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A show that mixes knowledge and nonsense design to entertain, educate and provide an escape.
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175. space court

the indoob! podcast

176. long take hot takes
Sterling gives Kortney more incentives to visit Connecticut including an amusement park with a roller coaster he'll never go on again as well as seeing a mysterious tower in the middle of nowhere. Long takes in films are discussed. The power of vision boarding. And Sheboygan FINALLY gets an Olive Garden! Just when you think the show is ending, a list of recommendations to further distract you from the real world. Follow Kortney on Twitter @iamkhinton, and Sterling on Twitter @indoob. Email us at Subscribe to the Patreon at Visit the Indoob Store and more at
September 29, 2022
175. space court
The Chicky Sauce saga concludes and the Creamsicle quest begins. Sterling sees strange lights in the night skies and finds out what they are (and now you can too!). Celebrating Serena Williams because she's the GOAT of GOATs. Follow Kortney on Twitter @iamkhinton, and Sterling on Twitter @indoob. Email us at Subscribe to the Patreon at Visit the Indoob Store and more at
September 01, 2022
174. treat yo self
Sterling and Kortney embrace and enjoy life with some niceties such as playing with an Oculus and first-world problems of cracking quail eggs. Sterling theorizes what dark energy and dark matter are doing in our universe. The BHF is all about the late, great GOAT Bill Russell with excerpts from this essay. Also discussed: Stranger Things (Netflix), The Sandman (Netflix), Prey (Hulu), and She-Hulk (Disney+) Follow Kortney on Twitter @iamkhinton, and Sterling on Twitter @indoob. Email us at Subscribe to the Patreon at Visit the Indoob Store and more at
August 17, 2022
173. NOPE review (featuring megasheen podcast's viktor & nick)
Sterling, Kortney, Viktor, and Nick are looking up at Jordan Peele's latest film, NOPE, and begin to ask and answer questions they have about the film... as well as if it's actually any good. Follow and subscribe to Megasheen wherever pods are found or by clicking here.
August 04, 2022
172. joust! (JWST)
Sterling and Kortney nerd out about the James Webb Space Telescope which has been affectionally dubbed "Joust" after Sterling gives an update about his new job and things he got during Amazon Prime Day. Regular segments return such as Word Watch, Sheboygan News, BHF and a little bit of Spookums with the obvious SPACE news. And yeah, we are now on Anchor! So if you listen on Anchor or Spotify, you can check for extra features like questions to answer and ways to support (other than where you can find even more content).
July 22, 2022
171. blacklisted
After an unintended break, Sterling returns after a long and life-changing week (some of which has been detailed on Including seeing Hamilton! Due to criticisms about the musical and its historical accuracy, Kortney and Sterling stand in defense of it as a modern work of art. But not to bury the lead, Sterling leaves his old job, detailing his last day and shouting out all the coworkers (he knows the names of) and discusses his first day of work at a little company called Entertainment & Sports Programming Network.  Again, the original 171 can be found on Patreon, along with lots of other bonus content.
July 07, 2022
170. cookieology
Berto returns to help us determine if milk actually hydrates better than water, whether or not we discussed the origins of ranch dressing, and a good handful of words that mean nonsense which sadly did NOT include "poppycock." Later, another round of Florida or Floridon't and more recommendations that can fill up a whole week including Drag Race, Mr Robot, Way of the Househusband and Stranger Things 4. Lastly, Sterling remembers what was supposed to be featured in this episode, and also receives dad points for the BBQ sandwich his son requested.  Subscribe to the Patreon at
June 08, 2022
169. sippin’ stress tea
Vilissa returns to join Kortney, allowing Sterling to suffer in making wrong choices in beverages and self-medication. We jest, of course. However, a rousing game of Florida or Floridon't is played, the planets have aligned, and Vilissa is out in these streets to off some squirrels. Please note, this episode was recorded about a month ago. Check out some of the things Vilissa has been up to: Also, be terrified by the baby ghost shark we discussed:  
May 25, 2022
168. dr. strange in the multiverse of (white woman) madness
SPOILERS, just for those who need to know before listening. Nick from Megasheen returns to discuss the latest Marvel film Dr Strange 2, as Sterling calls it. Sterling, Kortney and Nick get down to the issues they had, the biggest and favorite moments they enjoyed, and what they look forward to next.  Listen to Nick and co-host Viktor discuss the film on their pod here. Find Megasheen anywhere and everywhere pods are found.
May 12, 2022
167. coddiwomplin’
Sterling and Kortney continue their journey through the stars, Supremes, and Sheboygan. Seriously, shout out to future Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson! And Imperfect Foods, who's not a sponsor... yet...
April 14, 2022
166. we don’t talk about pluto
Sterling and Kortney review the Oscars and NASA's big Hubble announcement, however, Sterling finds a better space announcement. Berto submits a spookums update.
April 03, 2022
2022 oscar predictions
Sterling does his best to predict this year's Academy Award winners.
March 26, 2022
165. legs on mars
Neysha returns to help Sterling and Kortney break down the future of AI, better sleep hygiene, and James Brown's Payback. Later, a rousing game of Florida or Floridon't and a trip to space and the Spookums Zone. The demands for more shows like Grand Crew, Bust Down, and South Side which is now under the genre "Just Black and Existing."  Some very specific links to fully understand some of the greatness shared in this episode: To check out the mac and cheese recipe: Check out the PBS Voices' Subcultured "How Did Anime Become So Popular in the USA?"
March 16, 2022
164. lovingly judgemental
Settle in, Sterling tells Kortney a number of stories about work and says "no", a kid with stitches and a Black history fact. Kortney finally experiences something she's dreamed about for the past few years.
March 03, 2022
163. strange scary sauce
Sterling has beef with McDonalds. Nerdgasms about Doctor Strange and Spider-Man No Way Home. Oscars updates (bot no predictions yet). And all your favorite segments like Word Watch, Black History Fact, SPACE (JaWScope update), and Sheboygan News. Brought to you by the feel-good, go get em energies of green tea. 
February 17, 2022
162. 99 flavors of space tips
Sterling celebrates his birthday at various locations including 99 Restaurant (and looks for sponsorship as well as recipe secrets). It's Black History Month so we highlight Curtis Mayfield and introduce a new segment of song breakdown. Another rousing game of Florida or Floridon't. Is Earth being chased by an asteroid? And more on the James Webb Space Telescope!
February 02, 2022
161. citizens of saturn
Spoilers if you haven't seen the films Gravity (2013) or War of the Worlds (2005) The links in this episode: Route 66 Black-Owned Gas Station Restoration and where you can donate to help Space Junk Made into Rings  Everything you'd want to know about the James Webb Space Telescope.
January 23, 2022
160. 2021 & done
Sterling and Kortney are back with the first episode of 2022 all about 2021. And syzygy. 
January 10, 2022
the harder they fall: review
Sterling and Kortney take a look at the hit Netflix film The Harder They Fall. To hear the entire clip, listen on
December 19, 2021
159. loveblerds: it‘s penis time!
Take a listen to Sterling's other podcast, LoveBlerds, where Sterling and his wife discuss parenting, nerdy things, their relationship, and more. 
December 08, 2021
158. raisins without consent
Sterling and Kortney are joined by Rod and Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast for this very special Friendsgiving Day episode (which was not mentioned as such)... but the crew is very grateful nonetheless. Rod and Karen discuss how they met and how they started their podcast. Later, they play an extended game of Florida or Floridon't.  Check out TBGWT
November 24, 2021
157. getting ready to get ready
When is the right time to start decorating for Christmas? Sterling and Kortney debate. Also, how smart devices can help you program the holidays (and useful tips to get them to work at all)! Sterling gives spoiler-free reviews for Eternals, The Harder They Fall, and a discussion about Dune.
November 10, 2021
156. dream bigger
*The* Stephanie Williams has returned, freshly minted from DC after writing Nubia and the Amazons (now available at your local comic book store or Comixology). After forgetting the BHF last episode, Sterling provides 3 facts to chew on, including Georgia's youngest certified farmer! Later, a rousing game of Florida or Floridon't. While Steph dishes on Nubia, be sure to check out our friends at MegaSheen to hear more about how she crafted her story.
October 27, 2021
155. indiana is on the floor
Sterling has some things to get off his chest but also wants to talk about food. But what else is new? What's new is what's old, and that's a number of films being rebooted which annoys Kortney to no end. Sterling tells another real-life Spookums story and later a riveting story from Sheboygan. Despite claims Sterling ISN'T drinking, he still struggles with certain words. Specifically malevolent. 
October 13, 2021
154. naked women in a storm drain
Sterling and Kortney are excited for Netflix's upcoming The Harder They Fall and try not to talk too much about it... instead, Kortney talks about her experience with FIYACON 2021 and Sterling plays another round of Florida or Floridon't. Also, every wonder why the planets seem to be on the same plane? And do you ever wonder how old Sterling and Kortney are and how long they've known each other? Find out all this and more on this episode!
October 02, 2021
153. matrix makeover
Sterling and Kortney start out with a spat about fungi before revelling in the return of The Matrix. Later, someone is finally going to deal with the growing space junk problem Earth is having which bothers the hosts more than they realized. Sterling possibly encounters a ghost, maybe? Also bothersome are the hosts of a reality show on Netflix, but there are recommendations for better things to watch and listen to. Please check out Ashley's storefront for It Works!
September 15, 2021
152. does candyman have candy?
Sterling reflects on Kanye West's new album Donda, director Nia DaCosta makes it in the record books, Kortney builds a pergola, Sheboygan makes the top 3, and Seinfeld is coming... 
