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the INF Club podcast

the INF Club podcast

By Jas Hothi
for INFP and INFJ writers & creatives | honest conversations + solo perspectives, by Jas
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#54: On being an empath (or not)
Jas narrates and adds commentary to his blog piece: On being an empath. -- My conversation with Naomi Harrington / how to practice radical self-acceptance as an empath: Productivity for INFPs: online workshop (April 2021): Shownotes/original piece: -- hosted by Jas | music by Chris
April 14, 2021
#53: Shelly Francis (INFJ) on having the courage to write and market your books
Shelly is an author, author-coach and publisher. She founded Creative Courage Press in 2020, inspired by the people who she met while writing a book called The Courage Way. Shelly lives in the high-desert of Colorado in the US, although she loves road trips and working from anywhere. Shelly is an INFJ. Some of the things we talk about: Shelly's life & background so far (sabbatical, nomading and road trips) The shortcomings of traditional/mainstream publishing, and how publishing has now changed thanks to technology The opportunities now available to writers, and why self-publishing is a great fit for INFs/iNtuitives & introverts Distributing your writing; choosing the social media channel that fits you & your personality, and sowing the seeds to connect with your readers On the power of writing in a group, and asking for the type of feedback you are looking for, so that the book we are writing comes from our heart Shelly's advice for first-time authors, when it comes to balancing the 'creating' and the 'marketing' pieces How the launch for my own book, The Indie Author, is shaping up. Shelly's books, how she manages her projects, and what's on the horizon for her -- 📝 Shownotes/links: 📺 Watch on YouTube: ✉️ INF newsletter: 👥 INF community: -- by Jas Hothi @ INF club | music by Chris Porter
April 7, 2021
#52: Giving yourself *permission* to create (solo)
Jas narrates and adds commentary to his blog piece: On feeling 'creative' / a helpful mantra I use. -- Shownotes/original piece: -- hosted by Jas | music by Chris
March 30, 2021
#51: Chrissa Trudelle (INFP) on integrating 'productivity' and 'exploration'
Chrissa is a writer, an editor, and a creative coach based out of Incline Village in Lake Tahoe. She loves using words to capture emotions and bring stories, ideas, and people to life. -- Some of the things we talk about: - Chrissa's eventful year, including a career shift, moving state and getting married - The challenges of going from 'employed work' to 'doing your own thing', and how Chrissa structures her day - How Chrissa & I structure our day, around our energy cycles - The lifestyle benefits of being in 'flow', and why Chrissa is fascinated by this concept - Digital minimalism and information consumption - Balancing and integrating 'being productive' vs 'being explorative' -- 📝 Shownotes/links: 👥 Website for INFP & INFJ writers and creatives: -- by Jas Hothi @ INF Club | music by Chris Porter
March 23, 2021
#50: A conversation with Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 6: Spirituality & God
Part 6 of a conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ), on: Spirituality & God. Lauren is a writer, writing coach, and INFJ | Listen out for: - How we are tuned into the seasons, and our changing energy levels in the Spring versus the Summer - The relationship between our bodies and our spirituality, and the importance of releasing energy from the abdomen and the hips - Lauren & I talk about our upbringing and our family experiences around spirituality and religion - Lauren also talks about receiving information, psychic experiences, and the importance choice we have to make when it comes to being an intuitive person and often confusing this with mental illness - And of course we explore some tangents, including the INF-like nature of the author Stephen King, a show on Amazon Prime that I think INFs will love, and the effects of psychedelic drugs on intuitive people Episode notes/links: --   hosted by Jas(raj) Hothi | music by Chris Porter
March 16, 2021
#49: On noticing emotional avoidance, and how you can overcome it
Jas revisits a piece he wrote in November 2019 and talks about emotional avoidance, how it shows up for him, and how he manages it.  -- Shownotes/original piece: -- hosted by Jas | music by Chris
March 9, 2021
#48: Sandra Etherington (INFJ) on using Myers-Briggs to enhance her parenting and family life
Sandra is a mom of a 5 year old and an 8 year old. She is the owner of Family Personalities and the co-host of the Family Personalities podcast, a fun and sometimes cheesy podcast, that uses personality type to help change the way you see your family. Sandra uses her experience and training in Myers-Briggs personality type, to work one on one with families, helping them parent more effectively and compassionately based on their children's unique wiring and needs. We talk about: - What it's been like for introverted and intuitive parents during the pandemic (with the kids at home) - Sandra's experiences with using MBTI to parent her two children - Expectations vs idealism as a parent: how to let go, embrace the reality, and connect with the now - and more 📝 Episode notes: 👥 INF resources: -- hosted by Jas | music by Chris
