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in_ is a cultural showcase of videos, podcasts, articles, more.

in_ showcases the world we live in and the cultures we are a part of in order for you to understand us, and the world better

We'll introduce to you the people that are shaping culture showing you the way we live, the choices we make and why we make them.
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in_mental health: Banetsi Mphunga - E01S 05
Banetsi Mphunga is a man you want on your side. He saw a desperate need in his community for help with mental health, and after refitting an old Caravelle (which he called "The Emotional Ambulance")  he started his own free mobile clinic. Listen to his story, and discover how he continues to break down the taboo in Khayelitsha against seeking help with mental health. If this story moves you please consider helping Banetsi with his important work: Facebook: Township Parents and Children Counselling Centre which is an NPO that provides psychological services to the schools, teens and their families.   He has landed up paying out of his own pocket for this service, if you feel able to help, please contact Banetsi at
February 17, 2022
in_where I am from: Que
Gqom legend Que took the time to chat with us, and we could barely contain our excitement. Que is an OG legend in the industry and to get his insights into the world of Gqom and his history in it, is an absolute privilege.  #music #location #loxion #culture #Kulcha #capetown #johannesburg #Durban #Qherbeha #spitori #kwaito #gqom #amapiano #xhosawave
October 07, 2021
in_where I am from: Shaun the Don and MenziGee from Immortal Killers
In today's podcast, we spoke with Shaun the Don and MenziGee from the Immortal Killers Crew, IMK.   We met Shaun when we were reporting on Cloudy Deliveries a few months back, we were taken by his ambition and confidence so knew that we wanted to get him and IMK on this show. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the whole crew, but we are so grateful to Shaun the Don and MenziGee for taking the time to talk to us.  IMK are a young crew utilising as many aspects of creativity as they can to elevate their name.   There is an easter egg (is it an easter egg if we tell you about it?) at the end of today's show.    With gratitude to the entire IMK crew, peace.   @immortalkillersIMK @playswagimk   @shaunthedon_imk @blck.jesusimk @mj_imk @manneyimk @menziizulu  IMK Homies:  @sentlelehoko_ @siya_kwezi #music #location #loxion #culture #Kulcha #capetown #johannesburg #Durban #Qherbeha #spitori #kwaito #gqom #amapiano #xhosawave   
September 21, 2021
in_cryptocurrency: Marius Reitz
Last week's podcast was with James Preston from Global Crypto TV who gave us a journalistic insight into cryptocurrency, and today we talk to Marius Rietz who is deep in the business of crypto, as the general manager for Africa at Luno.  | Luno is one of the most well-known crypto exchanges in South Africa and getting Marius’ understanding from that perspective is incredibly valuable. He talks about how an exchange works, the ethical responsibilities that Luno feels are important for an exchange, as well as the shift in gender norms that crypto has brought to trading and investing. #crypto #blockchain #cryptocurrency #btc #buythedip #tech #NFT #trading #future #money #economics #investing  Disclaimer:   This podcast references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a licensed professional for investment advice
July 28, 2021
in_cryptocurrency: James Preston
Disclaimer:  This podcast references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a licensed professional for investment advice Seriously, get advice before investing any money. Cryptocurrency is changing the world. It's changing the way we think about money and value, how governments think about tax, how vendors on a global scale think about payment. It has opened up the world of investing and trading to the everyday person, anyone who has never had the opportunity to invest or trade now can. With as little as R10, an ID book, a smartphone, and a desire to learn, anyone can trade in Cryptocurrency. A word to the wise though: Cryptocurrency is fickle and volatile and regardless of the investor skills and education is somewhat of a gamble. In today's podcast, we chatted with James Preston, the head of Global Crypto TV to talk about cryptocurrency. James is thoughtful and generous with his knowledge and he makes understanding crypto that much easier. His company’s goals are to become the leading provider of credible news and information in the crypto-asset industry. Part of that is offering a community that provides insights on a daily basis through their telegram channels, which he'll talk more about near the end of the episode. As a progressionist, James believes that cryptocurrency is another step in the evolution that will take us to a more positive future. Let's hope he’s right… #crypto  #blockchain #cryptocurrency #future #money #economics #finances #investing #investment