September 03, 2021
151. a whole wife
After a much-needed hiatus, Sterling and Kortney return with a very very special guest: Sterling's brand new wife Ashley! They give a brief recap of behind-the-scenes at the wedding and honeymoon adventures in Cape Cod. They struggle with the ice breaker question, move on to a story about Samuel L. Jackson, visit some singing pipes, and play an extended version of Floriduh or Floridon't. Sawfish!  Land Lobsters! Sam Jackson History Pipe Trees! Wedding photos/recap (coming soon)  
August 19, 2021
150. it sets itself up
WE MADE IT TO 150! And we're taking a break! Sterling and Kortney take time to discuss the latest Fast and Furious movie, F9, and how it rates compared to the others in the franchise thus far. There aren't spoilers if you've seen the trailers. Later, Sterling talks about the people who talk to him at work about aliens. The big topic is the big events coming up, one of which you can visit here: Lastly, Kortney quizzes Sterling with Floriduh or Floridon't
July 07, 2021
149. the beard of your heart
It's a joyous holiday season as an ailing Sterling celebrates his official first Father's Day and Juneteenth by hanging out at Virtuous Con and the fascinating panels he attended. A quick trip into a black hole storm (very brief due to a tech-heavy read) followed by the confirmation of UAPs (or as we know them, UFOs, but also a heavy read) and the return of Sheboygan News and a very large octopus. Sterling takes Kortney for another round of "Florida or Floridon't" and then attempts to fry her mind with the concept of a tachyonic antitelephone. Lastly, tell us what you call the objects Sterling describes since we all have different names for them.
June 23, 2021
148. millenial checkmate
DISCLAIMER: This, unfortunately, is another episode with audio issues particularly in the latter half of the show. We apologize for the inconvenience if you have trouble hearing/understanding.  In this episode, Sterling learned that he's not as young as he used to be and the importance of stretching. Another Word Watch article about obscure punctuation marks, #askindoob listener mail, and BHF: AJ Smitherman. There's a huge plug for our good friend Portia and her recent interviews with Bloomberg and CNN regarding remote work post-pandemic lockdowns. 
June 11, 2021
147. bat-crap cray bray
Sterling and Kortney are here to buck the trend and end the cliches... or at least discuss them and if they truly are cliches that need to retire. Sterling also rehashes ideas for ice cream, and cereal, and why they need to join forces someday. And lastly a big thank you for your continued support in listening, donating, and sharing this podcast. More ways to help: and Coming soon:
May 26, 2021
146. felicia the sandwich
Sterling plays a new game with Kortney called "Florida or Floridon't" and attempts to freak her out with the legendary footballfish. A question about birthdays; and a cautionary tale and a PSA regarding Zoom calls that apparently still need to be heard in the year 2021.
May 14, 2021
adventures in parenting
Possibly the first in a series as Sterling reflects on parenthood thus far, a brief overview of his experiences with a 5-year-old and what that has to do with Invader Zim.
May 05, 2021
145. artial marts
The majority of this episode is an in-depth review of both Mortal Kombat (2021) and Godzilla vs Kong. However, it begins with Sterling's recap of the Oscars and what predictions he got wrong, and it ends with the new words brought to you by the pandemic. You're gonna want to read along because Sterling can't speak German, Dutch, Lithuanian, etc... 15 Useful Pandemic Words
April 28, 2021
2021 oscar predictions
Sterling predicts who will win in this year's Academy Awards. There's a moment during Best Costume that Sterling blanks on a name... Keira Knightley is the actress's name that is escaping him. Read the predictions here!
April 21, 2021
144. cheesy regrets
Lots to discuss in this episode including a PSA for the youngins about getting older, several Black history facts including Eartha Kitt and Dr. Huey P. Newton, Sheboygan scooters are coming, and the added benefit of wearing masks everywhere. Whilst this episode may come off as a little blue, or green, the Word Watch is "fart." Read about its fun history here. Also, Sterling gets his ears flushed and Kortney prepares for cicadas invasion.
April 14, 2021
143. limited chicky nuggies
Stephanie Williams (@steph_i_will) is back to reclaim visiting the pod the most, as Sterling and Kortney enlighten her on Cinnamon Toast Shrimp. The BHF goes to space when NASA honors Octavia E. Butler with a spot on Mars. (See full story here) Sterling shares a new (old) meaning to the word "twig" and later shares an update from Berto right out of the Spookums Zone. Popeye's chicken nuggets return (in select states) and Ben & Jerry has a new ice cream flavor that remains elusive to Sterling. Question of the day: how do you reheat YOUR pizza?
March 31, 2021
142. large lizard v. massive monkey
Sterling is excited about the new Godzilla vs Kong film coming to theaters (and HBO Max) soon. Later, Sterling introduces Kortney to mukbang, does a quick assessment and review of the Grammys wins and Oscar nominations, and determines if he wronged a painter at work. In the Spookums Zone, Sterling shares Berto's story of an auntie ghost living in his house. The Word Watch is forsooth and the BHF is FINALLY Senator Raphael Warnock. Meanwhile,
March 18, 2021
141. ...but first, milk
Neysha stops by to chat it up with Sterling and Kortney, unknowingly about cereal and the order in which it is to be poured, as well as demonstrating today's Word Watch: chinwag. Lots to discuss in BHF coming off of BHM, but more on that later. Also, a Space update! Check out the piece Neysha wrote that got a bunch of people's panties in a pinch over at Anti-Blackness in Anime  
March 04, 2021
140. truculency in this dancery
Sterling may or may not be feeling truculent in this episode whilst Kortney may or may not be feeling excited about the arrival of the Black Widow film. The almost BHF examines the many portrayals of Malcolm X but the actual BHF is Beyonce's epic release of her self-titled album. A brief history of watching bootlegs, James Spader vs Billy Bob Thornton and other things that have scarred us over the years. And another brief update on our favorite space anomaly Oumuamua.
February 17, 2021
139B. 1202021
In the long-awaited part 2 of the return of the hiatus, Sterling and Kortney answer "Best 3 of..." questions, including best emotional scenes in movies, food, trailers, and more. Later, they give honor to Eugene Goodman for Black History Fact. 
February 08, 2021
139A. 1202021
Welcome back! Is this season 2 now? Sterling and Kortney return from hiatus but there's not enough time to talk about all the things that happened in the last few months or years since the last episode. Some of those things they don't have enough time to talk about include HBO Max, Disney+, Heaven's Gate, Tenet, Letter Kenny, and more. Sterling talks about the harrowing adventures he's had with his apartment so far and why he's boycotting Door Dash. 
January 20, 2021
138. friendsgiving 2020 LIVE!
Sterling invites Vilissa, Janelle, Neysha, and Nick to join him and Kortney for a special live episode discussing the regular nonsense such as appearing (and later disappearing) mirror monoliths in the desert. Sterling also asks a series of questions which yields a favorite response of "cotton balls of sheep."  This is also the last episode of 2020, which wasn't known at the time of initial recording, but does include an excerpt from a Patreon only episode. To see the live episode video feed, check it out on Patreon here:
December 01, 2020
137. dreamstorming gingerbread
What is Dreamstorm? We couldn't tell you but it's fascinating and you need to experience what we know of it (watch the YouTube clip here) and if it can help manifest the gingerbread Oreos that Sterling craves. Also, Sterling learns a startling fact about Kortney! Sterling also freaks Kortney out with the rules of the Elevator Game which may or may not have played a role in Elisa Lam's mysterious death. Sprites and elves exist on both Earth and Jupiter. And Sheboygan is open for visiting! Our BHF segment features the glorious feats of Stacey Abrams, a true warrior queen.   Dreamstorm - Jupiter Elves - Visit Sheboygan visitor center - Elevator Game Rules - 14 Facts About Stacey Abrams -
November 11, 2020
136. spookums country
Sterling and Kortney invite long time fan and captain of Sterling's Auntie Army: Aunt Cindy, as she spooks the pod with ghost stories from the haunted building she clocked in at daily. Also, Kortney discusses her experience with the FIYAH Lit Mag writing conference she attended, and Sterling shares more pod recommendations to enlighten your life. Sterling would like you to know: this is the most produced episode he's mixed in a while. Good job, sir.
October 29, 2020
leaving lovecraft country season 1
Sterling invites Vilissa and Neysha to dissect the good, the bad, and the ugly as they take a look at the first season of HBO's Lovecraft Country. Be warned, heavy spoilers throughout as they start with the finale and discuss all episodes. Did you watch the show? Did you read the book it's based on? What did you think?
October 21, 2020
135. dirty podcast secrets and lies
Sterling brings out all the toys and spills tea on all the tricks of the trade! That's right, Word Watch, Sheboygan news, #askindoob mailbag, SPACE!, Spookums Zone and of course BHF! Later, Sterling talks behind the scenes of podcasting and what's happening in the industry. Links: How To Be An Ally to Native Americans, Sheboygan Surfing, Most Haunted Places in America, THERE'S AN ASTEROID COMING!
October 15, 2020
134. joaquin phoenix
The alternate title would have been Thirsty Thighs & Bubble Butts... which is to be expected when indoob regulars and comic experts LaBlaq and Stephanie "Steph I Will" Williams stop by to suggest what comics you should be reading. Keep an eye out for Steph's upcoming comic Living Heroes!
September 30, 2020
133. calling car no. 34
Sterling got stuck in an elevator. Here's his story. Later, Sterling confabulates Kortney about returning to the cinema and afterward discusses horror movies, TV, and if they're ever able to handle them. The Black History Fact is more a Black Joy Excellence as we celebrate Nandi Bushell with Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl. Not everyone gets their own theme song.
September 16, 2020
132. grok the questions that need answers
Sterling revisits 'Oumuamua and attempts to convince Kortney to watch Lovecraft Country for the culture. A few questions that need answers: what does the heart-shaped herb taste like? How do eels procreate? Are you bothered by the word moist? We don't have the answers, but feel free to provide yours or ask your own questions at
September 02, 2020
131. battle of the elements: korra in lovecraft country
Sterling and Kortney are joined by returning guest Janelle (@jsoabove) to discuss coping with plants, Aang vs Korra, and the state of animation and streaming services. Sterling reviews the first episode of Lovecraft Country (and other shows he's been watching).
