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By India Kiawu
The #iamthetopic podcast is an open discussion where the listeners weigh in on a variety of different topics where nothing is off limits. Not only can you listen to topics but you create them as well. This is a space where open mined, opinionated, and non-judgmental people come to share their thoughts.
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Season 2 Episode 7, “The Wedding Crasher”
Should a soon to be bride include her future husband’s family in the wedding? What if he drama filled sister who she didn’t get along with is INSISTING on being a bridesmaid?? This week we’ll meet a soon to be bride whose wedding is being put on hold by her future husband because his sister is not a bridesmaid in the wedding. His sister does not like his wife but wants to participate in her brother’s big day. This soon to be bride is standing her ground and is saying either his sister comes to the wedding as a guest or there won’t be a wedding at all!!! Whose side are you on? Should the sister be given a chance to participate in her brother’s wedding OR is the future bride right in standing her ground because it’s her special day and she calls the shots about who stands beside her. Listen to the entire story and weigh in! CKO continues to hold things down week after week in our Bump it or Dump it segment. He comes back as our winner with his song Big Facts ft. Traviz J. Follow CKO on IG @Flyguy_cko and on snapchat at countriboisouth. This week’s challenger is Mo Baby. Will her song “Rollin” Ft. Dre Brizo be able to knock CKO off his throne? Keep those votes coming in! It’s up to the listeners to determine who moves on to next week’s episode. You can follow Mo Baby on IG @Gottaknowmo and on Facebook @GottaKnowMoBaby *I don’t own the rights to any songs played in this episode but I do own that rights to good topics and great conversation*
July 1, 2019
Season 2 Episode 6, “The Wife vs. The Other Woman”
Could you raise “The Other Woman’s” child? If your partner had a baby with another woman during your relationship and now the other woman is asking you to care for her child, what would you do? This week’s episode introduces us to a wife that has found herself stuck between leaving her cheating husband or staying and taking care of his love child. BUT WAIT, there’s a catch!! There’s two sides to every story and the other woman has responded to set some things straight. It’s time to listen to BOTH sides of the story before determining whose side to choose. This week’s Bump it or Dump it is LIT!! CKO continues to reign week after week. This week he’s giving us a new song “Big Facts” feat. Traviz J. Follow CKO on Instagram @Flyguy_Cko and Snap Chat at Countriboisouth. Can his challenger BG Chrome with his song “Buzz” be the one to take his crown? Follow BG Chrome at bgchrome on IG and YouTube. *I don’t own the rights to any songs featured in this episode*, but I do own the rights to great topics and great conversation!
June 24, 2019
Episode 2, “The Polyamorous Playground”
Episode 2 dives into the discussion about how to handle a sticky polyamorous relationship issue. We are also introduced to our mystery relationship expert, Dr. Feel Nothing, who weighs in and drops some serious expert advice on the best way to define boundaries within these kinds of relationships!
June 24, 2019
Season 2 Episode 5, “To Cheat or Not to Cheat”
If your partner decides to become celibate after 4 years of dating, how would you handle it? Our topic this week was sent from a guy who just can’t take this drought anymore and is ready to quench his thirst elsewhere. Listen to the backstory and weigh in on how you would address this situation. Each week our Bump it or Dump it segment continues to get hotter and hotter. Our champion this week is CKO (IG: @Flyguy_CKO and Snap Chat: Countriboisouth) with his song IG LIVE. He will be going up against Duck Hunter aka Mr. Quack Quack (FB: Ryan Duck Hunter Lucas and IG: @mrquackquack2018) with his song Club Rockin. As always if you like what you hear comment BUMP it along with the name of the song, and if you’re not really feeling it, comment DUMP it along with the name of the song!! Continue to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE! *I do not own the rights to any of the songs featured in this episode*
May 29, 2019
Season 2, Episode 4 “Let’s Talk Sexual Appetites and Sexual Droughts”
Let’s talk about sex baby! Are you with someone that fulfills your sexual cravings or does your partner leave you hungry for more? On this week’s episode you’ll hear from Greg whose sexual urges are so extreme that it’s hard for him to find a female who’s willing to try them. Gagging, bondage, and intense pain, yes you heard that right, intense pain. Listen to Greg’s story and weigh in on how you would handle being with someone who’s sexual needs are more than what you’re used to. While Greg’s needs are too extreme, The Tease brings a completely different situation. What would you do if your partner no longer wanted to have sex? Stay and be understanding, or satisfy your sweet tooth somewhere else? After a very heated Bump it or Dump it, the listeners have chosen a winner!!! CKO with his song IG LIVE is this week’s champion!! You can follow CKO on Instagram: @Flyguy_Cko and Snap Chat: Countriboisouth. Our challenger for this week is Official Shottas,brothers Young Tigg & Wild Rellz with their song Over grind. You can follow Official Shottas on IG and Soundcloud at officialshottas *I don’t own the rights to any of the songs featured in this episode*
