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Indy Propaganda

By Indy Propaganda
A music, pop and culture podcast & radio show featuring musicians Valerie Green and Joy Caroline Mills of Indianapolis band, Karate, Guns, and Tanning interviewing exciting guests, reviewing Indy music, happenings, pop culture, concerts and gear, all while uncovering musical conspiracy theories + more.
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Episode #8 Philia & Electronic Music Production

Indy Propaganda

Episode #8 Philia & Electronic Music Production

Indy Propaganda

Indy Propaganda Halloween with MFT on 99.1 WQRT
We're excited to announce we've been invited to host a monthly MFT on WQRT radio show for Musical Family Tree broadcasting on 99.1 WQRT FM ☠ ✨ Catch our annual Halloween special this Thursday at 7pm. We scoured the state exploring the darker side of what Indiana artists have to offer, and came up with a KILLER playlist of newly discovered tracks. ☠ ✨ Featuring: David Brewster Music SUNDOWN_band Derek & Brandon Fiechter's Music Liquids Evil Waves Strange Waters Karate, Guns & Tanning Scott Lloyd Shelly Kleaner Drunken Guns She Does Is Magic New Terrors Listen online at!
October 29, 2021
Indy Propaganda on WQRT for Women's History Month
Valerie & Joy pick their favorite female artists on a specially curated episode of Musical Family Tree hour on WQRT.  Artists include: Metavari, Lily & Madeleine, Ethel Caine, Arbor Avenue, gliiitches, Radar Gold, Taylor Deshawn & Karate, Guns & Tanning
March 31, 2021
Special Series: COVID-19 Pandemic in Indianapolis with Josh Baker and Chelsea Sanderson
Check out the second episode in our #COVID19 #pandemic series with two of Indianapolis' music industry leaders, Chelsea Sanderson, the Operations Manager at Indy music venue HI-FI, and Josh Baker, Owner of HiFi, MOKB Presents, Do317, and Holler On The Hill music festival. We got a first-hand account of what talent buyers and music venue staff are going through during this unprecedented public shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Through it all, the HiFi staff are staying informed, positive, and on top of their messaging while juggling a massive amount of show reschedules. We absolutely love this venue, have played it ourselves, and want to see it come out stronger than ever. ⚡ How can you help? Buy merch, gift cards, tickets to future events, and make a donation to the staff: ↘️ #HiFi calendar: ↘️ Merch: ↘️ Gift cards: ↘️ Make a donation to help support the HiFI staff:
March 19, 2020
Special Series: COVID-19 Pandemic in Indianapolis with Eddie Sahm and Jesse Rice
The first episode of our special series on the COVID-19 pandemic hitting Indianapolis is here. In the midst of a lot of chaos, industry leader Eddie Sahm, owner of 19 restaurants comprising Sahm's Restaurants Group, found time to sit down with us along with fellow business owner and community leader, Jesse Rice of Black Circle Brewing Co. / LOOM / & Stranger Attractions Presents to discuss the serious impact this pandemic is having on the local restaurant, bar, and entertainment industry, as well as their personal lives. Get an inside look on how our local establishments are reeling while putting their heads together and trying their best to form solutions within the constantly changing landscape of this novel coronavirus pandemic. Stay tuned this week for more from Indy music industry leaders, Josh Baker, Chelsea Sanderson, and Mike Angel. ⛑️ Some resources for restaurant and bar industry workers ⛑️ ↘️ Indy Service Workers Venmo List: ↘️ Add Yourself to the Indy Service Workers Venmo List: ↘️ Bartender Emergency Assistance Program: ↘️ Indy Chamber of Commerce Resource Hub: *Eddie and Jesse would like you all to stay calm, pet your dogs, and we'll get through this together. #indianapolispodcast #indymusic #womenwhopodcast #podcast #coronavirus #covid19
