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Indies, by Jas & Saša

Indies, by Jas & Saša

By jas and sasa
casual and honest conversations between two "indie" creator friends, Jas (a writer) and Sasa (a maker)
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Video recording: “good enough” vs “perfectionism”
We share our recent experiences with video recording, as well as our thoughts on our time spent in education. – Links: Reincubate Camo Daniel Pink / A Whole New Mind Rosie Sherry Indiehackers by, Jas & Sasa – Jas:   Sasa:
September 10, 2021
A conversation about the joys of sharing in public
Jas shares the new direction he is taking with his blog & podcast, Sasa shares what he’s been up to, and we talk about “sharing in public” and the joys of sharing more than just the highlights. – Links: Justin Kan’s YT channel Nathaniel Drew YT channel Better Ideas YT channel – Jas is an indie writer:   Sasa is an indie maker:
August 27, 2021
A conversation about indie identity / answering "so, what do you do?"
Jas & Saša share what they’ve been up to since leaving Madeira, how they answer “so, what do you do?” and the challenges they experience around identity as indie makers & creators. -- Jas is an indie writer:   Sasa is an indie maker:
August 10, 2021
How we started our indie journeys and what this podcast is about
Sasa & Jas share their stories from 9-5 life and how they ended up doing their own things, and why they decided to record a podcast. -- Jas is an indie writer: Sasa is an indie maker:
July 28, 2021