June 21, 2021
in_psychedelics: Megan - Medicine Woman
In today's podcast, we wanted to speak to someone with deep knowledge and respect for psychedelics and so we found Megan. Megan is a medicine woman who uses her knowledge of psychology in conjunction with the use of psychedelics to help those who come to her for help. In this podcast, we cover how and what psychedelics do, and why we should approach them with respect and what a medicine woman does.    This is the longest podcast that we have done for in_ and we consider it one of the most compelling, even though it is illegal, the use of psychedelics is growing as people seek out more ways to manage our health and mental health. Talking to Megan helped to open up the doors of inquiry into the mysterious and hidden world of psychedelic healing.    #Psychedelics #medicine #psychedelicmedicine #soma #microdose #psilocybin #psilocybinmushrooms #mycology #peyote #ayahuasca #kambo #magicmushrooms #tobacco
April 12, 2021
in_conversation: Colin Mkhosi of Cloudy Deliveries
When Colin Mkhosi was tired of commercial non-delivery in Langa his solution was to make an opportunity out of it, providing a platform to uplift himself as well as others.   “I am a young person who is passionate about creating projects that add value to my community.”    At the back end of 2019 with his law studies overwhelming and being unable to even spend a couple of minutes going to the shops, an idea came to him. Colin put together his plan, and with a donation of some second hand bicycles and a collection of young men he began the process of creating something special … Cloudy Deliveries.    Cloudy Deliveries is a delivery service which provides, for now, the 3km² area of Langa and its 80 000 residents on 11 bicycles. The team of boys manually collect money from their customers; they then go off and collect whatever is needed, from restaurant meals to groceries and books, returning with change, less the R9 fee that they charge per local delivery.    In todays podcast, Colin explains how he created Cloudy Deliveries and we chat about hte importance of entrepreneurship in South Africa. Colin is a remarkable young man, if you have any way of assisting him in his ventures, please find him on instagram @cloudy_deliveries.     #entrepreneurs #bicyclecourier #Langa #SouthAfrica #Uber #Bolt #Dash #Woolworths #Sixty60 #business #youngentrepreneur
March 08, 2021
in_hair: Fezeka Mehlomakhulu
Hair goes beyond just being a tough protein that grows from the follicles of the dermis. Hair, whether you have it or not, can be one of the most defining characteristics of a person. Hair is multi-billion dollar industry, communities and cultures have been and shaped around it. Hair shows the good the bad and ugly about society. Fezeka Mehlomakhulu joins us to talk about Hair in general and specifically natural hair of which Fezeka is an advocate of, so much so that she is starting her own range of natural beauty products this December. Follow @thebantubeauty to find out more about the launch. One of the stand out insights that we got from her was that “if you are not a black woman, do not comment on black women's hair" click the link in the bio to listen to the podcast and hear more from Fezeka. #hair #follices #hairpolitics #donttouchmyhair #politics #hairculture #culture #weaves #naturalhair #protectivestyles
December 07, 2020
in_decolonisation: Dr Valentino Alily
Dr Valentino Alily is an author, researcher, graphic novel creator, business-development and relationship-sustainability expert, as well as the CEO and co-founder of Vanimax Comix. He has been through the [everlasting] process of decolonisation in Nigeria and now lives in South Africa where he continues to write a multitude of books. We spoke about the delicacies of the subject of Decolonisation and how misunderstood the word is.  For more from Dr Alily you can see his many books on Amazon and also check out @vanimaxcomix  Its taken us a very long time to come to terms with the fact that colonisation has had a detrimental impact on nations and cultures that have been affected. Its taken us even longer to realise that decolonisation is not a dirty word but rather an opportunity for all of us to grow and develop as artists, philosophers, parents, educators, scientists, politicians and most of all as human beings.   Colonisation cant be removed but cultures will evolve and be re-established as we incorporate indigenous structures and knowledge into it.  Africa and South Africa has been under colonial rule for so long that insitutions, learnings, religion, science, politics, family dynamics, history and more have washed over our own understandings, learnings and philosophies. Colonial systems were so deeply ingrained that we couldn't even see that they are not our own.   The conversation about addressing that has now begun, with historians revising our understandings of historical events and peoples. People are reclaiming their personal ancestral identities, stories, triumphs and knowledge. Artists are speaking directly to colonialist practices and norms, finding a way to speak out against colonial structures. #decolonisation #colonisation #colony #culture #kindness #knowledge #indigenous #IKS #academia #nigeria  "
