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Incluvie Movie Highlights

Incluvie Movie Highlights

By Incluvie
We highlight the best new movies for diversity, identity, and representation.
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Everything Everywhere All at Once and More | April 2022

Incluvie Movie Highlights

Nope! 1Up, Don't Make Me Go, Mr Malcolm's List | July Movies 2022
The July episode of Incluvie Movie Highlights provides 4 exciting films that have polarizing reviews! Special guest and Incluvie movie critic Daleyna joins in to discuss Mr Malcolm's List, a regency-era film set in England, starring leads of Indian and African heritage (Freida Pinto and Sope Dirisu), which is a first! Don't Make Me Go, starring an Asian and Blasian lead (John Cho and Mia Isaac), is a sincere film with a controversial ending! Don't worry, no spoilers. 1Up, about a team of female gamers led by Paris Berelc, who's half Asian, receives acclaim on Incluvie, but much hate everywhere else on the internet. And the feature film... is Nope ! One cohost thinks the film was imaginative, while the other cohost insists it was boring (but with good social commentary)! Who thought what? Tune in with your hosts: Cathy Yee and Hazel Bolivar! Instacart Patreon 'Mr. Malcolm's List' Is A Lighter Version of 'Bridgerton' - Daleyna Lighthearted but Shallow: 1Up's Take on Women in Gaming - Melanie Ojwang 'Don't Make Me Go' — A Basic Story With The Year's Most Heartbreaking Ending - Melissa Gould The Power of Looking in 'Nope' - Daleyna Trauma Profiteering in Jordan Peele's 'Nope' - Leon Morgan New in theaters, and pretty fun (but not especially Incluvie notable), are: Thor: Love and Thunder, and Marcel the Shell With Shoes On !
August 02, 2022
Fire Island, Love, and Intimacy | June 2022
The June Incluvie Movie Highlights provides 3 new and buzzworthy films presenting different types of love: Good Luck to You, Leo Grande with intimacy, Father of the Bride with familial love, and this month's feature - Fire Island, with intimate and romantic love. Movie Critic Melanie Ojwang joins us to discuss Emergency, a film about the hurdles that three young men of color navigate in order to get help for an unconscious white girl whom they find. We give mini takes on theater blockbusters Top Gun: Maverick and Downtown Abbey: A New Era. Join in with your hosts: Cathy Yee and Hazel Bolivar! Instacart Patreon "Fire Island" movie review - Melissa Gould, Incluvie movie critic
June 28, 2022
Coming of Age with Butterflies and Timeliness | May 2022
The May Incluvie Movie Highlights features 3 fantastic coming-of-age films. We explore butterfly-inducing Sneakerella and Crush, and the sadly timely feature - The Fallout, about the after-effects of a school shooting. Movie Critic Teri Elam joins in to discuss Alice, a 2022 blaxploitation inspired film starring Keke Palmer. In addition, we give a nod to movie theater blockbusters - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - for being better than expected on the incluvie scale! Join in with your hosts: Cathy Yee and Hazel Bolivar! Instacart Patreon "Alice" movie review - Teri Elam, Incluvie movie critic "Crush" movie review - Teri Elam, Incluvie movie critic Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - articles by Cathy Yee, Daleyna, and Atreyo Palit
May 31, 2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once and More | April 2022
Welcome to the first episode of the Incluvie Movie Highlights! We shine a spotlight on our favorite new movies that stand out for diversity and identity. Is Everything Everywhere All at Once too weird, or just the right amount of weird? How is it so revolutionary to see a science fiction film star Asian Americans? CODA - is it good or bad for deaf representation? Why do Serena and Venus not star in a movie about their own lives in King Richard? Is Marry Me too cheesy for a romantic comedy? We get into this and more! Instacart Patreon King Richard review - Daleyna, Incluvie movie critic CODA review - Daleyna, Incluvie movie critic
April 26, 2022