August 20, 2020
130. multidisciplinary nerds
Neysha returns with her So Here's What Happened podcast co-host Carolyn to talk best movies, shows, and books they've watched this year. Later, what are the top streaming services do you use? Sheboygan news and Spookums Zone also makes returns with a quick reflection/review of Beyonce's "Black is King." Follow their podcast: Follow Carolyn: Follow Neysha:  
August 07, 2020
129. Steve McAvoy
Vilissa Thompson returns to discuss the heat among other things, like The Legend of Korra and Dissect podcast examining Beyonce's LEMONADE. Sterling is tormented by a coworker. And more stories about the bonus kid. The trio also pays tribute to the late great Congressman John Lewis. (Read the whole essay referenced here: )  
July 23, 2020
128. pocket food
Kortney and Sterling mostly talk about Hamilton, again. What else did you expect? Also discussed is the new Unsolved Mysteries and the BHF: Phillip Reed. See this link to see the pics and read the story:
July 08, 2020
127. quarfessions
Sterling and Kortney re-introduce Nick from the Megasheen Podcast to revisit a favorite villain from (and an overall analysis of) the Hollywood classic Mildred Pierce. Before that deep dive, the crew ponders space ice cream (kinda) and then shares your quarantine confessions! Do you have a quarfession you'd like to make? Email or ask us questions you'd like answers to!
June 25, 2020
126. be the balm
Sterling and Kortney continue to discuss ways to help in the Black Lives Matter movement, including going to to find information on ways you can donate, petitions to sign, and more. Later, Sterling and Kortney talk about ways they've been practicing self-care, which delves into the gripes Sterling has with the Hobbit film(s). Sterling introduces a new segment: Quarfessions - confessions of things you've done (or didn't do) whilst being in quarantine, maybe worn the same outfit or ate that "food" that's been in the back of the fridge. Tell us! We're a safe space. Email and we'll feature it in the next episode! 
June 18, 2020
125. me? protest?
First things first: BLACK LIVES MATTER. Second: wash your hands. But if you're not the type to be out on the street demonstrating, here are some tips on how you can help the cause. There are many ways you can be part of the movement, and here's a way to start:
June 12, 2020
124. spaghetto
Spaghetti is a plural noun. Plus other shenanigans.  We cite our sources:  
May 27, 2020
123. pope & crew
Sterling and Kortney welcome DeaconFATAL (@fullofbass) to the pod to discuss the process of composing film scores, assistance for vets during the COVID crisis, Duke Ellington, and Alexa's shenanigans. There was an asteroid that almost hit us... And a bunch of docuseries(es) to check out after you finish Tiger King. And check out DeaconFATAL's SoundCloud here:
May 14, 2020
122. cowboy tim
This episode was recorded a while ago... Quarantine life was still new. Sterling, Kortney and Berto are just passing the time in this episode. Just enjoy the shenanigans. 
April 29, 2020
pandemic proposal
Sterling tells the story of how he proposed to his girlfriend during the pandemic. See the pics below!
April 26, 2020
the tiger king review
Neysha returns to this special episode just to discuss the runaway insanity that is Netflix's Tiger King. We take a look at all the "characters" and later fancast who we think should play who in the upcoming miniseries. 
April 03, 2020
121. the show is bigger on the inside
Sterling and Kortney welcome special guest Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) to talk sheep, Madam CJ Walker, the best comedy to lighten any mood, and the brazen actions of one KFC and their donut chicken sandwich. Find the Progressive Army here Support Stephanie Williams' Living Heroes Kickstarter here
March 20, 2020
120. skumps!
Sterling and Kortney concur that the "12 times tables" are the worst of the multiplication tables. There's new designs in the indoob store (finally) and some upcoming cons and fests to wear said merchandise to, like Leaky Con! Later, we salute and celebrate Stephanie Williams who created the successful Kickstarter for her new comic "Living Heroes" with art by O'Neill Jones. (You can still contribute to the Kickstarter as they try to make it to $15k!) Where does "skumps" come from? What is it? Shouldn't we all be dreaming a little bigger, darling? Check out the store here or go to
March 05, 2020
119. the BAMF awards
Sterling reviews the Oscars (and the Super Bowl halftime show despite already discussing it last episode but failed to mention Shakira, J Lo and Janet Jackson). Kortney gives an update on the status of her novel. Reviews for Sonic the Hedgehog and They Will Have Us followed by BHF: Claudette Colvin, Leontyne Price and Pam Echols & the Fair Housing Act of 1968 (see the story here). New designs are heading to a t-shirt or mug near you, head over to and follow for updates.
February 19, 2020
118. remembering the good place
Sterling attempts to spook Kortney about aliens but ends up talking about a documentary about an internet serial killer. As for happier topics, the question on what to do with birthday cards post-birthday, soft pants, Hamilton in theaters, Negro History Week, and The Good Place finale. Spoilers are between 51:10-1:02:30 Read the rest of the alien invasion story that's coming to The History Channel:
February 06, 2020
117. falling from grace
A critique of Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace and why/how it could have been better. Also, Sterling had the flu.
January 22, 2020
116. the underside of dreams: a new year's resolution for cats
Sterling and Kortney are back in 2020 discussing what they did over the holidays, rules for the holidays, and all the regular segments are back including your questions! (A review of the film Cats was teased, but will happen in a future episode)
January 10, 2020
115. 2019 review
In the first PodBean live stream and last episode of the year, Sterling and Kortney review the year 2019.
December 24, 2019
114. kortney goes to washington
Kortney recounts her trip to DC visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Sterling discusses the first episode of HBO's Watchmen.
December 12, 2019
113. friendsgiving day 2019
Vilissa (@VilissaThompson), Steph (@Steph_I_Will), LaBlaq (@LoveAndShalom) and Neysha (@La_Ney_sha) return to join Sterling and Kortney for Friendsgiving... and shenanigans. 
November 27, 2019
112. disney plus glitch
DISCLAIMER: As irony would have it, in discussing the glitch within Disney+, this recording is heavily glitching and we apologize. If you can't get through the whole episode, we understand. But we didn't want to *not* put out this episode. Berto (@DryBertini) returns as we dive into Disney+ on launch day to discuss all that we loved and disliked about the new streaming service. There's some mention to serial killers at one point that will someday soon be heard in a Patreon exclusive to fully be understood.
November 15, 2019
111. return to the spookums zone
Sterling and Kortney examine what scares listeners, as well as what frightens and freaks them out. A common fear tends to be snakes and spiders. What scares you? Email us at
October 30, 2019
110. 2 egg haircut
In this short but sweet episode, Sterling makes his annual pilgrimage to The Big E and gets his delicious delights. A double word watch to get festive for the holidays... except that maybe a snake eating a child may or may not be all that festive. An impassioned plea to check out the new season of underrated Netflix show Abstract and analysis of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. BHF is about the late Jessye Norman, read about her here.
October 02, 2019
109. malarkey
Sterling would love Albanese to sponsor the podcast someday, as they make some fantastic gummy bears. Anyway, Sterling begins to name names and reveals people who have appeared in stories told on and off line and foolishness they may have engaged in. We're looking at you Dark Phoenix. Later, a quick look into Sheboygan News, BHF: Dr Daniel Hale Williams, and TWO space stories: a lunar elevator and space cruise.
September 19, 2019
108. it's RGB, baby!
Sterling and Kortney swap stories about what they've been up to the last couple weeks including someone breaking into Sterlings car and Kortney sitting in on an interview with the legendary Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone for once in a lifetime experiences. Also, check out the legend speak here: RBG Live in LR! And for some reason, Jeremy Renner had an app... this is the article we still didn't read about what happened to it.  
September 06, 2019
107. jupiter descending
Sterling and Kortney lament over the possibility of having to relive yet another Spider-man reboot with the recent news of Sony and Disney split. The BHF spotlight is on the record-breaking Simone Biles who is too amazing for words. In Space news: black holes are still terrible. Later, an in-depth analysis of the Wachowskis space opera Jupiter Ascending.
August 21, 2019
106. showers in the van
Keyerra of the Crime in Color podcast stops by, not to discuss crimes or criminals, but favorite songwriters. Although criminals are discussed when Stephanie St. Clair is brought up as this episode's BHF. Kortney discusses a new obsession. Sterling reviews Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Follow @CrimeInColor and Keyerra on Twitter. Check out the official Spotify playlist here: Songwriter's Delight
August 08, 2019
105. you, me, and sdcc
A review of San Diego ComicCon, specifically and especially news from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what's most anticipated. Prior to that, more news about Bettye and what surprises she had in store for Sterling. Later, a review of the new Lion King and the winner of the Okayiest Movie Award of 2019. Sterling tells a story about the time he spent an hour on the phone with a crank caller.
July 25, 2019
104. you shall not (movie)pass!
RIP MoviePass, as we contemplate the next slate of streamers heading to your smart TV coming soon. Sterling discusses a pet peeve that many men can possibly only relate to. A salute to Tom Joyner and his Morning Show that kept us entertained and inspired. Support our good friends over at Mayke reach their Kickstarter goal: And check out our friend Blair Imani's TED Talk:
July 11, 2019
103. bettye swann was here
Sterling gets a new car and names it after one of his favorite soul singers. Sterling and Kortney officially declare they are apologists for The Matrix trilogy. BHF salutes Dr. Marijauna Pepsi Vandyck. Are cell phones making bone spurs grow out of your head? And has Star Trek already trekked to Mars? More questions you didn't know you wanted to be answered, answered... and a few questions for you to answer at
June 29, 2019
102. reasons to skin a cat
Sterling embraces newfound fame and attempts to cope. A first-ever BHF/Spookums Zone Mashup featuring legendary blues musician Robert Johnson. Also, who's censoring Lizzo and for why would you ever? Later, an in-depth review of the season 5 finale of The Flash (yes we're talking about The Flash again because we can).