November 06, 2020
in_conspiracy theories: James de Rothschild
In this conversation with conspiracy thinking fan James de Rothschild we spoke about the way of thinking that goes into conspiratorial thought. On one hand conspiracy thinking is an essential tool, it helps to be critical about information that you get … but then you have to be critical about all the information. On the other hand conspiracy thinking makes generalisation and groupings of people into “the others” or “Them”  even more common, and dangerous, creating an "us and them" when really we absolutely cannot generalise about any groups of people. You can find more on conspiracies and other interesting things @thisisin__ on instagram #conspiracy #conspiracytheory #conspiracytheories #illuminati #newworldorder #nwo #covid #flatearth #5G #qanon #flatearther #davidicke #LizardPeople #Fakenews #aliens #chemtrails #roswell
September 15, 2020
in_conspiracy theories: El Chucho
In today's podcast we’re interviewing El Chucho, a comic book illustrator and in his words a truth seeker.    I heard about El Chucho’s graphic novel which talks about a flat earth, so I wanted to chat with him, not about the flat earth in particular but about being a person who is categorised as a conspiracy theorist.    Something that comes up strongly in our conversation, as well as being a sneaky the metaphor at the back of his graphic novel Tao’s Horizon, is that when you start believing in conspiracy theories it can be a kind of death, as you have people who will cut you off if you believe such things.   In this podcast, you won’t hear us try and debate each other regarding the validity of flat earth claims but rather we speak about what its like to live as a conspiracy theorist.   We don’t always agree, but we agree to listen to each other which is perhaps one of the most important things to do on a divided planet.   For more amazing content on Conspiracies and more follow @thisisin__ on Instagram. Follow El Chucho on his instagram at    #conspiracy #conspiracytheory #conspiracytheories #illuminati #newworldorder #nwo #covid #flatearth #5G #qanon #flatearther #davidicke #LizardPeople #Fakenews #aliens #chemtrails #roswell
September 08, 2020
in_ kindness: Michael Lee for Kindness Contagion
The Pan-African anthem song and video “Kindness Contagion” was launched globally on 25 May 2020, as a call to action from Africa to #SpreadKindnessAfrica around the world. We spoke with co-writer of the kindness contagion song and co-exec producer of the project Michael Lee to find out more about this incredible endeavour. The vast numbers of massive African artists that came together to encourage kindness is a truly remarkable achievement, showcasing our Ubuntu spirit. Vusi Mahlasela, Jonathan Butler, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Marcus Wyatt, Tu Nokwe, Pops Mohamed, Buhlebendalo, Alvin Hendricks, Randall Skippers, Allou April, Justin Arendse, Vicky Sampson, Madosini, Biko's Manna, Didier Awadi, Seun Kuti, Orezi, Elida Almeida , Christine Salem,  Suzziah, Gasmilla , Gyedu Blay Amoblley , Jah Baba , Maurice Kirya , Xixel… and more You can find the song at . . . . . . . . . .#FaithinHumanityrestored #kindness #gentle #charity #care #hope #kindnesseveryday #kindnessinaction #kindnessiskey #KindnessMakesADifference #kindnessweek #kindnessactivist #kindnessalwayswins #kindnessbeginswithme #love #humanity #kindnessiscatchy #kindnessislove #kindnessismyreligion #kindnessisthekey
July 22, 2020
in_ kindness: Brent Lindeque, the Good Things Guy
Much of what we have seen over the last few months, and in some respects years, is action against the tides of hateful rhetoric that have plagued us at a growing rate, making the world a nicer place to be and perhaps finding a different route to contentment. While politicians, social commentators sow division and social media giants manipulate us many are taking this moment of global connection to change that attitude and to be kinder to each other and themselves. In a first for in_ we did a dual podcast with Brent Lindeque from Good Things Guy. Good Things Guy has been one of the most inspiring voices in South Africa, creating a space for positive news to thrive in a country that seems to be under a constant weight of negativity. In today’s podcast, we discussed how, through kindness, it’s possible to change the world for the better. We hope you agree.
