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Conversations about how to enjoy being an artist and how to succeed as an artist.
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Furbeast Forest - with Cori Derfus and Winn Wright
In this episode, we are meeting with a great creative tandem of Cori Derfus and Winn Wright who have created a whole world of cute little monsters. A simple idea of making a coloring book turned into a whole journey of production, self-publishing, and lots of other things they had to learn and figure out along the way.  Today, they are already working on their third book! You can find and order the books, prints, original Furbeast art, and more HERE. Learn more about the Furbeasts HERE. Check out Cori's and Winn's Instagram pages. Follow Furbeasts on Instagram, Twitter, and PopShopLive. Check out more information in our blog post. If you liked this episode, please, buy us a coffee so we can continue producing the show! Thank you for your support!  
January 16, 2022
Girl Moto Power - with Katie Loftus
Katie Loftus is a larger-than-life, bold, in-and-out creative person. An artist, a stylist, a cancer survivor, and a motorcycle rider, she became organizing charity events in San Diego to advocate for women empowerment and women's health awareness 6 years ago. She painted her breast cancer experience and she rides a Frida chopper that she built herself. Her movement Ride To The Warehouse is a uniting force and a loud voice for the SoCal women moto community. Ride To The Warehouse official website Buy Tickets to 2021 event - Nov. 13, 2021 Check some of Katie's paintings in the blog post If you like the show, buy us a coffee! :) 
October 12, 2021
No Sides, Only Love - with Rian Kasner
Hello and welcome to Season 2 of our podcast!  In this episode, we are talking to a young but already accomplished mural artist Rian Kasner who left their mark in the art scene of Utah by supporting the LGBTQ community.  Rian's website  Rian's Instagram   If you like the show, consider buying us a cup of coffee so we can keep going :) 
September 07, 2021
Understanding NFT - with Michal Bacia
Who can explain NFT to artists better than an economist married to an artist? Our guest is exactly that! Michal Bacia, a husband of Angelique Bacia who you've met in episode 11, is an international economist and a blockchain specialist whose job is literally to design cryptocurrencies and tokens. Michal, who helped his wife create and list her first collection of NFTs, has shared his knowledge, dos and don'ts and his thoughts about risks and benefits of NFT for artists and creatives.  References: Pink As An Experiment NFT collection by Angelique Bacia "Who Is Jackson Pollock" Documentary  Interview with Teri Horton
July 18, 2021
What we've learned from all the stories in Season One. And what's next.
We recap previous artists that inspire us throughout season one of the ITAS podcast. This journey brings us different perspectives and insight on how to enjoy being an artist and what it means to succeed as an artist. Here are all our guests from season one:  Cody Esp: Official website: Instagram: Shop: Kibbi Linga: Official website: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: TikTok: Twitter: Cheryl Ehlers: Official website: Blog & art news: YouTube: Facebook: Deidre Szokol: Instagram: Courtney Edgerson: Official website: Instagram: Painting shop: Jewelry shop: Tara Dunbar: Official website: Instagram: Twitter: Etsy: Angelique Bacia: Official website: Instagram: Neville Billimoria: Mission Federal Credit Union: Aoinagi Ken Shu Kai karate school: Soul Food Friday weekly blog:
July 08, 2021
Neville Billimoria: The Artist of Life
Neville Billimoria is a leader of the Aoinagi Ken Su Kai karate school, a founder of the San Diego Chamber of Purpose, and Ron's karate sensei of nearly 30 years. In this episode, we talked with Neville about how to be an artist of life not only to be happier but to heal the community and, eventually, the world. Listen to our conversation full of inspiration and wisdom! Mentions and references Mission Federal Credit Union: Aoinagi Ken Shu Kai karate school: Soul Food Friday weekly blog: Support In The Art Scene If you like our podcast, you can buy us a coffee :) 
June 14, 2021
Angelique Bacia: The Art of Quiet
We are talking to a wonderful abstract artist Angelique Bacia about becoming an international artist, about her latest creative explorations of  "quiet" art, about our pandemic experiences, injecting positivity into the world, what money means to artists, and how we use Clubhouse.  For photos and references, check out this blog post. Find Angelique and her art online:  Official website Instagram @abaciaart Support In The Art Scene If you like our podcast, you can buy us a coffee :)
May 31, 2021
Tara Dunbar: The Strange Power of Art
Buckle up, folks! This episode is an emotional rollercoaster. Tara Dunbar's story is not a usual one, it's full of pain, mistakes, and consequences. And it is the first time she is telling it in public. In short, her strange art is the means for her to get out of darkness and hopefully shine the way for others to do the same. Read our blog post  Official Website: (coming soon) Instagram: @strangeartkc101 Twitter: @StrangeArtKC1 Etsy: Art so Strange by Tara Tara's episode on Outside: Inside Radio Podcast by Prison Arts Collective - Season 2, Episode 2 Support In The Art Scene If you like our podcast, you can buy us a coffee :)
May 16, 2021
In The Art Season 1 Teaser
Welcome to "In The Art Scene!" We're seeking the answers to these fundamental questions: How to enjoy being an artist, and … How to SUCCEED as an artist. We'll be probing the psyches and harvesting the wisdom of practitioners of all kinds of art – painting, sculpting, writing, music, photography, cinema, performing arts … As well as music, martial arts, healing arts, and even, science and technology – wherever human creativity is being expressed and applied to help make the world a better, happier place.