June 14, 2019
101. keanu reeves: king of the monsters
Lauren Warren returns to the pod to talk summer movies and TV, specifically and especially John Wick 3 and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Beware, there are light spoilers. The Flash, Billions, Aladdin and Detective Pikachu are a few other things discussed in this episode.
June 06, 2019
100. the google genie: LIVE!
Recorded LIVE @ GMFM, Sterling celebrates his 100th episode and 8th year podcasting with Kortney, returning guest co-host Gerry Williams, and special guest gospel comedian Chris Clark. Sterling briefly describes the Fermi Paradox or watch this video to get you started (the videos suggested are also recommended if interested) BHF: The story of Robert Smalls  Watch the live broadcast of this episode! Check out Chris Clark and what he's up to next.
May 21, 2019
episode 99 - indoobits vol. 1
Best of 2018, or at least the first half of it. Clips from episodes 66-76! Special thanks to @southerncynic for helping to compile these clips.
May 05, 2019
avengers endgame: spoiler review
It's what Sterling and Kortney have been waiting to talk about all year and finally dive into the nitty-gritty of the biggest film of their lifetime.
May 03, 2019
episode 98 - homecoming
She's back! Stephanie Williams continues her podcast tour. Also, Beyonce. Sterling, Kortney and Stephanie are just hanging out this episode.
April 18, 2019
episode 97 - opening a can of wormholes
Sterling, Kortney and Neysha discuss the after-effects of watching Jordan Peele's Us, the rush to buy tickets for Avengers: Endgame and re-order and review Love, Death + Robots without spoilers. Sterling introduces a new term, actually two: "night water" and "mouth feel." Later, Kortney delivers some mind-blowing facts about space and Sterling follows up with the Fermi Paradox. Extra bits from this episode will be found on Patreon. To get tickets for Chris Clark go to Follow Neysha on Twitter @La_Ney_sha
April 04, 2019
episode 96 - gnats and gnoseeums
Sterling just received Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse on Blu-ray and is properly geeked out about it. He tries to convince Kortney to let a radioactive spider bite her or at least watch the movie with her. Later, Sterling talks about Christine Houston, creator of 227 and a story of the birth of twin ducks. Kortney and Sterling ponder the shape of a possibly expanding universe and then dive into a full-on discussion of Captain Marvel.
March 21, 2019
episode 95 - the petty episode
An exhausted Sterling and Kortney throw the regular format out of the window and discuss their pet peeves, including people who still wish you a happy New Year in March. March 11th to be specific. 
March 12, 2019
episode 94 - because he's BLACK
Sterling and Kortney welcome LaBlaq to this special Black History themed episode. There is some talk of new galaxies being discovered and moon phases, but mostly historical and monumental Black figures like Mae Jemison, Gerald Lawson and the new Netflix documentary The Two Killings of Sam Cooke. LaBlaq brings a detailed report on the Tulsa Riots which you can hear on Patreon, which includes an extended aftershow conversation about the topic and how we can move forward knowing what we know. Lastly, Sterling has an exciting announcement! See more of LaBlaq's work: Tulsa Riots on Patreon: Oscars 2019 prediction ballot:
February 21, 2019
episode 93.1 - oscar & friends '19
In this special Oscar-themed episode, Sterling welcomes cinephile and film critic extraordinaire Candice Frederick to talk snubs, nominations, hopefuls and favorites. Spoiler alert: Alfonso Cuaron's Roma and Adam McKay's Vice are mentioned quite a bit... Thoughts on who should win the majority of the categories, which might help you make your predictions with our official Oscar prediction ballot: Follow Candice on Twitter: @Reeltalker and read her work at
February 13, 2019
episode 93 - witch doctor who?
Sterling and Kortney welcome special guest and certified blerd Connie (@ConStar24) to nerd out about Doctor Who and just how many times she's been blessed to see Hamilton. Live. In person. In NYC. We're not jealous. Connie and Sterling relive the East Coast version of Polar Vortex, whilst Kortney enjoys warmer weather and debates the validity of climate change. Sterling reviews the film "The Hurricane Heist" and later salutes Candice Payne. An official Oscar's special isn't set yet but you can make your predictions here: and winners will be announced on episode 95! Cold open: Rosa Parks. Happy 106th!
February 06, 2019
episode 92 - podconning 2 the emerald city
Sterling goes to PodCon 2 and visits the beautiful city of Seattle! He recounts his adventures to Kortney and later has a seemingly random chat about the Speed Racer movie and whether or not it's a bad movie based on a previous tweet. (Links to many of the sites and podcasts Sterling mentioned will be updated here later!) Also check out the Patreon for TWO bonus clips: First edition of Plane Thoughts, and an aftershow clip.
January 24, 2019
episode 91 - monsters revealed
Sterling and Kortney start the new year discussing a handful of the new movies they saw at the end of last year, including Bird Box, Aquaman and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. Later, BHF features Gladys West, winter fun in Sheboygan and the invasion of stink bugs. The Spookum Zone has a brand new theme (and a spooky sad story as well). Disclaimer: Sterling sounds a bit weird as he was experimenting with his Bluetooth headset. He will not be using it again unless he has a good reason to and wanted you all to know that's why he sounds weird. For the extended version of this episode, head on over to to hear the bonus after show clip! For those curious, the cold open is a viral video from Twitter from last year that brings Kortney and Sterling much joy. Tweet them if you'd like to see it, because you have to.
January 13, 2019
episode 90 - family dinner (or: the brain and the mind)
In this special (and experimental) holiday episode, Sterling invites you to dinner with his family. Meet his parents (again) sister, brother-in-law and a few others around the table as they enjoy their Thanksgiving meal. The young'n you will hear the most musings from is that of Sterling's nephew Eli. (This episode was intended to be released the week of Christmas) For those concerned, everyone involved is aware and agreed to be recorded. But that didn't stop anyone from being themselves nor are they being "extra" because of it. And it has been edited for time.
January 13, 2019
episode 89 - MAILBAG!: the king of R&B
In this special episode, listeners send Sterling and Kortney questions including questions about Christmas, things they are leaving in 2018, best thing about 2018, the live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie, movie award shows, and so much more... including who is king, prince or duke of R&B. We've got the answers! Email us at or tweet @indoob #askIndoob to send us questions to answer on the show! And check out the Patreon to hear what we took out of this episode!
December 12, 2018
episode 88 - the light on the hill
Indie comics creator Ed Williams stops by the pod to talk about the history of Arclight comics, their epic mission and the glorious future he and his team hope to see. Later, everyone chimes in on where they are in terms of decorating for the holidays. Another update on Jahana Hayes and Ava DuVernay makes Sterling's day. Ed leaves us with some strong motivation. Question of the week: is Amazon's Echo Dot out to kill us? Discuss in comments and tweet us your thoughts. Check out
November 29, 2018
episode 87 - sterling got a library card!
The title says it all, as Sterling learns all the benefits to joining the biggest free club in the history of clubs. Ariel joins in as well as they discuss air fryers, get into the mysterious object in space known as "Oumuamua" and the very real possibility that the robots, are indeed, on the verge of taking over. Sterling salutes Simone Biles and Jahana Hayes for BHF and finds a reason to be upset with Sheboygan. We're not making this up: The latest on Oumuamua Would you like to visit or travel with the Oumuamuaians? Tweet @indoob or comment and let us know!
November 14, 2018
episode 86 - the spookums zone
Sterling and Kortney welcome very special guest author, professor and spookums extraordinaire Tananarive Due as she shares her history on writing and an excerpt from one of her short stories. Prepare to be both entertained and inspired!
October 30, 2018
episode 85 - the radio guys (REALLY live!)
For the first time, Sterling brings indoob in front of a live audience with special guests from WIHS 104.9 FM announcers Neil Knudsen and Gerry Williams. They chat about their start in radio, life in California, #askIndoob, and an adventure to the North and South Pole. Watch the stream here:
October 17, 2018
episode 84 - hold my 586,000 watermelons
Sterling and Kortney record an episode re-do and basically talk about nothing. They do recall school projects and math problems, and later Kortney learns Sterling's tip on tipping. Everyone gets homework at the end of this episode! (To hear the earlier part of this conversation, became a Patreon subscriber to hear the upcoming Bonus Spookum Special)
October 10, 2018
episode 83 - the last last airbender
Sterling shares a few highlights of the 70th Emmy Awards along with a handful of recommendations including Marvel's Wolverine podcast and The Dragon Prince. Kortney and Sterling celebrate newly minted EGOT winner John Legend. Later, Sterling breaks the news of the live-action remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Is Kortney on board? What does taradiddle mean? And what is channel drift and how does it affect you? Find out all these and much more!
September 20, 2018
episode 82 - the fune
Sterling and Kortney discuss the late great Queen Aretha's funeral, or at least what they both heard/saw, and thoughts about funerals in general. Sterling has a double BHF and double Sheboygan news, and a Word Watch that leads to some rather crappy results. Lastly, Sterling presents his predictions for new shows to be canceled for the 2018-19 TV season. 
September 09, 2018
episode 81 - believe the hype
Sterling is pretty excited about his new steering wheel cover and has a minor epiphany about it. Kortney declares what hill she'll die on, and she's certain she's not alone on that particular hill. Sterling defends Blue Brothers 2000 whilst celebrating the late great queen of soul Aretha Franklin's cameo appearance. Later, Kortney and Sterling answer the question: what is an eggcorn? And is there a black that's blacker than black? All this and more in this episode.
