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By Jay Powell
Candid conversations with veterans of all aspects of the business side of games. We firmly believe that great games from all developers need the support they deserve to succeed. This podcast exists to provide that support.

IndieGameBusiness is produced by The Powell Group, a video game consulting firm specializing in business development, marketing, and licensing. Our CEO has been in the industry for 20 years and closed countless publishing and licensing deals. The Powell Group monitors over 3,500 game developers and 750+ publishers.
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It's never too early to start pitching your indie game
In this episode, we are speaking with Christopher Kellner from Astragon Entertainment about pitching your indie game. A few of the talking points we will cover are: - various aspects of pitching  - pitching starts way earlier than you think - pitching doesn't end with signing a contract - a prototype is not a prototype and a demo video is not a demo video and much more! We answer questions live from the chat and delve deeper into your game pitching tactics. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to Christopher on LinkedIn at #indiegame #indiegamedev #gamepitch #indiegamedevelopment
May 03, 2022
Dynamics Powering the Future of Work
New technology advances, coupled with evolving dynamics around building and managing teams around the globe, have quickly changed the scope of work in our industry: What skills are required to stay ahead of the curve? How can we build and optimize teams working remotely from many locations worldwide? How do we create more transparent, supportive, and mission-driven projects and companies that satisfy the new demands of professionals? In this informative discussion, hear directly from two of the industry’s shapeshifters who will examine a multitude of trends, realities, and opportunities that are driving game industry innovation and the future of work in the present-to-post Pandemic era. Participants Nika Nour, Head of Partnerships, Genvid Entertainment Arthur von Nagel, VP Production, Genvid Entertainment Key Touchpoints -Address the challenges and benefits of running (and participating in) fully remote projects, especially around new concepts; how do you manage global teams effectively and with an empathetic focus to maintain morale and quality of work? -Discuss how to create and maintain a more transparent, rewarding, mission-driven culture that satisfies the new demands of top professionals and emerging talent -Analyze best practices that instill leadership while creating next-generation experiences -Unpack the insane talent market: it's a total bloodbath and the entire industry has recruiting and retention issues; meanwhile there are plenty of devs looking for work who may be left behind
April 15, 2022
Working on a Game Startup While Staying in the War Zone
How Ingrid began making games, why she believes in narrative-driven game design, how the war in Ukraine impacted their work.
April 01, 2022
Your Guide For Returning To Live Events
In this fireside chat with Nika Nour we will get you prepped for all the year's upcoming live events. This will cover everything from networking to safety to researching companies and requesting meetings. #gamedevelopment #indiedevelopment #videogames #mobilegames #indiegames
March 29, 2022
You Can Make No Errors In Your Marketing And Still Fail
A discussion about the realities of games marketing and discovery in 2022 covering PR, social media, advertising and influencers. The discussion will provide an insightful look at the current state of marketing your game and provide tips, ideas and things to consider for your marketing campaign. #gamedevelopment #indiedevelopment #videogames #mobilegames #indiegames
March 29, 2022
The Video Game Production Pipeline
In the last 20 years, I have noticed that the indie-industry sorely lacks leadership in structuring departments, department flow, and general organization. My goal for each attendee is to be able to walk out of the meeting knowing the fundamentals of the ebb and flow of each department and how to acquire talent. We will review and discuss how an effective and efficient production pipeline should look through both phase and task. After we get through the QA portion of the pipe, we will touch on sales, taxes, and vacation! We will discuss the different classifications of art and which department would handle the specified tasks. When it comes to interdepartmental tasks, this talk will be more art-centric vs. programming centric. Essentially, this is a crash course in running a game studio. Vincent Michah'El Donatelli Founding Director YHWH Games Vincent Michah'El Donatelli is a 20 year veteran in the video games industry. He has worked in every department within the production pipeline and he excels as an Animator. I have been functioning as the Founding Director of YHWH GAMES!, LLC. for almost 4 years and I am also the Animation Director for our company. I have worked on titles such as Dragonball GT, Transformers 3, and Starship Troopers. I am also the creator of the worlds first Demo Cast - a pre-emptive interview that is also a demo reel. Not only does our studio create and develop our own games, currently, our company is the first and leading video game studio in the world that instructs our mentees how to create and develop video games. We are also going to be the largest AAA game studio that will thrive in the Religious Marketplace. We have an outreach called WOVEN, Widows, Orphans, Veterans, Emergency (Assistance), and the Neglected where we take a portion of funds that we earn from our B2B partners and give back to the community. In the last 2 years, my focus has been letting go of day to day operations so that I can grow our business and expand our vision.
March 29, 2022
The 3 Things That Actually Impact How Well Your Game Sells
There is so much advice about what you should be doing to make and promote your indie game on Steam. It is exhausting. In this super detailed and actionable talk I will tell you exactly what 3 things you should be doing to get your game seen and give it the best chance to be purchased after launch. No more fluff. No more time consuming busy work that does nothing. Let's do this! My dream is that after this talk you will stop doing most of the things that have zero impact on your game’s marketing. This 1 hour talk could save you hundreds of hours of wasted marketing time so you can get back to making your game. #gamedevelopment #indiedevelopment #videogames #mobilegames #indiegames