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Industry Alchemist

Industry Alchemist

By Industry Alchemist
ALCHEMY can be defined as "a seemingly magical process of transformation or creation," according to the Oxford English Dictionary. This podcast exists to tell the stories of entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders (doing just that, in their industry). Welcome to Industry Alchemist, formerly Colorado A-List. In each episode, we learn about the journey of the brave souls carving a new path, moving their industry and our lives forward in an extraordinary way. The host of the show is Matt Brower, Owner and Managing Broker at a Denver boutique commercial real estate firm, Column Commercial Part
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Episode 48-Bee Calm and Carry on With HiveTech
Honey bees play a vital role in our survival, in part, because the agricultural industry depends on pollinators for yielding healthy crops.  Unfortunately, there are currently several factors that steeply affect the mortality rate of honey bees. In this episode, learn what those factors are and how an architect and a bee ecologist have teamed up to create a technology that supports a more hospitable environment for honey bee colonies. Matt interviews Kimberly Drennan, CEO of HiveTech Solutions about HiveTech's SMART apiary. This breakthrough technology has proven dramatic survival rate increases that can combat pollinator decline and help stabilize global food production.
April 08, 2022
Episode 47-Revolutionizing the Body Art Industry
Much like the narrative in mythology of the phoenix rising from its own ashes, Nando Mondragon has transformed himself and the circumstances of his past to forge a new path forward. As a youth, he was on a course to inevitable destruction. Prison time was the catalyst for reshaping his future. Fast forward to today, he is a seasoned entrepreneur, artist, and avid community activist. He is taking the tattoo industry to the next level by working to change stereotypes, streamline business operations for tattoo artists, and create a first-ever accredited tattoo academy!  Listen as Nando chronicles some of the significant events and soul searching that led him to who he is today and the causes he is working for. Check out Nando's website Certified Tattoo Studios
March 25, 2022
Episode 46-A Journey to Heal, From Direct Patient Care to Building a Healing Empire
CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is becoming more widely accepted/used to treat pain, anxiety, or seizures.  In this episode, Stacy Cason, Founder of Planetarie, explains what “CBDa” is, why it’s better than CBD, and the method Planetarie uses to obtain it from hemp plant! As a former anesthesiology nurse practitioner who was educated to treat pain with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or opioids, Stacy understands the dangerous side effects that they can produce. Stacy founded Planetarie in 2018 to offer a much safer and healthy alternative to managing pain.  
February 11, 2022
Episode 45-Every Corner Counts!
Do you ever come across a business and think, “Well duh! It’s a great concept, why didn’t anyone grasp on to this idea a decade ago?” In this case, I am talking about REACTIV.  The company was founded in 2019 by Ryan Boykin and Jason Shepherd, two clever entrepreneurs in the real estate industry.  They thought of a simple way for individuals or startup companies to rent space on a short term basis (as short as a couple of hours), as well as to help landlords to monetize areas of their real estate assets that (for multiple reasons) may not have been getting the attention they deserved.  Listen, as Ryan tells us more about REACTIV and how simple and invaluable it is for both tenants and building owners. Also, in keeping with the true entrepreneurial spirit-Ryan and Jason have founded two other successful companies together! Of course, those are stories for another day, but click on the links to learn more!  Atlas Real Estate is a full-service commercial and residential brokerage firm and Archipelago, a social club in both Denver and Phoenix! 
August 06, 2021
Episode 44-Behind a Brilliant Idea
One of the greatest things about entrepreneurs is that we envision a better way of doing something and want to share it with the world. And oftentimes, a brilliant idea is born out of grappling with a very difficult period in life.  Once we find our footing we want to help ease the journey for others.  This is exactly how Mindful Mamas was conceived.  In this interview, Terra LaRock shares how her experience becoming a new mother, paired with her background in psychology has culminated to form an extraordinary business idea that is helping mamas around the world! To learn more and try the app for free, click the Mindful Mamas link in the description above!
July 16, 2021
Episode 43-Breaking the Mold in IT!
In this episode, we hear from Paige Goss, who is breaking the mold in the IT industry!  Paige is the Founder of Point Solutions Group, an IT company that specializes in configuring, migrating, and/or integrating tech systems so businesses can run most efficiently AND securely. Furthermore, Paige and her COO, Sarah Jolly, maintain an investment portfolio supporting women-owned businesses. And as if that wasn’t enough, Paige is also Co-Founder with Sarah Jolly and Cynthia Del’Aria of Precursa, a software development company focused on helping technology startups go through a proven and predictable process for taking their ideas to market with the highest viability of success. Paige shares with us some of the struggles and accomplishments, peri-pandemic. And listen as she discusses navigating business development through the lens of her industry, with contagious fervor, I might add!
