywood. We discuss: How she was raised and why she now identifies as conservative What led her from reading White Fragility to realizing the BLM organization is complicit in domestic terrorism The reaction from the Hollywood community Her feelings on Donald Trump
September 19, 2020
High, Noon for Friday September 18th 2020
In today's episode: Donald Trump holds a peaceful protest in Wisconsin where the crowd once again chants, "We love you!!"  The relationship between Trump and those who now support him Nashville opens bars to 50% capacity after leaked emails show they were lying to the public about covid spread Nancy Pelosi finally condemns violence and looting on the 113th day since it began Joe Biden's ridiculous claim about Trump being responsible for 200,000 deaths gets fact-checked into oblivion by, embarrassingly, The Washington Post CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale claims that Joe Biden's claims are "largely factual", i.e. mostly peaceful to truth (with the truth on fire in the background) 
September 18, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday September17th 2020
In today's episode: It's time to #recallgavin2020! Nashville intentionally prevents the disclosure of information about covid transmissions originating in bars since there were almost none of them Robert Redfield, Director of the CDC, takes every possible position on masking
September 17, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday September 16th 2020
In today's episode: Joe Biden woos "the Hispanics" by forgetting to come out onstage and then when he finally does, after all nine people in the room have already stopped clapping, he plays Despacito on his phone Biden mumbles his way through a story about how a 'quartermaster' could probably run a, um, department store, you know, like the ladies department on the second floor, you know what I mean Trump signs historic peace deals between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain and the media focuses on how the people attending the signing OUTDOORS were not wearing masks How a person becomes indoctrinated into Hollywood's political monoculture and then spends their lives proclaiming morality for everyone else
September 16, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday September 15th 2020
In today's episode: BLM's official instagram posts a headline about the two cops shot in Compton with the caption "Defund. The. Police." rather than denouncing the heinous crimes committed in their name The unhinged belief that Joe Biden will unify the country if he wins The Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson joins the rest of the 'elite' community in failing to understand what Q is Jake Tapper rightly denounces Disney and the NBA for their connection to Chinese concentration camps holding one million Muslim Uighurs and blames it on Donald Trump
September 15, 2020
High, Noon for Monday September 14 2020
In today's episode: My experience at the Trump rally in Henderson, NV The immoral and preposterous claim that Trump is responsible for "200,000 coronavirus deaths" but that climate change is again responsible for California west coast fires The media freakout about thousands of unmasked people indoors for the rally and how they won't follow up saying they were wrong when there is no 'spike' associated with the rally The media freakout about Trump saying Americans enjoyed violence, decontextualized from the fact that he was  discussing the success of the UFC with Dana White (founder of UFC) in the audience The makeup of a Trump rally crowd
September 14, 2020
High, Noon for Friday September 11th 2020
In today's episode: Memories of leaving New York City ten days before 9/11 Media manipulation of Trump's response to Bob Woodward The NFL returns with a poorly received 'social justice' display Corporate wokeness and how it's ruining professional sports Biden's inept campaign surrogate TJ Ducklo refuses to answer questions, even declining to say that Biden doesn't read live press conference answers off a teleprompter - which we can see with our eyes LA's inept public health director, Barbara Ferrer, is recorded saying that LA schools won't open until "after the election" The second straight Trump rally where the crowd breaks out in a "WE LOVE YOU!" chant, and the justification for their affection
September 11, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday September 10th 2020
In today's episode: Bob Woodward's book has a "very outrageous" quote - something Trump also said publicly five months ago Anthony Fauci himself debunks this latest Trump 'scandal' Gretchen Whitmer gives her okay to Biden's Michigan event, but not Trump's Andrew Cuomo changes "the science" about indoor dining in the face of lawsuits LA County's Barbara Ferrer cancels Halloween due to "the science" and then cancels the cancelation, also based on "the science" of people getting mad How to detect false quotes in 'scandal' articles
September 10, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday September 9th 2020
In today's episode: I'm still in the Twitter dungeon! Oscars so... why? A culture that takes its moral leadership from celebrities and influencers is already dystopia The Oscars impose race quotas on films and we pretend it's progress Morality is nothing more than political affiliation now
September 9, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday September 8th 2020
In today's episode: Twitter blocks speech whenever they feel like it Kamala Harris says he's proud of Jacob Blake - a man who sexually violated a women Trump takes on the military industrial complex in a press conference Trump discusses decoupling with China while the media covers for China
September 8, 2020
High, Noon for Monday September 7th 2020