July 14, 2020
in_ bless: Lebohang Masango
Anthropologist and celebrated Author Lebohang Masango is today’s podcast guest. She has dedicated her studies to seek out the nuances of, what she calls “Compensatory Relationships”. She did not simply follow the media/mob mentality of “blessers and blessees” roles being Predator/Vixen/Victim, and has opened the conversation to be more about the choices people make, and why they make them. Note: Podcast host Brett, erroneously referenced a politician from Jordan. The person referenced is from Lebanon. #blesser #blessee #sugarmommy #sugardaddy #sugarbaby #sugar #transactionalrelationships #money #love
May 26, 2020
in_ bless: Farah Fortune
Blessees, blessers, sugar mommy’s and daddy’s, these are some of the terms used now to describe people in transactional or “mutually beneficial” relationships. Through millennia of demonisation, transactional relationships have become taboo, but this was not always the case. Until the 1930’s “love matches” were virtually unheard of, with families “using” their children as pawns in economic and social games of advancement. Transactional relationships are not simple cases of *Money for Sex* whilst there are those who take advantage of economic/romantic power, there are many out there where this type of relationship is their way of being able to connect human to human. Farah Fortune is a powerful voice both as a businessperson and as a thinker. In this episode we discuss transactional relationships, whether it’s even appropriate to have opinions on how people live their lives is another topic entirely, however, during our talk we unravel some misconceptions about transactional relationships with a pragmatic mind. #blesser #blessee #sugarmommy #sugardaddy #sugarbaby #sugar #transactionalrelationships #money #love
May 19, 2020
in_ online shopping: Vincent Viviers
From the original online experiment by “Dotcoza” to Amazon having an impact on global affairs, online shopping has annihilated all doubters. A distant cousin to mail order catalogues, online shopping took a chore like shopping and removed that “chore”, in some cases making it therapeutic. Single parents rejoiced when their time was freed up, so too did spotty faced teens who no longer had to stand perspiring in corner store queues with an adult magazine in their clammy hands. In today's podcast I spoke with Vincent Viviers one of the founders of the Bottles App, who talks to me about the incredible pivot that the app did going into lockdown, not only did they prevent business failure... they expanded! #blackfriday #onlineshopping #ecommerce #amazon #superbalist #whatsapp #takealot #money #economy #sale
May 15, 2020
in_ online shopping: Rafeeqah Larney
From the original online experiment by “Dotcoza” to Amazon having an impact on global affairs, online shopping has annihilated all doubters. A distant cousin to mail-order catalogues, online shopping took a chore like shopping and removed that “chore”, in some cases making it therapeutic. Single parents rejoiced when their time was freed up, so too did spotty faced teens who no longer had to stand perspiring in corner store queues with an adult magazine in their clammy hands. The impact has not all been positive, with the facilitation for shopping addiction, and the demise of brick and mortar stores. Workers rights too have been a subject of scrutiny as big online retailers flex their powers over their staff. In today's podcast we spoke with Rafeeqah Larney who, aside from being a brilliant person is a Pro-Shoppper.  #blackfriday #onlineshopping #ecommerce #amazon #superbalist #whatsapp #takealot #money #economy #sale
May 05, 2020
in_ making: Felix Holm
Making has become a major force in the world, bringing us closer to actual creation rather than digital creation. Making brings joy, helps your brain and maybe you make something really cool, but that is almost the least important element of making. In today’s podcast we spoke with Felix Holm, founder member at Maker Station amongst many other Maker businesses. He speaks about how you must look at your passions to see what it is you want to Make, and he also goes into how Makers are helping the Red Cross Memorial Hospital with PPE equipment all made by makers around the country. go to to contribute and to @thisisin__ on instagram to see more of our beautiful content #making #crafting #art #hobby #craft #fun #woodwork #leather #glass #fashion #design #kintsugi #music #pleasure
April 30, 2020
in_ covid-19: Silindile Pearl Mhlongo
Junior legal professional currently teaching, growing and travelling in Mainland China. She was only a short time into her Chinese stay when Covid-19 emerged not 500km’s from her location. We chatted to Silindile to get her unique perspective on the pandemic. For more of our beautiful content follow in_ on Instagram @thisisin__  #pandemic #covid19 #corona #global #conversation #disease #isolation #socialdistancing #kindness #generosity #bekind #stayathome #stayhome  
April 15, 2020
in_ covid-19: Eleen Polson