March 2, 2021
#47: Jacob Nordby (INFJ) on how he uses journalling to re-connect with himself
Jacob Nordby is a writer living in Boise, Idaho. You might find him on a trail in the nearby foothills or typing away in the quietest corner of a coffee shop downtown. Learn more about his books, speaking, online courses, and creative guidance sessions by visiting We talk about: - Jacob's experiences being home-schooled and growing up in a strict religious environment - Jacob's previous corporate life, and the retreat which marked a turning point - Jacob's model for self-discovery, his 'Creative Self Journal', and how he currently uses journalling in his own life - Jacob's new book, The Creative Cure - and more -- Shownotes: -- hosted by Jas | music by Chris
February 17, 2021
#46: INF Club Masterminds / setting the scene
Jas sets the scene for the forthcoming INF Club Mastermind Placement programme, narrating his 2016 blog post: "WDS 2016: the experience of a lifetime". -- Original post/links: Subscribe to the newsletter + find resources for creative INFPs, INFJs & iNtuitives: -- Narrated + hosted by Jas @ INF Club Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club
February 12, 2021
#45: A conversation with Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 5 - Addiction & Codependency
Part 5 of a conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ), on: Addiction & Codependency. Lauren is a writer, writing coach, and INFJ | Listen out for: Why addiction & codependency seem to be a common thing amongst INFs and intuitives How the two themes are intertwined with one another The different ways they can 'show up' in our lives Our personal experiences with addiction & codependency, and what has helped us move through these behaviours & patterns How money-based attitudes are linked to codependency Spirituality, God and religion Episode notes/links: --   Hosted + produced by Jas Hothi @ INF Club. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
February 2, 2021
#44: On Iceland + intentions for the year ahead (solo)
Jas narrates his December 2020 blog post: 'On Iceland + intentions for the year ahead' -- Shownotes/original post: -- Hosted by Jas @ INF Club Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club
January 26, 2021
#43: Extracting myself from social situations (a solo with Jas)
Jas narrates his July 2019 blog post: 'Extracting myself from social situations' -- Shownotes/original post: -- Hosted by Jas @ INF Club Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club
January 20, 2021
#42: A conversation with Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 4 - Archetypes
Part 4 of a conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ). Lauren Sapala is a writer, writing coach, and INFJ | Shownotes: -- Hosted + produced by Jas Hothi @ INF Club. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
January 9, 2021
#41: 'Happier': a guide for INFPs and INFJs
Jas narrates 'Happier', a guide for INFPs and INFJs. -- To get a free, print version of the 30-page guide (in colour), subscribe to the INF Club newsletter: -- Hosted by Jas Hothi @ INF Club. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
December 23, 2020
#40: Chris Porter (INTJ) on thriving as an intuitive, creative solopreneur
Chris Porter is a multi-dimensional creative, specializing in web and product design for startups and small businesses. Based in LA, he enjoys  solving problems, making music and taking photos. His knack for systems  and data helps brings who he works with knowledge and results for their  business. You can find Porter at, and @madebyporter on most social media platforms.   -- We talk about: Porter's portfolio career as a creative freelancer and entrepreneur, how to honour our multiple interests vs not taking on too  much, managing our energy as intuitive introverts, and more.   -- Shownotes:  -- Hosted by Jas Hothi @ INF Club. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
December 18, 2020
#39: A conversation with Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 3 - Relationships & boundaries
Part 3 of a conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ), today's theme: Relationships & boundaries. -- Lauren Sapala is a writer, writing coach, and an INFJ. She also wrote the books The INFJ Writer, Firefly Magic and The INFJ Revolution, for intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths and all other sensitive, struggling artists. -- We talk about: - what relationships look like for Lauren & I - why boundaries are so important for INFPs & INFJs - learning to protect our energy - resources that can help us -- Shownotes: -- Produced + narrated by Jas Hothi @ INF Club. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
December 11, 2020
#38: Re-grounding (a solo with Jas)
Jas narrates his November article: 'End of year re-grounding'. -- Original article (with links): -- Hosted by Jas Hothi @ INF Club. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
December 4, 2020