March 19, 2020
Episode #39 Jeff Nordyke of Sofar Sounds Indianapolis
This week, we sat down with one of our favorite Indianapolis residents Jeff Nordyke. Jeff is the City Director for Sofar Sounds: Indianapolis​. Aside from booking upwards of 150 artists "so far" (haha), Jeff is determined to lend his hand to the musicians in our city with his extensive music business experience. We discuss the history of Sofar Sounds​, his upcoming plans for a production company, & the local artists he loves. We know you have time to listen, so check it out! Find us on Spotify​ & Apple Podcasts​, and all other major platforms. As a side note, we will be releasing an episode on COVID-19's effect on our local industries & the people we love. Please ask your artist friends, entrepreneur friends, service industry friends, musician friends, etc. how you can help them. Buy merch & buy gift cards. We'll get through this together.  Shout-outs from this episode: Kristen​, Joshua Powell​, Adam Shuntich, Marcus Jade​, DJ Gabby Love​, Chris Banta​, Molly June Consider making a monthly contribution to us at Anchor​ to help us purchase new equipment. With the help of our supporters, we already have purchased new mic stands, & a new interface. Thank you Jesse Rice​, Timothy Harris, Jackie Mills, Annette Williams​, David Bowden
March 16, 2020
Episode #38 Kudzu Duo
This week, listen in on the full episode with our new friends, the groove-heavy blues rock band, Kudzu Duo featuring Reed N Turchi and Lemuel Hayes. After we caught them at a killer show at Duke's Indy last week, they rolled back through Indy on their way to Columbus and met up with us at our usual Square Cat Vinyl. We talked about their band, blues beginnings, bowling, the aftermath of the Nashville tornado, and found lots of random musical connections in common. Check out the links and get to know this hot Nashville act on tour now! *Kudzu Duo Tour Dates and more info: *Speaking in Shadows album: *Send help to friends in Nashville:
March 09, 2020
Episode #37 Pop Up Podcast at Duke's Indy
Joy Caroline Mills is back, recovered and better then ever! We met for a pop-up podcast at Duke's Indy this week for Joy's first honky tonk experience, and had a fun night with the owner/operator, Dustin Boyer and Davey Avenatti We also happened upon one of the finest Nashville hill country blues acts on their first night on tour, The Kudzu Duo featuring Reed Turchi and Lemuel Hayes. Reed popped on to tell us a little about the group, North Mississippi blues culture, and studying with blues legend, RL Burnside's guitar player of 25 years. Dustin gives the live music run down at Duke's and we've got a full episode with Kudzu Duo coming Monday! Stay tuned! Visit for all things Country & Western in Indy.
March 07, 2020
Episode #36 A Short One
This week, Valerie is soaking up the sun in the gorgeous Cayman Islands. BUT, just for you, we still had time to record a brief episode! We discussed our return to live podcasting at 2020 Back Alley Ballyhoo, and all of the Indianapolis events we're looking forward to. We also discussed Joy Caroline Mills re-releasing her music on Spotify, Valerie Green's outlaw country band Whiskey Machine AND even our favorite Justin Bieber album. As we mentioned in our episode, if you feel so inclined to support us, head on over to & consider making a monthly contribution! Thanks to our current supporters, we will shortly be purchasing a new audio interface and some new mics.