July 01, 2021
Episode 42-A Mission to Empower Entrepreneurs
If you are an entrepreneur or business leader, listen up, because this man, his organizations, and his story could be the keys to your success AND interpersonal growth!  In this episode, Matt interviews Greg “Woody” Greenwood, Co-Founder of the Colorado Thought Leadership Forum, Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, and Co-Founder and CEO of SpiralMethod.  (Incidentally, SpiralMethod is a call-back to episode 20 with Leslie Jones. And she coached Greg back in the day!) He has partnered with Leslie on the SpiralMethod, cultivating transformative leadership in organizations.  Brimming with wisdom in building and managing businesses, Greg is now dedicated to serving the entrepreneurial community- leading with his heart, rather than his bank account.
May 14, 2021
Episode 41-Managing Your Office Space (Like a Boss)
This episode's guest is an entrepreneur in an industry that's top of mind for all business owners right now as we figure out how the future of our office space will look moving forward.  Brian Watson co-Founded Proximity 4 1/2 years ago. Proximity is a workplace management platform technology that helps coworking companies and corporate real estate directors efficiently manage the daily operations of physical space.  Although the company is relatively new, Proximity’s technology is being used in over 400 locations across the US!  Listen and get inspired by this incredibly labor-saving and versatile technology!
February 26, 2021
Episode 40-The Magic In Collaboration
If you do any business networking in Denver, there is a good chance you have met or heard the name Erik Mitisek.  For over 20 years he has had an integral role in shaping the Denver business landscape through founding and developing multiple large-scale entrepreneurial networking groups.  His superpower truly is designing collaborative networks of people.  As Founder and CEO for the company Highwing, he does the same thing! Highwing is a digital platform for commercial insurance carriers, brokers, and clients to collaborate most efficiently with the best technology and data.  Having this innovative technology also serves to form and strengthen the relationships between all parties involved in navigating the complexities of insurance. For additional information about Erik, check out and for additional information about Highwing, visit
February 12, 2021
Episode 39-The Journey of Pairing Passions with Talent in a New Way
Matt interviews Mario Nocifera, a distinguished figure in the hospitality and service industry. He and business partner Robert Champion are in the midst of developing, perhaps the first of its kind, an “immersive art and dance bar.” This is THE dedicated place (located in Denver) to saturate your senses with beautiful sounds, ethereal motifs, delectable food, perfectly crafted libations, and enjoy a variety of events, activities, and entertainment. Listen to learn more about the very unique concept that is slated to come to fruition soon - in 2021, just as you are ready to come out of hibernation and reconnect with your tribe! For additional information, visit  
January 15, 2021
Episode 38-Creating an Experience Through Marketing
In this episode, Matt interviews Justin Moss, Founder of The Pineapple Agency.  Justin’s experiential marketing firm has worked with many clients you may be familiar with such as Adidas, Under Armour, Google, Bud Light, Coca-Cola, Live Nation, (the list goes on!). Listen to learn what experiential marketing is, how the company has temporarily shifted strategies to work through the pandemic, and find out why Matt was once the Bud Light Knight for one of The Pineapple Agency's marketing activations!  This episode is a great listen.  Justin is an inspiration to be around, not just for what he does for a living and the company he has built, but also because he is unabashedly himself- intense, authentic, compassionate, and tons of fun! For more information about Justin’s marketing agency, check out 
December 04, 2020
Episode 37-The MMA Fight in All of Us
What started out as a coping mechanism for fear transformed into survival, personal development, leadership as well as a livelihood AND a devotion to other human beings.  In this episode, learn what led Eliot Marshall to become a professional mixed martial arts fighter, business owner at Easton Training Center, and TEDX speaker.  He addresses the difference between running from our fears and hiding them from others versus facing our fears and having the courage to reveal them to others.  Listen, as he offers some great advice for all of us who are coping with the current events in our world. Also, Eliot has a podcast too! check out The Gospel of Fire (and his new book with the same name)! Note: Industry Alchemist is working to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This episode was recorded on 11/6/20 during a zoom call, rather than an in-person interview using podcast equipment; therefore, you may notice a difference in the quality of sound.
November 13, 2020
Episode 36-Existential Potential
Fear is one potential response to actual or perceived threats. Often it is fear that stands in the way of our potential, our desires, and our purpose. Facing our fears can be tough. It may be the hardest and darkest work we’ll ever do. Mike Valentine’s job is to help us face the fears that hold us back from what we would like to do and provide guidance to remove the obstacles from our path..... Not gonna lie, this episode is deep! Listen as Mike recalls a time in his childhood that first sparked empathy and an existential awareness. He now has over 30 years of experience in the field of human potential, leadership, and personal development. He’s an ex-ironworker, rides a Harley, and is a self-proclaimed “Fear Hunter”. Mike also has a huge empathic heart! This episode is awe-inspiring, introspective, and extraordinary and will indeed embolden you to live your life “On Purpose Now.” For additional information about Mike’s work and how to get in touch with him, please visit his website, 
October 23, 2020
Episode 35-The "CIENCE" Behind B2B Lead Gen
Michael Maynes, CRO/Founder talks about life and explains the amazing possibilities of outsourcing elements of your customer journey using a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). CIENCE is a lead generation company converting sales activities into measurable and predictable outcomes.  Listen to learn more about turning OCD into a business and how CIENCE can reduce risk and grow revenue. 
