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By Incorporatezimcast
•A podcast which focuses on providing exclusive conversations with exceptional young youth leaders from Zimbabwe who have made excessive strides in their particular field.
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Incorporate Zim turns 2
Over 7,000 followers across all platforms , 200 spotlights , 60 hosts , 17 podcast episodes, 1000 hours, numerous radio appearance , television , newspaper appearances here we are. In this episode we sit down with the founders of IncorporateZim Tinotenda Mutsvangwa and Brian Chaipa as they recall their journey.
July 16, 2021
Passion in Rugby
In our session here , we are diving into the world of sports as we have both Jason Makwabarara the captain of the U20 Sables team and Jerry Jaravaza who is a Sables 7s player with us. We talk about what lessons learnt on the field and how they can be applied off the field , in real life. We discuss willpower , determination and the importance of bouncing back after falling. We also talk about what it feels like to represent the country🇿🇼
June 10, 2021
When i leave the house, I Have to Make a Profit - Tampiwa, Rukudzo, Evrard & Josh
We get a tremendously exciting episode this week, entrepreneurship , investing and a deep array of topics are discussed as our Co-founder Tino Mustvangwa hosted the show this week while having Tampiwa Mahari, Rukudzo Munyeza, Josh Mukandi & Evrard Mouafo on as guest this week
May 27, 2021
Dreams Turning Into Reality
In this session we have the talented digital artist Nyasha Warambwa (@ykhulio) as our guest .Nyasha’s story is truly MIND-BLOWING. He started off his art page on Instagram just last year and in June and has already accomplished so much! Nyasha who goes by the name Hulio Draws (@huliodraws) has managed to have the likes of Timbaland, Snoop Dogg ,Tory Lanez and Chris Brown all recognize his work. _____ His story shows exactly how powerful and influential the internet is. Tune in to find out how he is making his dreams a reality.
May 17, 2021
Never Too Young To Make A Difference
Our special guest on this session is Trueman Mabumbo. At just 18 years of age , the young and impressive man has already made a name for himself as social entrepreneur by establishing Dzidzo Paden with @UNESCO. In this session he describes to us what and who has inspired him. He talks about how he deals with criticism as well as his vision for the future. Listen to his story.
May 17, 2021
Effects of drone technology in Agriculture, mining and content creation
In support of precision farming, drones can do soil health scans, monitor crop health, assist in planning irrigation schedules, apply fertilizers, estimate yield data and provide valuable data for, ___________ In this session we have Don and Sasha who are in the Drone Technology Industry. They are sharing their journey around Zimbabwe where they have applied their expertise in Agriculture, Mining and content creation. A rare and unique set of skills on the local market.
May 17, 2021
Impact through podcast
Ruvimbo Cee who is an award-winning inspirational key-note speaker, philanthropist and podcast host. ________ Crowned the first Miss Africa Great Britain 2011, Ruvimbo has used her voice and platform to inspire and transform lives. Through her weekly motivational podcast Own My Mark, she delivers messages that empower her listeners with personal and professional greatness.
May 16, 2021
Being Zimbabwean and Proud!
This week we sit with Amanda Nkomo who is a full time student studying health education , model, Host/Presenter, public speaker, advocate of women empowerment, women’s rights and former Miss World Zimbabwe UK 1st princess. We discuss a range of topics. What it means to be patriotic? How one can still make a difference in Zimbabwe even when living in the diaspora! You do not want to miss out on this episode!
April 5, 2021
You only fail, when you give up
Kudakwashe Gweredza came onto the podcast today to talk about P A T I E N C E. The ability to keep pushing even when things are not working out. She spoke about finding your right path, focusing severely on it and being persistent enough to see your goals through even when you face obstacles and setbacks. Enjoy
January 24, 2021
Creating A Better Future For Zimbabwean Youth
5 time olympic Kirsty Coventry and Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, joined us on our podcast for a productive and insightful conversation regarding elevating the future of Zimbabwean Youth in all industries along gems from her personal experience at a global stage! 
January 6, 2021
Preparing The Youth To Become Principal Actors and Decision Makers In Their Own Economic
Tapiwa Bengewa an 18-year-old, U6 student at Gokomere High School, Junior Senator for Masvingo District and the Founder and Executive Director of Wekwedu Youth With Difference. His overall goal is  to empower the youth and drive a new era of Entrepreneurship Development, growth & productivity & confidence to participate in society.
December 6, 2020
Leveraging Opportunity in 2020
We got Mikey and Nyasha to come on, along with our team member Tiwanna, to have a very eye opening and mentally questioning  conversation regarding ones ability to leverage opportunity in any given situation. We also shifted our focus onto fitness. We also had a bird-eyes view of how the future of the job market would look like, especially after covid 19 having changed nearly every part of our lives. 
November 15, 2020
Don-Don - Its not only about the rhymes, its the business behind it too
We had Don-Don hang with us for a little hour, we got to hear some unreleased vibes. We shifted the mood towards business and how the market and the environmental change is shaping the future of all industries, especially in music. 
August 31, 2020
Resilience - Makomborero Majome
In this episode, our host Joe drops crazy gems as Makomborero speaks on resilience, giving up and facing adversity within our daily lives. We hope you enjoy the podcast and be sure to subscribe or follow our channel along with giving us a follow on instagram and twitter. 
August 2, 2020
Chengetai - Helping girls in Zimbabwe obtain sanitary wear
On our 4th episode, we have unsung heroes from Chengetai. A non-profit organisation with a goal of helping girls in ZImbabwe obtain sanitary wear. We have Ratidzo Mutangadura, Tinashe Chikava and Nyasha Mvumi. Not to forget our Host Joe Sanhanga along with the Co-founder of Incorporate Zim Tinotenda Mutsvangwa. We hope you enjoy the podcast and please do follow their instagram account @cchengetai27official. 
July 19, 2020
Deep Youtube Secrets To Grow Your Channel - Cheryl & Natalie
We are back again we our 3rd Episode and this time we have a double header with Cheryl Nkosi and Natalie Nachipo. These creative ladies give us a deep dive into the world of Youtube. We were able to convince them to drop some gems that would help anyone aiming to create and grow their youtube channel. We also spoke on mental health and also how to make yourself more recognisable and employable. We hope you Enjoy. 
July 12, 2020
Starting Where You Are - Willard Kachere
The ability to draw inspiration from anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere serves as reminder that an intrinsic drive is better than an extrinsic drive because everything and anything drives you. At that point you know its what’s inside you pushing you than anything on the outside and you see things more clearly. Willard Kachere is our first guest on the Podcast. We talk Entrepreneurship, Work-Life-Balance and ways to make the most of 2020!
July 5, 2020
Connecting Zim Minds in 2020
In our first podcast, we breakdown what our listeners should expect to get from our brand new podcast and a quick introduction to a few of our team members. Opening the IncorporateZim Podcast is our host Joe Sanhanga along with Co-founders Tino Mutsvangwa and Brian Chaipa and the Director of Content Michael Jonga
June 27, 2020