February 24, 2020
Episode #35 The Spell Sisters
🤩 We had an enchanting date with Indy's most magical sweethearts, Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, ✨The Spell Sisters✨ Kelli and Hayley have made quite a name for themselves with their eerily accurate and supernatural tarot readings at a variety of events and festivals around Indianapolis. 🔮 We met at The Black Acre Loft -- Black Acre Brewing Co.'s super hot & NEW downtown speakeasy to talk #tarot, #astrology, #mysticism, and more. Listen in on Valerie's first ever tarot reading and get an idea of what it's like to sit with the sisters. We had goosebumps the whole time, and loved the energy around these two ladies.🔮 🌟 Do not miss a tarot reading with them at any of a number events around town and visit their website, to sign up for their workshops and learn more about otherworldly wonders! 💫 🖤 Shoutout to Holly Miller and Amanda Wallace for hosting us at the new spot! Visit for more info. #indypropaganda #indianapolis #downtownindy #indyevents #blackacrebrewing #blackacre #womenwhopodcast
February 18, 2020
Episode #34 Kyle Long
We've got a special one for you today! Kyle Long, host of Cultural Manifesto on WFYI sat down with us this week for an episode full of Indianapolis music history, culture, and so much more. We discussed Kyle's favorite former and current venues around town, the upcoming renovation of the Madame Walker Theatre Center, and his involvement in creating a music series that brings musicians from the famed Indiana Avenue to Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis. And check out his upcoming event, the Brazilian Carnaval hosted by Cultural Cannibals at The Jazz Kitchen on Saturday, February 22. We asked Kyle to list 3 of his favorite songs which we have linked below with his descriptions of each. Enjoy! 1. R.D. Burman and Asha Bhosle “Dum Maro Dum” This song changed my life. I found it on a cassette I purchased at an Indian grocery store near Lafayette Square Mall in the late '90s. The song was composed by the Bollywood music genius R.D. Burman for the 1971 film 'Haré Rama Haré Krishna.' The film was a conservative critique on the supposedly negative influence of Western hippies on Indian culture, but ironically the song “Dum Maro Dum” became an anthem for Indian hippies. The lyrics refer to smoking weed and the chorus roughly translates to: "Take another hit and all your troubles will be gone." The song is voiced by the incredible Asha Bhosle, of the legendary Mangeshkar family. 2. Amnesty “We Have Love” I had to pick at least one Indianapolis song, and Amnesty is one of my all-time favorite Indianapolis bands. Their music has been sampled in hit songs from Kanye West to Jay-Z, yet they remain relatively unknown here in Indianapolis. This track was recorded in 1973 at the home of Moe Whittemore, a New Palestine, Indiana based music producer/engineer. 3. [tie] Richard Groove Holmes “Onsaya Joy” / Trudy Pitts “Steppin' In Minor” Valerie, you mentioned your love of jazz Hammond organ - I too share a similar affection for the instrument, and these are my two favorite examples. Both are epic psychedelic Hammond journeys!
February 10, 2020
Episode #33 The One and Only, Mike Angel!
We finally got the chance to sit down with one of the biggest catalyst in the Indianapolis music scene, Mike Angel tonight. This episode has been a long time coming, and an hour wasn't long enough to cover everything there is to say. An accomplished singer/songwriter of Americana band, Bigfoot Yancey among other music projects, co-owner of record store/music venue Square Cat Vinyl, co-founder of Indianapolis music festivals like Virginia Avenue Music Fest, Back Alley Ballyhoo, and the upcoming Oodelolly music fest, co-founder of Interstellar Overdrive Events, a #FountainSquare neighborhood advocate, crime fighter, fiercely original creative machine and a force in this city, we came to talk about Mike, all of his projects and his outlook, but as he does, he wanted to highlight everyone else around him. Tune in for this candid conversation with this leader in the Indy music community. Shoutout to: Patrick Burtch, Kurt Phillips, Mina Keohane, Kevin Hood, Dana Skully and the Tiger Sharks, #FAM, #SuperCub, Chreece, BUZZ/cut, New Hands Music Festival, WOO GRL FEST, Healer, Joshua Powell, Luke Knight, and Joy Caroline Mills (who we missed tonight!)
February 04, 2020
Episode #32 Lola Lavacious
We've got a saucy episode for your entertainment tonight with the lovely ✨Lola Lavacious ✨ of Angel Burlesque, Girl Pride Indy, Phoenix Rising Dance Company, Pastie Cakes, Black Circle Brewing Co.'s Drag Brunch shows, RAW: natural born artists, and so much more! She's another mover and shaker in Indy, getting so much done on so many fronts. A performer, event maker, daydreamer, emcee, and muse, we are all lucky to have her here in Indy bringing some sparkle to the city. Tune in to hear her take on burlesque etiquette, her stint in a gypsy klezmer surf rock band, and more! * Shoutout to Max Maneater, Gabe Duval, Chris Charles, and Kendra Stone and @hausofstoner!