September 02, 2020
Episode 34-Masterful Marketers
Marketing and advertising is big business.  Behind the business is an entire academic field of study focused on consumer behavior! This is where Dr. Peter McGraw thrives.  He is a Behavioral Economist and Professor of Marketing and Psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder. During Dr. McGraw’s career, he has discovered and studied the truly masterful marketers.  Who are they? Comedians! Surprised? Listen to this episode to get a glimpse of how the great comics have some of the savviest strategies for branding themselves and learn more about the effects of humor on consumer behavior.   As a scientist who studies humor within the context of consumer behavior, Dr. McGraw has founded a research lab called HuRL, the Humor Research Lab. (By the way - no comedians were harmed during his lab research). He has also co-authored a book about the study of humor titled, The Humor Code- A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny.  Just published this year is his newest book, (“a how-to” guide for entrepreneurs, if you will) titled, Shtick to Business. And, as if that isn’t enough, he hosts a podcast show called, I’m Not Joking.  Check out this episode of Industry Alchemist to broaden your perspective of marketing and advertising through the lens of science! Note: Industry Alchemist is working to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This episode was recorded on 8/5/20 during a zoom call, rather than an in-person interview using podcast equipment; therefore, you may notice a difference in the quality of sound.
August 14, 2020
Episode 33-Hero Versus Coach
In this episode, Matt speaks with Jeremy Choi, CEO & Coach at LPS Athletic Centre in Toronto, Canada! The LPS Athletic Centre is an internationally known destination program for athletes (adults and kids) striving to maximize their explosive power in sports that require intervals of extremely high exertion.  (Incidentally, they also train executive-level leaders for a slightly different arena-the boardroom). The company uses a methodology and certification process created by them, called the Athlete Activation System. The system is so effective they have trademarked the term Monstas™ to describe clients after their metamorphosis!  Jeremy not only helps coach and manage the LPS Athletic Centre, but also runs 2 other businesses! Listen as he describes his formula for staying at the top of his game as a busy entrepreneur and family man! And he has a great insight for anyone in a leadership role about being a “hero versus a coach” that you’ve got to hear!  For additional information beyond this episode, please visit Note: Note: This episode was recorded on 7/21/20 during a zoom call, rather than an in-person interview using podcast equipment; therefore, you may notice a difference in the quality of sound.
July 31, 2020
Episode 32-The Keys to Success with RemoteLock
From creating the first Wi-Fi controlled smart lock to inventing the first universal access control platform - RemoteLock is setting the standard for how real estate professionals can kiss keys goodbye and stay in control of who comes and goes on their properties; from anywhere in the world. Listen as CEO, Nolan Mondrow describes the surfeit of applications for their universal access control platform, including remote access and locking technology in the real estate industry. One of the hurdles that the industry faced was assuring customers that the technology was secure. However, as Nolan explains, RemoteLock uses the same level of internet security that banks use to protect the money in our accounts, where most of us accede without much hesitation. And RemoteLock’s universal access control platform is extremely user friendly, empowering clients and their team to make access control a central element of their business operations with ease. Note: Industry Alchemist is working to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This episode was recorded on 7/8/20 during a zoom call, rather than an in-person interview using podcast equipment; therefore, you may notice a difference in the quality of sound.
July 23, 2020
Episode 31-The Adoption of Technology in the Real Estate Industry
In the 1990s and early 2000s, essentially all real estate schools were operating in a brick and mortar setting. Michael McAllister recognized an opportunity to leverage the internet and online education in the real estate education process to help make completing licensing education requirements more efficient and effective. In 2005 Michael founded The CE Shop, offering real estate (RE) education, exam preparation, licensing, and continuing education courses all under one roof…. Yours! In this episode, Michael speaks with Matt (the host of the show) about the challenges he and his partner faced when starting a new business during that time, including the process of getting RE industry professionals to adopt technology, stringent RE regulations, and major changes in the economy. However, he explains that with every challenge comes an opportunity to learn, grow, come up with creative solutions, and make life a little better for all of us! For additional information, please visit
July 17, 2020
Episode 30-Cool Edtech for K-12
Ozobot just might have one of the coolest (and cutest) products for K-12 learning anywhere! Ozobot is an edtech company, meaning most of their customers are primary and secondary schools. Ozobot collaborated with educators and school systems around the world to design a tech tool and lessons that are integrated into core curriculum for math, reading, science, and more. Plus, with two ways to code–on screens with blocks and screen-free with colors–the company’s robots put the A in STEAM and give children the tools to create with technology. Nader Hamda, Founder and CEO of Ozobot, explains how his own children inspired the initial concept for Ozobot. To learn more, visit  Note: Industry Alchemist is working to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This episode was recorded on 6/23/20 during a zoom call, rather than an in-person interview using podcast equipment; therefore, you may notice a difference in the quality of sound. 