We got in touch with psychologist Eleen Polson who explores with us how to manage something that, almost, no one has experienced before.  Many will go through the normal phases of change, some will really battle during this time and others will flourish. To see more of our content go to @thisisin__ on instagram #pandemic #covid19 #corona #global #conversation #disease #isolation #socialdistancing #kindness #generosity #bekind #stayathome #stayhome
April 06, 2020
in_ covid-19: Jillian Knox
Jillian is a creative polymath who lives in San Francisco, Californian, and when not in lockdown, she is a Food & Fashion stylist. We got in touch to find out more about the state of affairs in San Francisco … but honestly we are all feeling a little disconnected so to have a conversation just feels great! Aside from the horror, this is a globally unifying occurrence which hopefully brings us a little closer to each other, rather than further apart. Follow @thisisin__ on Instagram for more of our beautiful content #pandemic #covid19 #corona #global #conversation #disease #isolation #socialdistancing #kindness #generosity #bekind #stayathome #stayhome
April 01, 2020
in_ forgotten history: Erald Felix
Erald Felix is of the firm belief that the categorisation of human beings in South Africa according to race is unconstitutional and destructive to our social development and his goals are to move us past that. In a country so bathed in a history of race this is a big challenge. Have a listen to the podcast to hear more from Erald and give us your take on what he had to say. Follow @thisisin__ on instagram for more of our content #history #herstory #revisiting #culture #SouthAfrica #Africa #architecture #psychogeography #streetnames #apartheid #krotoa #womenshistorymonth
March 20, 2020
in_ forgotten history: Nyauist and Godobori
Podcast guests Godobori and Nyauist are two philosopher artists who are archiving, for now, South African history utilising the ideologies of the Situationist International movement (google it) of the late 20th century. They are looking at the psychogeography of cities in South Africa to study the influence of the geographical environment on the mind. The interview is as interesting and confusing as you might expect, it could take a few listens to wrap your head around the work that they’re doing. Follow in_ on instagram [at] thisisin__ for more of our content on this subject. #history #herstory #revisiting #culture #SouthAfrica #Africa #architecture #psychogeography #streetnames #apartheid #krotoa #womenshistorymonth
March 17, 2020
in_ forgotten history: Kgwalepa Manamela
Kgwalepa Manamela joined us to talk about the importance of role models, and how our history influences how we feel about ourselves and each other. To see some of the incredible women Kgwalepa was referring to in this podcast as well as all our articles on Forgotten History go to @thisisin__ on instagram #history #herstory #revisiting #culture #SouthAfrica #Africa #architecture #psychogeography #streetnames #apartheid #krotoa #womenshistorymonth
March 10, 2020
in_ commuting: Thembela Dili
Follow in_ @Thisisin__ on Instagram. As we enter 2020, conversations about sustainability and the economy are of growing importance. Globally and locally people have started seeking new ways of commuting that do not involve a personal car. Economic: It’s expensive to maintain a vehicle, to pay for insurance, petrol, and the ever-increasing parking costs. Enjoyment: It’s fun to use another form of transport, being stuck in traffic can be a mind-destroying waste of life. Environment: The carbon and other waste costs to the environment are astronomical. Alternatives to cars are almost always better for the environment. Dj Thembela Dili and our editor Brett are both cycling commuters. They mounted their trusty steeds, a 1989 Peugeot Iseran HLE and a 1996 Gary Fisher Wahoo, to discuss the joys and pitfalls of commuter cycling.
February 25, 2020
in_ gaming: Goliath Gaming
Today’s Podcast was recorded over a two day period in Johannesburg where in_ were invited to hang out at the Goliath Gaming HQ @goliathgamingza You’ll hear a series of clips from a variety of people, including Stephan Vermaas the team psychologist who you can hear in the soundbyte. For more of our culture based content you can find in_ at @thisisin__ on instagram First up in the podcast is Michele Brondani @stickalish_ founding member of Goliath Gaming, Michele will be your guide into the arena of gaming and more specifically esports. Following that you’ll hear from players, @iamjuliobianchi the Beast, Thabo Moloi - Yvng Savage, Team coach @zulubru Toolz and Supersport United, Bafana midfielder and Goliath Gaming team member Jamie Webber @jamie_webber12 Stepping away from the Goliath boys you’ll hear from @ntsaxntsax and his father Helmet who is raising Ntsax to be one of the best FIFA gamers in the world. There are a few more but it’s essential you hear from Mandla Mkhatswa who runs @universalgames_pm from Soweto with next to nothing. He looks after 32 kids on a daily basis, with absolutely no support. Contact Mandla here: Whatsapp: 0767599298 Mobile: 0627279595 Email: If you would like to make contact with the yoga instructor Brendon Hill, you can find him here: @ichi.bee
