In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans- Words that Awaken the Soul

Soulful Ramblings - What To Do with the Icky Vibes

An episode of In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans- Words that Awaken the Soul

By Cassie Jeans
Dips into the divine, remembering the sacred nature of who you are, exploring curiosity, vulnerability, self-worth and the many layers that make us human and spiritual intertwined. A podcast that has zero time for small-chat and all the time in the world for the Soul.
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Soulful Ramblings - Celebrating Life in the Dark and Light
Oh my goodness, so many goodies in this episode. Be prepared to dive right in with the poetic rift right from the start of this podcast episode. Open the heart, let the light in, let your soul be soothed with the words. Sharing some celebrations and important steps for leaders in the online realm. Thank you always for tuning in! As mentioned in the show:
December 11, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - Coming Through on the Other Side
The world isn't on our is in our hearts. How do we navigate the layers of anxiety and the times when we feel despair instead of joy? We know we have something to say but when we are listening to a lot of other people's opinions, what can we do to hear our own voice?
December 5, 2018
Do You Self-Sacrifice For Love?
When someone is determined to continue to replay their story no amount of self-sacrificing love will change the outcome. If they believe in the outcome; they will go to great lengths to create the narrative that fuels their story. Author - Cassie Jeans Cassie Jeans opens up about past wounds that had her running from love and into all kinds of trouble. She shares the difference between being in love and love that will only cage your soul. When we run away from something toxic and run towards a deep self-love we create a revolution within our entire heart and psyche. As mentioned, the UnStuck Yourself Course is out and Cassie wants everyone to check it out now:
November 28, 2018
How Do We Surrender Control?
Listen to this soulful ramble that will be sure to bring an awareness to our human experience in a powerful and tearful way. Cassie explores sensuality and the art of loving our bodies while advocating that the media do a far better job at depicting women! This episode will also touch hearts about what it means to love someone and how there is no deep love without deep grief. How do we learn to acknowledge our emotions and hold space for ourselves instead of trying to stuff our emtions down and "move on?" You are invited as mentioned to seriously look at the UnStuck Yourself course that was just launched for women who want something more. Visit this link for more info: Thank you for all the love and support! Keep leaving reviews and ratings and sharing these with the ones you love!
November 21, 2018
How Do We Surrender the Layers that Protect Our Heart?
Cassie Jeans opens the floor with some deep unravelings about what it means to give yourself permission to really take ownership in your life and what it means to open your heart so it is safe to be seen. She goes deep into what it means to surrender the protective layers that many of us place around our hearts and share openly about what lurks beneath the emotion of disappointment. Have you ever felt disappointed in your life? How do you navigate that consciously? This episode covers that and so much more! Cassie talks about conscious relationships and what it really means to witness a persons soul awakening. As always, there is a dip into a divine series of words that take the listener on their own journey. Remember to listen, review, and share.
November 14, 2018
What Can Shift Within You Right Now?
Welcome to this week's episode and the unleashing of a wild woman's heart. Cassie Jeans dives right into some tough questions for the audience to answer within themselves in this episode. This episode can be as transformative as you want it to be. Cassie creates a space for deep reflection and shares a personal story about the magnitude of self-worth and why we must continue to speak about why we matter and the power of conscious decision making. She shares with everyone about a Free 5-day challenge about giving yourself permission to change one thing in your life that is aching to be acknowledged. Cassie will be leading this live event starting November 12. Join anytime before the 16th. Give Yourself Permission Free 5-Day Live Event: Thank you for listening! Remember to leave a review and pass this epidode on to your friends too!
November 7, 2018
Soul Cravings - How Do You Choose Your Own Path?
Get the inside scoop on my trip to Dieppe New Brunswick, juicy collabs, the ups and downs of following your bliss and as always, divine words that open the heart to revelations about the truth of choosing yourself. What happens when you put your soul-calling first? Is it okay to choose that for your life? As mentioned in the show: Her Art of Surrender - use coupon code for 20% off - Cassie20 The Lit Summit 2019 P.S. Those were my kiddos giggling in the
October 31, 2018
She Found Herself - An Episode that Heals the Heart
Enjoy this episode with your whole being. Cassie covers areas like: 1. How do you shift perspective about what you dream of doing with love instead of doing something because of fear? 2. A mantra that taps into the gift of what it means to be willing to live with your whole heart. 3. What emotion is it best to create from? And of course, a dive into words for the soul that awaken the senses in the most beautiful way. That literally brings light into the dark places and the soul responds in a way that is refueled again, that is seen again, that is awakened again. She found herself in the nooks...listen now. Cassie also shares an opportunity to connect about an event happening in the summer of 2019. If you desire to be there email and let her know immediately.
October 17, 2018
Soulful Ramblings w/ Coryn Pawliw - Remembering the Inner Child
Cassie Jeans introduces for the first time, a soulful ramble with guest, Coryn Pawliw. We unpacked so much in this episode: - Inner Child work - Shadow tools - The essence of joy and peace - How to fuel our life from within - Nature energy - Consciously creating our life There were a few tools that were mentioned in this podcast like books including, Her Art of Surrender. Coryn is a co-author in this book making this interview super special and touches on Surrender in a powerful way. Link to purchase the book can be found here: Cassie mentions the Life Intentionally Summit as well on the show and wants to see every woman there in October 2019! Tickets and info are found here: To connect with Coryn and learn more about the beautiful things she is bringing into the world find her here: Thank you for listening as always! Leave a review as that is always appreciated!