July 10, 2020
Episode 29-Scalable Network Solutions
In this new era of connectivity, computer networks now have a greater strategic and economic impact than ever. Existing physical and virtual network appliances are extremely complex and are failing to meet the demands of data centers and their customers to have simple, scalable, and evolvable connectivity solutions. Stateless’ mission is to make network connectivity simple. It was founded by Murad Kablan and Eric Keller in 2017 as a spinoff of their Ph.D. research. Stateless software platform enables data center operators to easily define and build a portfolio of elegant network connectivity solutions that can be cost-effectively productized and operationalized at scale. Stateless is proudly based in Boulder, Colorado. Murad Kablan describes in layman’s terms how it all works. He also explains some of the triumphs and pitfalls of starting a new business. Learn more at Note: Industry Alchemist is working to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This episode was created on 6/18/20 with a Zoom call, rather than our usual in-person interviews using podcast equipment. However, you may notice a difference in the quality of sound and format.
June 26, 2020
Episode 28-Tech Staffing and Business Adaptability During the Pandemic
Dave Bacon is the Founder and CEO of BWBacon Group, a technology staffing company niched in finding software development, mobile, systems, and product talent for many of Denver’s innovative tech companies. Dave founded BWB nineteen years ago in his basement! Since 2009, BWB has grown into the agency it is today with eleven team members housed at Battery 621. In this episode, Dave discusses some of the changes that have been implemented in his company since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of their methodologies, they have been able to quickly adjust AND help their clients adjust to the constant shifts in business practices during the pandemic. For additional information about Dave’s company, please visit Note: Industry Alchemist is working to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This episode was recorded on 4/2/20 with a Zoom call, rather than our usual in-person interviews using podcast equipment.  However, you may notice a difference in the quality of sound and format.
June 19, 2020
Episode 27-Creating a Storyboard for Your Business
What does it take to build a great business? What sort of leadership do prosperous companies have? How do you stay inspired and stay focused as an entrepreneur? Would it be better to offer more products/services or stay focused on providing the product/service that you do best?  As an entrepreneur, these puzzling questions may flash through your mind from time to time.  Liz Giorgi, Founder and CEO of both Mighteor and Soona, has contemplated those very questions herself and shares her wisdom on this episode of Industry Alchemist. But first, before you listen, let’s give you a little background about Liz’s companies.  Mighteor creates highly impactful custom video ads; conceivably containing a script, actors, animation, music, and set at a desired location. Mighteor blends the best of every detail together to create a very well-polished ad.  For a more casual, custom ad, requiring a swift turnaround that is also affordable, containing skilled photography within the studio or a less formal video production; Soona can get it done in 24 hours and the customer can direct the production from the comfort of their own office! For more information about Mighteor and Soona, please visit and Note: Industry Alchemist is working to comply with city mandates to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This episode was created on 4/2/20 with a Zoom call, rather than our usual in-person interviews using podcast equipment.  You may notice a difference in the quality of sound compared to other episodes.
June 12, 2020
Episode 26-Speaking Your Truth
“I help people give themselves permission to show up exactly as they are.” -Erin Weed Erin is the Creator of The Dig and Founder of EVOSO. She is a TEDx speaker and coaches other TED and TEDx speakers. (Erin is also the Founder of Girls Fight Back, a woman's violence prevention company she launched after the murder of her college friend). Erin feels that everyone has a story and a message that the world needs to hear. The Dig is her method for finding the ONE WORD that describes your life purpose and message.  EVOSO (short for "Evolution Society") takes what is discovered through The Dig a step further for public leaders/speakers who want to lead with their words from the stage and give authentic talks. Listen as Matt (the host of the show) makes a discovery about himself while recording the interview, inspired by the conversation with Erin! She’s that good. For additional information about Erin, beyond this episode, please visit Note: Industry Alchemist is working to comply with city mandates to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This episode was created on 3/31/20 with a Zoom call, rather than our usual in-person interviews using podcast equipment.  You may notice a difference in the quality of sound compared to other episodes.
