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Dayton Daft: World of Echo Radio, Episode 4

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Kyle Cowling: World of Echo Radio, Episode 5
A lengthy discussion with Phantasos Media's Kyle Cowling. We spoke about being hired and fired in the nine-to-five rigamarole, working the beat as a photographer for Transworld Motocross, navigating the mental stresses of creative fulfillment vs. not starving to death, exploring narrative filmmaking and its effect on the future of Spectrum, and being Tarah Gieger’s #1 fan… You can read the full story here - Song's in order: The Thermals - Pillar of Salt Stereolab - Flower Called Nowhere Jeff Rosenstock - Get Old Forever
December 10, 2018
Todd Huffman: World of Echo Radio, Episode 1
The inaugural World of Echo Radio stream with documentary filmmaker Todd Huffman. You can read the feature at Time stamps: 1:58 - Start of the interview. 5:00 - Kid’s in the 70’s. BMX racing, watching Wide World of Sports: Carlsbad USGP, visiting the old Hangtown. 6:13 - On Any Sunday, “That was us!” 8:50 - Joe Kid on a Stingray, Bob Hadley 11:00 - What it takes to start making a documentary, “You gotta have passion.” / The Interview Spreadsheet 14:42 - Interview process, how to go about asking and interviewing. 16:36 - History of MX Files start: Meeting Don Hoffman at Pipeline Skatepark in Upland and brainstorming movies forty years later. Influence from Stacy Peralta. 19:42 - Shooting the first MX Files interviews, how and why Speed picked up the show when they did. 21:31 - Interviewing Hannah, Johnson, Bailey, LaRocco, Windham in a medical closet at Angel Stadium. 24:28 - Intermission song. 27:19 - Keeping track and organizing documentary interviews. 30:47 - Cutting for time… learning to re-edit and present all of your footage. 34:15 - A home for your cutting room floor footage. Bob Hannah’s Italian supercross story, for example! 36:48 - The art of finding archival footage, by any means necessary. 40:25 - Music in documentaries. 41:42 - Additional folks that help assist Todd in filmmaking. 42:16 - Being particular about having the right B-roll for a story. “If we’re talking about Jeff Ward or Broc Glover from 1984, the pictures we show better be from 1984!” 42:59 - Organizing MXA’s photo filing cabinets. 44:19 - Figuring out the era that a particular photo came from, even look at the type of leather a riding is wearing. 46:36 - Utilizing the motion controlled camera rig for filming scrapbooks and full albums. 49:29 - Improvising on the job, recording a computer screen to capture 240p video. 52:13 - Stories from the Penton film premieres. 56:08 - Not being able to enjoy your film as a filmmaker, pros and cons. 57:10 - Stories from The Motocross Files and Penton reactions. 01:00:00 - How awesome it is to be at the premiere for your own movie. 01:01:32 - Closing statement and upcoming projects. Music: Opening Track: Jerry's Kids - I Don't Belong Intermission: Harumi - Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do End: LCD Soundsystem - Home
October 19, 2018
Jimmy Bowron: World of Echo Radio, Episode 2
World of Echo Radio, Episode 2: Jimmy Bowron. Written article at - Time Stamps: 0:00 - Bump, Intro (Nikelus F & Shawn Kemp - Paragraph Of My Life) 1:43 - Interview start 2:32 - The story of KABOOM! 4:35 - Driven to Ride stories 7:47 - Getting into the moto industry with Motosport and Vurbmoto 9:13 - Motosport's video department rise and fall 12:03 - The process and how long it took to start self sustaining as a freelancer. Previous job 14:27 - What it takes to stay in that position. Freelance advice 18:23 - Taking his freelance experience to PLAECO, meeting and partnering up with Colton Haaker 20:24 - Intermission (Pavement - Spizzle Trunk)…=pavement+westing 21:41 - Creative process with Colton at PLAECO 23:18 - Insight on HEATER, the first official PLAECO video and Colton's plan to keep tricks secret, and his love for film and being a creator 33:03 - Behind Jimmy and Colton's X Games Real Moto video, thoughts on the competition itself 40:41 - Full length video discussion, more talk about Colton's film 42:11 - Future plans for Jimmy Bowron, honing back in on one skill 46:20 - Outro (Yo La Tengo - Sudden Organ)
October 19, 2018
Dayton Daft: World of Echo Radio, Episode 4
World of Echo Radio, Episode 4 with RIDE365 cofounder Dayton Daft. You can read the feature at Time stamps: 0:00 - Start of stream. Song is "On the Lips" by Frankie Cosmos 2:00 - Interview start, chatter of leaving with Bryson Steele and Jimmy Bowron 4:48 - Starting and 365MX with Jarrod Rogers and Brett Cue 8:18 - Success with 365MX, the logistics of being a gear company. Branding in the absence of professional athletes. 10:58 - Building a company around Brett Cue. 13:44 - Spearheading the Puerto Rico MXoN project with Wes Williams and Nitro Circus. What the project was supposed to be, etc. Salvaging footage. 17:29 - Intermission. "Back on the Block" by Pete Rock feat. CL Smooth 18:45 - The public vs. Ronnie Mac. 24:17 - Branding and marketing in the age of the internet. 28:11 - Working with Travis Pastrana, BQ crashing Pastranaland 34:01 - Outro. "Stormy Pinkness" by They Might Be Giants
October 19, 2018
Ricki Bedenbaugh: World of Echo Radio, Episode 3
World of Echo Radio, Episode 3 with skateboard filmmaker and one of the current cinematographer leads at FOX Racing, Ricki Bedenbaugh. Written version here: Time stamps: 0:00 Intro, song is "Genius of Love" by Tom Tom Club 1:44 - Interview start, freestyling with Blink-182 and landing a job in California with the help of Kris Markovich. Why making the "hail mary" is still important for young filmmakers today. 12:36 - Editing the DuFFS video "Wonder Years" on the STV AVID editing system in Benji Weatherley's garage. 16:18 - Going on tour with Matt Hensley and DuFFS crew. Elevating your work to impress peers. 23:36 - 411VM, "7 Year Glitch," and the "Surveillance" video that never happened. 29:01 - Intermission, song is "De-Luxe" by Lush 30:45 - Differences between skaters and motocross riders, and the process in filming each. 36:51 - Age as a factor in career changes. Transitioning from skating to moto and in relation to age (or lack thereof). 43:47 - Filming with Hunter Lawrence, Ken Roczen, and the rest of the FOX/SHIFT crew. 47:42 - Upcoming projects, riding/RZR stories, and revisiting childhood dreams. 54:31 - Outro, song is "Television" by Forth Wanderers
October 18, 2018
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