#37: Shannon Garza (INFJ) on better mental health as a highly sensitive person
Shannon Garza is a Highly Sensitive Person and an Introvert. She is a coach for Highly Sensitive People and the Social Media Manager for HSP World. She is an advocate for breaking the stigma on mental health. She loves laughter, kittens and helping people live their best lives. We talk about: mental health & depression, discovering and owning our high sensitivity, the intentional changes Shannon has made to her daily life, and more.  -- Shownotes & Shannon's written interview: -- Hosted by Jas Hothi @ INF Club. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
November 27, 2020
#36: Kat Nicholls (INFJ) on discovering her self-worth
Kat Nicholls is a writer, podcaster and self-worth coach. Throughout all of her work her aim is to support people to find their worth, build self-belief and grow confidence so they can move past fear and live a life they love. We talk about Kat's multi-potentialite career (partly day-job, partly own projects), her recovery from an eating disorder, her go-to self-belief and self-care practices, her evening wind-down routine, and more. Shownotes & Kat's written interview: -- Podcast hosted by Jas Hothi, for INF Club. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
November 20, 2020
#35: Bevin Niemann (INFJ) on intuitives, highly sensitives & empaths
Bevin Niemann is a life purpose coach, spiritual teacher, speaker and writer who specializes in being a guide for intuitive empaths. Earlier this year, in March 2020, Bevin was the host of The Shift Network's Evolved Empath Global Summit, which reached over 33,000 perceptive souls across 105 countries. Bevin is also a co-founder of the 1 Million Empaths Global Community.  We talk about Bevin's journey as a perceptive soul, how research shows Intuitives (Ns) are outnumbered by Sensors (Ss), sensitivity being a universal trait, the distinctions and overlaps between intuitives, highly sensitives (HSPs) and empaths, Bevin's techniques for clearing yourself of other people's energy, and more. Shownotes: Go deeper: -- Podcast hosted + produced by Jas Hothi. Music by Chris Porter @ The Beatbox Club.
November 13, 2020
#34: Beatrice Zornek (ENFJ) on the link between our mind, body and emotions
Beatrice Zornek is a Certified Transformational Coach - she works with highly sensitive professional women who are outwardly successful, but deep down feel overwhelmed and uninspired in their work. She supports them to get clarity on the next step, so they can fall in love with work - and their life. -- We talk about: - Being disconnected from our emotions/bodies, and how we can re-connect with them - The link between our body, mind and emotions - Fatigue, auto-immune disorders and trauma - How we can restore balance - Beatrice's top 2 self-care tips - and more Shownotes: -- Podcast produced by Jas Hothi, for INF Club.
November 6, 2020
#33: A conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ) & Jas Hothi (INFP), Part 2: Creativity
Part 2 of a new conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ) and Jas Hothi (INFP). -- Lauren Sapala is a writer, writing coach, and an INFJ. She also wrote the book  The INFJ Writer, Firefly Magic and The INFJ Revolution, books for  intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths and all other sensitive, struggling  artists.   Jas Hothi is a coach and curator at INF club, a resource + community for INFJs & INFPs. He is currently putting together his first book, The Indie  Author. -- We talk about: - what creativity means to us - the creative process - how NaNoWriMo can work for intuitives - how stories have life of their own - and much more Shownotes: -- Podcast produced by Jas Hothi, for INF Club.
October 30, 2020
#32: Ria Elizabeth (INFP) on the importance of going into our bodies
Ria is a Women's Depression Coach. She uses powerful intuition-led coaching techniques & embodiment principles to guide her clients into a life full of possibility and joy. She is super passionate about her work as it initially helped her overcome her own depression, anxiety and binge-eating disorder. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and two children. Some of her greatest joys are eating chocolate ice cream, being in nature, and intuitively dancing. In this episode, we talk about: Ria's journey with depression and mental/emotional/spiritual health, the importance of going into our bodies, emotions and emotional patterns, vices and attachments, and more.
October 23, 2020
#31: Naomi Harrington (INFJ) on career transition, mindset shifts & spiritual awakenings
Naomi Harrington is a millennial mother and life coach from Hawaii who hosts her podcast, the That’s Deep Podcast with her husband while they speak about mindset, personal development, and personality types. She’s an INFJ with a love for life coaching, personality psychology, emotional intelligence, mindset work, and spirituality. Naomi loves helping others bridge the gap between where they are right now to where they ultimately want to be in their lives, career, and personal life. We talk about: INF personality traits, Naomi's career journey, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and more.