In today's episode: Eric Garcetti speaks to Los Angeles like children once again - how many steps between him condescendingly asking us to turn off the lights to him just turning them off when he sees fit? Kamala Harris becomes anti-vax for any coronavirus vaccine that comes out before Election Day The Atlantic's article citing "four unnamed sources" (which used to be know as zero sources) is now being supported by even more ridiculous articles saying "Everyone Knows it's True" A 2007 interview with Wolf Blitzer shows Donald Trump speaking in glowing terms about the events he runs at Mar-a-Lago for wounded vets Cardi B commits the cardinal sin of social media and exposes herself as a petty, clueless, 'useful idiot' after trying to attack Candace Owens on politics
September 7, 2020
High, Noon for Friday September 4th 2020
In today's episode: The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg finds 'four unnamed sources' to say bad things about the president Trump's Latrobe, PA rally becomes the best episode of The Trump Show of all time as Trump shows not only a better grasp of what faces the country, but also a real talent for standup comedy Joe Biden's 'community meeting' in Kenosha, WI is features a member of the community who refuses to read her question from the campaign-approved paper Reporters at today's Joe Biden press conference supply the answers for Biden within the context of their questions
September 4, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday September 3rd 2020
In today's episode: The media goes crazy over Trump saying that Americans should go to a polling place and confirm their ballot was tabulated and if not, to vote on premise The moral bankruptcy of the argument that we should vote for Biden as a "relief" from political tension  How polls are published which divide white Americans by with/without college degrees but rarely publicize the same for other ethnicities How silly the "your mask protects me" idea is and how that relates to Democrat electoral politics
September 3, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday September 2 2020
In today's episode: Nancy Pelosi becomes a lockdown-ending hero accidentally by going to a hair salon that was closed due to coronavirus rules that she and Gavin have supported Trump visits Kenosha, WI The media's coronavirus narrative is falling apart before our eyes and they're calling world-renowned experts 'conspiracy theorists' And whatever happened to the whole mailbox problem? Thought that was a big deal. Guess not.
September 2, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday September 1st 2020
In today's episode: Biden babbles and tries to blame riots on Trump, media complies Trump suggests that riots are organized and funded by outside people/groups and the media calls him a conspiracy theorist... again Why people choose not to understand Trump when he speaks
September 1, 2020
High, Noon for Monday August 31st 2020
In today's episode: More violence! Violence after the RNC, murder of a Trump supporter in Portland, innocent people getting their heads smashed with bricks, and roving bands of dumb communists marching the streets of Los Angeles shouting "Death to America" New CDC statistics and reporting from the New York Times on PCR testing failures bring the public up to speed on what many of us have been saying since March/April
August 31, 2020
Reasonable Conversation - DeJuan Black
Chris sits down with DeJuan Black to discuss his loss of faith in the media and how he came to support Donald Trump.
August 29, 2020
High, Noon for Friday August 28th 2020
In today's episode: Reactions to the final night of the RNC and why Democrats are staring down a landslide loss of massive proportions
August 28, 2020
High, Noon for Thursday August 27th 2020
In today's episode: The George Floyd autopsy shows his lungs filled with fluid from a lethal fentanyl overdose and caused his death, something that could've been made public months ago, but Democrats and Old Guard accomplices allowed three months of rioting and violence instead Nancy Pelosi suggests that Joe Biden should not debate Richard Grennell publicizes the Clinton/Obama/Biden plan to undermine the Trump presidency Gavin Newsom decides not to follow CDC recommendations, relying instead on his own Experts
August 27, 2020
High, Noon for Wednesday August 26th 2020
In today's episode: Escalating violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin destroying lives and livelihoods of innocent people The undeniable falsity of the narratives surrounding Black Lives Matter and their new icons The media and Democrats displaying their incredible levels of racism, sexism, and xenophobia whenever a woman, a minority, or an immigrant disagrees with the story they tell The left's full complicity in violence and how zero Democrat leaders have denounced it
August 26, 2020
High, Noon for Tuesday August 25th 2020
In today's episode: I became a bad person by putting on a hat and talking about politics! Woohoo! Discussion of the Republican National Convention, particularly the amazing Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter in the Parkland massacre, Maximo Alvarez a Cuban immigrant speaking on life under Castro, and Tim Scott, the black American Republican Senator whose police reform bill the Democrats refused even to debate.
August 25, 2020
High, Noon for Monday August 24th 2020
In today's episode: I was put in the unfortunate circumstance of witnessing a hipster protest to 'save the postal service' Respectability intellectualism What the State Media really is Anthony Fauci stalls covid treatments
August 24, 2020
High, Noon for Friday August 21st 2020
In today's episode: Masks on a plane How the Democratic convention failed to address China and rioting Party and media coordination to skew the narrative Nancy Pelosi chooses not to hold a vote on a 'skinny' lockdown relief package because she'd lose leverage for appeasing teach