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"VR/AR Distribution:" Spatial Computing Catalyst #2

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Irena Cronin and Robert Scoble, cofounders of Infinite Retina, a Spatial Computing Agency, dig into the businesses that make up Spatial Computing. Specifically Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.
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"VR/AR Distribution:" Spatial Computing Catalyst #2
For their second Spatial Computing Catalyst podcast, Irena Cronin and Robert Scoble of Infinite Retina discuss VR distribution -- its existing challenges and future needs.  Without efficient and quality Virtual Reality distribution, consumer demand for VR will not be able to reach critical mass no matter how low-cost good VR headsets become. Irena and Robert also discuss how VR distribution differs from Augmented Reality distribution and end the podcast with their thoughts on the upcoming Facebook F8 conference happening April 30-May 1, 2019.
April 7, 2019
Spatial Computing Catalyst #1: Introducing Spatial Computing, your hosts, and Infinite Retina
Irena Cronin, CEO of Infinite Retina, kicks off our podcast, with a conversation with Chief Strategy Officer Robert Scoble, to bring you into the Spatial Computing world and kick off our new agency, Infinite Retina. We also discuss Microsoft's Hololens2 and more. But, really, this is just the first to come, and introduces you to your two hosts, Cronin and Scoble. More on our Spatial Computing Agency, Infinite Retina, here:
March 2, 2019
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