June 05, 2020
Episode 25-Bridging Communication Gaps with Senior Care Providers
Katherine Wells is the Founder and CEO of Serenity Engage.  The inception of Serenity Engage came at a difficult time when her mother, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, needed additional care; and her father, who had type II diabetes, leaned on Katherine for care.  Working full time, with a family of her own, and trying to care for her parents, Katherine eventually made the decision to find long term care for her parents.  She quickly experienced the massive communication gaps between herself and the senior care staff, which hindered the quality of care that was provided. It was then that she decided to borrow some concepts from the corporate world and make them domain-specific for the complex senior care industry. In this episode, Katherine tells Matt about her journey and how families and care providers can begin to connect and collaborate to improve the care of loved ones. Serenity Engage is offering free trials during the COVID-19 lockdown! Go to to learn more. Katherine is also the co-host of the podcast show, Mavericks of Senior Living. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts! Note: Industry Alchemist is working to comply with city mandates to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This episode was created on 3/31/20 with a Zoom call, rather than our usual in-person interviews using podcast equipment.  You may notice a difference in the quality of sound and format.
May 21, 2020
Episode 24-Turning Over a New Leaf in Marketing
When the cannabis industry was beginning to boom in Colorado, Josh Whitaker, already a seasoned marketing pro and entrepreneur, recognized this new industry had a critical need for his skill and experience.  So, in 2015, Josh launched Team Maryjane, a company focused on developing and promoting cannabis brands, offering full-scale and fractional marketing packages.  Team Maryjane soon managed to learn savvy tricks-of-the-trade to assist with sales, distribution, and order fulfillment specifically for CBD brands.  Thus, Josh launched another company in 2019 dedicated exclusively to handling CBD clients. Fully Amplified is the first fully outsourced operations company for CBD brands! They have cultivated the best way to maximize their clients’ revenues and minimize expenses, hence “fully amplifying” every CBD brand.  In this episode, Josh imparts how he plowed through the last several years of hard work building both niche marketing companies, navigated by his passion for marketing and incredible entrepreneurial spirit. (And somehow, through all of this, he still found the time to volunteer!) For additional information about Team Maryjane and Fully Amplified, please visit and
May 07, 2020
Episode 23-Efficiently Managing Company Finances
Businesses come in all different sizes and stages. It doesn’t always make sense to have a full-time CFO or accountant on staff. Therefore, fractional CFO services are a great option for many companies because the services can be tailored specifically to each company and save them money.  In this episode, Matt speaks with Dan DeGolier, Founder and CEO of Ascent CFO Solutions. Ascent CFO provides parceled services such as financial modeling, cash flow forecasting, funding/capital strategy, outsourced CFO services, general accounting, and M&A support for early-stage and established businesses. (Please note: This episode was recorded on 2/26/20 and references the novel coronavirus, when there were only 15 confirmed cases in the US and there was not yet a major effect on the public or the economy). For additional information about Ascent CFO beyond this podcast episode, please visit   #FractionalCFO #CFOForHire #startups #scaleups #strategy #growthCFO
April 23, 2020
Episode 22-Reframing the Value of Legal Services
There are several ways to price professional services rendered and charging customers or clients for the time spent is a common approach. However, placing value on time rather than the service itself, often provokes us to ration every cent and consequently we may not receive optimum services. Stan Doida, Founder and Attorney at Doida Law Group is working to reframe the value of legal services so that clients can reap the maximum benefits of legal counsel, rather than fragmented or inaccurate counsel based on a very limited scope of information provided to the attorney. Stan's firm offers fixed fees which gives clients price certainty from the start and allows for a deeper, more strategic relationship. In this episode, Stan points out that taking time out of the equation of billing is mutually beneficial for the client and attorney because it encourages the client to provide the entire scope of a situation and as a result, the attorney can offer exceptional counsel. Listen to learn more about how the Doida Law Group is disrupting the legal industry and about the services they offer in Business and Finance Law. For additional information about Doida Law Group, please visit
April 10, 2020
Episode 21-A Survivalist's Guide for Entrepreneurs
Today’s guest is a business owner in the survivalist industry and an author of a new book called, “The Turnaround Gift.” His company, Survival Frog, provides information about emergency preparedness as well as a source for survival and outdoor gear (for times like the present COVID-19 pandemic). Several years ago, the survivalist industry experienced a downturn in sales and he had to quickly adapt to the changes. During this time, he learned invaluable lessons about how to make quick strategic decisions, scrutinize every area of operations to improve efficiency, as well as how to remain objective during a time when emotions are running high. And he came out on the other side of the downturn, confident that his company is able to weather any storm, economic or otherwise. Listen as Byron Walker, Founder and CEO of Survival Frog, outlines several suggestions for entrepreneurs currently struck with a massive downturn in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional information about Survival Frog and emergency preparedness, please visit
April 01, 2020
Episode 20-A Metamorphosis with the SpiralMethod
This week’s amazing guest is Leslie Jones, CEO and Founder of SpiralMethod. As an executive coach for over 25 years, Leslie has worked with major corporations such as Starbucks, Microsoft, Accenture, Comcast, and small to mid-sized businesses, CEOs and C-suite teams across the World. Leslie helps leaders of leaders learn new ways to create, communicate, understand and collaborate. She is on a mission to end the “disconnection gap” that suppresses innovation, productivity and engagement in groups, families, communities and companies. Her company, SpiralMethod, offers a holistic leadership training ecosystem for communities and companies. This system rapidly clears space for deep collaboration that produces extraordinary results; accessing and cultivating the wisdom of the people, especially at a time when we need it most. For additional information about the SpiralMethod, visit
March 29, 2020
Episode 19-Geeking Out On AR (Augmented Reality)!