October 16, 2020
#30: Darcy Ritt (INFP) on travel, freelancing & the importance of routine
Hola, I'm Darcy—writer, Spanish linguist, and coffee enthusiast. I have my Master's degree in Spanish Translation, but my proudest accomplishment yet has been putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) as I edit the manuscript of my debut fiction novel. I hope that you are finding happiness in the little things and embracing all of the magic and wonder that come with being an INFx! We talk about: travel and digital nomadism, the fine line between freedom and routine/structure (and the importance of the latter), adjusting to & the realities of freelance life, and more.
October 9, 2020
#29: Shantheri Mallaya (INFJ/P) on feeling like she didn't belong
Shantheri: Journalist, theater person, writer, blogger, now venturing out as an entrepreneur - I am a jack of all trades of sorts, aspiring to be a master of one or none at all :) A wide-ranging conversation, covering: Shantheri’s discovery that she was an introvert – despite having a sociable side to her persona, cultural and familial expectations, the feeling of not belonging, 1st & 2nd careers and sabbaticals, intuition, decluttering and more.
October 2, 2020
#28: A conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ) & Jas Hothi (INFP), Part 1: Our entrepreneurial journeys
Part 1 of a new conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ) and Jas Hothi (INFP). -- Lauren Sapala is a writer, writing coach, and an INFJ. She also wrote the book The INFJ Writer, Firefly Magic and The INFJ Revolution, books for  intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths and all other sensitive, struggling  artists. Jas Hothi is a coach and curator at INF club, a resource + community for INFJs & INFPs. He is currently putting together his first book, The Indie  Author. -- We talk about:   - the different jobs we've had - why we chose the entrepreneurial path - what entrepreneurship is like for INFJs and INFPs - narcissism and the INFJ door slam - goal-setting - and much more    Shownotes: -- Podcast produced by Jas Hothi, for INF Club.
September 25, 2020
#27: Jess Alderson (INFP) on dating and compatible matches for INFPs and INFJs
Jess, an INFP, is the co-founder of So Syncd, a dating app and website that matches partners based on their Myers-Briggs personality types. She and her sister are on a mission to make dating more meaningful, fun, and successful. She loves the beach, stacks of pancakes and people who are good with directions. A wide-ranging conversation, covering: Myers-Briggs, dating and relationships, work, solo travel, family life, and more.
September 18, 2020
#26: Elizabeth Miner on 'doing the things you cannot not do'
Overcoming adversity, circumstances and expectations, Elizabeth rose from poverty to become a Senior Corporate Paralegal in one of the most iconic companies in the world. Today Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of Thrive This Day, inspiring people to challenge their ideas of what is possible in their lives. Elizabeth is an Author, Speaker, International Business and Life Coach who believes impossible is simply an invitation to challenge expectations. A wide-ranging conversation, covering: location independence / digital nomadism, Elizabeth’s work as a life coach and how she made the transition to location independence, one of Elizabeth’s favourite places – Santa Marta, Colombia – and the communities she has built there, balancing vision and goal-setting with letting things unfold, the clarifying exercise Elizabeth does to check in with herself a couple of times a year, uncertainty and change, and more.
September 11, 2020
#25: Michel Attah (INFJ) on the importance of self-confidence and self-care
Michel Attah is a life coach who helps sensitive leaders establish  healthy boundaries, ensuring the sustainability of their craft and  happiness. They're an INFJ who is soon-to-be-married to an INFP, as well  as a parent to an 8-year-old. They like to kick it on the soccer field  in their spare time. A wide-ranging talk covering: sport, inter-personal dynamics,  self-confidence, self-care, boundaries, Myers-Briggs and labels, and more.
September 4, 2020
#24: On being a highly sensitive person (HSP) - solo episode
A solo episode in which Jas talks about discovering he was highly sensitive, the ways in which this has impacted his life, and the high correlation between INF-types and being an HSP.
August 28, 2020
#23: Anja Schüler-Renner (INFJ) on discovering who she really was
Anja is a writer living in Dresden, Germany with her three kids and her husband. She loves to play music, read and watch as many TV shows as she can. On the way, she is seeking alignment with her higher self.  A wide-ranging talk covering: teenage years and student jobs, motherhood, meaningful work, alcohol, people-pleasing, journalling and night dreams, blog and fiction writing, and more.