May 08, 2021
Courtney Edgerson: The Artist of Mundane Life
There's beauty in every moment of your day no matter how boring or meaningless it might seem at the first sight. This is exactly what Courtney Edgerson is showing in her art, specifically in her series of Mundane Women. And she knows first hand that you can always find time for creativity and for following your dream even when your days are filled with the hustle and bustle of adult life. Check out this blog post for some visual aids and reference links. Where to find Courtney online Website: Instagram: @CourtneySimoneArt Shop Courtney's original paintings and jewelry Support In The Art Scene If you like our podcast, you can buy us a coffee :)
May 05, 2021
Deidre Szokol: The Art Sandbox
In this episode, we are talking to Deidre Szokol, an amazing collage artist from Canada. Her Instagram is full of bold colors and provocative images. A fan of sci-fi movies, a martial artist, an explorer of near and far neighborhoods, she maintains a child-like playful attitude toward everything she's creating.  For the links and references and also some photos of Deidre's art, check out the blog post  Deidre's Instagram @art_sandbox Support In The Art Scene If you like our podcast, you can buy us a coffee :)
April 26, 2021
In The Art Scene Trailer
We probing the psyche and harvesting the wisdom of practitioners of all kinds of arts: visual art, music, martial arts, healing art, and even science and technology! Check out our website  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn 
April 11, 2021
Homer Chin: Painting With a Surgical Precision
To spruce things up a little bit on the podcast, we brought a person who is not your typical artist to talk about his perspective on creativity. Homer Chin is a retired surgeon and a competitive tennis player. A high-achiever and perfectionist, he picked up a brush about 17 years ago and signed up for an oil painting class. Listen to the full episode and check out the blog post. Homer's portfolio on BlogSpot Support In The Art Scene If you liked this episode buy us a coffee :)
April 11, 2021
Cheryl Ehlers: The Unstoppable Artist
This episode of the ITAS Podcast turned out to be an hour-long conversation with an amazing visual artist Cheryl Ehlers. And it was nothing like we expected because Cheryl has so much energy and enthusiasm that she practically took over the conversation! All we had to do is to give in and enjoy her incredible stories. You can find the links and references to the projects that Cheryl mentions in this blog post.  Find Cheryl online:  Official website: Blog & art news: ArtBuzz YouTube channel: Cheryl Ehlers Facebook: Cheryl Ehlers Art  Support In The Art Scene If you liked this episode buy us a coffee :)
March 28, 2021
Kibbi Linga: The Code of Art
In this episode of ITAS Podcast, we are talking to Kibbi, a self-taught psychedelic artist who found a healing process of creating a code of art for her feelings while processing them. Where to find Kibbi online Official website: Instagram:  Facebook: @KibbiLingaSpillsArt YouTube: Kibbi Linga Spills Art TikTok: Twitter: @KibbiLinga Support In The Art Scene If you liked this episode buy us a coffee :)
March 08, 2021
ArtReach San Diego: A Small Organization That Makes a Big Difference - with Anna Laroque
Today, we are talking to Anna Laroque from a local non-profit organization ArtReach San Diego that is making sure that kids are not going to miss out on art programs at school. This is a small team of passionate creatives that is making a huge difference in our community. Listen to the very end because there is an active call for artists for their 2021 guitar art project! Share this episode with your friends, especially if they are visual artists in Greater San Diego Area!  Go to the blog post for this episode to see photos and more.  Follow and support ArtReach in their work of bringing art to as many kids as possible!  Official website: linkedIn: ArtReach SD Instagram: @artreachsd Facebook: @ArtReachSD Twitter: @ArtReachSD Guitar art auction application form Email: Support In The Art Scene If you liked this episode buy us a coffee :)
February 20, 2021
Bea Gold: Art For Art's Sake
In this episode, we are talking with Bea Gold - a 93-year-old working artist whose evergreen enthusiasm and child-like curiosity are inspirational and uplifting. Bea shared with us her life story about being an art student and a young artist in NYC in the 1940s, about her incredible legacy as an educator and a childhood development advocate (Pathways LA), and also about how she manages to stay tech-savvy in her 90s. Although this is a long conversation, we couldn't find anything to cut out of it because Bea's story is simply fascinating.  You can find a shorter version along with photographs on our blog post  Find Bea online: on YouTube on Facebook on Etsy Bea's book "Tell Me a Story"  Support In The Art Scene If you liked this episode buy us a coffee :)
February 08, 2021
Cody Esp: Erotic Art That Heals the World
In this episode, we are talking to Cody Esp, an amazing watercolor artist from Seatle, Washington. Among her other lines of work, Cody's erotic art really stands out for its vulnerable depiction of very intimate moments. It turned out, not only this art helped her heal from some traumatic experiences but keeps helping other women in their own healing process. Let's see what Cody has to say about this and other aspects of her work and life as a full-time artist. Check out the blog post for this episode.  Where to find Cody online:  Official website: Instagram: @codychuff Shop Cody's work here Consider supporting In The Art Scene project by subscribing to our podcast and email list and by following us on Instagram Support In The Art Scene If you liked this episode buy us a coffee :)
January 22, 2021
Welcome to In The Art Scene
Welcome to our new show where we discuss what it means to be an artist!  In this first episode, we telling you how we came up with the idea for this podcast and what we expect from it.  In short, this show is an extension of the art community blog that we started in October 2020 as a platform for artists to tell their stories. We found conversations with artists so far so fascinating that we decided to give them the voice.  We will be inviting all sorts of artists and creatives and ask them questions about their life, career, hardships, inspirations, dreams, and art and business practices to give you a multitude of perspectives on how to enjoy being an artist and how to succeed as an artist.  Subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts and sign up to our email list to stay in touch!  If you want your story to be heard on our podcast drop us line! 
January 08, 2021