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Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations

Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations

By Indigo Blue Style
Welcome to the Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations Podcast. Hosted by Keiana Armani , Awarded Creative Director, Stylist, Certified Fitness Trainer, and CEO of The Online Fashion Publication Every week our show will feature special guest speakers who will share stories of trials and triumps, provide tools that educate, thus Empowering Women to “Embrace the inner Empress” In various areas of Life including Style, Fashion, Business, Entrepreneurship and so much more.
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Conversations with the Awarded Celebrity Fashion Stylist , Kelly Lundberg : The Experience

Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations

Conversations with the Awarded Celebrity Fashion Stylist , Kelly Lundberg : The Experience

Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations

A glimpse into Fashion Styling with Celebrity Fashion Stylist Syeidah
Episode 5 Features Celebrity Fashion Stylist @styledby_sy . Syeidah McBride is a New York based Wardrobe Stylist and Creative Director. She is the founder of “Styled by Sy,” a styling company which caters to the fashion industry by cultivating breathtaking, captivating, clean, and edgy looks for models, companies, and celebrities alike. Syeidah’s philosophy is a simple one: “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes” . During this Episode Syeidah gets candid about her experience as a Fashion Stylist and transitioning from a law school graduate to a Celebrity Fashion Stylist. Tune in tonight at 6pm on all streaming platforms, to hear more about how she navigates her way through the fashion industry and overcomes obstacles she faces as a Black woman. She also shares tips & information for aspiring fashion stylist. Follow her on IG @styled_sy #style #fashion #stylist #womenempowerment
November 17, 2020
Candid Conversations with Radio Show Host Kanodadon
Season 2 Episode 4 Of the Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations hosted by Keiana Armani Episode 4 Features Entrepreneur/ Radio Show CEO/Host KANODADON is an Entertainment Label Owner of IV SEASON ENTERTAINMENT, former producer/artist/songwriter, CEO of IVSE PROMOTIONS, and Founder/CEO of THEVIBESHOW. THE VIBESHOW is more than just an FM syndicated radio, it is a platform used to help individuals showcase their talent and share their story . During the conversation Kano gives us a deeper glimpse into his 20+ year career and his background as a artist/producer. With a humble and infectious energy he explains what keeps him grounded with all his success and how spirituality got him through some dark moments. Kanodadon reflects on a very personal experience that would ultimately become the driving force behind his dedication to the uplifting and empowering women. . Follow Kanodadon @kanodadon2975 Subscribe the website
November 3, 2020
Makeup and Full Circle Moments with Celebrity MUA Julie Jules
Season 2 Episode 3 Of the Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations hosted by our CEO Keiana Armani Airs Tomorrow October 20th at 6pm EST on all streaming platforms. . Episode 3 Features Celebrity Makeup Artist Julie Jules @jjulesbeauty . During this episode Julie speaks candidly about her journey of becoming a celebrity makeup artist and the full surface moment that would ultimately change her life. Laced with humor, Her beautiful spirit will pierce your soul, her dedication to her divine calling is Inspiring, Empowering and such a teachable moment about faith. Julie’s love for beauty originates from the vivid stories that her mother would tell her as a child in Haiti. Julie is inspired by everyone she sees and has a passion for harmonizing inner beauty with physical unique creation. Follow Julie @jjulesbeauty on Instagram For bookings #therealtv #mua #beauty
October 20, 2020
Tales of The Vintage Vixens Stacie & Samantha of Instant Vintage 78
Instant Vintage 78 is a vintage boutique that specializes in buying, selling, and consigning men’s, women’s and children’s vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories from the 1940s to early 1990s. We hand select unique, well-crafted items that are classic in style and will translate through the decades. Episode 2 features Stacie and Samantha of @instantvintage78 These ladies have been on a mission since meeting in high school and transitioned into fashion early on. During this episode the ladies get Real about Vintage, Quality, and Sustainable Fashion . Stacie And Samantha have been on a journey to unite women and be transparent about business and what it takes to be successful as a female entrepreneur. Follow them @instantvintage78 Shop with them #luxury #fashion #style #vintage