January 28, 2020
Episode #31 Andrea Watts
We were somehow able to nail down woman-about-town Andrea Watts (Chief Communications Officer for the Indy DMD). We discussed those *dang* scooters getting tossed in the canal, the many arts & renovation initiatives happening around town, the Indianapolis Bicentennial (Indy's 200th birthday) and the upcoming census!  Tune in to one of our most intriguing & informative conversations yet.  INDY CENSUS:  INDY BICENTENNIAL: ANDREA'S TWITTER: About Andrea: There is a reason why the TV show Parks & Recreation takes place in a fictional place in Indiana, because sometimes those Midwestern quirks & scenarios aren’t too far off from the truth. Andrea Watts is currently living her most Leslie Knope life as the Chief Communications Officer for the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) for the City of Indianapolis. Previously, she served as a Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate, where she worked to build strong collaborative partnerships with neighborhoods and businesses, promote city initiatives, and address community-wide concerns. She joined the Mayor's office from the Parks Department where she handled marketing for the agency. Prior to joining city government, she worked in communications & development at WFYI and began her career at the Indiana Statehouse. She is a graduate of Ball State University where she studied telecommunications, political science, & gender studies. When Andrea isn’t doing her Leslie Knope thing, she can usually be found zooming around town on her bicycle & advocating for the Indianapolis Cultural Trail & Planned Parenthood. Occasionally she is funny on Twitter.
January 20, 2020
Episode #30 Outlaw Music with Davey Avenatti
This week, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Davey Avenatti, the original outlaw, of Whiskey Machine and The Stampede String Band, and had a great time talking about growing up in Vermillion County, Valerie & Davey's mutual love of Wheeler Walker, Jr., and what it takes to be an outlaw. Don't miss a brand new song written by Davey and Jarod Stillwell of the popular Indy country/honky tonk band, The Cold Hearts, called "Ain't Good Enough For You" at the end of the episode! We're super excited for the Indiana Outlaw Country Showcase at The Vogue coming up this week on Thursday, January 16th! Don't miss one of the first shows of its kind here in Indy. Get your tickets HERE:
January 14, 2020
Episode #29 Happy New Year!
We're ringing in the New Year by looking back at our first year! Joy and Valerie remember their favorite moments, past guests, Indy happenings, and important topics in music, art, and culture. Lots of shoutouts in this episode! Happy 2020 to all!
January 03, 2020
Episode #28 Lily & Madeleine
Guys! We got to talk to ✨ Lily & Madeleine ✨last week and it was magical! They graced us with a gorgeous, surprise performance of "Analog Love," at the Square Cat Vinyl open mic night and sat down with us to talk about their recent tour, what it was like touring with John Mellencamp, working with their Grammy-award winning production team on their latest album "Canterbury Girls," staying independent as young women in the music business & much more! It was a great birthday gift for our co-host Joy Caroline Mills! Happy Birthday Joy! Make sure to tune in and check out all their beautiful music HERE. Check out their music video for Just Do It. ✌️✌️✌️
December 23, 2019
Episode #27 Comic Gwen Sunkel
One of Indianapolis' sparkling all-stars, we got to sit down with comic, Gwen Sunkel for a fun conversation covering pretty much any and everything under the sun! We discussed the difference between improv and stand-up, her joke writing process, Indy's gem of a comedy scene, Black Circle Brewing Co./Let's Comedy/ Rocketship Comedy Sunday shows, The White Rabbit Cabaret Hot Tub Sex Machine collaborative sex ed show, her Nasty Women showcase fundraiser, and Elena Ruz Cuban Cuisine at Black Circle's delicious green bean casserole empanadas. Gwen hosts many events around town and beyond, like drag shows, and a variety of fundraisers and festivals. Don't miss this killer talent most likely coming to a venue near you soon! Check out Gwen's standup HERE More on the Nasty Women Showcase HERE Find Gwen on Instagram HERE 💋 Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to the show, and give us a review if you're listening! 💋