August 22, 2018
episode 80 - lime adjacent or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the event horizon
Sterling has been busy during his social media hiatus designing t-shirts but mostly playing the cult classic Katamari Damacy. Kortney has been beating the summer heat by embracing it with hot yoga. Meanwhile is Sheboygan, bratwurst is celebrated over the weekend and BHF Best Name goes to artist and innovator Dox Thrash. Later, Sterling shares an article from the app Curiosity regarding the ways a black hole can kill you. Sterling also shares a tease of the time he made eye contact with Sir Patrick Stewart, full story (with video!) can be found on  To check out the new designs for GMFM 8/10/18: 
August 09, 2018
episode 79 - the couch shimmy
Berto aka @DryBertini joins Sterling and Kortney to talk about best movie musicals and what qualifies as a movie musical. Meanwhile, Sterling recounts the minor tragedies befallen upon him the past week from spider webs to near bear attacks. Model trains are the rave in Sheboygan and CAbin in the Sky is featured in the Black History Fact this episode. 
July 26, 2018
episode 78 - the war on xmas
Vilissa Thompson returns for the Christmas in July special for the first episode in the Fan Appreciation Month. Want to know why Christmas is abbreviated to Xmas and who's fault it was? How did some slaves celebrate Christmas? And what are the listeners favorite and most hated Christmas songs? Find all of that and more in this very jolly episode. Xmas Origin Johnkankus origin Slave experience during Christmas
July 11, 2018
episode 77 - to pimp a blueberry
Special guest activist and author Blair Imani stops by the pod to chat about her recent trip to Waka--Kenya and talk about her upcoming book "Modern Herstory: Stories of Women and Nonbinary People Rewriting History" coming out October 16, 2018. Sterling has an update on the toilet tyrant from episode 75. Kortney visits San Diego but once again, has an interesting flight home. This episode BHF is about Dr Olivia Hooker, the oldest survivor of the Tulsa Riots, among other notable mentions. Is Godzilla a dinosaur? The trio discuss, but voice your thoughts and tweet us your answers!
June 28, 2018
episode 76 - time fighters
Sterling shares what he'd been up to during his work and Twitter hiatus and asks an important question in a terrible impression of Keith David. Kortney struggles to pronounce the name of a lake in Connecticut and Massachusettes. Strange goings-ons are reported in Sheboygan. And how many Transformer movies are there anyway? IHOb? Really? And really, this is just another typical episode but questions and answers are found within!
June 14, 2018
episode 75 - the toilet tyrant LIVE!
Join Sterling, Kortney, Neysha and Viktor for this very special YouTube live episode where they discuss breakfast, lunch or dinner of the day, a very peculiar man in Sheboygan causing trouble, alien abductions and much more. A couple questions from the listening audience get answered by the panel and the topic of top villains is revisited. This episode BHF is all about the Green Book, an African American's survival guide if going on a road trip in America.  Viktor is a co-host on the Megasheen podcast. Neysha hosts the Speak On It podcast and co-hosts So Here's What Happened podcast. This episode was sponsored by Use the offer code "indoob" to get 10% off your order until June 30th!
May 31, 2018
episode 74 - ASMR & U
In this episode, Sterling and Kortney explore the world of ASMR. Prior to that, an unresearched look back at the show we lost this season and a few that are on their way. Also, new segment alert! And a slew of announcements and upcoming events! Check out and save 10% when you use the offer code "indoob" until June 30, 2018! 
May 16, 2018
episode 73 - fallouts & fellowships pt 2: wicomicon
Sterling and Kortney recap their adventures in Baltimore, navigating traffic, people, food and power outages whilst also enjoying their first con experience thanks to pop-up con Wicomicon! They discuss people they met (including recent guests) and many friends from Twitter. Brunch to bookstores, panels to parks, B-more really had a lot to offer for these first-time tourists. Special shout outs to Bryant and Gerald at the Days Inn Inner Harbor. The last chunk of this episode is a review, recap and reflection of Avenger's Infinity War... or an attempt at one. There is a spoiler warning, hence why it's at the end. Learn more about WICOMICON! This episode was sponsored in part by My Fluffy Puffs and kind Patreon patrons like you!
May 04, 2018
episode 72 - fallouts & fellowships pt 1: fancon
The biggest news to rock the blerd community and Sterling and Kortney attempt to make some sort of sense of what happened with the tragedy of Universal FanCon and it's aftermath including the crumbling of BGN (Black Girl Nerds) and it's founder Jamie Broadnax. This fallout is still ongoing, but the community does and will continue to be strong as we support each other through all of this. A couple articles to learn more about the FanCon fallout can be read here (written by Jazmine Joyner) and here (written by Clarkisha Kent).
May 02, 2018
episode 71 - vocal fry
Once again, Sterling's mic is weird. Sorry. Special guest and host of Speak On It Podcast Neysha join Sterling and Kortney for another episode of regular shenanigans. Kortney's favorite movie Jurassic World gets a sequel, where would a tie go on a giraffe's neck, singing in the shower, the greatness that is Bessie Stringfield (and the movie/miniseries we want to see about her life) and what would happen if Beyonce and Lin Manuel Miranda ever met. There's a promo for a Kickstarter project called Wash Day that at the time of recording was halfway to its goal. At the time of publishing this episode, it's at 108%! Still, support it if you can! Also pick up our friend Laura Meoli's new book Clarity for Your Creative Career on sale now! And check out Neysha's podcast Speak On It and follow Neysha and SOI on Twitter.
April 05, 2018
the indoob! podcast trailer
April 01, 2018
episode 70 - when beards connect
DISCLAIMER: Once again, audio issues plague the pod as Sterling attempts a new recording method. Please bear with us, we apologize for the cutting in and out. Also, we learned the odd scratching sound is Kortney's necklace!  As for the episode itself, special guest Clarkisha Kent joins the pod and talks about the Kent Test she created and if it would be a good idea to put chicken chunks in ice cream. And no, it would not. Our BHF is about Lorraine Hansberry, the first black woman to have her play on Broadway. Later, Sterling recounts fond memories of Toys R Us and how that connects to his last day working for Amazon. Also, do all three have baby faces? Is this a good thing? Find out! Follow Clarkisha Kent on Twitter! Check out the Kent Test!
March 22, 2018
episode 69 - ambigram
Kortney and Sterling flip roles again in this episode. Sterling recaps the Oscars and announces the scores from the Oscar predictions from the last episode. The BHF for this episode is all about Madam CJ Walker. Later, Kortney and Sterling list off their favorite words, whether it's the meaning or just words they like to say out loud but don't get to use very often. What are some of your favorite words? How would you rate them in dollar amounts?  Check out Sterling on Comics Bolt's NERDSoul Sunday about time travel, a topic he's nerdy about and undoubtedly discuss again on this podcast again...
March 08, 2018
episode 68.1 - black panther teaser
This is a preview of the reviews recorded with Sterling's parents shortly after they saw the film, and a segment from the conversation with Candice Frederick, Lauren Warren, Kortney and Sterling from the previous episode. Hear the ENTIRE conversation on where the spoilers will abound, as there are only a few here for the few who have yet to see the film.
February 23, 2018
episode 68 - oscar & friends '18
Special guests Candice Frederick and Lauren Warren join Kortney and Sterling to discuss Oscar predictions, dinner movie parties, The Good Place and of course, new Ben & Jerry flavors. (Candilicous and S.C.A.P.E. Goat (or S.C.A.P.E.G.O.A.T.) we hope will be in a freezer near you soon!) Also in a BHF update: Doris Payne is getting a movie made about her starring Tessa Thompson. And Black Panther, anyone? Check the Patreon to hear a roundtable chat from the 4 and a snap judgment from Sterling's parents Donald & Shervie. 
February 21, 2018
episode 67 - evolution revolution
The Indoob Pod welcomes very special guest April Reign to answer Indoobian questions including bad pizza, movies we were too young to be watching when we saw them, and more! BHF is about a little known engineer (or actress) Viola Davis... and Sterling K. Brown too. April also schools Sterling and Kortney on proper pizza reheating, chocolate for grown folks and some beautiful real-life inspiration and affirmation including how Twitter can change your life and the world.  We have a question on the pod we didn't have time to answer, but we want to hear from you! Tweet us your answer with #indoobDinnerParty (or leave a comment on this episode) and we'll read them in a future episode as well as more of your #AskIndoob questions which can also be sent to
February 07, 2018
episode 66 - hot dern!
Parisa Fitz-Henley returns to the pod and discusses the underrated Arrival film with Sterling and Kortney. What TV show do they all love and watch on repeat? What would be their signature pizza? Is the 60's show Julia available to stream anywhere? Would you have a slice of Blocked Artery? All of these questions and a few answers are in this episode.
January 25, 2018
episode 65 - a peculiar people, pt 2
Sterling has an in-depth conversation with his mother, Shervie, about her stroke that led to open heart surgery, and the recovery process that followed.
January 10, 2018
episode 64 - icy christmas hearts
DISCLAIMER: Sterling has audio issues in this episode. Bare with him and his abrupt awkward silences and mistiming. Laura (LoudaVision) returns to discuss favorite Christmas movies (and TV specials) with Sterling and Kortney. Sterling recounts his mini-vacation and shares mini-reviews of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Disaster Artist, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Later, Sterling share 2 BHFs: Theodore Michael and the origin and practices of Kwanzaa. Check out Laura's holiday short film here. Stay tuned after the credits for bloopers.
December 20, 2017
episode 63 - the BGN android
Sterling and Kortney welcome special guest Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds to hang out and discuss how to avoid getting caught at work whilst working on true passions. Real questions get answered, such as what is the headpiece worn by Rocket, Gambit and Jean Grey and if Chip from Beauty and the Beast ever aged while he was a cup. This episode's BHF is all about Frederick Bruce Thomas (read more about him here). Also, who would sing a tribute to Kortney? And with everything she's doing, is Jamie even human? #HallmarkIndoob will continue in a future Patreon post and make sure you visit the indoob store! Visit for news, reviews and so much more!