October 6, 2020
Real Trill Conversations with Music Artist Trealetic
In Episode 1 of season 2 Music artist actor and entrepreneur we speak with Independent Artist Extraordinaire Trealetic. Trealetic is from Montgomery,Alabama he has been involved in music since he was in junior high starting from writing poetry winning multiple poetry contest he is also a independent film maker and entrepreneur. He has a vision to promote true artistry that uplifts his community. Coming from humble beginnings he found a way early on to see his visions come to life even when resources were scarce. Tune in as he gets REAL about coming up in the South and making his way. Trealetic has a vision to inspire and empower through his music. His thought provoking new hitt single (Ike’s Turn) Tackles the issue of domestic violence while Empowering women and men. Follow Trealetic on all social media platforms @trealeticmind His new independent film Chek Mate is out now #music #fashion #film
September 29, 2020
Conversations with the Awarded Celebrity Fashion Stylist , Kelly Lundberg : The Experience
During this Episode Awarded Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur Kelly Lundberg gives us an in-depth look into her journey of becoming a fashion stylist and how she became an Award Winning, Author , and Business Mentor. She disclosed the trials and triumphs of being in the styling industry and provides tips on how aspiring entrepreneurs and stylist can break through and keep themselves marketable even during challenging times. Stay connect with on all social media platforms @kellylundbergofficial
July 6, 2020
Empowering Conversation with Awarded Author Anna Nyakana
Episode 9 of The Indigo Blue Empowermet Conversations Podcast airs tonight at 6pm Featuring Best Selling Author , Motivational Speaker , And Entrepreneur Anna Nyakana . . During this episode Anna gives an in-depth look into her life as an immigrant, born in Germany, and adjusting to life as a biracial child in America . . She discloses how she was able to find her strength as a Black Woman in America, finding the hustle mentality from living in the projects, to living in the suburbs. Anna overcame many adversities while publishing her book, being told by many Publishers that her Book was too Urban. They would frown upon her characters time traveling to Egypt preferring the characters remain in the US only. . Anna Nyakana shares vital business and entrepreneurial gems that authors, aspiring entrepreneurs can use to uplift themselves and their communities. Follow on Instagram @nyah_zuri website follow on Instagram @indigobluestyle shop our exclusive merchandise on
June 29, 2020
Skin Care and Life Conversations with Dr. Natasha Welch
Dr. Natasha Welch is the founder of Abraza Skin Studio. She`s been  nurse practitioner in all specialties of adult cardiology and medicine for 19 years before joining the field of medical aesthetics and permanent makeup. Her inspiration came after acquiring physical injuries and facial scars due to a near fatal car accident. She lost her left brow and acquired keloids. She underwent multiple plastic surgeries. . . . During this episode Dr Natasha shares her journey and goes in depth about her passion to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty. Her tell it like it is approach penetrates deep under the surface and provides an inside view of disparities within the healthcare system. She provides skincare secrets sure to keep you looking youthful.  Simply put Dr. Natasha is fire! Intelligent, Witty, and Empowering! . . . follow The Abraza Empire and Dr. Natasha Welch on Instagram @abrazaskincare @abrazaskinstudios @thedrnatasha follow Indigo Blue Style @indigobluestyle @iam_keianaarmani
June 15, 2020
Fashion Conversations with LA Based Designer Nicole Shante
In Episode 7 of the Indigo Blue Empowermet Conversations Podcast We have LA Based Designer Nicole Shante. . . . In this Episode the Compton’s Native Gets candid about the impact of covid-19 and her thoughts on Fast Fashion. Nicole Empowers, Inspires, and Educates on what it takes to be a fashion designer. She gives us an in-depth look inside of her world of designing and growing up in Compton . . .  Follow on Instagram @nicoleshanteofficial Visit website Follow Indigo Blue @indigobluestyle Visit Website Subscribe to our