Meet Steve Jenkins, CEO and Co-Founder of 3CO. To comprehend what he and his business partner do, you first have to understand what augmented reality is. Simply put, augmented reality is the integration of the real world and computer-generated sensory information. 3CO uses 3D scanners and augmented reality technology to help businesses digitize their inventory and virtually install anything from the inventory into your smartphone camera viewfinder. From there, the applications are endless! Listen as Steve tells us more about and how their augmented reality technology works!
March 18, 2020
Episode 18-Showing Employee Appreciation with Wishlist
Traditionally, or perhaps stereotypically, employers have recognized dedicated employees’ milestone tenure with the cliched gold watch or placard. Wishlist provides employers with a more creative and meaningful way to recognize and reward valued employees for their continuous hard work. Our episode this week is an interview with Daniel Kasper, CEO of Wishlist. Listen as Daniel describes Wishlist’s highly desirable selection of experiential gifts such as live events, spa treatments, travel getaways, skydiving, recreational classes, the list goes on! Wishlist uses software technology to seamlessly connect with corporate human resources and tailors rewards/gifts to each organization’s unique employee demographics, company budget, and core values. Through recognition, Wishlist helps to increase employee retention and job performance - and they track it! Learn how the company got its start and has quickly grown and evolved!
February 28, 2020
Episode 17-Hiring Exceptional Admin Professionals
Exceptional Admins, founded by Hilani Ellis, is a boutique executive search firm solely focused on placing administrative professionals with executives, innovators, and entrepreneurs for the purpose of strengthening and more efficiently accelerating business operations forward. As a former executive assistant herself, she knows first-hand that it is a selfless role and that every administrative professional has a unique set of skills and distinctive character, just as executives do. Hilani takes the time to thoroughly analyze the needs of each executive to then handpick the best professional for the role. Although Hilani’s primary focus is on the extraordinary quality of each placement, her business has more than doubled since its inception in 2017-and all from referrals! Listen as she describes her dynamic approach to fulfilling the indispensable role of administrative professionals in this episode of Industry Alchemist.
February 13, 2020
Episode 16-Increase Sales with the Behavioral Quotient
In this episode, Mary Grothe describes how she began her career at Paychex, a national payroll company. Her wildly successful sales process stunned corporate headquarters and they wanted to learn more from her! After a few years with Paychex, she “caught the entrepreneurial bug” and founded her very own sales company, Butterfly Creative. In 3 years at Butterfly Creative, the company raised revenue for every one of its clients. However, Mary describes to us some of the hurdles along the way that were important learning experiences for her. As a more seasoned entrepreneur in 2017, she relaunched her company, calling it SalesBQ®. Listen as Mary shares how SalesBQ® has tripled its revenue year-over-year since the relaunch and has become a top-level consultant, coach, and trainer for the clients it serves! Her entire journey will surely wow and inspire you! For additional information please visit
January 21, 2020
Episode 15-Clove & Twine: Interview with Founder, Dave Hieb
For Dave Hieb, being an entrepreneur was as natural to him as breathing air. After graduating from CU, he founded an Internet services company which was merged with 5 other companies and went public in 4 years’ time. He then became involved with one of the earliest tech incubators in Colorado, running the angel investor group. After this, Dave spent 11 successful years as an investment banker, helping companies with his knowledge of raising capital and M&A transactions. As one last entrepreneurial effort, Dave decided he would like to build one more company. Listen to Dave describe exactly what happened to spur the concept for his new business. And in 3 short years, the revenue from his new company has blown away even his own seasoned projections. Clove & Twine. It’s not a promotional product company that pumps out swag with client logos on them for the cheapest possible price and for the sole purpose of saturating a large group of people with brand visibility. It’s remarkable and branded gifts that people actually love. It’s as simple as that. Classy. Classic. Remarkable. Professional. These sophisticated products with a company’s logo are treasured gifts for valued clients, employees, club members, etc. In this episode, Dave tells us all about Clove & Twine and lists some of the reasons why the company has been so successful, so quickly. And for additional information about Clove & Twine, check out
December 13, 2019
Episode 14-PROOF: Interview with Executive Director, Eric Voogt & CX Director, Stefan Ramsbott