November 29, 2017
episode 62 - lady bugs and other strange(r) things
Sterling has to deal with a ladybug infestation at work to which Kortney doesn't see as a problem. Meanwhile, Chief wants attention and makes his presence known. Later, #HallmarkIndoob continues as Kortney and Sterling discuss their favorite submissions for Hallmark Christmas movies. After the last commercial break, Sterling's BHF is about architect Paul Williams. Following that is a spoiler-filled review and recap of Stranger Things 2!
November 19, 2017
episode 61 - with love, hallmark
Sterling and Kortney are joined by special guest and OG pod sister Ariel (Pot Luck Dinner Podcast) to talk about Halloween celebrations and Day of the Dead. While many channels had horror movie marathons, the Hallmark Channels are getting in a different holiday spirit and airing Christmas movie marathons. Later, a listener writes into #AskIndoob to ask about abandoned cake at work. Help us come up with new titles for Hallmark Christmas movies by using the hashtag #HallmarkIndoob and we'll read them on the next episode. Do you have a question you want to ask the pod? Email or tweet with the hashtag #AskIndoob. Visit for more fun!
November 01, 2017
episode 60 - spookums
Sterling and Kortney get in the Halloween mood and tell local urban legends and folklore from ghost lights to ghost dogs and haunted hotels, all in an attempt to creep each other out. While they both admit to being "weenies", they enjoy some of the creepy things that go "oooo" in the night. For bonus stories, check out the Patreon! Don't forget, you can email the pod to ask questions or send us comments!
October 18, 2017
episode 59 - poderati tv
Sterling, Kortney and Stephanie predict which new fall TV shows they wish to see canceled (for whatever reasons they have). Sterling raves about cookie butter (and the limited edition Cookie Butter Oreo). Kortney delivers the BHF all about the Little Rock Nine and the 60th anniversary. Also, more #AskIndoob answers! 
October 05, 2017
episode 58 - violent boulders of chocolate
The pod welcomes super fan Vilissa Thompson to join in the silly shenanigans and talk ice cream, TV shows and raisins. Vilissa brings us our Black History Fact, author Eliza Suggs. Sterling introduces a new segment to the show "Ask Indoob" in which you can ask Sterling and the pod questions to answer. There's also a new email address to reach the pod if you have comments or questions: If you want to tweet a question, use the hashtag #AskIndoob and listen for your answer in a future podcast episode! Visit for more indoobian fun including the store and Patreon for more!
September 20, 2017
episode 57 - space moses
"Serling Wason" and Kortney talk about the Game of Thrones season 7 finale, even though they aren't serious fans of the show or the books. Before that, crime is running rampant in Sheboygan, and the two contemplate visiting the planet Jupiter and how long it would take to get there. Don't tell them, they'll figure it out. Check out the Patreon for cool links related to this episode! (There's also new bonus clips and episodes too) Also, want to check out the indoob network store? Visit or and check out the new designs!
September 07, 2017
episode 56 - a peculiar people, pt 1
Sterling talks about his mother being in the hospital, and what he and his family go through during the long process.
August 24, 2017
episode 55 - map of maps
Recording in the middle of San Diego Comic Con (and by "in the middle" we mean it was happening while we were recording), Kortney and Sterling discuss a few of the movie trailers released in the past couple of weeks and movie buzz happening. Later, while showing a spotlight on favorite director Christopher Nolan, Sterling and Kortney stumble onto a new idea for a showstopping musical number that ties Lin Manuel Miranda together with Nikola Tesla. This episode's Black History Fact is about Dr. Herbert Smitherman. Want to check out the indoob network store? Visit or and check out the new designs! 
July 26, 2017
episode 54 - serenity
In this very special episode, Sterling and Kortney bring a little tranquility as they talk about beachy getaways they experienced. Mid-July is officially declared the "abdomen of summer." Who's up for a trip to Panalu'u? We also encourage you, if you or someone you know is ever feeling the need to talk to someone when you feel you don't have any peace or control in this world, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Later, Sterling discusses the possibility of Sheboygan getting a little bigger, and Zena Howard, Architect. To read more about her, click here. Also, three words: Kortney beat boxes.  Songs played in this episode: Logic - 1-800-273-8255 (Instrumental) Lecrae - I'll Find You NEEDTOBREATHE - HARD LOVE  Mali Music - Heavy Love Andre Bayer - It's Going To Be Fine To hear these songs and more, please follow our Spotify playlist for this episode, we may add more songs. Don't forget to check out the Patreon for a bonus clip (and several bonus clips from the indoob network!)
July 17, 2017
episode 53 - magic hour in midnight
Very special guest Parisa Fitz-Henley (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage) enchants the Indoob Podcast with charm, wisdom, and a brilliant idea that Ben & Jerry's needs to make. Parisa also talks about new show Midnight, Texas and the character she plays, Fiji Cavanaugh, a witch in a town of other supernatural beings like herself. Sterling's Black History Facts are about real life alleged witch, Tituba and a brief history on Juneteenth. The poem "God's Minute" is by Dr. Benjamin E Mays. To hear more Parisa (and of course Sterling and Kortney), please support the Indoob Network Patreon and hear exclusive clips there!
June 28, 2017
episode 52 - tragedy on a sunny day
Sterling offers kind words of hope during these recent turbulent times and offers some advice on what you can do right now to make someone's life a little bit better. Later, Sterling relives the last 24 hours and considers a new career venture in the process. Fun facts about fowl, Sheboygan News, and Black History Facts about "Baby" Esther Jones. And yes, Sterling does nerd out a little about the new Black Panther teaser and the movie theater experience in general.  To hear Sterling and Kortney discuss, please support the Indoob Network with the Patreon and hear that episode there!
June 14, 2017
episode 51 - 2017 films part 1
Sterling and Kortney review films they've seen in theaters, and even a few they haven't but intend to (as of the time of this recording). All reviews are spoiler-free and include "Fate of the Furious" "The Circle" "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2" "Baywatch" "Logan" and a few notes on "Beauty and the Beast" "Get Out" and "Wonder Woman." For more reviews that are more in depth, please support the Indoob Network with the Patreon!
June 07, 2017
episode 50 - poor unfortunate souls LIVE!
To celebrate 50 episodes, Shannon from Nerds of Prey Podcast and Nick from MEGASheen podcast join Sterling and Kortney on a very special episode recorded live on YouTube. The usual nonsense is discussed including who is and isn't sponsoring the show. (Sorry Duncan Hines, we love you and your Perfect Size For 1 treats!) Clowns are no joke. Also, be sure to check out Pioneer of African American Cinema on Netflix! Later, the group debate on what makes a good villain and rate their favorite baddies from TV, film, book and video game. In celebrating 50 episodes, Sterling is hosting his first Amazon giveaway of Grant Snider's "The Shape of Ideas" where 2 lucky winners will recieve a copy of the inspiring book. Click here before May 31, 2017 for a chance to win! Check out Nerds of Prey. Check out the MEGASheen. And if that wasn't enough, please support the Indoob Network with the Patreon!
May 28, 2017
episode 49 - the squishy saga
After a brief unscheduled hiatus, Sterling returns with stories on what he'd been up to the last few weeks including a non-crashed laptop, a cold, and allergy attacks. But what he's really been battling is an antagonist by the name of Squishy who has been terrorizing his personal space. Does Sterling win against his new foe? Will he ever sleep again? Does he get his computer fixed? And who is Squishy, really? Find out all of this, and more, including Black Historical Fact figures The Nicholas Brothers in this episode! Music in this episode: "Ain't Got It Like That" by Earl St. Claire When you get a moment, please support the Indoob Network with the Patreon!
May 03, 2017
episode 48 - cheesecake and the gimcrack
Sterling continues to declare his love for Lindt chocolate truffles, as Kortney debates if eating Halloween 2016 candy is acceptable. The strangest things do have expiration dates, including shows on Netflix. But don't worry, as they bring new amazing shows which Sterling and Kortney discuss a couple favorites. Listen to a quick clip of our friend Stephanie's review of Iron Fist, and Sterling's parents discuss pink slips, black boxes and most important: cheesecake. Is it a pie? Is it a cake? Lastly, Sterling tells the story about the last time he had a procedure done at a dentist office that mysteriously disappeared. Also, please support the Indoob Network with the Patreon!
April 05, 2017
episode 47 - daddy's dairy
Sterling takes us on an adventure detailing his 24 hours in Boston, from his stay in a Motel 6, his first pho experience, taking photos of the Boston skyline, and surviving and navigating the St Patrick's Day parade. To see pictures from his story (and support the pod) visit
March 22, 2017
episode 46 - (don't) drop the mic
Sterling wishes his father a happy 60th birthday and tells a story about him being a boss in ever sense of the word, and also celebrates National Oreo Cookie Day with some breaking news. Later, Sterling explains proper microphone etiquette, a new contest, hope for Shure sponsorship and a certain coworker that could benefit having a microphone. Sylvia Rhone is celebrated for Woman's History Month, Black History and International Woman's Day. Also, please support the Indoob Network with the new Patreon!
March 08, 2017
episode 45 - mrs. m. murphy's smorgasbord of stories and shade
This episode is jam packed with fun as Sterling takes Kortney on a journey down his stream of conscious with quick takes on building a new computer, various Lindt chocolate truffles, proper ways to eat muffins, and the deliciousness of brisket. Sterling also shares thoughts on what has inspired him over the past week. Also in this episode, Sterling's Oscar predictions, a substitute teacher who was serious about coloring in the lines and creepy people who may mean well, but come off as being extra creepy. Keep keeping on everyone! Cold open by Shirley Chisholm Song in this episode "When The Sky Breaks" by Corrine Bailey Rae
February 23, 2017
episode 44 - the great wine heist
Much is discussed in this packed episode including how Sterling spent his 31st birthday which leads to a Doctor Who tangent and 10th Doctor theory that must be investigated. Sterling later introduces a theory on podcasting which may forever change the way you listen to podcasts. Kortney reviews the film "Split" and teases a future episode on the polarizing storyteller. And later, Sterling explains his new philosophy: mehism and theomehism.  This episode's Black History Facts subjects are Katherine Johnson and Thomas L Jennings. As part of The Resistance, Sterling is curating a Spotify playlist. Find it here:
February 08, 2017
episode 43 - the hamilton mixtape breakdown
Apologies for all the audio issues in this episode, lots of fun things began happening to the equipment but the show went on, albeit delayed. Sterling and Kortney review the Hamilton Mixtape track by track to discuss the highs and low (but mostly highs) of this brilliant companion piece to the original Broadway music. Leslie Jones brings the Black History Fact by way of a recent (1/21/17) SNL editorial and Sterling's coworker brings a question to #IndoobiansAsk which reminds us all of who isn't considered a "real man" in our society.  Also, the host survived another trip around the sun! Woot! Remember to #SlapAShark today and tell us about it!