February 17, 2020
in_ gaming: Roland Reed
Gaming is a whole universe that seems separate from 'the rest of the world', yet it has an almost “subspace” existence in that it’s everywhere all the time on every level even if you don’t notice it. Companies like Discovery, Seattle Coffee and even meditation apps use gaming/gamification to encourage certain behaviours, which either benefit them or you, or both. In todays podcast I spoke with esports entrepreneur Roland Reed about gaming in general, the challenges that face gamers from South Africa and about the massive potential that is starting to be realised. Follow in_ on instagram at @thisisin__ for all our gaming content and other fascinating cultural phenomenon. #gaming #esports #videogames #mobilegames #dota #callofduty #gamer #game #videogames #playstation #games #xbox #twitch #fortnite #gamers #xboxone #nintendo #gta r #pcgaming #pubg #videogame #console #gamerlife #nintendoswitch #twitchstreamer #leagueoflegends #gaminglife #halo #steam
February 11, 2020
in_ dating online: Terry Jo, Nicole and Brett
Friends of the pod Terry-Jo and Nicole join Brett and Tequila in studio to explore dating. It all started when Terry-Jo said that Nicole has all the best stories. There was a Death guy, Attempted Dog Murder guy (who upset Terry-Jo) and Mercenary Guy ... amongst others. Sorry about the sounds of drilling that happen later on, and brief bouts of uncontrolled laughter. #dating #moderndating #datingonline #ghosting #bumble #tinder #sex #datingapps #soulmate #life #like #family #matchmaking #datingsite #lovelife #datenight #cupid #okcupid #datenight
February 03, 2020
in_ dating online: Nicole Rudlin
In this week on in_ this week, which you can find @thisisin__ on instagram. We spoke with a variety of people about their experiences while using dating apps. reports are mixed, but everyone has an opinion and stories, ups and downs, regrets and joys. I am interested in Dating Apps for a variety of reasons. I’m interested in how people use them, why they do so the way they do and what to look out for. They have completely adjusted the way we meet people. For instance in 1995 3% of heterosexual people in relationships met online, buy 2017 it was 39%. In the podcast today I spoke with Nicole who you can find on the socials @velvet_nix, about her experiences on the apps, we wax on about side issues from time to time, but I reckon you'll enjoy the show. Don’t ghost on us, stick around for the fun Boo. #dating #moderndating #datingonline #ghosting #bumble #tinder #sex #datingapps #soulmate #life #like #family #matchmaking #datingsite #lovelife #datenight #cupid #okcupid #datenight
January 27, 2020
in_ sustainable fashion: Dr Erica de Greef
Season 2 of in_ conversation begins with an interview with fashion academic and curator Dr Erica de Greef. The dialogue on this topic is traditionally about ecological issues but Erica brings a more human and considered touch, we discuss the decolonization of fashion and what impact that could have both locally and globally. Follow @afri_digital on instagram to see Dr de Greef's work. Regarding the content in in_ this week, which you can find at @thisisin__ on instagram. I spoke with Fashion buyer Jamie Leigh Daniels as well as designer and activist Lesiba Mabitsela about where they see fashion going and what we can do to be better. #Sustainable #sustainability #sustainablefashion #fashion #eco #fabric
January 15, 2020
in_ fad diets: Claire Pye
Entrepreneur, Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Enthusiast Claire Pye came in studio to break down a few misconceptions about diet as well as to give some solid advice on how to approach food. #diet #fad #food #keto #paleo #bloodttypediet #nutrition #health #bodyhacking #dietfads #faddiets #Voguediet
December 02, 2019
in_ biomimicry: Jessica Berliner
One of the most fascinating things about biomimicry is that its an adjustment in the way that we think, including the angles at which we approach problems or solutions. Podcast guest Jessica Berliner explores this incredible way of how to look at things, as well as gives us a super cool exercise that you can do to help awaken this part of your brain. #biomimicry #biomimetic #design #communication #nature #creativity #art #ecology #economy #language #biophilia
November 18, 2019
in_ eco rsa: Zayaan Khan
As we have seen on multiple media channels, there is a growing concern globally regarding the environment. For generations, citizens have paid lip service to environmentalism, and for the first time, this seems to be changing. Young people especially are at the forefront of this change in view. In today’s in_ conversation we spoked to Zayaan Khan, who is a food activist, artist, historian and educator … amongst many other roles. We get into food security vs food sovereignty, as well as about her Seed Library which is a staggering, important and beautiful achievement #Africa #SouthAfrica #ecology #environment #green #lowimpactliving #activism #youth #future #nature #climatechange #sustainability #ecofriendly #savetheplanet #zerowaste