August 21, 2020
#22: Peg Cheng (ENFJ) on taking an experimental approach to life
Peg Cheng is an eclectic author, intuitive career adviser, and dedicated dreamer living in Seattle, Washington. Before becoming a creative entrepreneur, she worked in 35 jobs including fabric cutter, public toilet researcher, career counselor, academic adviser, and prelaw adviser. She spends her time reading, journaling, writing stories, making art, exploring nature, helping people survive and thrive, running Plaid Frog Press with her husband Marcus and pal Froggy, and looking for awe in everyday life. A wide-ranging talk covering career experimentation/Peg's many jobs, being a multi-potentialite/scanner, immigrant family experiences, auto-immune disorders and body health, transitioning from employed to self-employed, intuition, digital detoxing, and more.
August 14, 2020
#21: What is an introvert, anyway? (solo)
A solo episode in which Jas narrates, and adds commentary to, the first article he ever wrote for the INF club blog: 'What is an introvert, anyway?'
August 7, 2020
#20: John Davis (INFJ/P) on having the courage to express himself
John C. Davis is an author, writer, speaker and musician based in South Florida. John spent much of his career as a music educator for middle and high schools. Now focused on writing, his newest book 'Accept Connect Heal: A Vision of Hope for Our World' is available on Amazon.
July 24, 2020
#19: Amanda Linehan on productivity for INFPs
Amanda Linehan is the author of Productivity For INFPs. She is a fiction writer, indie author and INFP, and has published five novels, one non-fiction book, six short stories and two short story collections since 2012. Her short fiction has also been published in Every Day Fiction and in the Beach Life anthology published by Cat & Mouse Press.
July 17, 2020
#18: Godwin Chan on thriving as a digital introvert
*Godwin has three years of experience in nonprofit organization management, event planning, and molecular biology and bioinformatics research. He's the host of the "Digital Introverts" podcast, a show where introverts share their success and failure stories and discuss how they thrive in the digital age. In addition, Godwin is writing his first book, titled “Digital Introverts: Why Today's Most Successful Individuals Harness Introversion to Thrive," which is expected to be published in April 2021. The vision of the Digital Introverts brand is to be the world’s largest network of highly ambitious and driven introverts, and the mission is to empower a million introverts globally. *Godwin's bio has been amended since the podcast recording first aired.
July 10, 2020
#17: Aisha White (INFJ) on marketing, communication & creative expression
Aisha White is an INFJ and native of the state of Georgia. A full-time digital marketer, she uses her downtime for creative expression through mediums that vary from writing and painting to producing videos online. She is fascinated by human interaction and finds inspiration in faith, films, art and lovely lyrics.
July 3, 2020
#16: Self-care (part 2 of 2) - solo episode
A solo episode in which Jas goes through a list of tried-and-tested items you can implement into your self-care practice. This is the 2nd part of a 2-part show on the topic of 'self-care' for INFs, introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).
June 26, 2020
#15: Alli Stone (INFP) on being an emotional and physical empath
Alli Stone lives in the Dallas suburbs with a lively bunch of humans and pets. She’s worked full-time in public education for nineteen years, with the gray hair and swollen heart to prove it. When she’s away from work, she’s busy transcribing her daydreams into stories so she can one day list her published novels in her biography. She consumes books like she does caffeine and blames her favorite authors for keeping her entertained with their books instead of writing her own. She loves rain, mysteries, and would make Cormoran Strike fancy her if he wasn’t so imaginary.
June 19, 2020
#14: Leslie McDaniel (INFJ) on using personality typing as a tool for growth
Leslie is a personal and professional development coach and personality type consultant. She coaches creative and ambitious people to tap the potential of their personality type for the purpose of living a meaningful and well-lived life. She's passionate about bringing greater self-awareness and understanding to the world by helping others view themselves through the lens of their personality type (Myers-Briggs® and Enneagram systems). Leslie is an INFJ personality type.  -- For podcast shownotes, a monthly newsletter + membership community ->
June 12, 2020
Episode #13.
Episode 13 is standalone, and a little bit different. #humanity #equality
June 5, 2020
#12: Self-care, part 1 (solo)
A solo episode in which Jas defines what 'self-care' is, and why I feel it's so important for INFJs & INFPs, and all introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).