January 29, 2017
episode 42 - slap a shark
Sterling welcomes in the new year with new hopes, aspirations, affirmations and a quick look back on The Year That Was. Sterling also gives brief reviews of last year's underrated films "Magnificent Seven", "10 Cloverfield Lane", "Arrival", and "Midnight Special." Also, don't forget to tweet or email ( your questions with #IndoobiansAsk to get your question answered on the show! 
January 11, 2017
episode 41 - black excellence 2016
We can agree that 2016 may have been a rough year for us all. But for all those low points we endured, there has been some equally high points as well. Sterling, Kortney and Stephanie take a look at a few of the greater, happier moments in the past year of Black Excellence from the world's stage to personal achievements and a good chunk of everything in between. Instead of a regular yearly rundown, we choose to celebrate only the positive moments, movements and memories of 2016. Editors note: There were quite a few people we forgot to acknowledge that had an impact on us all personally, but we want to give a huge shout out to BGN creator Jamie Broadnax! Please check out and support Universal Fan Con on Kickstarter! Music in this episode: "Melanin Man" by Brasstracks feat Masego
December 28, 2016
episode 40 - one last heist ...maybe
Sterling and Kortney try not to be evil and share some good news out in the world including meditation for kids in public schools and trendy eyewear for young children. Take a look into Jonas Paul Eyewear, won't you? DJ Joe Daddy stops by with a new holiday classic. Have you heard of Doris Payne and what she's been up to lately? And our hosts answer questions from listeners about curtainless windows and what happens to caskets after the funeral of those who donate their bodies to science. Also, please support POC podcasts! #SupportPOCPods Do you have questions you want to ask the indoob podcast? Tweet to @indoob or email! Read the Doris Payne article here Music in this episode: "Hamildolph" by Eclipse 6 Watch it here!
December 15, 2016
episode 39 - another googolplex
Alternate world and parallel universes as Kortney and Sterling traverse into the multiverses with possibly to crazy to be true stories about folks that really aren't from around here. Join in as they ask the important questions... like how does one even get back home? We wish Neil deGrasse Tyson were here to join us as we get to the bottom of a bottomless quest back to Earth Prime. Links we referred to in this episode: Is There Another You? 9 Strange Stories That Might Make You Believe in Parallel Universes
November 30, 2016
episode 38 - a strange thing happened, mr doctor
Sterling and Kortney take a strange and fantastic plunge into the world of new Marvel blockbuster Doctor Strange. But before the spoiler-laden review, they discuss Hamilton's continued success and what's next. And what's next for Netflix? Could Disney buy them out? Would that be a good thing? And what is Chewing Gum about and how does that connect to another Netflix hit, Black Mirror? Also, Kortney gives a spoiler-free review of the other movie you should check out while still in theaters.
November 16, 2016
episode 37 - hallowon't movies
Sterling has a stream of conscious regarding things that are bothering him, and maybe some things that should but don't. "Email" is now a bad word. Sterling also talks about scary movies he will never watch again, and a few he has no intention seeing whatsoever. Lastly, a thorough shout out of podcasts he enjoys and supports, and you should too!
November 03, 2016
episode 36 - sweet christmas cookies & cage
Stephanie from the Lemonade Show returns to dig into Netflix's latest hit Luke Cage in all it's spoilery details (you've been warned) with Sterling and Kortney. Before that, the trio chats about Nate Parker and "Birth of a Nation", Halle Berry, pumpkin spice, and a few surprise announcements from Sterling. To hear the amazing +8 hour Luke Cage Spotify soundtrack, here's the link: Check out Kortney's podcast here Check out Steph's podcast here
October 19, 2016
episode 35 - zack stentz: crossoverman
Sterling and Kortney welcome TV and film screenwriter and fellow nerd elite Zack Stentz, who has had the awesome and distinct opportunity to work on both Marvel and DC projects including Thor, X-Men: First Class and currently The Flash. Find out how he got his start, working with JJ Abrams while writing for Fringe, and what other projects he has going on and hopefully soon to come! Also, follow him on Twitter @MuseZack, as he is an avid fan and supporter of live-tweeting. Make sure to live-tweet The Flash, Tuesdays @ 8pm ET on The CW using the hashtag #DatFlash!
October 06, 2016
episode 34 - cheetos dusted surprise zombies
In our first ever podcasters round table, Sterling, Kortney (Get Verved Podcast) and Steph (Lemonade Show) discuss everything from the failed novelty foods from Burger King, the Matrix (as usual), and book recommendations. They also discuss and speculate a recent episode of Mr Robot despite not yet seeing the season finale, so be warned for spoilers. Sterling gives a history lesson and reveals his reasoning for disliking a certain water fowl that led him to hanging out in Washington DC.  Check out the Get Verved Podcast, from Verve House Collective. Also follow on Twitter. Check out Lemonade Show and follow Steph on Twitter.
September 21, 2016
episode 33 - cultivating creativity
Returning guest Laura Meoli of the LoudaVision Podcast returns to discuss and offer advice about the creative process, creative blocks, and what drives us to do the things that we do. Laura also discusses recent projects and ventures, some of which you can find on her website and her podcast! Poem at the top of the show is "Ode" by Arthur O'Shaughnessy in memory of the great Gene Wilder, the OG Willy Wonka
September 08, 2016
episode 32 - when lemonade spilleth over
Black Girl Magic takes over this show when @Steph_I_Will aka Misty Knight's Twist Out, host of the Lemonade Show drops by to talk with Sterling and Kortney about the Olympics (Black women win, Ryan Lochte lost) and "Catwomangate" (as Sterling likes to call it) stemming from a tweet about Black female superheros being represented on screen and the fallout afterwards. Later, the hosts declare movies that no longer exist and from here on out may no longer be acknowledged. Would you agree with our list? What would you add? Let us know. Once again, Sterling has audio issues, so please be advised. Apologies for the inconvenience.  You can find the Lemonade Show here and follow on Twitter @LemonadeShow And for reference... THIS is what Hustle Man was trying to sell in the intro (Thanks Steph):
August 24, 2016
episode 31 - rule breakers
We welcome returning guest Janelle (@JSoAbove) to recap Book 1 (Season 1) of Avatar the Last Airbender, and discuss favorite episodes and compare note of the series so far before starting Book 2 (already in progress). Later, Sterling and Kortney give reviews fore Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond respectively, while discussing the lackluster summer movie season as a whole. And what makes for a good cinematic experience anyway? What's been the best movie so far this year? And who is Marc Hannah and what is his connection to our conversation? And why does Liberace keep giving Sterling a hard time? Again, sorry for the audio issues in this episode. Music in this episode: The Chemical Brothers - "Go"
August 10, 2016
episode 30 - con con
Sterling and Kortney battle through the heat and exhaustion to discuss back to school season, convention season including things we wish we saw live at San Diego Comic Con. Sterling's Black History fact/figure is Dr. James West, who invented something you own. Sterling and Kortney also recap their exceptionally nerdy weekend with a quick review of the hit novel Ready Player One. Cold open clip is from TV show "Happy Endings"
July 28, 2016
episode 29 - self care s'mores
Sterling and Kortney address the recent tragic current events, and discuss the need for self care. Self care can include escapism, which the indoob podcast attempts to provide as they delve into a discussion about s'mores and how Sterling failed to experience them for the last 30 years. Apologies for the audio.
July 14, 2016
episode 28 - chick-a-plao
Sterling and Kortney obsess over the brilliance of Lin-Manuel Miranda and his smash hit, ear worm infested multileveled musical Hamilton. Before going all in on that, Kortney shares an adventure story about a bad flight that turned into a great experience and Sterling shares the story of the immortal Henrietta Lacks. Also, new segment: Down The Rabbit Hole featuring YouTube channel Kurzgesagt (which is German for "in short" or "in a nutshell") so go check them out!
June 29, 2016
episode 27 - yip yip!
Sterling is joined by new co-host Kortney to discuss the brilliance of Avatar: The Last Airbender, joined by fellow uber fan and all-around inspirational being, Janelle (@JSoAbove). Kortney and Janelle dive deep into the Avatar mythos as all three prepare to cohost #YipYipTuesdays livetweet event, every Tuesday at 8pm EST. To see the video Janelle references, see it here: This is another episode fraught with audio issues, segments were planned but ultimately had been cut. Hopefully, some of those ideas will find their way into future episodes. #BlameBilford
June 15, 2016
episode 26 - season finale
Sterling gives a rundown for the fall TV season of 2016-17 and predicts which shows might get cancelled. If you're not sure what to watch on network television this fall, this episode is for you.
June 02, 2016
episode 25 - black kings & black queens (with ebony b.)