Attorney Eric Voogt and his paralegals know all too well what a pain it is to make sure key parties in a legal case receive important legal documents such as subpoenas, summons, eviction notices, or restraining orders. These documents must be served by a specific deadline and by a third party not involved in the legal matter. Sometimes it’s difficult to make contact with the person to be served (known as a respondent), especially if they are trying to actively evade the serve. Typically a process server is hired to locate respondents and serve the documents. Occasionally, servers claim to have served the documents, when in fact, they have not. So, it is often a paralegal’s job to manage this entire process and obtain the proof that it has occurred; which can tie up their time with endless phone calls and sleuthing of their own. Eric and his team have come up with a better way to hire process servers and track the delivery of legal documents in real-time using technology. Listen as two of PROOF’s co-founders (Executive Director Eric Voogt and Director of Customer Experience Stefan Ramsbott) describe how the PROOF platform tackles these challenges with due process. Whether you’re with a law firm, are a process server, or an individual without a lawyer who needs a process server for your case, give the episode a listen to get a code for your first serve free when you sign up on the PROOF platform. And for additional information about PROOF, please visit
November 21, 2019
Episode 13-Monfort Companies: Interview with Director of Development, Kenny Monfort
As Owner and Director of Monfort Companies, Kenny and his real estate team initially focused on developing commercial real estate in rural communities within the Rocky Mountain region. Recently he has expanded their focus to burgeoning a thriving stadium district in the neighborhood around Coors Field, in Denver. Kenny gives us some insight into the plans underway for development in the LoDo area to encompass appeal to all ages in our Denver community. As a fifth-generation Colorado business owner, Kenny’s family has long been a part of Colorado’s history. Originally in the agricultural industry, Kenny’s family was a pioneer in developing cattle feedlots and meatpacking plants in Greeley, Colorado. The family also owns the Colorado Rockies baseball franchise; since 1992. The Rockies played home games at the Mile-High Stadium until Coors Field was completed in 1995. Now coming full circle, Kenny and his real estate team are working to build onto the family’s original investments to further develop vibrant communities for Coloradoans. For additional information about Monfort Companies, please visit
October 14, 2019
Episode 12-MeetMindful & Fabriq: Interview with Founder & CEO, Amy Baglan
Amy Baglan is driven by a deep desire to help people find more meaningful connections in their daily lives. Listen to her describe the remarkable and winding path she traveled to start MeetMindful, a community for like-minded people who value mindfulness and wellness to meet and create meaningful romantic, platonic or networking relationships. Fast forward to now, another concept was birthed from Amy and the team at MeetMindful. Currently in public beta, Fabriq is a personal relationships manager designed to help people stay in touch and build stronger relationships with the people who matter most. Both companies embody the perfect combination of ethereal connections and today’s technology of digital apps. Don’t miss this inspiring episode. For additional information about MeetMindful, visit
October 03, 2019
Episode 11-RISE Collaborative: Interview with Founder & CEO, Stacy Taubman
Stacy Taubman is driven by one thing: helping people achieve. She is especially passionate about empowering teen girls, women and minorities. For more than a decade, she worked in secondary education as a math teacher, but a tragedy involving a student became a tipping point for Stacy to take her natural aptitude for leadership in a drastically different direction. In 2017, she founded RISE Collaborative - a community and workspace for all women to grow and achieve. RISE isn't just for start-ups or entrepreneurs, but also women who work in corporate environments, small businesses, and nonprofits. Additionally, it's a place where teen girls can do homework, receive mentoring and surround themselves with inspiring female role models. With weekly events designed for members to learn and inspire professional development, RISE Collaborative has quickly grown in both Denver and St. Louis. In this interview, find out more about Stacy’s journey and the enterprise she has built. For additional information about RISE Collaborative, visit
September 18, 2019
Episode 10-Catalyst: Interview with Founder, Mike Biselli
Imagine a place where people and companies can gather to transform the HEALTH in our nation and even the world. That is the vision behind Mike Biselli’s Catalyst. It’s not just a coworking facility for healthcare companies to set up shop. Yes, it houses healthcare startups, large companies, tech companies, and even a clinic all under one roof, but it also offers so much more to support the people within the industry. There are networking events, lectures, mentoring opportunities, amenities, and common areas that facilitate interaction with others who are all working towards the common goal of advancing the healthcare industry. In this episode, Mike tells us what his driving forces were for creating Catalyst. For additional information about Mike Biselli or Catalyst, visit and
September 06, 2019
Episode 9-TRELORA: Interview with Founder, Joshua Hunt
Joshua Hunt was ready to speak his truth, but not everyone was ready to accept it. Listen as Joshua tells us what led him to leave his successful career with a national residential real estate firm and start his own. Additionally, TRELORA broke the mold of a traditional firm because Joshua’s vision was to make the home buying process more affordable. He structured TRELORA to utilize technology, task specialization, and flat commission fees. However, his revolutionary business model was not initially accepted by everyone in the real estate community. Despite violent backlash by some, TRELORA has been a great success! Don’t miss Joshua’s dramatic pilgrimage in this episode! For additional information about TRELORA visit