November 12, 2019
in_ sneaker life: Zaid Osman
In today’s podcast guest editor Thembela Dili spoke with sneaker culture icon and humanitarian Zaid Osman. Zaid’s story is so much bigger than sneakers and culture. His story is about hope, drive and the bigger issues of the world. It’s an inspiring interview. Enjoy it. What you wear on your feet tells people so much about you. Sneakers are not functional items, they are democratising communicators. Sneakers represent culture, art, rebellion, achievement, fashion, politics, sport, music and more. #sneakers #culture #Jordans #Converse #AKA #SneAKA #Reebok #Adidas #Airjordans #VirgilAbloh #Nike #Puma #Balenciaga
October 31, 2019
in_ gender: Tash Garisch
In today’s in_ conversation I spoke with friend of the podcast Tash Garisch. His journey is incredibly enlightening and highly recommended listening for those who are confused about the gender zeitgeist. This week on in_ (@thisisin__ on Instagram) we explore the conversation surrounding gender, primarily from the perspective of people who do not subscribe to binary gender norms. This is a sensitive issue and you’ll see through the week that we haven’t always succeeded in asking the right questions … and at times, even asking the questions was not the right thing to do. This is all part of the discourse and hopefully, by the end of the week, we’ll all be a little more knowledgeable… #love #trans #gender #binary #they #them #their #pronouns #ppl #transgender #identity
October 22, 2019
in_ embracing sexuality: Vita du Plez
Vita du Plez is one of the coolest people we’ve interviewed, a person with a strong sense of self and a clear vision for the work she does and what it means. She is equal parts Lover and Therapist. We are seeing people from all walks of life embracing their sexuality, that can take multiple different forms, from the in real life occasions where people are more open to discussing sex with friends and family, to the growing online incarnations and sex workshops This week on in_ which you can find at @thisisin__ on instagram we spoke about sexuality with Dr Sindi van Zyl, Belle Wilde, and Dorothy Black and we also went to the LOve Sex Expo in Pretoria. #Sex #sexuality #kindness #Love #respect #communication #Desire #heart #intersectionality #Queer #Cis #webcam #camgirl #webcammodel
October 16, 2019
in_ social justice warriors: July Eccles and Jason Stewart
in_ conversation this week we spoke with thoughtful SJW July Eccles @wreccles, and Jason Stewart CEO of HaveYouHeard about the challenges of Social Justice. We wanted to step away from judgement and focus on the development of the SJW movement, what July has learnt over her years of activism and where we see SJW activism going in the future. Of course we diverted off course for a little while, but we brought it back :) Follow @thisisin__ on instagram to get all the extra content on #SJW week. #sjw #SocialJusticeWarriors #SQW #SocialJustice #socialmedia #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #MenAreTrash
October 08, 2019
in_ cannabis: Tyrone Platt
The tidal wave of Cannabis Culture seems almost inevitable in South Africa. Even under a sketchy decriminalisation ruling by the Constitutional Court many businesses are popping up and the perception amongst people previously petrified of the product have changed 180 degrees. in_ conversation this week Tyrone Platt - Weedtrepreneur and Activist gives his thoughts on the long ongoing fight for legalization as well as the growing opportunities in the Cannabis industry
October 01, 2019
in_ polyamory: Dan and Zoe
After almost a decade of monogamy Dan and Zoe opened themselves up to polyamorous love, this is their story. #polyamory #polyamourous #polyamorous #compersion #alternativelifestyle #alternativelove #fetlife #fet #altlove #nontraditionalrelationships
September 17, 2019
in_ men are trash: Wendy Moorcroft
In todays episode of in_ conversation we speak to Wendy Moor Croft about her feelings on Men Are Trash South Africa is going through a massive crisis regarding the way our country views and treats womxn on a daily basis. The media throws stats at us and despite this we simply don’t seem to be reacting as a nation or as individuals to the horrors inflicted on each other, especially against womxn and children. In light of this in_ will be exploring #MenAreTrash. We will be unpacking this hashtag and exploring what it means and how it can be of benefit to all the people of South Africa, and the world. #MenAreTrash #uyinenemrwetyana #justiceforkhwezi #FezekileNtsukelaKuzwayo #FranziskaBlochliger #fuckrape #GBVmustfall #karaboMokoena #meghancremer #aviwevellem #jesseHess #janikaMallo
September 13, 2019
in_ men are trash: Munya Chanetsa
