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Infinite Pop Underground

Infinite Pop Underground

By Infinite Pop Underground
Interviews with people from the London DIY music scene: researching, mapping, knowledge- sharing, building a network of mutually-supportive music makers and music lovers.
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#1 Jelly Cleaver
For the first ever Infinite Pop Underground podcast we talk to the London singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer Jelly Cleaver. Jelly headlined an IPU gig we put on last year at DIY Space For London and has helped us curate the next gig. Jelly plays guitar in Queen Colobus who will be joined by Breakup Haircut and POP Miri for th enext IPU night on Saturday 21st March 2020, tickets here. Jelly talks about balancing her musical life between the jazz and punk world, berets, playing wembley, recording her latest album The Dream Jazz Manifesto, Angela Davis, freedom, activism, community, and offers us some tips on building the Infinite Pop Underground. 
February 19, 2020