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Indie chats

Indie chats

By jas and sasa
Just casual conversations between two friends, from opposite sides of the pond, who are walking along the 'indie' path as creative solopreneurs.
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#9: cultivating a 'long-term' mindset
This week, we talk about: - what a 'long-term mindset' is - how having one has helped us - growth vs fixed mindset — Links: Carol Dweck - developing a growth mindset (video): Carol Dweck - Mindset (book): The New Psychology of Success: Elizabeth Miner - The Entrepreneur Advantage (book): by, Jas & Sasa -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
October 20, 2021
#8: why did we leave our jobs?
This week, we talk about: - The jobs we've had & what they were like - What was missing for us in our traditional jobs - Our experiences as immigrant kids  - The impact of leaving our jobs on our mental health by, Jas & Sasa -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
October 15, 2021
#7: healthy productivity and why you should care
Following last week's chat, this week's topic is "healthy" productivity. Specifically, we talk about: - healthy productivity: what is it? - why you should care about it - our experiences with unhealthy work relationships - things you can do to enjoying avoid unhealthy work relationships by, Jas & Sasa -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
October 11, 2021
#6: how we stay productive
We talked about what we've been up to, morning routines, and how we stay productive. by, Jas & Sasa -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
October 02, 2021
#5: balancing ‘in-person’ vs ‘online’
A conversation about balancing being ‘in-person’ and being ‘online’ as a creator We talk about the importance of connecting with others ‘in real life’ and ‘online’, for both business (marketing) and life (emotional support) purposes. — Things we mention: - In-person vs online marketing - Building in public (& digital boundaries) - Twitter: why do we use it? - The importance of social support (1:1 & mastermind groups) — Links: Dan Rowden: Corbett Barr: by, Jas & Sasa -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
September 25, 2021
#4: "good enough" vs perfectionism
We share our recent experiences with video recording, as well as our thoughts on our time spent in education. – Links: Reincubate Camo Daniel Pink / A Whole New Mind Rosie Sherry Indiehackers by, Jas & Sasa -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
September 10, 2021
#3: the joys of sharing in public
Jas shares the new direction he is taking with his blog & podcast, Sasa shares what he’s been up to, and we talk about “sharing in public” and the joys of sharing more than just the highlights. – Links: Justin Kan’s youtube channel: Nathaniel Drew's youtube channel: 'Better Ideas' youtube channel: -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
August 27, 2021
#2: "So, what do you do?"...
Jas & Saša share what they’ve been up to since leaving Madeira, how they answer “so, what do you do?” and the challenges they experience around identity as indie makers & creators. -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
August 10, 2021
#1: How we started our 'indie' journeys and what this podcast is about
We share our stories of leaving 9-5 life and ended up 'doing our own thing', and explain why we decided to record a podcast. -- Find us on twitter @indiewriterjas & @sasacocic
July 28, 2021