In todays episode of in_ conversation we speak to Munya Chanetsa about his feelings on Men Are Trash South Africa is going through a massive crisis regarding the way our country views and treats womxn on a daily basis. The media throws stats at us and despite this we simply don’t seem to be reacting as a nation or as individuals to the horrors inflicted on each other, especially against womxn and children. In light of this in_ will be exploring #MenAreTrash. We will be unpacking this hashtag and exploring what it means and how it can be of benefit to all the people of South Africa, and the world. #MenAreTrash #uyinenemrwetyana #justiceforkhwezi #FezekileNtsukelaKuzwayo #FranziskaBlochliger #fuckrape #GBVmustfall #karaboMokoena #meghancremer #aviwevellem #jesseHess #janikaMallo
September 12, 2019
in_ men are trash: Siv Ngesi
South Africa is going through a massive crisis regarding the way our country views and treats womxn on a daily basis. The media throws stats at us and despite this we simply don’t seem to be reacting as a nation or as individuals to the horrors inflicted on each other, especially against womxn and children. In light of this in_ will be exploring #MenAreTrash. We will be unpacking this hashtag and exploring what it means and how it can be of benefit to all the people of South Africa, and the world. In todays episode of in_ conversation we speak to Siv Ngesi who has passionate views about the way men in South Africa treat womxn. #MenAreTrash #uyinenemrwetyana #justiceforkhwezi #FezekileNtsukelaKuzwayo #FranziskaBlochliger #fuckrape #GBVmustfall #karaboMokoena #meghancremer #aviwevellem #jesseHess #janikaMallo
September 10, 2019
in_ automated lifestyle: Jose Luis del Castillo
In a fantastic surprise Brett had the privilege of speaking with Lecturer in Architectural Technology Material Processes and Systems at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo. @garciadelcastillo in this pod Jose-Luis elaborates on the impact AI has had on design and we unpack Generative Design and what it means… amongst some other nonsense too :) :) #artificalintelligence #robot #robotics #AI #automated #Automatedlifestyle #generativedesign #terminator ;)#hyin
September 05, 2019
in_ automated lifestyle: Alex Comninos
Automated Lifestyle is the world that we have slipped into without us even knowing about it. AI has crept into the fabric of our society and has either “relieved” us of small decision or its “taken” them away, depending on who you talk to. Regardless Automation is here to stay, and this week we’ll chat with AI designers and users to get a broader understanding of its present and future. (follow us on instagram at @thisisin__ - that’s two underscores in_ this weeks conversation Brett chatted with Alex Comninos who is an AI researcher and thinker. This weeks colour is AI Aqua, designed by WBSN and Coloro: When selecting a colour, their research method involved examining significant developments within various industries as well as socio-economic conditions. The colour is significant in its clear “future tech” feel, confirmed by the usage of the hue by big tech companies and pop culture alike
September 02, 2019
in_ the single life: Bella DuPaulo + Linda Doktar
The theme of The Single Life was really interesting to delve into, we have seen many developments into the alternatives to traditional relationships. Last week we spoke to people who have decided again kids in favour of pets, and this week people who have decided to embrace their singleness rather than view it, as much of the world does, as some sort of affliction. In today's podcast I got to speak to two people with very different views but who both embrace singleness. First I spoke with Singles Activist and Academic Bella DePaulo who is seeking out fairness for single people, after that I spoke with Linda Doktar a life coach who married herself 2 years ago on St Valentines Day Later in the week we’ll introduce you to two people, Olwethu and Annelies who have both embraced single life, they recognise the pleasures of being in partnerships but do not view them as the be all and end all that others do. from my perspective I’ve viewed myself ideologically as a single person for most of my adult life. This has changed recently but only insofar as my “Status” so to speak. But my belief in the validity of single life remains
August 26, 2019
in_ pet parents: Joanne Lefson
The opposite side of Pet Parenting are neglectful pet owners, and as a result there are hundreds of abandoned dogs arriving in shelters on a daily basis. As a reaction to this issue Joanne Lefson created Oscars Arc and The Woof Project to help manage this problem in today’s Conversation Joanne has her own say on Pet Parenting including her famous piggy #Pigcasso. Follow @thisisin__ on instagram to see more content about Pet Parenting
August 20, 2019
in_ alcohol free: Gavin Whitfield
As we become more health conscious and social media savvy, so we see the rise of the Alcohol-Free lifestyle. In todays in_ pod Brett speaks with Gavin Whitfield about the future of Alcohol-Free, where it came from and where its going ... as well as the challenged of owning alcohol products without tasting them.
August 13, 2019
in_ drag: Manila von Teez
Drag continues to shape culture, and we chat with Drag Queen Manila von Teez to find out more about drag and how it has impacted her life.
August 02, 2019