August 15, 2019
Episode 8-Greystone Technology: Interview with CEO, Peter Melby
I.T. and cybersecurity service provider, Greystone Technology, was co-founded by Peter Melby and Jesse Armstrong over 18 years ago! Today, they have 3 Colorado locations and more than 85 employees. Listen as Peter describes how they have learned to cultivate a thriving culture within the company. In fact, Peter is so passionate about organizational culture that he leads discussions with other companies about how to improve the retention and autonomy of their employees. For more information about Greystone Technology AND company culture, visit both, and
June 06, 2019
Episode 7-Brand Iron: Interview with CEO, Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle, CEO of Brand Iron, didn’t always know marketing was his calling; he thought he was supposed to be a teacher. Upon college graduation, Michael made a dramatic pivot away from the education field and let his natural aptitude for marketing and entrepreneurship pave the way for his future! Listen to Michael walk us through his successes and challenges as a branding expert, speaker and author of a new book, “7 Secrets of a Brand Champion.” For additional information about Brand Iron, please visit
May 17, 2019
Episode 6-Nutrition Therapy Practitioner & Fitness Trainer: Interview with Emily Schromm
Meet Emily Schromm, a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Fitness Trainer, and fierce entrepreneur. What started as a battle with her health, turned into a discovery of new hope and a passion for sharing what she has learned about fitness and nutrition. She is the Founder and CEO of Unleashed Fitness, Platform Strength, Evolved Motion, Element Tea, AND The Body Awareness Project. She also has her own podcast you can check out, called MeatHead Hippie. Emily will inspire you to take your health by the horns, follow your passions, and she bestows some of the secret ingredients for running a successful business! For additional information about Emily Schromm and her work, visit:,,,,, &(podcast)
April 29, 2019
Episode 5-Super Bowl 50 Champion & Entrepreneur: Interview with Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris is a former NFL Super Bowl 50 Champion with the Denver Broncos! Since retiring from the NFL he has been very busy with multiple endeavors, including authoring a book called Mindset for Mastery: an NFL Champion’s Guide To Reaching Your Greatness, he is a radio show host for Altitude Sports 950 AM, and an international speaker for youth and adults. Ryan gives us a first-hand account of what goes on in one's mind before a super bowl game and how it relates to striving for any other goal in life. He shares many of the psychological barriers he crossed and breakthroughs he made that has contributed to his successful career. Take a listen and follow him on Twitter @salaams_from_68 and Instagram @ryanharris_68! You can also learn more about Ryan on his website at
April 18, 2019
Episode 4- BXE Capital: Interview with Managing Partner, Joshua Finkleman
Here is a fascinating technology that has been around for several years, but might have been a little ahead of its time, until now. We are referring to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology! Listen to our interview with Joshua Finkleman, who is a pioneer for the industry in Colorado. He helps us unravel some of the complexities of cryptocurrency and blockchain that most of us know of, but few of us really understand. Josh is passionate about what he does and works with regulatory agencies to ensure that the radical new asset class becomes more widely accepted.
April 05, 2019
Episode 3-PAIRIN: Interview with CEO, Michael Simpson
PAIRIN, co-founded by Michael Simpson, is a technology company that uses behavioral science to personalize career exploration, professional development, and online curriculum. The team at PAIRIN provides systems to workforce and educational institutions to help individuals design a livelihood that they can thrive in and maximize their potential for success. They also shift the traditional hiring paradigm for employers to competency and potential, rather than simply past education and experience. Listen to Michael describe his journey in life that led up to the creation of PAIRIN (and his delicious side gig-The Chocolate Bordello).
March 06, 2019
Episode 2-Minds Matter & Flow: Interview with Andy Seth
Listen to Andy Seth, an entrepreneur who has founded 9 companies including a wealth management firm, a nonprofit organization and a digital marketing company built to provide apprenticeship opportunities for young people. He is authoring a new book called Juice that’ll be available later this year. Hear Andy describe how his childhood has influenced him in his quest to answer the ultimate question - How do I do well AND do good? A vibrant personality, Andy will educate, entertain, and inspire you - all in equal parts!
February 20, 2019
Episode 1-Denver Restaurant, Morin: Interview with Restaurateur, Juan Padro
Listen to Juan Padro, a Restaurateur for several restaurants in Colorado including Morin, Highland Tap & Burger, Tap & Burger Sloan's Lake, Señor Bear, Bar Dough, and Ash'Kara. Juan offers up some of the special ingredients he uses for a successful business undertaking.
January 09, 2019