June 1, 2020
Empress On the rise with Tamani Lyn
In this Bonus Episode: An Empress On the Rise Tamani Lyn Shares her journey of being raised by a single mom to being a college graduate, public speaker and Entering her second year Of Entrepreneurship with The Women Of Lyn.
May 22, 2020
Getting Down to BUSINESS with Ms.Business
In celebration of episode 5 we bring you New York Native Shaquanna Brooks aka Ms. Business CPA, Tax Guru, Financial Literacy Expert, Network Maven. Ms.Business  brings more than 7 years in diverse tax, finance, business formation, and consulting to her role as a CPA. With her clients having an estimated combined net worth of 60 million dollars ., Her clients have achieved business success with her strategic, forward-looking solutions. Her strategies include choosing the correct business structure & understanding businesses taxes to name a few. Ms. Business is passionate about serving and educating her clients , . . During this Episide Shaquanna educates, inspires, and empowers, on Business Structure & The importance of Financial Literacy. She goes in-depth about growing up in her family culinary empire and how it helped her Embrace Her Inner Empress early in life.  Her outgoing personality shines through while being transparent about dressing up for brunching with her friends to not tolerating any disrespect.  Ms Businnes embodies what it means to be an Empress. . . . Follow her on Instagram @ms.business101 Website Follow us on Instagram @indigobluestyle Support the Show Visit our website
May 18, 2020
Modeling to Miracles with Ariel Simmons
Episode 4 Features Guest Speaker Ariel Simmons Best Selling Author, Jet beauty model and Entrepreneur shares her journey of publishing her first book at age 10, transitioning into modeling , and entrepreneurship. She gives an in-depth look into the process Writing of writing the Best Selling Children's Book “Miracle Malcom” . . . During the interview Ariel Simmons the Chicago native get candid about friendships, and her spiritual evolution. She hopes to empower and inspire women who have faced similar obstacles with premature childbirths through her book self published Best Seller Miracle Malcolm . . . follow Ariel on Instagram @ariellsimmons " MIRACLE MALCOLM" available online at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles  follow Indigo Blue& CEO KeianaArmani on Instagram @indigobluestyle @iam_keianaarmani  Visit the Online Fashion Publication "Empowering Women to Embrace Your inner Empress" To Support the Podcast visit
May 11, 2020
Credit & Spiritual Growth Conversations with Kisha Jo
During Episode 3 of The Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations Podcast Kisha Jo gives us an in depth look into the Creation of The Thirty Girl Brand and opens up about leaving The Corporate World. She discloses Her passion for women empowerment lead her to create a credit repair service that helps propel women to the next level. She also stresses the importance of relationship building & establishing boundaries. . . .  Tune in to hear her inspiring journey of 'Embracing Her inner Empress" and becoming a successful entrepreneur.  . . . Follow her @thethirtygirl . . . To support the Podcast go to to make a one time donation Or Become a Patron for exclusive content, special offers, and ad free episodes on   
May 4, 2020
Fashion Meets Luxury Realestate with Awarded Tastemaker Tohni Jean Bellis
Tohni Jean Bellis shares her journey of becoming an awarded tastemaker , Lifestyle blogger, luxury realtor who wrote a 3.9 million dollar deal. Tohni exposes the pros and cons of The Luxury Realestate Industry. Follow her @tohnistyle If you’d like to support the podcast visit and click donate to make a onetime donation to our show
April 27, 2020
Fashion Conversations with Gloria Johnson
In this episode Editorial/Celebrity Stylist Extraordinaire Gloria Johnson who has worked with the fashion industry’s Leading Publications including Lofficial goes in depth with Host Keiana Armani about what it takes to become a successful fashion stylist, gets candid about her journey studying abroad, and exposes the pros and cons of being an African American female in the fashion industry. Follow her @styledbyglo If you’d like to support the podcast visit and click donate to make a onetime donation to our show
April 20, 2020