May 29, 2020
#11: Susan Strasser (INFJ) on teaching, the gig economy, therapy and addictions
Mark Twain said: “Write what you know.” Susan is a Blogger, Memoirist, and Bus Driver living in Frederick, MD. Don't worry, she doesn't blog while she's driving! In addition to her writing adventures, she juggles being a mother, wife, and friend. Keep your eyes peeled for the first volume of her memoir in 2021! Susan is an INFJ, and a member of the INF Club community. --
May 22, 2020
#10: Edmond Wright Jr. (INFJ) on using freestyle poetry as an emotional outlet
Edmond Wright Jr. is an INFJ poet creating freestyle poetry as an outlet for his emotions, for over 30 years online and offline. Currently, he is working on a dystopian story and as always, more poetry. Other than poetry, Edmond listens to music, analyzes human interactions, watches SpongBob Squarepants, and sadly responds using cheesy references. Edmond is an INFJ, and a member of the INF Club community. -- for a newsletter + community for INFJs and INFPs ->
May 15, 2020
#9: Bryanna Gary (INFP) on designing her own education & starting a website for writers
Bryanna Gary is an aspiring editor in New York finishing up her wacky concentration in ‘The Concept of Otherness in Speculative Fiction’ at NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Bryanna founded her websitre, Satyr Central, to be a fun space for writers and a place where writing seen less often in academia (for example: science fiction, fantasy, comedy, horror, weird poetry, etcetera) can be found. Bryanna loves writing, reading, and (when she has the energy!) talking someone’s ear off. Bryanna is an INFP, and a member of the INF Club community. We talk about: daydreaming, the forward-thinking college Bryanna goes to where you design your own major, Bryanna’s website Satyr Central - a journal of “weird writing for the delightfully weird reader”, navigating friendships as an introvert & INFP, what Bryanna has found helpful when it’s come to addressing and improving her mental health, and more. --- For more interviews, articles, resources & a community for INFJs and INFPs, visit:
May 8, 2020
#8: Lydia Wilmsen (INFP) on being a highly sensitive entrepreneur
Lydia Wilmsen is an Intuitive Success and Mindset Coach. She helps sensitive, intuitive entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo to recreate passion and purpose in business & life and massively increase their income and impact. Lydia is an independent, spiritual and down-to-earth business woman, who lives life on her terms. Her purpose is to help entrepreneurs and changemakers to achieve the same and succeed in life & business. And fulfill their mission on this planet. Lydia is an INFP, and this was my 2nd recorded conversation with her, after her guest appearance for the 2020 INF Summit. We talk about Lydia's interesting upbringing, the 'Shadow Self' and repressed emotions, money mindset, and more.  --- For more interviews, articles, resources & a community for INFJs and INFPs, visit:
May 1, 2020
#7: On building a healthy routine (solo)
A solo episode with podcast host Jas, in which he talks about building a healthy routine. --
April 24, 2020
#6: A conversation with Rebekah Mallory (INFJ)
Rebekah is an INFJ, cult surviving writer. Having experienced mind control for most of her life, her upcoming memoir gives the reader a taste of what life was like being raised by Deaf parents in a doomsday cult. As a result of her upbringing, Rebekah tends to lean a bit on the dark side...unless her dogs are around. We talk about Eminem, INFJ & INFP characters on TV, growing up with Deaf parents, Star Wars… and much more.
April 19, 2020
#5: A conversation with Katherine Turner (INFJ)
Katherine is an author of contemporary romantic women's fiction that explores the power of love and human resilience in the wake of trauma and abuse. She grew up in foster care from the age of eight and is passionate about improving the world through literature, empathy, and understanding. She also uses her voice to blog about mental health, trauma, and ways we can be more compassionate as a society. Katherine lives in northern Virginia with her husband and two children. When she's not writing, she's likely reading or exploring nature with her family. Katherine is also an INFJ and a member of the INF Club community. We talk about her writing, her wonderful new book, and lots more.
April 12, 2020
#4: March summary (solo)
A solo episode with podcast host Jas, in which he gives his summary for the month of March.
April 4, 2020
#3: A conversation with Gennaro Larucci (INFJ)
Gennaro is an INFJ from Villeneuve, Switzerland. We talk about Myers-Briggs and labels, moving to the other side of the world, performing on stage, going back to study later in life, and more.
March 28, 2020
#2: A conversation with Bryn Bonino (INFJ)
Bryn is an INFJ from Austin, Texas (USA). We talk about identity, travelling, making friends in a new city, quitting her job and changing careers, running a business as an INFJ, her daily routine, and more.
March 21, 2020
#1: an introduction to the INF Club podcast
Host Jas Hothi introduces himself and the INF Club podcast, for INFPs and INFJs.
March 21, 2020