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By Indi Samarajiva
A third world perspective on the world. Taking dumps on American Empire, being pissed off about climate change, passport apartheid, and economic oppression - but also being happy about ancient philosophy, science, bacteria, and children.
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America's Incoming Civil War
I lived through over 25 years of Civil War in Sri Lanka and I see the same things happening in America today. When people check out of democracy, you've all checked into violence. It's just a matter of time.
January 19, 2021
American Exceptionalism Is Getting Y'all Killed
America is choking to death on its own mythology. The ‘strongest nation in the world’ cannot defend its own Capitol. The ‘oldest democracy in the world’ is attacking the right to vote. The ‘richest people in history’ are broke and dying in lakhs upon lakhs. (White) Americans consistently refuse to believe what is happening to them because it’s not supposed to be happening to them. Our democracy cannot be collapsing, it’s so old. The pandemic cannot be out of control, we’re rich. From the crazies of Q-Anon to sober talking heads on TV, everybody agrees, America is exceptional and things cannot be exactly what they are. The country cannot be corrupt, that’s for Africans. The country cannot have a coup, that’s what we do to South America. The country cannot be collapsing, that’s the ‘third world’. And yet here you are. American exceptionalism is wrong. Worse than wrong, American exceptionalism is precisely what’s getting you killed.
January 10, 2021
CITIZENSHIT - Why We Must Abolish Citizenship
Citizenship is shit. What we call citizenship is a system of passport apartheid that keeps brown and black people in the Global South down while privileged rich, white people continue their colonial exploitation of the world. This podcast goes over the scholarly work of Dimitry Kochenov and other academics with copious swearing.
January 2, 2021
Why Violence Is Coming To America
An unstable government, guns in the street, hate speech in the air, what would you call this in the Third World? Does America live in a different world. How America shows all the signs of coming violence (including violence happening already), and lessons unlearnt from places like Sri Lanka. Intro and outro music by The Soul.
December 15, 2020
I Can't Get No Vaccination
Vaccines are claiming a 90% efficacy rate, but these have to be multiplied by the global population to stop the pandemic. Instead, these vaccines are being gobbled up like Gucci bags by a malevolent West, while Eastern vaccines are disparaged. This podcast looks into the vaccine nationalism we have, and the vaccine internationalism we need.
December 6, 2020