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In Formation Tech Podcast

In Formation Tech Podcast

By Brang Reynolds
In Formation Tech talks to startups to learn what makes them tick.
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Going International w/ Idea Crunch - Episode 7 - Season 1

In Formation Tech Podcast

Crowdfunding w/ John Hunt Fiorentino - Episode 13 (Finale) - Season 1
We sat down with crowdfunding titan, John Hunt Fiorentino, inventor of the wildly successful Gravity Blanket campaign which raised $4.8 million on Kickstarter, and Moonpod, which raised $1.3 million. We talk about his wild maker lifestyle, and how he went from raising a million dollars in venture capital to sleeping on couches with a selfie stick to running one of the most successful kickstarters of all time.
October 24, 2018
The Wild West of E-Sports Betting - Episode 12 - Season 1
This week, Tim and Brang sit down with Jess Zhang of, an AI-powered e-sports betting pioneer, to talk about the rise of the e-sports industry, Phil Murphy vs. NCAA, operating on the frontier of new regulations, starting a company fresh out of college, and the ethics of gambling.
October 17, 2018
Innovating in Medicine w/ Qwikscript - Episode 11 - Season 1
Innovating in the medical field may seem like an impossible task, between regulatory requirements and a general lethargy in technology adoption, but Qwikscript is proving it can be done. We sit down with James Richards of Qwikscript to talk about what's broken in pharmaceutical delivery, what it takes to disrupt in medicine, and the challenges of building a two-sided marketplace. Qwikscript is an app-based platform for prescription pharmaceutical fulfillment, out on IOS.
October 10, 2018
Open Source Movement w/ John Hall - Episode 10 - Season 1
This week, we sit down with John Hall of Tradesy and Heartbeat to discuss the open source movement, and his journey through the world of startups.
October 03, 2018
Making Meetings Suck Less w/ Bizly - Episode 9 - Season 1
Meetings? We all hate them. And yet, every productive adult human faces them. We sat down with Ron Shah, CEO and Founder of Bizly, the enterprise meeting planning company that's trying to make meetings suck a whole lot less.
September 26, 2018
Modern Advertising w/ JUICE - Episode 8 - Season 1
The landscape of advertising was revolutionized by technology, and with the rise of social media, the landscape is moving faster than ever. To help us understand some of the changes, their benefits, and the challenges they introduce, we invited JUICE's cofounders to the roundtable.
September 19, 2018
Going International w/ Idea Crunch - Episode 7 - Season 1
The In Formation Podcast is going international to talk about what else? Going international. We're on the line with Alec Ramsey of Idea Crunch, across the world in Australia, talking about some of the pitfalls, as well as some of the opportunities, of taking a business across country lines. Idea Crunch is a website that aggregates business models that have been successful in other countries that are yet to be implemented on your home turf. They work with investors and entrepreneurs to make these ideas reality, and expand the international startup ecosystem.
September 12, 2018
Mental Health w/ Youper - Episode 6 - Season 1
This week, we're remotely dialing in to South America to talk to Diego Dota, CTO of Youper. Youper is acting as a first responder for all mental health needs, powered by artificial intelligence. We'll be talking about mental health, artificial intelligence, and some of the emotional challenges we all face as founders. Stay tuned.
September 05, 2018
Artificial Intelligence w/ Fritz - Episode 5 - Season 1
While Tim is away, Brang will play. This week's episode features Fritz AI, a company that's democratizing Artificial Intelligence and making models available on-device. We're covering the broad plane of issues relating to artificial intelligence, including what technological developments have been taking place to enable all the powerful applications being developed, good (and bad) use-cases for AI, and what the future looks like.
August 29, 2018
Serial Entrepreneurship w/ Joyride - Episode 4 - Season 1
Tim & Brang are back in the studio with Michael Chiang and Roman Khaves of Joyride, the HQ Trivia for Uber Rides. We're talking about serial entrepreneurship, virality, and how to consistently execute at a high level.
August 22, 2018
Employee Happiness w/ TAAB - Episode 3 - Season 1
Tim & Brang dial up TAAB founders Dru Dalton and Kayvon Olomi. TAAB, or Travel-As-A-Benefit is a unique employee benefits program that employees actually want to use. We're covering employee happiness and company culture, what it is, why it's important, and how to optimize it.
August 15, 2018
Art Tech & Hardware w/ Meural - Episode 2 - Season 1
Tim & Brang hit the road and interview Vladimir Vukicevic, co-founder and CEO of the Meural Digital Canvas, a hardware product that creates dynamic spaces by displaying works of art. Topics range from the tactical to the philosophical: - What defines art - How economics drives art and how that's changing - How the blockchain is influencing the art world - The challenges of building a hardware startup To learn more about the Meural digital canvas, visit
August 08, 2018
The Youth Market with Tim & Brang - Episode 1 / Season 1
Hosts Tim and Brang take the first episode to discuss the youth market, what makes it unique, what makes it powerful, and how to take advantage of it. Company spotlight is on Snappleganger, the app that helps you find your selfie-dopplegangers.
August 01, 2018