October 10, 2018
Bring the Healing Home - Soul work and guided questions.
This week Cassie will embrace you in the sweetness of who you are. She will open you up to realize the healing of the world begins in the spaces of your heart and offers guided questions to journal deeply with as well as a practical guide to activating the energy within you. Cassie mentions her coauthored book, Her Art of Surrender, and is encouraging every woman to read this book! The reviews that are coming in for this book are incredible #allthefeels! Use coupon code: CASSIE20 and go to this website: to receive 20% off your order today. (Coupon applies for all the books on the site, order Her Art of Surrender today and the others there). xoxo
October 3, 2018
Following the Gifts of Consciousness
Imagine what it would feel like to recreate patterns of thoughts that bring peace and light to your life daily. Cassie Jeans shares a beautiful message tonight about light and love in a way that dips you into the essence of who you are and how abundant your life is right now. It is super simple. There is a stream of consciousness waiting to be explored and we all have access to it all the time!
September 26, 2018
Sing Through My Voice - Step Into Your Giftings
So much to explore and soak up about this episode with, Cassie Jeans. She teaches about being challenged to show up for your gifts in a way that is graceful and also creates momentum in order to get stuff done! Find out about the Life Intentionally summit as well, she talked about it and this is the link for more info about that: As well as her Mother Nature Lessons live event she is hosting: Remember to trust in who you are, there is an infinite wisdom that dwells within you. Listen now to feel into more of that!
September 19, 2018
Heal the Soul from Self Hatred
Cassie Jeans opens up her heart and channels in some serious wisdom in this episode. Do you have a habit of beating yourself up? Do you ever find yourself thinking, I've wasted so much time? There is a pattern to this that the soul knows how to navigate. In this episode you will awaken to that truth and feel freedom in your journey and far less self-hate.
September 12, 2018
How Do We Navigate the Intense Universal Shifts?
Cassie Jeans shares some intuitive tips about how to feel our way through the internal shifts many of us went through and why recognizing our intuition is the best source for checking in with our soul journey.
September 5, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - Writer's Life Q&A
In this episode, Cassie answers questions about writing submitted by her audiences. Cute, cheeky, and playful, this is an opportunity to receive amazing info directly from a writer who doesn't give up on her dream. Questions like: How does sleep affect writing? How do you keep yourself motivated to keep writing? Despite meeting so many great authors how do you convince yourself that the world still needs to read what you have to say? What do you do with the fear that someone else already said what you want to write about? How do you ignore the pessimistic voice in your head when you write? What do you do when you have so many things you want to write about? Listen now to find out the answers to these great questions! Some will surprise you!
August 31, 2018
Advocate for Your Truth & Why is the Divine Feminine Rising?
There are some aches in this message tonight. Some wonderings about what is happening on our planet and what that means for us as women who are using our voice to bring about consciousness and change. Learn how to advocate and why your voice is needed more than ever. Something is shifting in us as a collective. In this episode, Cassie Jeans shares things we can do to feel our way through this.
August 23, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - How to Expand Your Belief in Who You Are
How do you believe in your gifts? This downloaded message will open your heart, will release limitations and clear the space for new beliefs about who you are. Extra goods about the importance of sisterhood conversations, the writers' mind, and a divine message for the heart at the end.
August 15, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - What To Do with the Icky Vibes
Instead of pushing through what would happen if we felt through it and owned the emotions that we are feeling? Is it possible to have days when you don't want to do what you love? Exploring the realms of self-worth on this episode and sharing about a special opportunity to meet in the new year.
August 9, 2018
Beautiful, You Are Home.
How do you trust the process of your calling when it feels like nothing is going right? Tapping into the power and truth of your gifts will open you up to the most incredible possibilities and also, gut-wrenching moments of desperation. Listen to this episode and let the words guide you to where your heart and soul know you can be.
August 3, 2018
Listen to Those Soul Nudges
Sharing a gift of a story about a little boy who opened my eyes to what it means to embody your gifts and listen to the nudges that come from within.
July 25, 2018
Feeling into Confusion and vulnerability.
What do you do when your heart feels wide open and totally exposed? When confusion is necessary to understand what is stirring beneath, this episode explores the power of presence and simpicity.
July 21, 2018
Finding the Thread of Connection in Your Story
How do you know if you are on the right path? Cassie shares some great tips on this and gives an example that is not only powerful and intuition opening but also creates a simple guide in your soul to know if you are living according to your purpose(s) and gifts.
July 13, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - Death & Peace
This was one of those times I couldn't fall asleep and I was like, why not record the thoughts. I literally brought you into my bedroom with this one.
July 9, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - Exploring Our Divine Nature
Tune in with Cassie as she delightfully goes into the layers of brokenness and opens up about her path to feeling whole and at peace in her own heart. Grab some sage and your fav crystal and settle in.
July 4, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - Why Forgive
Sharing my long journey towards forgiving and blessing those that I would never receive the same from and why this was the most loving and most freeing thing I could do.
June 29, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - Exploring Passion
Why did I name this podcast, In the Bedroom? And exploring passion and what that means for the life you are living right now.
June 26, 2018
Soulful Ramblings - Refining
The very first episode of In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans- Words that Awaken the Soul!
June 19, 2018
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