T'Rella Sterling Watson of Wakanda dives into the excellence that is Black Panther and what makes him so amazing. Later, the breakout runaway hit (pun intended) Underground and how fictional history ties into real Black history facts including appearances by William Still. Also, a conversation with friend, artist and frequent collaborator Ebony B. Check out her website here: Due to the app that makes these cover photos, the text is a little different. Like it? Music in this episode: "Down" by Josiah Bell. To hear my Spotify playlist of all the music in Season 1 of Underground, including "Down", click here
May 19, 2016
episode 24 - liberace
Sterling, DJ Joe Daddy and Billfred pay tribute to the late great artist Prince, Mother's Day, and what Sterling has been busy doing the last couple weeks. Also, guess what the new microphone's name is... Music in this episode: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World - Prince
May 04, 2016
episode 23 - #cremelessoreos
In this episode, the Diner Dish segment returns with Didi, Ariel and Sterling talking about "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" and celebrities they'd like to meet. Previous guest Geek Soul Brother returns to talk snacks, and Sterling gets a new microphone and tries not to go on an angry rant about "Sleepy Hollow". But Sterling is looking for name suggestions for his new mic.
April 20, 2016
episode 22 - origin story: geek soul brother
Recording during Black Podcast Week, special guest and uber blerd Geek Soul Brother joins the podcast and shares his humble beginnings, the start of #SaturdayNightSciFi, opinions on Netflix's Daredevil and thoughts on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. GSB also shares upcoming projects and attending the Blackfinity Gauntlet event this year. Find @GeekSoulBrother on Twitter, visit his website and subscribe and listen to his podcast found on iTunes.
April 06, 2016
episode 21 - international women of history
Sterling celebrates Women's History Month by featuring stories about Cathy Hughes, Malala Yousafzai and Dorothy Dandridge, with a review of her film "Carmen Jones." Also featuring an intro from Nina Simone, Omar Goodness with music from Smokey Robinson ("Quiet Storm") and Janelle Monae ("Electric Lady") and the return of DJ Joe Daddy!
March 24, 2016
episode 20 - euphemia kirk
To celebrate Women's History Month, Sterling talks about the remarkable Mary Church Terrell, one of the first African Americans to graduate with a college degree, founding member of the NAACP, and so much more. Sterling also shares his opinions on the Nina Simone biopic, Ghostbusters reboot controversy and the "ANBand." Daredevil season 2 is coming to Netflix, livetweet with Sterling and Geek Soul Brother with #DatDevil March 18th, 8pm ET. Read more about Mary Church Terrell at the Library of Congress. Hear Sterling on the LoudaVision Podcast (House of Cards season 1-3 recap)
March 09, 2016
episode 19 - discipline v. regrets: dawn of choice
Guest co-host Kortney returns to discuss disciplines in life, and dealing with inevitable regrets in life. The discussion mostly lends itself to financial health, such as the 52 week savings challenge and being committed to choices made in the present for a better, prosperous future. Sterling's father, Donald, returns to talk about his encounter with the Black Panther Party when he was a kid and other adventures he wasn't allowed to do.
February 24, 2016
episode 18 - the daniel fast
Sterling shares his experience doing the Daniel Fast with his family and church, and added insights from his very special guests Pastor Donald and Shervie Watson. First, they recall the 30th anniversary of the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion, which just so happened to be around the same time Sterling was brought into the world. For those that wished him a happy birthday via Facebook, find your shout out in the last 10 minutes or so. But listen to the whole thing ;)
February 11, 2016
episode 17 - oscar's diversity sensitivity training
The Academy Awards are looking white as ever again this year and Sterling struggles to predict winners. (#OscarsSoWhite) Changes are being put in place as the industry slowly realizes that representation matters, Sterling explains what those changes are and how the nominations work. Later, some people still think the Earth is flat and some people think Oreo's should be sold without creme. (#CremeLessOreos)
January 27, 2016
episode 16 - a hack on titan
Sterling tells the story of when his Netflix account was hacked, and the only thing watched was the anime "Attack on Titan" which he is now a fan of. Also, reviews for The Revenant and Star Wars: The Force Awakes. Later, another edition of Diner Dish. Apologies if the audio quality isn't as great this episode. Corners were cut. The producers are trying to save some money. Music in this episode by David Bowie - "Changes"
January 14, 2016
episode 15 - sweet '16
Wrapping up the year of 2015, Sterling has many guests and indoobian regulars this episode: Aunt Cindy (and Sterling's grandmother, Gloria) chat about air travel and Sterling's first time on a plane this past year, "The Fellas" discuss getting older and cherishing the days (MANY apologies for the audio interference throughout this great conversation), and new segment "Diner Dish" with Sterling, DiDi and Ariel on favorite movies and shows of 2015, many of which Sterling couldn't remember even though he's the one that brought it up (check episode 14 for more on that). Also inspiring words from Mark Twain read by Kortney Hinton. Music in this episode by Tim Bowman, Jr - "I'm Good"
January 02, 2016
episode 14 - spoilers
SPOILER ALERT: This episode features return guest co-host Moxie Queen Supreme and Crown Gem of Little Rock--Kortney Hinton, founder of Verve House Collective and proud, flag waving fellow blerd. Okay, that's not the spoiler, but we dive into a bunch of TV shows and movies in great detail. So to save you from being spoiled if you haven't watched, please check the time codes below so you can skip past parts of our chat if you haven't watched it yet and plan to. Later, The Matrix (and to a larger extent) the concept of technological singularity (and the films that deal with it) is examined. 04:30-11:40 Jessica Jones11:40-19:15 The Walking Dead19:15-37:10 Mr. Robot37:10-49:00 Interstellar49:00-52:00 Mockingjay Part 252:00-57:30 Creed Visit Kortney at
December 17, 2015
episode 13 - deep fried
It's been a whirlwind of a Thanksgiving season for Sterling including 4 apple pies (total), 3 Thanksgiving meals, 2 viewings of Mockingjay Part 2, 1 season of Jessica Jones... and a partridge in a pear tree. And a FitBit Flex.
December 03, 2015
episode 12 - african american friday survival guide
It's that time of year again! Not that Sterling condones consumerism or commercialism of Christmas, he shares his tips on shopping during the year's biggest shopping day. Later, Sterling investigates the aftermath of 2014 Black Friday boycott.
November 18, 2015
episode 11 - a novel by s. grundy
Sterling has a new job, a tease to the working of TV ratings and the FCC, Jessica Jones live-tweet and The Fellas discuss Supergirl and monkeys on Netflix. Also, it's NaNoWriMo! Music in this episode by Max Frost - "Withdrawal"
November 04, 2015
episode 10 - live from planet earth
In this episode, Sterling has a Spotify update, and blerds out about Doctor Who. Later, he breaks down the mechanics of Saturday Night Live and The Fellas discuss the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and a brief debate of Star Trek vs Star Wars.
October 21, 2015
episode 9 - 2014 called...
For the purpose of not forgetting music we used to listen to last year, Sterling lists his top 20 favorite albums of 2014 without the help of Spotify. (His hacked account was restored by the time this episode was published.)  Please visit our unofficial sponsor for international snacks sent to your door! It is indoob approved.
October 08, 2015
episode 8 - salads, spiders and sense8
Sterling returns from an extended stay to battle new cashiers at Burger King and spiders on his microphone. Later, a quick review of favorite Netflix shows of 2015 and an in depth spoliery filled chat about Sense8 with returning guest Kortney Hinton. Visit Kortney's newest venture at and them indoob sent you!
September 24, 2015
episode 7 - friends of faith (with The Faith Life Podcast)
In this special episode, Sterling joins forces with fellow podcaster Min. Damon Gibbs of The Faith Life and chats with Keshia Tigner praise mime and founder of Stir Up the Gift Arts Academy.  Visit: to learn more about SGAASubscribe to The Faith Life on PodBean and iTunes.
August 18, 2015
episode 6 - with a k
Special guest and fellow multihyphenate blerd-writer-photographer Kortney Hinton joins the podcast to discuss upcoming businesses and blogs, attempts to persuade Sterling to join NaNoWriMo, and TV/movie guilty pleasures.  Be sure to visit Kortney's website and follow her on Twitter! Music in this episode by Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds - "Sugar"
June 18, 2015
episode 5 - on to the next
Pushed by inspiration and motivation, Sterling details the story of how he left his job and the state of mind he's currently in, which is overall pleasant and optimistic. There's also a subtle shout out to a diner in Brewster, NY worth revisiting.
June 02, 2015
episode 4 - tidal infomercial
Here are the facts about the new music streaming company TIDAL and whether or not it's worth it as a consumer. There's some other babbling going on as well, but hang around for the music pick of this episode Anderson East.
April 30, 2015
episode 3 - @ the oscars review
Special guest Laura Meoli-Ferrigon joins Sterling for an after-the-awards chat and discusses highlights and lowlights of the telecast. They also discuss their ideal best pictures of 2014 among other movie (and TV) insights. Chief whimpers throughout. Also check out Laura's podcast at Women of Action and her website
March 11, 2015
episode 2 - selma & oscar
Sterling returns from the depths of blizzards, birthdays and boycotts to share his review of the film Selma with his parents. The Fellas talk about favorite superheros and Ariel (@arielcherie) and Didi (@LuckieStarz) from the Catnaps and Cognac podcast chat with Sterling about his Oscar predictions and the controversial snubs. (At the beginning of this segment an article is referenced, you can read it here.) Music in this episode by Diplomats of Solid Sound - "Soul Connection"; That's Nice featuring Josh Moriarty - "Holiday"
February 21, 2015
episode 1
Sterling takes his blog to the podcast forum in this unorthodox studio-less stream of conscious. In this first episode he discusses various topics from Chick-fil-a, Bill Cosby, Interstellar and Gotham with a few special guests.
February 21, 2015
episode 0 (TLD: #123)
Listen to the unofficial first episode of the indoob! podcast long before the indoob podcast became to be! This is The Lost Dial episode #123 "the indoob show", the first and only time I hosted the show by myself. Most of it was made up on the spot but was somewhat planned, or at least were ideas I wanted to try just for fun. "Bunker", "Entertainment Report", Sterling's Top 25 Albums of 2013, "The Case of the Black Diamonds." Recorded January 11, 2014
December 06, 2014