December 16, 2019
Episode #26 Dustin Boltjes
This week, Valerie and Joy met up with metal legend, Dustin Boltjes! Dustin is a renowned metal musician who's extensive resume includes touring globally as the longtime drummer for metal acts, Skeletonwitch and Demiricous, lead singer for Sacred Leather and Iron Diamond, fronting his darkwave-synthpop band Stranger Attractor, as well as co-owning and operating Stranger Attractions Presents booking major national acts across many of Indianapolis' biggest venues. Dustin invited us to hang out on his vintage couch (a one-time One Life to Live set piece,) for tour stories, tattoo talk, and a revealing "Ask Me Anything" segment. He's got a lot of irons in the fire, so make sure to check out his many projects making Indy a more metal place to be! 🤘
December 09, 2019
Episode #25 Franc Blac
This week, we interviewed Franc Blac, an extremely talented Indianapolis rapper with a New York state of mind. Valerie Green & Joy Caroline Mills chat with him about Indy hip-hop and Joy's favorite theory about Tupac (he's alive). For the rest of December we've got some INSANE guests lined up, including Lily & Madeleine, Dustin Boltjes & Gwen Sunkel! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to us on whatever platform you're listening on. Thank you so much for your support this year. Franc Blac's Music:
December 02, 2019
Episode #24 Jen Banks, Patrick Burtch, and Us As Caravan at Back Alley Ballyhoo
We've got another fun throwback show from the Back Alley Ballyhoo, a psychedelic music and arts festival that takes place at Square Cat Vinyl every year. This week we have clips with Jen Banks, the projectionist and lighting technician for the festival, Patrick Burtch, the founder and organizer sharing some history on the festival and some of his favorite bands in the genre, and a fun interview with psych rock band, Us As Caravan. Shout out to BEDFORMS, Colin Lime, Yonatan Gat, Heaven's Gateway Drugs, and all the bands that performed that weekend! See you next week with Franc Blac! #psychedelic #musicfestival #fountainsquare #podcast #womenwhopodcast #indianapolis #indianapolismusic #indymusic
November 26, 2019
Episode #22 Jesse Rice of Black Circle Brewing Co.
We were excited to stop by Black Circle Brewing Co. for their monthly Bring Your Own Vinyl night last week to spin a set and to sit down with the super busy man-about-town, Jesse Rice, to talk about so many irons in the fire! From running the super popular Black Circle brewery/bar/live music &  pinball venue, opening LOOM, a combination bar, workspace, and coin op laundromat, co-operating his music promotion company, Stranger Attractions Presents, to adding recording services to his music venue, we lost count on how many cool things he's got going on in this city. One to watch, he's making big things happen in Indy, and we can't wait to see what's next! #indypropaganda #blackcirclebrewing #indianapolismusic #musicpodcast
November 11, 2019
Episode #21 The Future of Indy Propaganda!
This week, we're talking future plans for the show, music we're playing and listening to, our future guest like Cam O'Connor of Rocketship Comedy, Jesse Rice of Black Circle Brewing and Loom, Mike Angel of Square Cat Vinyl, Virginia Avenue Music Fest, and Bigfoot Yancey, Lily & Madeleine, Annie Skinner of Indy CD and Vinyl, Chris Benadyk of Love Handle and Strange Bird + our favorite music videos and more. Check out our selections, we couldn't be more opposite! Can you guess which is Valerie's and which is Joy's favorite? Monster Magnet, Space Lord: Vanessa Carlton, 1000 miles:
November 04, 2019
Episode #20 Joshua Powell
This week, we invited psychedelic indie rock musician and frenemy, Joshua Powell, on the show planning to trash talk about our upcoming Battle of the Bands skirmish, but ended up having a nice chat about a million and one things. We covered his relentless touring schedule, the difference between Southern and Midwestern niceties, collaboration within his band, the Moog Factory in Asheville, how Elvis is definitely dead, and dived into a deep debate on the concept of music as a purely good force.  Tune in and find out more about Joshua at *Don't miss Moxxie and Joshua Powell taking the stage together December 11, 2019 at the HiFi Battle of the Bands in Indy!