May 19, 2019
Season 2 Episode 3, “Secrets, heartbreaks, and THE DOWN LOW
How well can you hold a secret? Well, this episode has a friend caught in between holding her best friend’s secret that could potentially damage another person, or telling it all and breaking that bond. What would you do? Listen to the backstory because it might change your response. This week, we revisit our situationship from Season 1 Episode 7, “His X is His Roommate”, you don’t want to miss the update for these unexpected turn of events. Our Bump it or Dump it segment continues to heat up as our winner FNMKOOGI with his song “Turbo”, competes against our new artist for this week CKO aka Countri Kelle Own with his song, “Party Animal”. If you like what you hear comment Bump it along with the name of the song, if you’re not feeling it, comment Dump it along with the name of the song. This week’s Tease brings us into the dark world of bondage, gagging, being chocked, and sexual pleasures that will have you questioning how far you are willing to go sexually. LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE! *I don’t own the rights to any of the songs featured in this episode*
May 7, 2019
Season 2 Episode 2, “Girl Code, Loyalty, and Disrespect”
This week’s episode will test friendships and have you questioning the true meaning of the words “best friend”. What would you do if your best friend developed a friendship with your partner behind your back 🤔? Tune in to hear the back story because it might make you change your response. This week’s Bump it or Dump it will feature a new artist by the name of FNMKOOGI who will be battling to take the crown away from Ladi Klip,who was was the winner of Episode One’s Bump it or Dump it. Tune in, LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE ~I do not own the rights to any of the songs featured in this episode~
April 28, 2019
Season 2 Episode 1, “Here Comes Baby”.
We’re back like we NEVER left! Season two premiers with new babies after brief break ups, giving fathers a voice, and friends who find better friends in their best friend’s boyfriend! Whew Chile! This episode features one new artist for our bump it or dump it segment and we bring back another artist that got bumped by our listeners!! *I don’t own the rights to any of the music*
April 21, 2019
Episode 7, “His X is his roommate”
What would you do? This week’s episode poses a very sticky question...would you date someone that still lives with their X? Listen to the full story because the details may change your response. You will definitely want to join in because this topic will leave you questioning things, wondering how, and asking if it can really be done. Give us your feedback on this week’s BUMP it or DUMP it segment. Our featured artist on this week’s episode is Constant L. Burts, a Chicago native who is transforming what is known as Hip Hop today, with his song entitled “Squeez”. If you like what you hear, comment BUMP IT along with the word SQUEEZ, if not comment DUMP IT along with the word SQUEEZ! Follow Constant on IG, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube @constantlburts *I do not own the rights to any of the music*
March 24, 2019
Episode 6, “Homie, Lover, Friend”
During Episode 6 we’re giving advice to one of our listeners who has found herself in a sticky situationship that involves three friends, sex with benefits, and dating within the same friendship circle. I also share ten things that every black business should consider to make their customers happy. Our featured artist for this episode’s BUMP it or DUMP it segment is Layce Scott with his song entitled “Enter at Your Own Risk”. If you like what you hear, comment BUMP it along with the words ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, if not comment DUMP it along with the words ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Follow Layce Scott on Facebook and IG at Laycehfe. LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE.
March 17, 2019
Episode 5, “White Lies and Confusion”
On this week’s episode we discuss lies and what it takes to forgive someone that has lied to you. We also talk about the very touchy topic of white parents adopting black children. We introduce our dump it or bump it segment with Ladi Klip and her new single called S.E.X. Please don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE. Please follow Ladi Klip on both Facebook and Instagram @ladiklip. Please submit your topics and inquiries to, Ciatta-India Kiawu on Facebook, and iamthetopic.com_2018 on Instagram.
March 3, 2019
Episode 4, “What Type of Black Person Are You?”
This week’s episode pays homage to black history month in a unique kind of way ✊🏾. We’ll discuss three stereotypes given to black people, and how we can mix the three to make it work in our favor. Join in on the conversation with the type of black person that best fits your personality! ~I don’t own the rights to any of the music~
February 16, 2019
Listen Up (trailer)
the #iamthetopic podcast presents episode one, filled with everything you need to know about how to get in on all the juicy topics and conversations. So Listen Up and stay tuned in, you don’t want to miss it! (I don’t own rights to the music)
January 20, 2019