October 28, 2019
Episode #19 Indy Happenings, Controversial Musicians, and more
Your hosts Joy Caroline Mills and Valerie Green are back this week with more propaganda! We discussed the new Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park construction, we also failed at trash talking Joshua Powell, recapped HI-FI Indy Battle of the Bands, discussed controversial musicians and separating art from the artist + hit on Kanye West's new gospel rap album featuring Kenny G. The Lawn news: HiFi Indy Battle of the Bands: Kanye West + Kenny G:
October 21, 2019
Episode #18 Plateau Below at Back Alley Ballyhoo
This week, we've got another interview from Back Alley Ballyhoo, the annual Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival that takes place at Square Cat Vinyl in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. We invited Bloomington-based psychedelic pop band, Plateau Below to "Planet Propaganda" for a live stream from the festival. They put on a stellar performance, so check them out at
October 14, 2019
Episode #17 Mina Keohane
This week, hosts Valerie Green & Joy Mills sit down with Mina Keohane. Mina is an accomplished musician and composer. She studied voice & jazz composition at Berklee College of Music. Her music has been featured on a variety of commercials, from Hoosier Lottery to Delta Faucet.  Her work on the short film "A Drawing"  was the Winner for Best Film Score at the Southampton International Film Festival, The Chilliwack Independent Film Festival & Best Soundtrack for the Christian Film Festival. Mina is currently the resident composer and studio manager at Earshot Audiopost in Indianapolis. In addition to her many compositional projects, she is also a heavily demanded instrumentalist, playing for the likes of The Dopacetics, Jeff Kelly & The Graveyard Shift, Melissa Sandullo, and many more.
October 07, 2019
Episode #16 Catching up
This week, Joy and Valerie catch up on Indy events, music headlines, and worst concert experiences ever!
September 30, 2019
Episode #15 Post. Festival
And now for something COMPLETELY different... this week, we sat down with Derek Vorndran & Nason Frizzell, the founders and organizers of Post. Festival, the only music festival of its kind happening in the US this year, and it's taking place right here in Indy! In its second year, Post. has drawn 85% of its attendees from Europe and outside of the Indianapolis area. Massively popular in Europe and beyond, their mission is to bring in the Indianapolis music community to experience this globally huge, but little-known locally, community of music. If you're a fan of bands like Russian Circles, Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, or This Will Destroy You, this festival is for you. For tickets and more info, visit
September 24, 2019
Episode # 14 Lucille Furs at the Back Alley Ballyhoo
The Back Alley Ballyhoo Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival took place in Indianapolis on September 5th with Indy Propaganda live streaming from the event! This clip, we sat down with Lucille Furs, a psychedelic garage pop band from Chicago, Illinois. This interview took place at the end of the festival, went off the rails a bit, but was a ton of fun. Tune in and find Lucille Furs online HERE:
September 18, 2019
Episode #13 Heaven's Gateway Drugs at Back Alley Ballyhoo
The Back Alley Ballyhoo Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival took place in Indianapolis on September 5th with Indy Propaganda live streaming from the event! We got to sit down with Ben Carr, the Psychedelic Pied Piper of Fort Wayne band, Heaven's Gateway Drugs, to talk about square dancing with bikers, driving through rainbows, time travel, and entertaining the humanoids. Tune in and watch for more clips with the performers coming soon!
September 18, 2019
Episode #12 Morgan Delt at Back Alley Ballyhoo
September 5, 2019 we live streamed from * Planet Propaganda * at the Back Alley Ballyhoo, a psychedelic music & arts festival taking place at Square Cat Vinyl in Indianapolis. Sub Pop artist Morgan Delt headlined the festival, and we sat down with him to discuss pretty much everything but music including wormholes, his imaginary record label, Inflatable Tapes, the classic 80s film Cocoon, and the soundtrack to his last moments on Earth. Stay tuned for more clips from the bands on the lineup!
September 09, 2019
Episode #11 Chelsea Sanderson
This week, Valerie Green & Joy Mills sit down with Chelsea Sanderson. Chelsea is the VP of Operations at HI-FI Indy. From running lights to driving the likes of Billy Bob Thornton around Indy, Chelsea has plenty of stories to share. If you have attended or played a HI-FI Indy show, she is a huge reason why every show there is so fantastic. Tune in to hear how a couple of e-mails (but more importantly, extremely hard work & dedication) landed her the job of a lifetime.
September 02, 2019
Episode #10 Muck Rock
This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jules Muck, otherwise known as Muck Rock, a touring street artist from LA/NY who made waves in Indianapolis on a recent art tour. Jules was rad enough to take some time out of her very busy work schedule to meet us at Square Cat Vinyl to discuss her work, what it means to be "local," dealing with Larry Bird's lawyers, what happened with some of the controversy in town with her public art, and how she's leaving Indy with good vibes anyway. We support art, we support creative, enterprising women, and we hope she returns to Indy soon!
August 26, 2019
Episode #9 From Russia With Love
This week, Indy Propaganda comes to you all the way from Russia featuring a fascinating discussion with Alexei Vorotnikov, a music lover with a cool accent from Nizhny Novgorod. Valerie and Alex meet in Nizhny, a major Russian city 300 miles east of Moscow and discuss what music is popular in Russia, how Russians acquire music, and their different musical experiences together around the world. Tune in for an intriguing conversation about this little known culture from halfway around the globe.
August 20, 2019
Episode #8 Philia & Electronic Music Production
This week, hosts Valerie Green and Joy Caroline Mills meet with Indianapolis musician and producer Daniel Giffin at his home studio in Broad Ripple to discuss electronic music production, his live act, Philia, what makes electronic music music, how to get booked at Electric Forest, and the best way to get fired from a band. Live Producers Online, Ableton Live Indianapolis User Group Philia Live at Electric Forest: New Single "Wiggles": Youtube channel: Myspace:
August 12, 2019
Episode #7 Music Biz Crash Course
Episode #7 finds Valerie & Joy discussing music copyright, master recordings, their go-to karaoke songs, and more. At the time of this recording, Woodstock 2019 was still scheduled, but has since been cancelled. On Woodstock:…woodstock-50.html On Master Recordings:…ights-as-an-artist On Copyright:…pyright-2-8-million…nfringement/
August 05, 2019
Episode #6 Musicians & Mental Health
On this week's episode, hosts Valerie Green and Joy Mills talk current music headlines and get into a discussion of the link between musicians and mental health struggles.
July 29, 2019
Episode #5 Taco Mouth
Erica Sellers and Angela Lese, the ladies of Taco Mouth out of #Nashville joined hosts Joy and Valerie on Episode #5 backstage at their co-headlining show at HI-FI Indy in early July 2019. Listen and learn about taco sponsorships, bubble punks, rodeos, the Nashville scene, recording with Metallica producer, Michael Wagener, new writing processes and more!
July 22, 2019
Episode #4 Chris Banta of Romanus Records
Episode #4 is 🔥 with our friend Chris Banta, the CEO and vinyl chef of one of the most innovative record labels in the world, Romanus Records!. We talk with Chris about the magic of his custom handmade records, the many awesome bands on his roster, stage fashion, his upcoming festival and more. Romanus Fest 2019 Presented By Upland Brewing is coming up August 10, 2019 with special vinyl releases and 17 bands on 3 stages at Square Cat Vinyl. The fest is FREE this year and absolutely not to be mis
July 22, 2019
Episode #3 Thelma & the Sleaze
This week, Valerie Green talks with LG, frontwoman of the legendary Nashville-based rock band Thelma and the Sleaze on location at Pioneer about their Indianapolis show, their new album #fuckmarrykill, the challenges of maintaining an all-female touring act, trailblazing musical influences, and why nobody needs roommates. * explicit content *
July 22, 2019
Episode #2 Pro Audio Engineer Wesley Heaton
This week, hosts Valerie Green and Joy Mills talk with Indianapolis-based audio engineer, Wesley Heaton about live sound, tips for bands on how to be prepared for the stage and studio, Indianapolis venues, upcoming shows, and more.
July 02, 2019
Episode #1 Meet the Hosts
In the first episode, learn about your hosts Valerie Green and Joy Caroline Mills, musicians from Indy band Moxxie, while they talk pop music, mind-blowing musical conspiracy theories, time warping to the 90s, the upcoming concert season, important happenings for women in Indianapolis music, and give an eye-opening review of the 1995 chart topping hit, "Cotton Eye Joe" by the Swedish band, Rednex. 
June 19, 2019